With Ken Bates keeping the purse strings tightly held together, and Leeds United still in need of a new striker I thought it was time to take a look at who is currently available that meets Ken Bates’ favourite price-tag. (Free)

Jérémie Aliadière

Cost: FREE
Age: 27
Former clubs: Arsenal, Middlesbrough

Jérémie Aliadière

Former Arsenal and Middlesbrough winger/striker, Jérémie Aliadière has never quite managed to make it in the Premier League despite showing some great potential in his youth which won him a place in the French U21 team.

Now 27 years young, Jérémie finds himself unattached and in need of a new club. At his last club Middlesbrough, he only managed 11 goals in 78 appearances during his three year stint, but it should be noted that Jérémie wasn’t commonly played as a centre-forward, so it’s not a bad return all things considered.

Marlon Harewood

Cost: FREE
Age: 30
Former clubs: Nottingham Forest, West Ham United, Aston Villa

One of those players that seems to have been around forever, Harewood comes with plenty of experience and plenty of goals to his name too. More of a one in three striker, than the one in two we were perhaps hoping for, but Harewood is a big presence in the opposition area capable of mixing it up with the best of them. At 30 years old, he’s no spring chicken, but there’s definitely a couple of seasons left in him yet.

Francis Jeffers

Cost: FREE
Age: 29
Former clubs: Everton, Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Blackburn Rovers, Sheffield Wednesday

Whatever did happen to England’s next top striker? Well, after leaving Everton for an unsuccessful spell at Arsenal, Francis Jeffers’ career spiralled downwards. Five clubs to his name so far, alongside a host of loan placements shows just how brutal football can be sometimes. From the next big thing, to a dispensable acquisition clubs sign to fill a void.  Can he plug the hole at Elland Road next season?

Benjani Mwaruwari

Cost: FREE
Age: 31
Former clubs: Jomo Cosmos, Auxerre, Portsmouth, Man City

Benjani before the Citeh exodus

A victim of Man City’s megabucks, Benjani spent last season on loan to Sunderland before being released as another unneeded asset by Citeh.

At club level, Benjani has often found himself a bit-part player in England but his international career shows the kind of goal-scoring exploits he can achieve. In 43 appearances for Zimbabwe, Benjani has managed 29 goals and now plays as captain of his country.

Darius Vassell

Cost: FREE
Age: 30
Former clubs: Aston Villa, Man City, Ankaragücü

6 goals and 22 caps for England’s forgotten striker. Another one of those ex-Man City players that was cast aside in the mass exodus which followed the takeover, Vassell then made the mistake of heading to Turkey to join Ankaragücü. He’s now looking for a way home though after his time in Turkey proved unsuccessful.

Vassell – although never the most prolific goalscorer – has managed goals at all levels of football. Out of all the players listed (and there’s many more I haven’t mentioned) Vassell stands out as a steal with a price-tag of absolutely nothing.

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    • TSS

      Never been sure about Jeffers. He’s had a career dogged by injury and manager fall-outs. I remember seeing him for the England U21’s when he was in his teens and he was exceptional, but his career diminished from there on in.

  1. Roger Womack

    Please god, not Jeffers, he never realised his early potential, cant see him doing so here aged 29.

    Vassell is worth a risk though surely? And a good challenge for him as well.

  2. Lee S

    Jérémie Aliadière and Benjani would be worth a shot at. I always liked Aliadière and when I read on SS today that he was unattached it caught my interest.
    I will wager we do not sign either though.

  3. Scot Harlow

    I wouldn’t really LOVE any of the above at Leeds as i think other players would be better signings but whether we can afford the players i think would be better is a mystery?!?

    i do agree with Lee S though…if i had to take a gamble on any it would certainly be Aliadiare or Benjani. none of the others would fit the bill for me!

  4. MinusAction

    Well seeing as Benjani will be on about 50 grand i don’t think we will sign him. I would suspect we will sign a young premier league player on loan.

