Chopra at Cardiff

After starting the day with rumours that Nile Ranger could be joining Leeds on loan, the Elland Road rumour mill just keeps churning them out and has now put Cardiff City’s, Michael Chopra in the frame for a move to Leeds United.

Various sources are claiming that both Leeds United and Ipswich Town are preparing to move for the unsettled Cardiff striker, with a fee of £3,000,000 believed to be enough to tempt the cash-strapped Welsh side.

Undoubtedly capable of scoring goals at this level, Chopra is a player any Championship club would be happy to have in their team. Unfortunately for Leeds fans, £3,000,000 is more than the cumulative total of money spent so far by Bates, and he’s unlikely to change his stance for one player.

Bates would be right not to as well. £3,000,000 is a lot of money at Championship level, and the only reason Chopra is valued so highly is because of Peter Ridsdale’s Championship price-inflating regime. To put things into perspective, Gary Hooper cost Celtic £600,000 less than the reported cost for Chopra, and the highly-rated Simeone Jackson moved to Norwich for half that price.

Considering the players Simon Grayson has brought in with very little or no funds, I’m sure he could do a lot more with £3,000,000. With that in mind, I can’t see there being any truth in this rumour whatsoever.

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  1. pete

    Unlikely. I’d hope if we had £3 million to spend we’d go for a holding midfielder and a striker, not just a geordie cast-off who can’t cut it in the premiership.

  2. James Morris

    Not a prayer..

    Ken Bates spending anything over a million would be a surprise !! Never mind over 3..

    Free and cheap in the Kenneth way !

  3. Jon

    The irony here is that this entire rumour has apparently come from Chopra not being too impressed with the Cardiff board and the fact that that they have not spent a wad on transfers! ““If this club does not bring in new players, then I’m off….I was under the impression that the new board were coming in and spending money to take this club to the next level.”

    • TSS


      I think they underestimated the sheer scale of financial ruin Peter Ridsdale left them with. Shame…

  4. Simon

    papa smurf sanction a money mlove for a player over £500k.. never, fairy land stuff, sadly, or in fact, thankfully.
    Spending large ammounts on one player is a practise well learnt and burnt a few years ago.
    Would be nice to see us spend £3m of 3 or 4 players.


    Uncle Ken spend £3 mill on a player, sorry folks, the welded wallet stays shut, no truth in this what so ever, unless there is a player plus cash deal, then its a non starter, Having said that, if he did come, then it would be a sign that we are at least going in the right direction, can’t see Uncle Ken spending that kind of money at all, and, if you have £3Mill available, then sign Sancez Watt.

    MOT -

  6. thomas

    ken needs to get his money out chopra is the best striker in the league on his day would be a brillant signing but not going to happen.

  7. henry vincent lewis

    Nice one TSS!!
    Chopra would be a great signing but when you think of all the excellent strikers that have slipped through our fingers for less money it would be a real shocker!!!!!
    Ken waking up in a cold sweat screaming “I had this horrible dream that we spent £3 million pounds on one player”!!!!!!!
    “Never mind Ken, you are awake now. I’ll do you a boiled egg and you can look at the drawings for the new Hotel. That always cheers you up!”.
    I still think a loanee from the Premiership is favourite.
    If Rob Snodgrass is badly injured I would think Simon will move fast!!

  8. Shaun malone

    Pipe dreams I remember those days we splashed 3million on 1 player but hey if we can only offer 3/4 of million on hooper what are chances we found 2million + since thn hey but lets hope his price tag not Tht big and cardiff say we can having for free only chance we see him in the famous white of leeds united and if Tht happens I run naked around ER

  9. Shez

    I’ve a feeling this might be on the cards…the reason is that Cardiff are so cash strapped and actually still owe money to Sunderland when they bought Chopra. Perhaps a cheey bid of 1.5m or 2m might do the tric, especially if Chopra wants to go and Leeds are huge compared to Barrrdiff!! Remember when Leeds were “raped” for use of a better word by club after club when we were desperate for the money. Cardiff are no different I reckon, having just saved themselves from the jaws of HMRC’s court action. I think if we signed Chopra it would be an awesome signing. We life in enternal hope. Get that wallet out Kenneth!!!

  10. Shez

    Apologies for horrendous spelling above, about to go into meeting, either way we need a striker ASAP!

  11. Christopher Gee

    We’re poor remember. Chopra will rejoin Roy Keane if he has a choice. Time to call in some of the friendships we must have made at Villa Park following the Delph deal and get Delfouneso to ER on a season long loan

    • Jacko

      I’d rather take Delfouneso on a season long loan. Chopra no doubt knows his way to the back of the net, but I think the youth, pace and desire to impress from the Villa lad would be just as good for our team. Hull City had Frazer Campbell on loan from Manu when they went up and he was certainly the difference!

  12. White to the core

    Theres as much truth in this rumour as there was in kandol going to Scunny. As i said before Bates infamous war chest will be nailed shut with multiple padlocks and buried 30feet under. The only access being a small slit in the top to post in our season ticket money and any other millions he’s added to the coffers. Old grey beard the thrifty pirate spend £3million on a player, ive got more chance of pulling angelina jolie and penelope cruz down my local pub and getting them home for a stanford bridge spit roast. ;o)

  13. Anthony Lewis

    Too much money for Ken. I doubt he will dig his hand much deeper than he has already if at all. Shame though because I rate Chopra. Maybe someone like Harewood is more realistic

    • TSS

      I think we all would, but do you see any chance of it actually happening? £3,000,000 seems unrealistic to me – not only because I can’t see Bates et al shelling that much out on one player, but also because I think you could get someone just as capable for much less.

      • Jacko

        Agree with this, I think other players could do same job for less money. I too would like to Watt back here. He didn’t get enough game time last year, but showed flashes of quality and work rate when involved. Plus with the possible injury to Snoddy! Would prefer to actually sign him rather than a loan though.

  14. les irwin

    we have very littlle chance of getting chopra 3million quid being he stumbleing block ,bates if he had that much to spend i dont think he would buy him cos of the risdale connection i know he has left now but it would be seen by bates as bailing him out again .i too as tss said on last page would be pissed as he could have got hooper for that and a midfielder.and is he worth that????
    not many legs on this one i feel probably another tale from the agent chronicles
    didnt have a second choice after hooper well apart from hooper, with him coming a close third too

  15. Paul C

    Thanks TSS for passing this rumour on. Very very funny, really cheered me up …£3m spent by Bates!….LMAO

  16. Graham Hugill

    Never going to happen at £3m. Having said that it would be a welcome addition and I was surprised to see that he is only 26 (seems to have been around for years!).

    Still, I think if we did spend £3m on him I’d be left a little disappointed – £3m is a serious amount of money in this league in the present climate.


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