Going nowhere!

Out of nowhere this morning came a story in the Daily Mail that Leeds United striker, Luciano Becchio was set to part ways with the club after contract talks broke down.

Without Jermaine Beckford’s contract talks to fill the column inches, the Daily Mail obviously had to invent some new story to worry the Leeds United fans. Unfortunately for them, they picked the wrong player as I suspect very few Leeds United fans actually bought into it.

Within hours, Leeds United replied to the story with Shaun Harvey telling the YEP that the story was “completely untrue” and that Leeds United were committed to keeping Luci at Elland Road.

The Daily Mail meanwhile realised they had egg on their face and have since removed the story from their website. Lazy journalism at it’s most vicious. No change for the Daily Mail then…

UPDATE: The story has since returned to the Daily Mail website and is viewable here. (For now at least)

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    • Andy

      They’re ALL untrustworthy, dishonest, lazy, biased, incompetent, propagandist rubbish, especially the BBC, but the Mirror is far more blinkered, fictitious and vicious than even the Mail, in my honest opinion. I believe it has a far more pronounced anti-Leeds bias.

      I don’t trust any media news channel, and it worries me that a lot of people are willing to take what they read, hear or see at face value.

      Personally, I get political news from Guido Fawkes, who has an agenda but an open one I understand and trust, non-political news from the BBC, since they don’t bias that as much, and football news via News Now, which has only a simple financial agenda as far as I can tell.

      Newspapers? A waste of trees, bandwidth, time and money.

      Who cares what a rag like the Mail says? The first assumption to make always is… whatever a newspaper reports, the truth is different.

  1. Brac73

    I actually phoned the sportsdesk at the Daily Mail and told them how shite the report was. Worst paper on the shelves. This is the sort of story that websites print as an April fool

  2. Simon

    The gutter swimming bastard journo’s!! and the useless pathetic editor of such a crass newspaper!! I hope they’re infested by mites!
    I had been in the process of posting a rather stining attack on The Daily Snail via the Becchio link, only then to see an error, uipon checking the link again, hmm..not found.
    Maybe a case of lawyers from Leeds and Becchio have been onto the Editor of The Daily Snail.

    It’s a paper full of shite anyway. Nowt to be worried about (-:

    Next summer headlines : Luciano Becchio leaves Leeds on a free to Everton!

    wake me up ffs!!

  3. les irwin

    because of his pre season we might get some intrest then what he has a year to run .we cant let another go for free its the same as beckford last season . would we turn down serious offers .no is the answer .then there is the stars in his eyes agent who might try and get a bigger pay cheque at leeds if not elsewhere that is the beast that is footy they are merceneries the fact is we should be signing players on decent deals of both financial and time 5 years
    anyway some one has to pay for something new building at leeds


    • Andy

      Don’t be too fed up…

      We’re still Leeds United. Three or four years ago, survival was uncertain and sometimes implausible.

      We’re in much better financial shape than most clubs, even without some rich owner using us as his plaything (which Ken can’t be accused of). We don’t have debts.

      We’re in the Championship. We’re well past the bottom of our trough and on the way back to where we belong.

      We’ve a good manager. He seems to have a particular skill in bringing in appropriate talent without throwing money around. Aren’t Yorkshire people famous for their thrift?

      We’ve a lot of players who are committed to Leeds and good enough for the Championship.

      It’s going to be a tough season, but we’re very probably good enough to survive in the Championship as we are. Mid-table this season then promotion next, maybe? Sounds good to me!

    • Jon

      I too suspect there is agent business going on here – there are only a few breeds that are happy to sink to the same depth as journos and one is the agent. I agree that what we may be seeing here is a combination of two things – firstly Luci is doing well in preseason and secondly the agent has seen this and has seen that all of a sudden he has slotted into a new system where he has become even more important to the team – put two and two together and the agent floats a story to the Mail to bump up the contract.

      Am I fed up though? No, for three reasons:

      Firstly, the club has come back immediately to play the story down which makes a change from us being left dangling

      Secondly, although only friendlies, the system seems to have started working

      Thirdly, this proves that no one is bigger than the club – up until this morning most of us were complaining that JB needs to be replaced and that if this doesn’t happen Armageddon will be upon us, now all of a sudden we are not too worried about replacing JB and instead we are panicking over what if Luci doesn’t hang around

    • Andy

      On the other hand, agents definitely do make me fed up. They’re sucking the lifeblood out of the game.

