Africa opens it’s doors

South Africa awakens!

So much anticipation, expectation and hype preceded the World Cup, and the host nation, South Africa were determined to put on a show. Whilst their efforts at the opening ceremony were commendable, the more hardened football fans such as myself were probably a little bored and eagerly awaiting the moment the tournament got under way with South Africa v Mexico.

When the opening game finally kicked off, the stadium was alive with the sounds of thousands of South Africans and their horns. Known to be a country of vibrant colour, with a passion and zest for life not matched by many, the South Africans have been relishing this opportunity and wanted to show the world what it meant to them.

Meanwhile, their team were visibly weighed down by the pressure and struggling. Mexico were the dominant team early doors, but as the nerves calmed and the South African’s lightened up, it was clear they’d be no push-overs for the Mexicans.

It was South Africa that broke the deadlock ten minutes into the second half when a spectacular volley from Tshabalala sent the Bafana-Bafana fans into ecstasy. The hosts couldn’t hold on though and some dismal defending gifted an equaliser to Barcelona’s Marquez with just eleven minutes remaining.

Undoubtedly disappointing for the South African’s, but a point they’d have definitely taken before the game kicked off. The team showed what they’re capable of, and with a little more organisation and concentration at the back, they would have run out winners. Game One over though, and job done for the hosts.

Meanwhile, back in Leeds…

Milner 16 in Wortley

Fellow Leeds resident and blogger Deano spotted the new Umbro viral advert passing his local chippy on the way home from work. Although the significance of the red sixteen on a white background originally evaded him, after some Googling, he found that this was Umbro’s clever publicity stunt for the World Cup.

The number sixteen represents James Milner’s number in the England squad. Underneath the number, it reads ‘tailored in Wortley’ – the birth place of our former star. Not quite sure what the significance of the chippy was, but Milner has always looked a little on the chubby side?

There’s another of these viral Umbro ads in Beeston for another Leeds-born England star, and former Leeds United player, Aaron Lennon.

Two Leeds-born, former Leeds United players in the England team. Makes you proud doesn’t it? And a little envious as to what they’ve achieved, whilst Leeds continue to struggle in the lower leagues! Still, I wish them both well. “Leeds made England!”

TSS World Cup prediction league update

Only two points scorers in the first round. NickMetcalfe and MadFerret are joint leaders after both predicting the opening game would end in a draw. MadFerret seemed to apply the same logic as yours truly, by adding ‘the hosts never lose the opening game.’ Unfortunately for yours truly, my 1-0 prediction was cancelled out with just eleven minutes remaining!

Anyone wishing to join TSS’ World Cup prediction league can sign-up at now. During registration, the form asks for a Pool ID; Here you should enter ‘harmboxy‘ to join TSS’ league.