Not just Wimbledon!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’m delighted to see football back on the BBC. For far too long, the BBC has squandered the licensing fee on antiques programmes, “celebrity” dancing and other such nonsense, whilst sports coverage deteriorated and was capitalised by Sky.

Maybe Jonathan Ross’ departure has freed up some much needed funds to invest into the national game, or maybe someone upstairs at the BBC finally realised no one gives a crap about how orange their antiques expert may be? Whatever it is, the channel funded by the nation has finally seen sense and brought back the nations favourite past-time.

This does mean our season will get under way a little later than originally scheduled, and those of you that can’t make the game will have to cope with the anti-Leeds jibes of Alan Hansen (although you could just turn the sound off and listen to the radio coverage), but overall, this is great for the game. The added attention the Championship will receive should go some way to lessening the huge gap between the Prem and the lower leagues and ensure those teams lower down aren’t totally forgotten about – Not that there was ever any chance Leeds United would be!

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  1. Paul C

    The BBC started this last season, they have the right to show 10 Championship games and of course now have the highlights programme. Sky got the bigger chunk of live FL games of course and the playoffs. The deal will run until 2012 (Fortunately Hansen will not be involved ,he sticks with the premiership)

  2. alex

    sorry to change the subject but………..30 million for James Milner being touted ???

    Hate this, the lad should be at Leeds :o(

  3. Colin

    From a BBC perspective in choosing which games to cover, I think we have taken the slots that Newcastle left behind, so plenty of games on the BBC for us!!

  4. TheReaper08

    @charoese Do what I do mate and pretend he is still with us !

  5. Colin

    and it’s interesting to note that if it wasn’t for chelsea, that england team would have only one other player from the top3 and that’s Rooney.

    Interesting that most of that squad are originally born in either London, Liverpool or Leeds. As per usual, Manchester just isn’t performing :)


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