Holland 2-0 Denmark

World Cup 2010

Round two of our predictions league got under way with a 2-0 win for the Netherlands. I finally lifted myself from the relegation places with an exact prediction of 2-0, but since seven others also correctly predicted 2-0, the available bonus points were split meaning we all earnt 2.25 points each. Only one member went for anything other than a win to Holland, but five also didn’t predict in time and scored absolutely nothing.

Japan 1-0 Cameron

Our runaway leader in the first round was the only person to correctly predict a 1-0 win to Japan, so Madferret picks up another maximum haul of three points. Nobody else fancied the Japanese so there were no other points scorers and three people didn’t make their predictions in time.

Italy 1-1 Paraguay

The World Champions matched England with a faltering start against Paraguay. TinyEight and NickMetcalfe were the only two to correctly predict a 1-1 draw and score 2.5 points each. Dje also predicted Italy to struggle in their opening game and also scored points for correct result.

Slovakia 1-1 New Zealand

Most of our predictors felt the same way as me for this one and went with a win to Slovakia against a New Zealand side many feel is there solely to make up the numbers. Five people picked up points however for correctly predicting a draw, with Elperronegro, LeedsUnited89 and LewisG Leeds all getting 2.33 for an exact prediction.

Cote D’Ivore 1-1 Portugal

In the last game played so far, the majority went with a win for the Portugese and had Cristiano Ronaldo been a little luckier, they’d have been right. As it finished though, the game was a draw which seven correctly predicted (including me!). No one expected the game to finish goalless, with five us predicting a 2-2 outcome earning 1.5 points each, but the biggest points scorers were Zecca and Wally who split the bonus points for closest prediction, earning themselves 2.0 points a piece.

Scores on the doors

After all that, Madferret remains in the lead on 12.80 points, with Matt BB and Wally snapping at his heels on 11.55 points each.

New entrants

Anyone wishing to join TSS’ World Cup prediction league can sign-up at SportGuru.co.uk now. During registration, the form asks for a Pool ID; Here you should enter ‘harmboxy‘ to join TSS’ league.