The Spanish defence

Perhaps the South African World Cup is destined to be the year of the underdog? Current World Champions Italy got off to a faltering start when they drew their opening tie with Paraguay. The USA got a fortuitous point against England after Robert Green’s slip up, and even the North Koreans gave the mighty Brazil a run for their money, despite ultimately losing the tie.

But even the shock results for England, Italy and Brazil can’t contend with today’s history making victory for Switzerland. A nation of just 7.7 million people fought bravely against the favourites, and current European champions Spain, to cause the biggest upset in of the 2010 World Cup so far.

Spain’s problems were at both end of the pitch. A defence made of Swiss cheese (couldn’t resist) and a multi-millionaire pound strike-force that simply ran out of ideas. Liverpool striker, Fernando Torres came on put only showed the touch of a rapist as his control let him down numerous times.

Even the five minutes of Fergie… I mean, stoppage time, couldn’t help the Spaniards, and as the final whistle went and the Swiss fans celebrated, the shockwaves of a history making result were felt around the World.

As Spain head back to their training camp to try and figure out how they lost such a simple game, England fans will be hoping another underdog, Algeria, don’t pull a similar stunt on Friday.

  • pete

    Touch of a rapist – quality! I thought I was the only one who ever used that…it’s a throwback to my university days…

    • Craig Millward

      @pete I can’t say I’ve ever come across that phrase before… maybe we’ll discover how many women view this site.

  • Paul Gittins

    Kind of puts the USA result into context …..!

    • Craig Millward

      @paulg The result maybe but not the performance. I still wouldn’t back against Spain whereas England were sucked dry of ideas.

  • pete

    Chile and Switzerland in the Group H driving seat now – if Chile beat the Swiss and the Swiss beat Honduras (both look likely tbh), Spain may well be going home early.

    To make sure they go through, they’d need to wallop Chile by 3 or 4…if the Chileans can beat Switzerland then they’ll just park the bus and hope that Torres puts toblerones on his feet rather than boots again.

  • Matt BB

    is anyone surprised by this? honduras and chile will probably prove less of a stumbling block though for spain surely? it seems like the teams tipped to do well have all found themselves caught in the full beam of expectation and fluffed it. As leeds fans this is what we’re used to of course..

  • TheReaper08

    What’s happened so far is brilliant. Germany think they are the best in the World as they destroyed the Aussies and every other team (even those that have won) have looked pretty mediocre.

    The fact is that Aussie team was garbage and the Germans will bob along nicely now until they play another top side where they will be sent packing with relative ease,

    Roll on.

    • Craig Millward

      How did you manage to get your counter to keep registering your posts Reaper. Mine has got stuck – and I assume I’ll overtake myself in a few days time!

      • Scratching Shed

        He was registered before it was necessary to do so, so nothings changed with him.

  • Mike

    As aresident in Spain I think that was a great result.
    I have the peace I came for instead of the continous flow of cars with honking horns and a continuous bombardment of rocket bangers. Personally I hope Spain go out, this is me being entirely selfish and as for England, I don’t think they could win the paint trophy at the moment.

  • AussieWhite

    Watching Spain reminded me of watching ArseNil. Great technical ability, slick passing in little triangles and being overly intricate in the final third.

    • Craig Millward

      I’ve not got into this world cup yet. A death in the family, two trips to Europe and the only games I was able to see being rubbish has put the dampers on an eagerly awaited festival. I’m hoping the footballing gods are saving the fireworks for the second round.

      • Craig Millward

        The only highlight so far was being in Amsterdam when Holland scored twice.