Hi all, just a quick post to introduce some new features I’ve installed on the site.

Firstly, I must stress that whilst there’s still no need to register to use the sites basic features (such as commenting), you must register to use some of the extended ones. You should see a new bar across the top of the page which provides the links to do this now.

Avatars – TSS has only ever provided avatars via Facebook or the Gravatar service, but with the new plugin you can now upload your desired avatar straight to the site and have it displayed alongside your posts.

Profile – As recently requested by everyone’s favourite TSS commentator, Reaper08, you now have the ability to create your own profile which will allow you to tell others a little about yourself.

Friends – Registered members now have the ability to add other registered members as friends. Popularity contest TSS-style.

Private messaging – Another great new feature is the addition of private messaging. This should allow Reaper08 and Timm to continue their love affair behind closed doors. (Joking)

Activity stream – The activity section allows you to see what other friends have been up to. Members can let others know how they feel, or what they’re doing using this section sort of like a Facebook strictly for Leeds United fans.

Notifications – Notifications inform you of things like friend requests or mentions throughout the site. To mention another user, it works the same as Twitter, so for Craig, you would use @Craig and it would appear in his notifications once he’s registered. To mention me however, please note that you need to use @admin, as opposed to @TSS.

There’s a few other features too, all available via the drop down menu at the top. Feel free to have a play and let me know what you think. There may be a few minor bugs I need to work out too, so please let me know below, or via message using the new feature.

Remember! You have to be a registered user to use these features. You can register now using the bar at the top, but if you’ve already registered previously to the site, you simply need to login.