Hi all.

Whilst the majority of problems the change to the new site has incurred have been fixed, there’s one outstanding one that no matter what I try, simply can’t resolve.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but. those of you that previously commented on the site using Facebook Connect, need to create an entirely new account as the old ones won’t work properly.

Once you’ve done this, if you send me a message with your full name in it, I can locate your old account and attribute your old comments to the new one.

To prevent any further problems that the Facebook Connect accounts may cause, I’ll be deleting them all in 7 days, so anyone that hasn’t created a new account in this time will find there old one has vanished.

Apologies to anyone that this may effect, but I’ve run out of alternative options.

UPDATE: It seems those that had been using FB-Connect to logjn were experiencing further troubles creating a new account. I’ve therefore had no alternative but to remove all the FB-Connect accounts. All the comments made by users using this service have been credited to a dummy account (unregistered)

This should bring an end to the problems people were experiencing and you should all now be able to create a new account. Apologies for the messing about, and thanks for your patience. If anyone has any further problems, please let me know by commenting below or emailing me; admin@thescratchingshed.com

13 Responses

  1. Richard

    Ive logged out and when i try to register it says my username needs to be in lower case, which it is cos its reverend twerp fuppet, also it says my email address is already taken, i dunno if u need to delete me then i can start a new account.

  2. TSS

    I’ll delete the old account now mate. The username might not be able to contain spaces either.

  3. TSS

    Hi again Richard, I’ve removed your previous email from the database so it won’t clash. Try registering again now and let me know how you get on.

  4. TSS

    Hi Colin, you’re posting as an unregistered user. You need to create an account to get the full benefits of the new site.

  5. richard

    Its working now, typical Leeds style, we made hard work of it but we got there in the end. :)

    • TSS

      @mojoluafc – Haha, finally! I expected the odd teething problem, but never thought FB-Connect would be an issue. Damn you Facebook…

  6. Mike

    Well Mclaren did us proud and what a fantastic drive by Hamilton. We are still the best in the world in F1
    sorry, nothing to do with Leeds United I know :-)

  7. Mike

    By the way, if anyone uses an iPhone there is a great Telegraph World cup application for free.
    I do not however recommend Hardys Mill cellar Chardonnay too sweet, don’t think it has any Chardonnay grape in it .

  8. TSS

    @mikelufc Yep, it was a great race and a great victory for Britain. Loving the new all-English McLaren line-up!

    PS. I have that app too. Highly recommended.

  9. pete

    I’m just using a different one, also free, it’s not great…might have to give the telegraph one a whirl, thanks @mikelufc


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