Former Leeds United player and all-time legend, Lucas Radebe has given the biggest indication yet that he is set to return to the club he loves as a coach, revealing that he has already spoke to Leeds’ current chairman, Ken Bates about the possibility of a homecoming that will have the Elland Road fans mouths watering.

The Chief in action

Lucas, who still has a home in Leeds and has attended games since his retirement spoke on the opening day of the World Cup, where he told journalists that;

“After the appreciation that I got from that club, I’ll always be a Leeds United fan,”

“That’s where I think I’ll go in terms of enhancing my knowledge of football and to give something back.”

“They’re willing to give me a position. For me it’d be a learning curve, moving forward in terms of giving back to the game. We’ll see after the World Cup.”

The Chief remains a big fans favourite at Elland Road, and would undoubtedly be welcomed back with opened arms. The Leeds United faithful still chant Radebe’s song to this day, but have been misled by rumours of a return before. This time however, it’s come directly from the man himself, so it seems fair to assume he’ll be making his triumphant return pretty soon.

We look forward to welcoming you home, Lucas!

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  1. TheReaper08

    That will do for me, get the legend, the chief, the inspiration that is Lucas Radebe back at ER !

    • charlie big potatoes

      Excellent point!

      Lucas give us a wave, Lucas Lucas Give us a wave…

      Would love to see him back!

  2. Dje

    Sounds good. Not sure Grayson would want a fans’ favourite quite so near to home for calls to let him take over the realms when the wheels start falling off the wagon, though.

  3. Leeds4eva

    I`d love to see him teaching at Leeds.

    P S i cant register, ant clues???

    • TSS

      You probably already have, but haven’t clicked the link in the confirmation email.

  4. TSS

    @Leeds4eva I’ve changed the rule so email verification isn’t needed. You should be able to login now.

  5. Simon in Leeds

    The Chief is a true icon; he was always a beacon of loyalty and dependability. I hope this is true.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    lucas radebe is in any ones book a football legend and we are lucky we had him at leeds does anyone think its agood idea for him to come to leeds as a coach no, EVERYONE does it would be awesome to have him home

  7. LSD&2Es

    What a boost ahead of our push towards the premiership that would be eh?!

    Might yet persuade the wife to call the impending child Radebe (she thinks Lucas is too commonly used already)

    • TheReaper08

      Good luck with that, my good lady was so on the ball with names she knew when I was trying to blag something.

  8. WellyLUFC

    I hope it happens! Still think he’ll be the manager one day!

    I have the name Lucas agreed with my girlfriend for when/if we have a son.

  9. Mike

    I am sure dne means “take over the reins” but hey ho that’ll do me too.

    • Dje

      Lol – I blame TSS and his new flashy site – teething troubles and all – couldn’t possibly be my typo!

      ‘Take over the “reigns”‘ would have been a good one too.

  10. Craig Greenwood

    Just woke up to the radebe news wife going to aus for 2 week england play today ,come on get in.Now where are those beers.

  11. Craig Greenwood

    Has anyone seen our new right back play if so whats he like.

  12. trueyorxman

    The ‘Chief’ is & would be the inspiration for anyone pulling on the famous white shirt, bring him home. And congrats to Gary Speed on receiving an MBE

  13. Matt bb

    While i’d love to see radebe back i’d love to see some experience in the management team, george graham?

  14. Keith

    hope this comes off, there’s always a space for the chief at Elland Road

  15. louis finn

    The Chief will finally sort out our defensive woes, cant wait for the season to begin

  16. Mike

    George Graham Matt?
    He is a crook, why not let Very Terribles come too?
    I do though agree on better support for Larry, I am unconvinced about Snodin.
    Why did we let Bradford get Sullivan as Goal coach?

  17. Dje

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this: Jay McEveley via the unquestionably (mis)informative Wikipedia:

    “After leaving Derby, McEveley decided he wanted to go to a decent club instead. One with history, ambition and one on the rise. Only one club in the country matched those criteria and McEveley was on his way to the famous Leeds United w/c 14 June 2010.”

    Sure, it sounds like it was written by McEveley’s mum, bitter at her cherished sons snubbing by the mighty Derby, but the actual suggestion of arriving at Elland Road this Monday has a micro-smidgin of legitimacy to it, erm… perhaps.

      • TheReaper08

        Your right on one thing Dje, it does sound very much like it was written by his Mum !

        I learned not to read to much into wikipedia a long long time ago.

  18. Dmitriy

    Very good news. Radebe is great footballer and part of Leeds history!


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