One outstanding point of our embarrassing World Cup exit is the Frank Lampard goal that never was. A goal that landed a good couple of feet behind the line, was apparently missed by a linesman and referee who have brought further embarrassment to FIFA on the global stage.

"That" goal!

"That" goal!

Whilst the goal may not have changed the outcome of a dismal game for England, the matter shouldn’t be ignored and put to bed.

Simon Grayson has today added his thoughts on the events of Sunday afternoon;

“It would have got us back to 2-2 and would have changed the game because we would have the momentum, but that’s papering over the cracks.

“Goal-line technology has been a talking point over the past few years and that’s highlighted it even further.

“It’s got to be readdressed now because there are massive implications. It has to be sorted out quickly.”

Grayson is right in saying that the decision changed the course of the game. Whilst it shouldn’t be used as a convenient excuse by Capello and the inadequate England team, it shouldn’t be forgotten either. At 2-2, John Terry might not have been trying to play as a striker. Germany might have held back a little bit, and the game may have evened out. Instead, the goal was disallowed, the teams heads dropped even further and Germany rubbed salt into the wounds.

The most ridiculous thing of all, is that the technology is available to prevent such instances and has been for some time. For the purists out there, I understand that we don’t want technology ruining the game like it has in other sports, but a simple sensor in the ball which alerts the ref when it crosses the line can only be beneficial.

It could also be used for throw-ins and corners too, removing even more of the human element from these decisions and ensuring the game remains fair to both teams. I aren’t suggesting we go all-out American and start introducing rubbish like the video ref, time-outs, the stop-clock and half-time Monster Truck shows! No, all we need is a little sensor in the ball and a device the ref can carry with him. It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous it hasn’t been suggested sooner… oh… erm…

So, to the Sepp Blatter’s of this World it’s time to act! Football is the richest and most popular sport in the World. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet, watched by billions world-wide, and yet we’ve failed to implement a device that some middle-class, tweed-wearing, private school boys mastered years ago. It’s come to something when tennis is teaching football how it should be done!

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  1. TheReaper08

    Forget goal line technology half time monster trucks sounds amazing.

    • timm

      Bring back the speedway & dog racing too i say! There may well be a case for goal line technology but let’s not be kidding ourselves that it made a difference in this game. This current crop of players are almost all nasty big-headed arrogant pricks who actually believe that they are more important than the manager. I think Capello has been shocked at the behaviour & general lack of respect that these players have shown. Internationals are won by intelligent teams who’s players each stick to their task & play with pride & discipline, not arrogant unintelligent idiots who second guess their coach in public & fail to concentrate on the pitch. It’s time to get rid of the Terrys & Ferdinands & time to build a team around Milner. Rant over!!

  2. Colin

    Wembley should be a full time monster truck race track.

    Has anyone been to Wembley? It’s a transport nightmare.

    What is wrong with playing at St. James’ Park, Villa Park, Elland Road, Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Emirates, Hillsborough, Stadium of Light, Goodison Park, City of Manchester stadium, Stamford Bridge??

    Can these venues cope with the security measures? Yes, they do it week in week out.

    Do they have easier access for fans than Wembley? Yes they do.

    Could you use it as a way to promote the World Cup 2018 bid? Yes you could. Why not host a game at one of the proposed new sites such as Milton Keynes?

    Could the FA make money out of it? Yes – if you say to the clubs that own those grounds – we (the FA) will take 75%, you take 25% of gate receipts, they would say Yes.

    Is it promoting football across England? Yes it is.

    Do any of those stadia have better pitches than Wembley? Yes they do.

    Would it mean less travel for England fans? Yes it would.

    It’s obvious – football is all about money. FIFA will not bring in goal-line technology Fair enough, the FA can’t fight the forces of the Premier League. But if they said to the Championship – would you like to trial it, they would say yes, because it would bring more attention to the Championship which is already the third most watched league in Europe.

    But the FA won’t do it. Why? Because they’re in FIFA’s pocket and want to get the World Cup in 2018, not because it’s “good for the game” but because they will make themselves millions of FIFA dollars.

  3. Colin

    and don’t forget the disgraceful decision to allow the Tevez goal in the Argentina/Mexico match – you could use this technology to eliminate that as well.