  5. Sean

    Forget those list of has-beens, what about a young up and coming striker like 22 year old striker Troy Deeney at Walsall, 14 league goals last season, he has pace and strength and Walsall are only looking for around 200 – 300k for him, worth the gamble.

  6. Grumpy Old Man

    let me think…

    1. no thank you.
    2. Good god no.
    3. He can **** right off
    4. Na wouldn’t last 2 mins at ER
    5. I’d rather have Ricketts back.

    Anyway, Vokes is coming back isn’t he?

    • TSS

      Betfairs attempts to keep us in the headlines are unrelenting I see. “We’re not famous anymore!”

  7. les irwin

    it will go pear shaped if we dont get a striker to score 20 and i agree with sean no one on that list is what we want .if celtic have only paid 2 mill for hooper then we should have been able to compete with that .if we are struggling come christmas due to lack of investment the second half of the season will see see attendances drop and the knock on will be massive .grayson etc will go and bates will takes us back down .i have never seen such lack of investment with a team capable on paper of spending money we had a massive financial year last season we surely made millions. people will say that im doom mongering but beating hartlepool 5-0 means nothing if any one thinks that we dont need to spend money is missing the point this is not about spending for the sake of it, its money that is required to be spent we struggled since christmas and only just got out of L 1 had we had to go to playoffs there would have been no promotion if we think that freebie cast offs are the answer then we are wrong we have no championship quality and the only way to get that is to spend money on it
    this might not be everyones view it is mine and it pains me but that current squad will not compete at the required level we have not added anything to the squad we didnt have last year i would be happy for someone to tell me differently .not one position has been improved and in the sriking department we are 30 goals short

  8. les irwin

    matt derbyshire now
    119 appearences or near
    31 goals in 6 seasons hardly prolific

  9. White to the core

    The player we all want to see in a white shirt at elland rd Gary Hooper has signed for celtic for a fee believed to be 2.4million. Im in glasgow and hes just been talking on local radio. Apparently leeds were interested and he initially wanted to come to us but after wrangling over the fee Bates wouldnt pay more than 750,000 (the tight money grabbing shyster). Celtic agreed the fee 10 days ago but Hooper wanted to wait and see if leeds increased their bid. He obviously doesnt know anal virgin Bates! So great we miss out again while that pot bellied grey bearded butt pirate Bates laughs all the way to the bank in monaco. We will end up another free reject that noone else would give a second glance to. All Five of the players above are not fit to wear the white of leeds, would no doubt want a considerable signing on fee anyway. Or in anyway be a goal scorer to ‘replace’ Beckford. The whole situations ridiculous and laughable. So much for “the money from the sale of Delph will be made available to Simon to strengthen the squad”. Shite. I couldnt believe so many in the poll last week believed we would spend. How can any off you have faith in Bates regime? Wheres all the money going? The continuous broken promises! I could go on. But we all know that grey bearded old hand shandy merchant isnt interested our opinions all the while we are making his fort knox wallet ever wider!

    • TSS

      Did Hooper say Leeds were unwillingly to raise their bid above £750k? If so, that’s the best insight we’ve had into our transfer funds so far.

      • Matt BB

        @TSS you can guarantee that was subject to appearances and wouldnt be up front! How do we think we can compete with that sort of valuation on a player?

    • Sean A

      I’m sorry but this is complete rubbish if you beleive bates was not going to pay over 750,000 your stupid, stop listening to the rumours and just wait and see what happens media will do anything to put a leeds man or the club down, maybe scunthorpe wanted a ridiculous price for him hence why he aint in the premierleauge ….. Btw! WELL DONE HOOPER YOUR PLAYING IN SCOTLAND WOOHOOO! YOU DONUT PROBERLY THE WORST PLACE TO GO!

  10. White to the core

    Sorry bout the spelling and grammar errors, im doing these on my phone stuck in rush hour in glasgow.

