Remember all those frustrating afternoons at Elland Road where you had that irritating, fat, middle-aged bloke shouting abuse at everyone in White for the full duration of the game? Y’know the one – the one that said Beckford was rubbish (or words to that effect) and claimed it took him 6 chances to score. To listen to this man, you could only conclude he was the founder of Statto.

Well, TSS is here to silence the man, the myth, the legend that is ‘irritating bloke from the Kop’. Jermaine Beckford’s goal tally for 2009-10 was actually closer to 1 in 5 shots (which was better than Rickie Lambert), and is one of the many facts published as part of the Football League One’s 2009-10 in numbers feature. The ones concerning Leeds are highlighted for your convenience.

-60 – Stockport County fans will want to look away now, it’s their goal difference over 46 matches – the worst in the whole of The Football League.

0 – The number of games Gillingham won away from home – the only team in the whole of The Football League not to pick up three points on their travels all year.

1 – The number of times Millwall lost at the New Den on their way to a third placed finish and eventual promotion via the Play-Offs. Huddersfield Town, who they beat in the Play-Off semi-finals, can also boast the same record of home defeats.

3 – The number of wins Stockport County claimed away from home, one more than they managed at Edgeley Park.

10 – The number of red cards handed out to Brighton & Hove Albion, the only team to reach double figures across all three divisions.

14 – The number of games since Stockport County last won a match.

15 – The number of yellow cards handed out to the division’s bad boy, Yeovil Town’s Jean-Paul Kalala, during the campaign.

16 – The number of assists Jon-Paul McGovern provided for his Swindon Town team-mates, the most in the division.

19 – The number of clean sheets kept by League 1 champions Norwich City during the season.

22 – The number of times Swindon Town and Huddersfield Town hit the woodwork; possibly the difference between automatic promotion and Play-Off heart break.

24 – The fewest number of players used by a club in League 1 during the season, the record belonged to Huddersfield Town.

30 – The number of goals Rickie Lambert scored for Southampton to finish as the division’s top scorer.

40 – The number of players who appeared for MK Dons during the season, one more than Brighton & Hove Albion, Oldham Athletic and Wycombe Wanderers.

44 – The number of goals Leeds United and Millwall conceded during the season, the only teams to average less than a goal a game during the league campaign.

86 – The number of fouls given away by Norwich City striker Grant Holt during the season – the most in the division.

128 – The number of bookings handed out to Milton Keynes Dons over the course of the campaign, 46 more than Oldham Athletic who had the second worst record.

154 – The number of shots Rickie Lambert had to score his 30 goals, 14 more efforts than Leeds United’s Jermaine Beckford.

303 – The number of shots Leeds United had on target. They were the only team to break the 300 barrier for both shots on and shots off target.

23,041 – The smallest crowd to attend a match at Carrow Road during their title winning campaign. It was for Norwich City’s game with Walsall on 5th September 2009.

38,234 – The highest attendance in the division for Leeds United’s match with Bristol Rovers on the last day of the season.

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    • Teenage Kicks

      Taking that as a pathetic unnecessary go at me I suppose I should respond to your uneducated comment.

      First of all I believe my quote “Long gone will be the days of giving the ball to Beckford as much as possible so he could have 151 shots in the season, 73 on goal and 31 in the back of the net. Compare that then to Lambert who took 161 shots but scored ten more goals then Beckford.”
      Of which you described as a load of rubbish. You make it seem as if I’d do no research and just spout facts off the top of my head?

      The stats on Beckford came from the world renowned broadcaster ESPN as well as those on Lambert so in fact it was a fair and accurate comment (although to also be fair I didn’t notice a mistake after posting of he had only scored 6 goals more instead of 10) and any of the rubbish that you suggested should be brought back to them, not me.

      Provided is the link I used to get my stats of which you can decide if it is rubbish or not.

      For Beckford

      For Lambert

      So as you can see, what I said was perfectly founded and not the rubbish that you suggested.

      I honestly see it as sad, the pettiness between the two sites and the derogatory comments that seem to come about every time there is comments on this site that overlap with Clarkeonenil. At the end of the day they are both sites with a heavy Leeds point of view but when this site strays more towards a forum (and that’s not particularly a bad thing) and everyones opinion is heard, sadly that means pathetic people like 111Leeds looking for civil war just because there is a difference of opinion.

      Rant over, next time you want to have a go at my writing send me an email and I’ll be happy to respond.

  1. number1inyorkshire

    the only number i was intrested in was 1
    1 more point than millwall
    job done!!!!!

    • Karl

      mcgovern reminds me alot of robinson, dont really wanna go down that road myself again

  2. Paul South Wales

    Unfortunately for Beckford I don’t think he will get 5 chances too often in the premiership, but i do hope he does well and i’ll be keeping a look out for the Everton scorers each week with my fingers crossed.

  3. Dirty Leeds

    The woodwork one is an interesting one… can’t imagine Leeds were too far behind that number though, I think Beckford had hit it 11 times on his own at one stage…

  4. Simon Walker

    303 shots on target for 77 in the net- just proves the goalies out there all lifted their games just for us for us


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