Morning all. The launch of the new look TSS yesterday, brought with it some inevitable teething problems. Most of these were minor and have now been corrected, but I understand there were a few people having trouble registering.

It seems the reason for this was those who were trying to register didn’t realise they had to activate their account through an email sent automatically by the site. I did a test registration to see where the problem was, and noticed that the message telling you that you need to click the email wasn’t very obvious.

Instead of changing the message to make it more prominent, and to streamline the registration process, I’ve overridden the confirmation email completely. This means that any new member will simply have to fill out their desired username and password to begin enjoying all the sites new features. (Unregistered users can still comment and vote in polls)

If anyone else is experiencing problems with the new site, please let me know via email (, by commenting below or messaging me using the new function built into the site.