  11. Peter the Horsforth White

    I really sympathise with White To The Core because that’s pretty much how I feel about transfers, but I’ll tell you what I think. I reckon that when our major creditor said he would let us off £18mill if Bates could buy the club back out of admin no one would do that unless that creditor was Bates. Although I don’t think he wants to take Leeds for every penny (I’m told he doesn’t take a salary) I think he’ll want his £18 mill back & we’ll get nothing but frees & bargains until he’s paid. If not where is all the profit & Delph money now?

  12. md

    It is obvious bates is not going to spend more than a few hundred k on a player (if we are lucky).

    A striker ala hooper would be good but maybe more importantly a c-midfield and c-back.

    Just have to hope Grayson can muddle along on a shoestring OK until maybe Bates is bought out?

  13. Shaun malone

    Most ppl put on here we need pace up front am not goin disagree but I want a goal scorer up there (sorry lord for is refereces) but a smart player up front who as movement and positional like teddy sherigham or even better alan shearer type play are always better any day of week to me the list just reminds me of players like ricketts and brolins Tht dont show a thing for leeds and if we are goin for bargin buy brodie from york (if beckford woz worth risk y not)

  14. Colin

    Re. Hooper – I’m not sure i believe the figures – it’s irrelevant who Hooper may like to play for – it’s up to Scunthorpe whether they accept an offer for him and allow him to speak to another club.

    If Celtic offer Scunthorpe £2.4m, then they would never entertain £750k from any club. If they accepted a £750k Leeds bid and a £2.4m Celtic bid, then Scunthorpe’s finance director needs shooting – Scunthorpe should say to Leeds – “up it to £2m and then we’ll discuss or go away”.

    Secondly, there is no way a player would say he was waiting to see if Leeds would up the offer, because he was interested in Leeds, if he’s just signed a contract at Celtic. He may think it, but he wouldn’t say it. That would only come from Scunthorpe and from what I’ve read, they’ve remained pretty tight lipped on any other offers coming in for him apart from the Celtic bid.

    Thirdly, we don’t have £2.4m to spend full stop. Let alone £2.4m on one player.

    And finally, even if some of us rate him (not me btw) – no other PL or half decent Champ side did. Because if that was the case then he wouldn’t go to Celtic. He’s gone for the money and Scunthorpe have got a lot of cash for him. Good luck to Scunthorpe and we’re best off without him. If he wanted to play at the highest level then he’d have stayed in England and shown his worth, whether it be at Scunthorpe or another English club.

    Name me a striker in the last 5 years who’s proved themselves in the SPL and then come to England and done a good job. I don’t think we’ll be hearing about Hooper in the years to come.

    • TheReaper08

      @colin Apart from your not rating Hooper I thought that was a very very good post, I doubt if a fee was even mentioned to Hooper. The conversation went “Gary we have accepted a bid from Celtic do you want to talk to them?” and he said yes simple as.

    • Gez Walsh

      How do you know we don’t have £2.4 million? And if we don’t, why not? Middlesborough have (average attendance 2009/10 19,948). They have spent £4.9m plus big wages for Kris Boyd and 1 or 2 more to come

      Burnley (average attendance 2009/10 20,663) have spent around £2 million but brought in £6.5m and got a load of wages of their books.

      Derby have spent £1.2 million (average attendance 2009/10 29,230), Doncaster £1.1m (average attendance 2009/10 10,991), Norwich £2.1m (average attendance 2009/10 24,766), Forest (average attendance 2009/10 24,020)£1m but have brought in £1.5m and reduced wages, Preston (average attendance 2009/10 12,943) £400k, QPR £1m (average attendance 2009/10 13,348), and Scunthorpe £410k (average attendance 2009/10 6463).

      We’ve (average attendance 2009/10 24,817) spent £120k on Collins…..

      Bear in mind that if we were promoted to the Premiership, the FA requires absolute transparency of ownership. Would our owner(s) be prepared to accept that? I suspect not.

