Scouts alert to Davide Somma

It seems there will be no shortage of offers if Simon Grayson chooses to sell Davide Somma during pre-season. Grimsby Town’s head of recruitment, John Deehan was in attendance as Lincoln City took on Aldershot on Saturday.

Former Lincoln manager and now radio expert for Radio Lincolnshire, Steve Thompson revealed he chatted to Deeham at the game where he revealed he was there to watch Davide Somma in action.

Leeds United recently extended Davide Somma’s deal for another season although no one is entirely sure whether he’ll be featuring in Simon Grayson’s plans if we make the Championship. The option to extend the 25-year-old’s deal could have been executed to ensure Leeds United can demand a fee should the striker choose to move on.

Grayson’s cliché-ridden speech #46

Simon Grayson’s first interview ahead of this weekend’s crucial clash at Elland Road brought no real surprises. Larry possesses a natural ability for cliche-riddled manager speak and here he shows to any wannabes how it should be done with the always popular ‘Our destiny is still in our own hands’ and the timeless what-if scenario of ‘If anyone would have offered us the chance to win promotion on the last day of the season at home, we would have taken it’ which can be found on page one of the Management 101 handbook in it’s most basic form of ‘We’d have taken this at the beginning of the season’.

As clichéd and cringe-worthy as the interview may be, it’s all true. Still… If I had to sit through Larry’s press conferences week in, week out I’d probably be on the brink of suicide by now.

Another shirt change

Finally, another year, another kit-change. As if hiking the ticket prices on the premise of yet-to-be-guaranteed Championship football wasn’t enough, Kenneth and his pals at Macron have decided the best way to milk some more funds out of us hard-up fans is to reveal yet another home kit.

No point really whining because we’ll all go out and buy it for our summer holidays, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. It goes on sale next week at the sold-out final game. I’ll see you in the queue…

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  1. TheReaper08

    No surprise on the shirt really, just so you are aware it’s the manufacturer that dictates replacements when they hand over the suitcase of cash at the front end of the deal.

    Spoke with my brother in law last week (senior product designer for Umbro, now owned by Nike) and he said there are going to be some serious cutbacks on supplying teams. They are personally only looking to run a few deals with key clubs like Manchester City and let the other contracts run down. He thinks it will be the same for a lot of big companies so we will see more of the likes of Macron coming into the market.

    I hope we give Somma a go but if my personal wish of getting to the CCC and signing Hooper happens not sure where he will fit in. At the very least it was wise and prudent to extend his contract so the options are all ours.

    As for Grayson’s speech well no surprises there.

  2. Lee B

    I have a dream…

    Many years ago, when I was but a lad, Leeds United decided on a new home kit modelled on that of the best club side in the world (at the time) – Real Madrid. This has become a point of pride amongst fans and we now wouldn’t accept anything other than all white for our home kit.

    The away kit, though, is a different story. We’ve had blue, yellow, humbug stripes. No consistency. Nothing to get excited about. Nothing to strike fear into the hearts of the opponents like the all white home strip does (or at least is supposed to). Nothing that tells you anything about the history or aspirations of the club.

    I have a dream…

    I dream that one day, the Mighty Whites will don the colours of the legendary Brazil side and adopt them as their permanent away strip. The yellow shirts and blue shorts have been used before by Leeds, just not together, so it wouldn’t be that much of a change.
    The change is one of mentality. We are proud of our Mighty White and defend fortress Elland Road with it. We should also have an away strip that we can be equally proud of. We all play for the shirt, so shouldn’t the shirt be worthy of playing for?

    It’s time to live a new dream. Let that dream be in the colours of the legends…

    • Keith

      traditionally our away kit is all yellow (I’m only going back as far as the 70’s when I say this). The club really only deviated from this in the 90’s, with some truly awful combo’s, but seemed to get back on track with the almost legendary Nike/Strongbow kits.

      I agree that the first choice away kit should be mostly yellow, to go with the white home strip. Having said that, I am a fan of the current stripey blue third choice kit (?Juve home) and did like the UEFA cup pale blue number (Roma home)

      • TSS

        The traditional colours of Leeds United are actually blue and yellow. It comes from the Leeds city crest, which was also the original badge of Leeds City FC and LUFC. For the most part, the away kit has been blue and/or yellow, but there’s been some exceptions such as the green and blue Thistle Hotels one and at one point, we played in red!

        Football teams haven’t always had an away/second kit. When this idea came about and became popular, I think Leeds just split the colours, using one for one and one for the other. Then in the late 60’s, Revie decided we should look like Madrid, so all white became the home kit and the yellow and blue became the away.

  3. Keep This Shed White

    I like that idea. We have played in it before by the way, in the days when the away kit was just made up from the kit locker. I think I remember it in an FA cup replay v Sunderland at Hull, but my memory ain’t want it used.

    I can’t really understand why we can’t just play in white at most away games. Oh silly me, money….

    Now roll on Saturday! We’re gonna do it.

  4. superhoops

    One game to go and a win required to gain promotion…not the time to be messing around with a new kit. We want to keep all of the focus solidly on the football and finishing the job.

  5. Mark R

    Home Kit : All white – no blue/ yellow trim.
    Away Kit : Yellow Shirt , Blue Shorts, ( Seen this in the 70’s I seem to remember – vs. Derby away ? ) so good for me Lee B.
    Would also like to see the return of the numbered sock tags.

    Somma : Worked hard for his chance , good attitude , deserves his chance.

    Grayson Speech #46 : Ditto 1 to 45 .


  6. les

    if i remember rightly the current kit for home fixtures( white) was supposed to be for this season and next so i was as shocked as anyone to see a new kit for next season not least because i have 3 sons to buy for it is like everything else football mad and its not just leeds on this band wagon we certainly do not nee 3 kits but the last few seasons the kits have been bloody awful
    and we do need to sort out the badge a YORKIE ROSE ON WOULD BE PERFICK FOR ME
    all white for home kit no other colours apart from badge and sponsor
    yellow and blue trim for away
    £30-£35 for adults £15-£20 for kids every season i buy tops at full price only to seee hundreds and hundreds in the shop selling for nowt .sell em cheaper to start we might or you might (lufc)sell more

  7. Tony Currie's Curler

    Do away with Yellow and replace with gold – As it should be
    Do away with royal blue and replace with navy blue – as it should be.
    Gold top blue shorts – vicw versa for 3rd strip (interchangeable too)

    ALL white no (Minimum) trim Home shirt – round neck tightish fit for a classy italian look. Instead of the Sunday league style shirts we’ve had to endure for far too long!

  8. Tony Currie's Curler

    Somma? Banging in the goals for Lincoln is like baning in the goals for the reserves. Plenty of players can do that but can they do it in front of 30,000 success hungry fans who’s knowledge of a good player is far more complicated than any Lincoln fans could ever be.

    Give him a try but I think a known established goalscorer at Championship level would be a better bet. My ideal two strike signings for this summer?

    Hooper and Jason Roberts, power and guile and good championship players. Outside choice Jason Scotland out of favour at Wigan.

  9. James Thrall

    Why do other clubs get to vote on which designs they like best and we dont, we dont even get to see it till were stood in the que with our wallets out???

  10. Ross

    A new kit just means you get the opportunity to buy last years kit for a £10 stay one year behind and save £30 a season! All these Macron kits of the last few years are very similar anyway when your in the crowd at ER you can barely differnetiate the last few years home kits.

  11. LSD&2E,s

    Our new home kit is not bad, and will look at home at the top of the championship next season. As for the away kit…all black to remind ourselves of where we have been for the past three seasons and there’s no way we are going back there…………………..

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