The fixtures for the 2010-11 npower Football League Championship have been released, and Simon Grayson’s new-look  Leeds United will start their Championship campaign at home to Derby County on the 7th August.

With several Yorkshire teams competing in this years Championship, there’s a few notable dates for your diary starting with Barnsley away on the 7th of September, which is followed just four days later by a trip to Doncaster’s identi-kit bowl.

Leeds will lock horns with some old foes as Millwall come to town on the 21st of August, and we’ll also be visited by Sheffield United on the 25th of September, for what is sure to be a sold-out Elland Road.

Hull City also join us in the Championship after finally coming back down to earth from their Premier League spell, and they’ll visit Elland Road on the 9th of November.

Another notable fixture to look our for early season is  Cardiff City at home on the 23rd of October.

The Christmas run looks a bit tricky with Leeds set to play Leicester on Boxing Day, Portsmouth on the 28th, Middlesbrough on the 1st , finishing off in Cardiff on the 3rd.

I’m getting excited already!

The full fixture list can be seen here on the official site of Leeds United FC.

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  1. Matt BB

    When its down in black and white, you can actually get excited at last, we’ve finally got out of the sh1t… No more gillingham/mk dons/exeter.. But millwall, do we ever get away from them?

  2. Scratching Shed

    @mattbb Seems not! If they get promoted to the Premiership alongside us too, I’m going to start looking deeper into this Gypsy curse.

    • Craig Millward

      I’d celebrate the gypsy curse if we both got promoted together!

  3. TheReaper08

    Always means more to me when the fixtures are out. All around the office today I could see people planning how many away games they might get to and when the key home fixtures are.

  4. Scratching Shed

    @TheReaper08 Same with me. I faxed my holiday form off about 15 minutes after they were released. Gotta get in quick!

  5. TheReaper08

    @TSS Good man, if the west country is anywhere on your must see list next year let me know and I will have to treat you to a pie and a pint for all your hard work. You won’t find me half as prickly in real life mate I promise, or at least I think.

    • Scratching Shed

      @TheReaper08 I’m sure I’ll be touring down that way at some point mate. Glad there’s more local games this season though, last year was extremely tiring with all the midweek marathons. That’s why I’ve put in holidays early for this season.

  6. richard

    Derby at home`ll do me, i do like a home game to start the season.

  7. paul oshea

    Get to Cardiff, that’s a must see, new ground and all, and they all think they’re going to stuff us (although our record against them isn’t too clever. Also the Liberty is a nice ground just full of jacks!

  8. Scratching Shed

    @mojoluafc Same here mate. It’s a bit of a party first game of the season, and we usually do quite well!

  9. craig1919

    I only misses 3 away games last year I am so pleased there are so many local derbies, so many times I got back last year and felt absolutely shattered, at the end of the season it felt like I’d played every game With the lads and was so worn out, local derbies are are a very welcome addition not only for travel but this will be a more emotionally charged season, all too often I felt nothing for the clubs we were facing last year but it will be different this time and I must say I am very excited, who cares about the world cup please role on 7th August


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