    • Sean A

      I couldn’t agree more hooper has obviously been scouted and no one has come in with a firm offer from a good champ team or even a low prem team sooo lets get someone we all know will do the job in the champ

  15. Colin

    Did anyone notice that Everton beat Preston 3-0 in a friendly match? Beckford scores 2. He was only on for 45 mins. From the Everton site:

    “Jermaine Beckford gave Evertonians a first glimpse of his goalscoring credentials as the Blues romped to an impressive victory over Preston at Deepdale.

    Beckford was the star of the show, scoring the first and the third goals of the game to sandwich a typically impressive finish from Louis Saha.

    The former Leeds man set the Toffees on their way in the 56th minute having entered the fray as a half-time replacement for the returning Mikel Arteta. His cool finish after being played through for a one-on-one was in contrast to his ferocious second – a volley from eight yards after the neatest of tee-ups from Saha.”

  16. TSS

    @colin Yeah, I saw that. Was going to post on it actually, but figured it would create another Beckford argument, so I’ll wait until he’s put half a dozen in against Premier League opposition before I gloat.


    what about ROSS McCORMACK,not been given fair crack at CARDIFF this season,pace and a eye for goal, i think he would be a good signing for LEEDS.(agree or dis-agree).

    • Colin

      @LEE S WALES
      and we’ve got a mate at Cardiff in Peter Ridsdale.

      Maybe he and Ken could sit down and have a nice little chat and do a deal? :)

      • TSS

        Are you forgetting the last player Cardiff tried to offload on us? The one and only Capaldi? The stuff of legend…

  18. TheReaper08

    @TSS Bloomin hell you have been trawling through the bins to come up with that shower. Except perhaps Harewood (just) you can throw the rest of them in the river.

    Oh and I almost forgot, in keeping with everyone else Bates is the devil, get him out, burn him ra ra ra ra.

    • TSS

      @TheReaper08 I see you’re slowly coming around to my anti-Bates agenda!

      The above is the kind of quality you can expect when your chairman doesn’t want to spend any money. I spent about two hours looking through who was available on a free (works time, not mine) and that was the best I could come up with!

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS It makes me chuckle because all of this is about Gary Hooper and yet none of us actually know if we were even interested.

  19. tim campbell

    there must be at some point in the future a breakdown of where all that money went last year – ken bates we the lifeblood of the club have a right to know!

  20. TheReaper08

    @tim campbell Whilst I appreciate how grossly unpopular this statement might be we don’t have the right to know, something that is fundamentally wrong with football as well as many other entertainment sectors and businesses.

  21. Dje

    @tim campbell @TheReaper08

    We might have the right to know, but we can see it clear enough – gone into bricks and mortar I reckon. I guess for Bates touching up the ground with extensions and conservatories and what nots puts more on the value of his house, Elland Road than it does to buy an expensive player to come in. Let’s just hope he can keep up with the mortgage payments otherwise we’re all a loser.

  22. TheReaper08

    @Dje You are of course absolutely spot on. As I have said before splashing around the lower leagues for a small change is of no interest to Bates. Increase the value of the club through it’s assets and get back to the PL. At that stage Bates will be able to sell the club for untold riches.

    And the conspiracy theorists amongst us already believe that ER and TA are back in the posession of Bates and his cronies so he is only doing up his own property !

    • TSS

      I was always on the fence with regards to who owns ER, but it seems extremely strange the amount of money he’s spending on it at the moment if he doesn’t own it.

      • Dje


        Thin line I guess between renting and paying a mortgage – well it is until you’ve paid off the latter in full.

        I tried to convince the landlord of my pocky two-bedroom flat if we could extend the boxroom into an a boutique hotel complete with bespoke billiard room and all-night casino; transform the airing-cupboard into a nightclub; rework the metal gantry out the front into a shopping esplanade complete with leading internationally-renowned ‘public art’, and remove the old shithouse in the backyard to make way for a multi-entertainment arena.

