After a year of controversy and independence, TSS has buckled to corporate pressure and can now announce a new partnership with npower as part of their sponsorship of the npower League Championship.

As new sponsors of the Football League Championship, npower have launched a new tariff which will net you £45 in vouchers to spend at Elland Road when you switch. Just enough to cover the cost of your new shirt! More on that here.

TSS hasn’t quite sold-out however, as no money will be changing hands. Instead, what you can expect to see over the forthcoming season is exclusive competitions where you, the members of TSS, can win tickets to go see Leeds United play. My way of giving something back (without putting my hand in my pocket). I’m hoping to use any tickets as prizes for a prediction league I’ll run next season, but more on that at the start of the season.

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  1. Colin

    TSS you mention Coca Cola League Championship but isn’t it now officially the npower League Championship??

    I thought npower took over the place of Coca Cola from this season?

  2. TheReaper08

    @colin I’ll secodn that, as far as I am aware Coke don’t have anything to do with the football league anymore. A quick edit required TSS before Npower withdraw that black suitcase of cash…..

  3. Colin

    And I think it’s just great that NPower are helping out Dion Dublin. I do hope that NPower lady has told Dion that at his age he’s entitled to Winter Fuel payments.

  4. Scratching Shed

    “npower Championship!” That’s gonna take some getting used to! Anyway, sorted it now.

    @Colin I had to ask npower who the bloke was, I never recognised him!

  5. TheReaper08

    @tss If your the one on the right I think it’s important that we meet in person straight away to discuss some very important ideas I have for you, I mean for the site….


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