Hi all.

Whilst the majority of problems the change to the new site has incurred have been fixed, there’s one outstanding one that no matter what I try, simply can’t resolve.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but. those of you that previously commented on the site using Facebook Connect, need to create an entirely new account as the old ones won’t work properly.

Once you’ve done this, if you send me a message with your full name in it, I can locate your old account and attribute your old comments to the new one.

To prevent any further problems that the Facebook Connect accounts may cause, I’ll be deleting them all in 7 days, so anyone that hasn’t created a new account in this time will find there old one has vanished.

Apologies to anyone that this may effect, but I’ve run out of alternative options.

UPDATE: It seems those that had been using FB-Connect to logjn were experiencing further troubles creating a new account. I’ve therefore had no alternative but to remove all the FB-Connect accounts. All the comments made by users using this service have been credited to a dummy account (unregistered)

This should bring an end to the problems people were experiencing and you should all now be able to create a new account. Apologies for the messing about, and thanks for your patience. If anyone has any further problems, please let me know by commenting below or emailing me; admin@thescratchingshed.com