        The landlord told me in no uncertain terms that my deposit would be withheld. The bastard.

    • Paul C

      If it was to turn out that Bates and his cronies did in truth actually own Elland Road and TA that would make Bates a liar. He has often referred to the owner being based in Davyhulme Manchester.

  23. chelpa

    Heard a rumour about Mat Derbyshire, i personaly think he would be a great signing but no ideas as to what he would cost , what do WE think to that???

  24. Dje


    The Greek team he’s at wants rid of him so I doubt he’d cost much if anything as way of transfer – I reckon his wage demands would reflect his value of his talent rather than ours.

    You have to question why an up-and-coming, well-regarded, English striker leaves the Premiership for the Greek league in the first place, if not for some ridiculous wage he’s been offered out there (or, as it’s Greece, the ease to avoid paying tax on income). Sounds like a journeyman to me.

  25. White to the core

    Hoopers agent had been in daily contact with scunthorpe. They had kept him informed of the situation on daily basis. His agent then discussing things with Hooper ie the 750,000 offer from leeds. Hooper spoke of his excitement as he hoped to move to a big club and test himself. He had been given til sunday gone to make up his mind up by Celtic or they were going to look at other targets. He said that the leeds option ticked all the boxes both for his career and with his family and they had waited to see if leeds increased their bid or if any other large clubs english clubs came in for him and wanted to keep his options open. He also said how worried he was about getting injured and scuppering any possible big move. I like 95% of us on here are gutted. I see no reason for him not to be a hit in the spl. The quality in generals not that great. But Celtic are a big club and he sounded genuinely excited about going there. I dont think its a case of we dont have 2.4mill just that old grey beard the pirate wont spend 2.4mill. I just hope whatever he feels the club owes him is paid up in full asap so that someone with some ambition and business acumen can come in and take us up where belong!

  26. ray

    What is happening, we need a hard midfield play maker , and a top front player with ability for 25 goals I would like leeds to try front player from lower div is this poss for leeds to have them in place for the start of the season

  27. Max

    @Gez Walsh:
    Middlesborough and QPR (and it seems Doncaster) have owners who are still putting money in, and Burnley (unlike Portsmouth and Hull) have not blown their parachute payments. I read somewhere that the 2nd year parachute payments for Newcastle and WBA (having gone straight back up) were shared between the CCC clubs, but this did not include those promoted from L1. So quite apart from having been in the higher league last year, with higher attendance levels, they’ve had slightly better income.

    Re the hard midfield player, I get the feeling we’re keen on Russell from Norwich, but that he in turn would prefer Preston (this is what it’s come to).

    Strikers – any striker likely to score goals is going to cost money (all the free ones having gone). I’d rather see us play Tresor Kandol than any of the above.
    But the big difference is that those clubs have owners who are putting money in. I don’t think Mr Bates is taking money out, but he is so averse to a situation where he may be called on for money, that the club needs to run at a higher cash level than most others. And he absolutely can’t borrow money, as the banks won’t lend to him.

  28. les irwin

    a player with a year left on his deal is a miilion pound player really i do feel celtic have paid a little too much ,that said quality costs and no one has said we made a bid but if the radio interview in glasgow are to be believed ??????????? then celtic have signed a player who didnt really want to go there i also feel that mr hooper will not be much of a hit there i dont pay much attention to scotlands footy iam sure someone will tell me but is there a record of english players doing really well up there and becoming a hero in recent history ,if 750.000 is our limit then we will get poor players and at 600.000 + means someone rates collins highly pro rata
    should we be competing financialy????????????