      Becchio has a year on his contract, and he’s happy at Leeds. No problem!

      Except for his agent, who’ll no doubt be on a percentage of wages and would also get an up-front share of a deal at a different club. Becchio’s agent has to want him to get either a big pay rise or change club.

      So when might be a good time for that agent to stir things up to achieve one of those? How about before the new season, when his player’s banging in goals in friendlies, when the club has a strong dependence on his player because it hasn’t signed a Beckford replacement and the other new striker’s just been injured? He wouldn’t even need to make anything up – just a casual word to a passing metropolitan journalist that a new contract hasn’t yet been settled, in the confidence an anti-Leeds report would be printed, increasing pressure on the club to sign sooner or for more, and maybe creating uncertainty in the player’s mind about whether he should be considering other options.

      Agents are like leeches, but they don’t leave clean wounds.

    • TSS

      That’s really weird. They’ve put that back, because when i originally wrote the above, I had to provide a link to the Google search query because soon as you clicked the page, it showed an error message.

  4. Gustavo from Venezuela

    Daily Mail website needs visits to keep their sponsors happy, that’s all. Don’t worry

  5. Kevin O'Connor

    Wasn’t worried for a second :) They weren’t even able to get a quote from ‘a reliable source’.

  6. TheReaper08

    The Mail is the worst paper I have ever had the mispleasure to read. My parents read it for years and my good lady used to buy it on a Saturday.

    Not anymore though as the fianl straw came when they were the only paper to purchase the leaked story about Lord Triesman (even the NOTW turned it down)just before the World cup, something I considered to be akin to treason at the time.

    The good lady now buys the Express and my folks have supproted my campaign and no longer purchase it at all.

    • Matt BB

      @TheReaper08 Finally something we agree on ;-) I cant stand the Mail either, yes my parents bought it for a while, theyve moved on to the Times after some pressure, but to be honest I’m flattered they bothered with us with Broken Britain in the state its in lol.

  7. Kernow

    Here’s an email I got from a mate who’s a life long Ipswich fan about the Bruce story:

    “hahhahahahah, going down, going down! I hate to say it but he is an absolute donkey, this is a great bit of business if true! He is basically everything his father wasn’t!”

    Going on previous defensive buys, this story may well be true.

  8. TheReaper08

    @Kernow @Bobbyleeds Does appear to at least be some mixed opinions. I just read from a ipswich fan that they reckon this is an excellent peice of businesss and that we are now serious promotion contenders as a result.

    Must confess he is not someone who’s career I have followed.

  9. Kernow

    Asked for more info. Just had a follow up email…

    “As long as they only play Bruce at centre back it wont be too bad, oh and as long as he isn’t playing against someone with pace, but you’d better hope they don’t play him at full back, I saw him play there once and I can safely say it was the worst game I have ever seen an Ipswich
    player play!”

  10. Matt BB

    You get the impression he will be okay though as I’ve said if Blackwell rates him..

    For me his age is on his side, I tend to worry with central defenders when they get past 30, but Bruce at 25 has probably his best years in front of him and I’m surprised he’s been cast aisde by an ok Ipswich side to go on loan at leicester who did well last season.

  11. Dje

    I read somewhere that Bruce plays at the back but also sits in midfield at times. Possibly Grayson has him for Doylesque role?

  12. Colin

    As Andy said, Becchio’s got 12 months on his contract so Leeds don’t need to resign him just yet and I think they’ll be concentrating on bringing other players in rather than contract extensions.

    I can’t see how any other club would want to take him on anyway until they’ve seen how he plays in the Championship.

    Becchio knows if he does a half decent job this season, he’ll get a new decent contract.

  13. Chareose

    I beleive the daily mails owners were involved in the previous Man U set up….. they have pumped out hundreds of stories over the years designed to destabilize Leeds players like Cantona, Radebe etc They also ran the infamous “Danny Wallace scored for Leeds to secure the title” article….


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