I mentioned the possibility of a predictions league for the new season in an earlier post, and now seems as good a time as any to start things rolling.

Firstly, the predictions league is only open to members. Registration is quick and free, but unfortunately necessary as your predictions may otherwise get confused with that of another member. Unregistered members can post as anything, so we may end up with 2 Colin’s, 3 Matt’s and so on. Registered users need a unique username for the site, so this will prevent any confusion as the league goes on.

The predictions leagues will be run by the TSS forums, which you have to be a member to post in.

Predictions should consist of predicted scoreline and first (Leeds United) goalscorer.

The scoring will work as follows;

Correct FGS – 3pts
Correct result – 2pts
Correct scoreline – 5pts
Exact prediction – 10pts (total)

Please note, the difference between ‘correct result’ and ‘correct scoreline’ is that the latter is exact. So for example, if you predict 2-0 to Leeds and the actual score is 1-0, you would get 3pts for correct result. If however, you’d predicted 2-0 for the same game, you would get 5pts for correct scoreline.

You can now post your predictions for Derby by clicking here. If you aren’t already a registered member of TSS, you can sign up now by clicking here.

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  1. richard

    Shouldnt it be if you predicted 1-0 not 2-0 for the correct scoreline for 5 pts, or am i just missing summat.

    • TSS

      @mojoluafc Might be worded badly?

      Hypothetically, the match finished 2-0.

      1-0 is the correct result, because Leeds won, but it wasn’t the correct scoreline, so this is 3pts.

      Those that predicted 2-0 got the exact score right (correct scoreline) so they’d get 5pts.

      Hope that clarifies it?

      @worthwhite @wolfmonkey

      Hi guys, can you both add your scores to the thread in the forum. I want them all in the same place to save time after the game. Cheers.

      • richard

        It was the `actual score of 1-0` which threw me.

        I get the jist tho. ;)

      • TSS

        @mojoluafc Other than not posting your prediction in the forum! Haha

        Note to self: Close comments on future predictions league posts.

  2. Ned

    @TSS yup, sorry, i posted here then realised i was being a dumb a** and then couldn’t delete it! Plz feel free to remove as i’ve posted in the right place now and can see i’m only encouraging others to post in the wrong place ‘Doh.

  3. Dirty Leeds Blog

    If I’m posting in the right place, I’m going for Leeds 3-1 Derby FGS Becchio


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