  29. White to the core

    Do you not think that grey beard the pirate could afford the fee for a striker out of his own or club finances. We had a gud cup run last season (televised on sky), the sale of delph and others before him. Its surely ridiculous when clubs smaller than us, with a fraction of our earning capacity are out spending us. The only players likely to come now will be the usual loanees during a desperate last 48 hours of the transfer window. Bates was the same at Chelsea, the serious investment on players being made by Matthew Harding. Something that didnt go unnoticed by their fans who idolised him. It was only when Harding was on board that Chelsea became a permanent fixture in the top division and decent players arrived. Without investment in the playing staff or a manager like Redknapp with an eye for Kisnorbo like bargains we are in serious risk of going straight back down. The money could be spent, just wont be. Something that will never change whilst he’s the chairman. Interesting article in todays yep re the transfer listed players and their continuing drain on club finances. Although im not sure Robinsons worse than what we’ve already got?

    • les irwin

      you have mentioned everything i have mentioned in previous post THERE IS NO EXCUSE we had a money making season last time out .you are right about the players draining money, they are no worse than what we have in fact sheehan is probably better

  30. Matt BB

    @TSS @number1inyorkshire I also think Celtic have paid too much but ultimately our problem is as usual arrogance. Bates seems to think that being Leeds United is enough to get players to come to Elland Road, forget about transfer fees, forget about wages, we’re Leeds United.

    Well newsflash Ken, even Manchester United need to pay transfer fees and decent wages. Would Hooper have played out the last year of his contract at Scunthorpe and waited for us when he had the opportunity of playing in Europe? well no. And we needed him now anyway.

    I cant believe some of the nonsense that comes out of Elland Road, we seem in utter denial about the total embarassment we should feel when Doncaster Rovers outbid us for a player, and when it turns out that (so I hear) that we bid a paltry amount for Hooper and expected that to trump a higher offer from Celtic?

    There are other clubs out there and businesses indeed who understand that from time to time you push the boat out, and invest for the future. We just dont seem to do that, we spend money on conference centres attached to our rented ground, and to be honest where will all the money generated from that conference centre go? Well who knows is the answer but it probably wont be back into the playing personnel.

    I’m totally fed up with our rhetoric about being a big club which never seems to be matched with any real ambition.

    I note in the papers today that we’re after Waghorn (on loan surprise) from Sunderland? yet another underwhelming prospect if its genuine, but the forums and continue to churn out questions like – What about Marlon harewood – he’s on a free? or Matt Derbyshire – utter fantasy, lets get real we wont spend any money till Bates manages to attract a serious investor to Elland Road, who ultimately takes over from him.

    I also see in the YEP that we’re taking on another left back on trial..

    Anyway time to start work..

  31. les irwin

    bates is doing what he did at chelsea he is building conference centres etc when i was at .E R on friday there was all sorts of building going on .the carpark was full as there was a conference on, as there is 5/6 days a week every week none of that money gets spent on the team it was others who bought players at chelsea (harding etc) this is where bates makes his money he might say he takes nothing out of the team but i will bet he takes a good wedge out of other stuff including yorkshire radio and its our money thats paying for it .

    we are not the big club we think we are ,the potential is there but we are a long way down the list at the moment

  32. Zorro White

    Max hit the nail on the head. Banks won’t lend to Leeds. Bates himself doesn’t count because he didn’t go into liquidation, the company (club) did. I assume the decision to rescue the old company was to do with the £40 million provision rolled forward as a liability (previous debts). The alternative was to acquire the assets for a credit-worthy company to whom Banks might lend but pay corporation tax on any settlements. I doubt Bates has any businesses that he is prepared to risk for Leeds Utd in the way Gibson does for Boro.

    • Matt BB

      I just dont buy the Banks wont lend to Leeds as an acceptable excuse. Leeds’ credit rating aint that bad if they have made profits in excess of £4M two years on the trot – profits – on top of turnover of around £12M-£18M the banks would certainly lend from what I know.

      Additionally the `investors’ have the ability to erm invest more in this profitable venture.

      I read the note in my members pack about this and while there is an element of truth in it, this is more down to a conservative approach to spending. And while thats valid in this climate how on earth do you gain competitive advantage over your rivals with a play it safe policy. We might`survive’ like villa did under Doug Ellis, and have a better future, but look at how long it took for them to get rid of deadly doug? it took someone seriously well off to buy that club, and lets be honest at least he already owned the ground!

