And then it gets worse!

An average display against the Yanks, followed up by a dismal display against Algeria sums up England’s World Cup so far. The Three Lions cowered under the pressure last night, and a nervous, below-par England never looked like beating a poor Algerian side.

The tongue-in-cheek headline of the New York Post following our draw with the USA instantly sprung to mind as the Algerian’s celebrated like they’d won the World Cup. The front page of the New York Post last week read ‘USA wins 1-1’ and to England fans, it felt like a defeat. Even the embarrassment of failing to beat the Yanks can’t contend with that of drawing to the Algerians.

The USA are a team we expect to beat as routine, but even the slightest suggestion a game against Algeria could finish in anything less than a convincing win to England would be laughed at. England are such a class apart from the two countries we’ve played so far, that this really is two defeats as far as I’m concerned.

As the papers analyse the performance of England over the next few days and scrutinise the performances of players and management alike, the England parties nerves will grow as they know Wednesday could be their final game of a disappointing World Cup. Only a win against Slovenia can guarantee England’s qualification to the next round, but with the Slovenian’s only needing a draw, it’s going to be tough.

England fans should brace themselves for a tense 90 minutes as Slovenia park the bus in front of their goal and hoof clear at every opportunity. If England struggle to break through, you can expect the nerves to start showing and another painful display like last night.

Despite our failings, somehow, a win is all we need. One moment of magic from eleven superstars isn’t asking too much, surely?