  4. les irwin

    just literally got back from glastonbury could have watched the footy but didnt because it had bad news day written all over it due to our group performances .however and this is no exageration of the 70.000 that stood in the field watching it the ones i spoke to said ENGLAND GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED technology would have called that a goal no doubt and it should be brought in FACT and fifa whos motto is fair play (JOKE) get publicity good or bad it is publicity from this shit .when you cant appeal a sending off (kaka) that was not a sending of in a tournament run by the world authority its a joke .they will not bring it in when we us as the public put up with it .who did platter play for or any of these people running these sporting institutions nah da ,as for wimbledon how do they do it there whats the criteria .cricket ,rugby,footy all have it on sky but do they use it .at least for all those olympic 2012 haters the chap running it won a couple of golds ,
    i keep saying if only to myself footy will have to have a shakeup cos people are getting fed up ,we should also pull out of 2018 bid .
    finallly for me on this, the enquiry should not be why we got beat by germany but why we didnt finish top of the group in the first place to play ghana ????????????????

    • timm

      How was Glasto? Gorillaz looked the highlight for me. Did you see the Flaming Lips? Couldn’t believe crowd for Mumford & Sons! I saw them in a pub in 2008 in front of about 60 people! You did well with the weather.

      • Scratching Shed

        Thought Florence and Dizzee looked good too.

      • les irwin

        mumford and sons in jon peel were amazin massive crowd ,they were the highlight for many .dizzee was awesome as was snoop ..of the headliners no i didnt see flamin lips although my son said they were amazin ,we went there to watch the muse who were my highlite the gorillaz were massive what a production .stevie wonder is a legend end off .stranglers were awesome as were the courteeners not forgetiing rolf ,siz sisters and kylie were good too .lightning seeds too the thing that surprised me most was dizzee he really rocked .thanks for the intrest too many really to mention but the weather was hot i look like ive been in spain a fortnight ,if youve not been go although i will say myself and my 14 year old son with tickets and evrythin travel etc .spent £800 i coulda gone to spain for that cheers tim

      • Scratching Shed

        @number1inyorkshire I’ve been going for years, but opted for the Leeds fest instead this year on account of the Libertines reunion (best band of the last decade for me) and the World Cup. Wish I’d just gone to both as it’s been painful watching it on TV, knowing I could have been there! :(

      • les irwin

        ive been to leeds fest a few times but it always sems to end up in a big brawl its a shame, libertines will be good but not one of my favs of to V to see kings of leon really hope we get good weather too .cant wait al;ready for next years glasto

      • pete

        Ahh, the ‘good’ old days of the brawls…

        Still remember seeing Muse in the rain in 2006, and Kings of Leon in 2005 just after we’d won back the Ashes…haven’t been for a while though, list time I went I saw KoL when they were bizzarely just before Razorlight, and Ash in the tent…I can’t say I miss it though.

      • TSS

        I was at the Leeds fest when Razorlight headlined over KOL. Still haven’t managed to figure that one out? That said, I still haven’t figured out why Arcade Fire are headlining over the Libs this year, despite the latter costing more and creating more of a buzz?

      • pete

        Arcade Fire are fantastic live, probably one of my all-time favourites…although that doesn’t mean they should headline.

        Incredible to watch though, especially in front of a ‘home’ crowd…shame Leeds isn’t that for them, too many people just don’t know their music.

      • timm

        Arcade Fire will be more of a spectacle i suppose but Libs are one of the best UK bands since the Clash for me. I just hope they turn up!

      • TSS

        @Timm Totally agree, the Clash were brilliant too. Saw the Libs a few times before all the hysteria and bandwagoning began (not that I have a problem with that). They’ve always been one of the best live bands in the country and lyrically, there’s no one around who comes close. Heading the bill at one of the major festivals is something long overdue. I just hope the reunion isn’t too short lived.

  5. Tim Wilsom

    I think we should go back to lace up balls. Does that make me a purist?

    • Tim Wilsom

      In the early 1970s, Blatter was elected president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders, an organisation which tried to stop women replacing suspender belts with pantyhose…

      • les irwin

        ahh he has a good track record then he is a chump he is as corrupt as the most corrupt person on earth (well there both equal if you know what i mean )

    • craig

      I don’t care what it makes you – I’m just glad you put an end to the boring music thread!

  6. les irwin

    what about a great britain side at least it will get some welsh ,scots and irish to world cups .and stop just picking prem league players .they shoulda took beckford hes a prem player!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Old Billy White

      For better or worse, (recently worse) it’s got to be an England team. I don’t buy into all this British stuff. The Scots and Welsh don’t leven ike us and support anyone who plays against us. Let’s just get real, sort out what’s wrong with our game, not dilute ourselves with ethnic minorities.


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