      If we seriously expect to get into the play offs with our current squad then we could be in for a real shock.

  33. White to the core

    Bates left Chelski nearly 200million in debt with his hotel building and corporate building scheme that become Chelski village. If Abramobitch hadnt come in they were heading for oblivion. With no one and no banks daft enough to fund his grandeous elland rd village we and the money he’s raping from the club are paying for the current construction. Therefore no outlay on the football side of things. Even if the four transfer listed outlaws were off the wage bill the situation will not change, just that bates inc or whatever his cover for ownership is will be better off and another corporate complex will be thrown up.

  34. TheReaper08

    @White to the core Whilst the debt level is correct it is a poplulist myth that they were heading for oblivion, the reality is they weren’t even close.

    The reason why Chelsea was particularly attractive to Abramovich was because of the the land and building assets which by far and away offset the outstanding debt. Until he started plowing untold fortunes into the playing staff he knew full well all of his intial outlay could easily be covered by land and property.

    • Zorro White

      It’s unlikely that monetary assets were anything to do with Abramovich’s decision to buy Chelski. More likely (ask the BBC) is that the high profile it created meant he wouldn’t become a victim of Russian politics in the same way as Khodorkovsky. Anyway…

      Leeds could be run better. There has to be a lot of money leaking out simply because we are taking gate receipts, selling assets like Delph and have some decent sponsors. What more does a club need to invest in the team or the infrastructure? How about a chairman that puts a few quid in for the privilege of having one of the potentially most rewarding executive jobs available, instead of sneaking as much as possible out? If a chairman doesn’t understand that, he (she) is not worth the air the other many tens of thousands of us Leeds fans breath.

  35. White to the core

    But would the property ‘assets’ be worthy of such an outlay in yorkshire (obviously londons a different kettle of fishies). Or will they just add untold millions onto the price of leeds putting off interested parties? Lets face it Bates isnt going to sell at a realistic price without hotels and corporate structures, with them i cant see a take over anytime soon!

  36. TheReaper08

    That is the big question @White to the core. Undoubtedly the facilties at ER need updating and the club does need to be able to generate an income other than from football.

    What shape that take’s who knows. Famously they used to say Manure made more money from Old Trafford Monday to Friday than they every did from matchday, as far as I am aware they don’t have a shooping centre, nightclub or hotel atttached to the ground.

  37. Colin

    I agree that Bates left Chelsea in £200m debt. However, he bought them for a £1 when they really were going into oblivion. He turned a club from being at risk of relegation to the 3rd division to being a top 6 club in the PL.

    Liverpool £400m in debt
    Man Utd £1billion in debt

    It doesn’t stop investors from being interested in them. What’s the alternative? Look at Wigan – they’re a joke team – only in the PL because of Dave Whelan’s money. Remove that, remove Wigan from PL football because they can’t sustain themselves as as a top flight football team.

    Have a go at Bates by all means, but also have a go at Wigan, Blackburn Rovers, Hull City etc etc.

    Last time I checked, Chelsea won the league. That wouldn’t have happened if Bates hadn’t bought them for £1 and spent 20 years there.

  38. White to the core

    No had old grey beard the financially challenged pirate not been there they probably would have won the league sooner. Who knows. They certainly didnt whilst he was chairman. All the grumbles we have about spending on players , the chelski fans had the same moans whilst he was there. Only when Abramovich come to the rescue did chelski reach their potential. Had Bates not bought chelski someone else would have done. Prime real estate in the wealthiest borough of london! After all we have been through especially the last time we were in administration (which Bates took us into), when other investors offered better financial packages its hard to see why some still see Bates as a saviour. Fanboyism of a very odd variety. When the foul mouthed crook that is Bates goes Leeds will once again move forward to where we belong. mot


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