Talented, sometimes inconsistent, always controversial but never boring. From hero to villain and back more times than any other player in the recent history of Leeds United, Jermaine Beckford’s time at Elland Road has been one of the most spectacular tales of ‘ups and downs’ Leeds United has ever seen.

It’s an emotional farewell for Jermaine and (most) fans alike. Even the ones that aren’t shedding tears must appreciate the sheer volume of goals Beckford scored for us whilst at Elland Road.

Amongst those goals were some that will be remembered for years to come, not least the one below that sent Manchester United out of the FA Cup in the third round and made Beckford a household name.

Whilst the goal against Manchester United is the one that’ll be shown time and time again and remembered for decades to come, for me, the most important goal Jermaine Beckford ever scored was his final one – the one that sent us back into the Coca-Cola Championship and ensured Jermaine left Elland Road a hero.

The two goals above don’t do the Leeds United career of Jermaine Beckford justice. His time at Leeds United was like a soap opera for the most part, but his contribution – however inconsistent it could be – was priceless. The memories he leaves behind are something I’ll look back on positively for years to come.

Farewell, thank you and good luck Jermaine!

  • Matt

    In my opinion he is an idiot, he should of signed a new contract,what is he going to achieve at everton? Mid Table every season, i suppose money takes over footballers brains in the end and as uncle ken has said his agents an a** hole =] thanks for the memories Jermaine now go break a leg =]

    • TSS

      Behave Matt, Everton are a bigger club and just like I’d leave my work in a heartbeat if I was offered more money elsewhere (and have), he did the same. You can hardly blame him for that. He did a great job at Leeds and should be remembered favourably and wished well.

    • timm

      Come off it Matt! The lad’s showing he wants to challenge himself at the top level. Some players are happy to sit tight at a club where they look brilliant, but it takes a brave player to go & have a crack at a higher level, & it’s better to try & fail than not to try at all. Everton are a million miles ahead of us just now so good luck to the lad & i hope he bags 20 goals next season.

      • Colin

        Here here. And David Moyes is no fool. Has he ever signed a bad player? IMHO, I don’t think so.

      • TheReaper08

        ‘it’s better to try & fail than not to try at all’

        timm you are spot on.

      • Mark R

        Nice one Tim.

        Thanks Jermaine and good luck mate.

        Mark R


    • he’s done us a quality service, sure we all got hacked off at him at times but this season he’s scored two goals that have made us happy beyond belief! thanks becks and good luck will watch out for you in an Everton shirt this year!

    • public enemy

      matt i will not skirt round the issue sadly YOU ARE AN IDIOT

  • Colin

    Good luck Jermaine. You were brilliant for Leeds. In years to come, we won’t remember the names of too many players in the last 5 or so years, but we’ll remember Beckford.

    Not sure if anyone has seen the interview with LUTV, but he comes across as a thoroughly nice chap. Good luck to him I say.

    • TheReaper08

      I watched Tore Andre Flo on Sky a few weeks back and he genuinely couldn’t understand why he get’s any grief at all. He said he was a really nice guy, bags of skill and works harder than most in training.

      I don’t know about you Colin but I think sometimes it’s so easy to knock a guy when you know nothing about him.

      • Colin

        I know what you mean Reaper. And you know what – some people on this site do knock players when they know nothing about them and that’s really frustrating.

        • TheReaper08

          We might debate the ability of a player and we sometimes disagree, that’s healthy. I never hear you slate a player on a personal level and nor would I.

  • TheReaper08

    A 3 year goal ratio that rivaled anyone’s anywhere in world football, that goal against the Mancs and the goal that finally sealed promotion.

    A thousand thank you’s from an eternally grateful fan, no go give em hell in the PL.

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  • His goal against the mancs and his final goal against bristol rovers were so special – both in very different ways – wish you all the best Jermaine

  • Henry V

    All the very best to Jermaine.
    4 year contract, I hear!
    If he struggles we could get him back on loan??!!
    I just hope we get a good replacement.


  • LeedsWhite

    As childish as it may be, I hate seeing the name “Manchester United”. Perhaps you do it for increased traffic, or maybe you’re just too mature, but why not call them scum, Soccer Club United of Manchester, Salford Yanks…even our friends on the wrong side of the Pennines!

    Anyway, best of luck Beckford.

    • TSS

      Haha, it makes no difference in terms of hits (unless it’s in the title), and I often refer to them as ‘Scum’ or ‘Salford Yanks’, but I guess in the context of the above, I didn’t want to take swipes at our most hated rivals.

  • Craig 1919

    I just watched the 19 minute interview and you can tell he genuinly loves Leeds and the whole Leeds family, I wish him well at Everton where he can attempt to ply his trade at the highest level, Moyes is a very good manager (in my opinion in top 3 British managers) and will get a little extra out of Becks. Regardless of what people moan about with Beckford his goals will be very difficult to replace and they will only see how important he has been for this club when his goals have gone. I for one am disappointed he has gone, he will score goals as he is a genuine talent, I’d like to think that he hasn’t just gone for the money but is wanting to go for footballing reasons, Everton are a big club, I think he will find it tough there but will be given a fair crack.

  • Matt bb

    I cant knock beckford, he signed my wedding card from leeds united!! True story, notwithstanding i do wish he’d stayed with us for our championship campaign and cant hide my disappointment, but i admire the risk he is taking. Good luck becks, always welcome at elland road, but dont you dare score against us…. Why was his tongue blue btw when he scored against bristol..? An evertonian tongue tribute?

    • TSS

      I think it’s the sports drinks they use. It’s PowerAid these days, which is blue.

  • Mikelufc

    You are the idiot Matt, you are not even competent in the English language.. Should of????
    What does that mean? Should have maybe?
    Beckford goes with all our thanks and best wishes, not tomention dep gratitude,
    Whether it was the best decision for him the future will tell, but it wll certainly be better than fitting windscreens!
    Best of luck Jermain and thank you very much.

    • Matt bb

      Once and for all, matt and matt bb are 2 different people. why am i an idiot? I have wished mr beckford good luck. Wish he hadnt gone buthey we are where we are… Sh1t street, but we’ll be back,

  • Timothy Wilson

    Never a bad word to say about him. Great goalscorer who will be missed. Would liked him to stay with us in the Champship, but that’s football. All the best son.

  • paul (whinmoor)

    i dont think every leeds fan realises the magnitude of becks contribution to lufc, so what he was a little lazy at times, dint get a foot in when he should have, dint chase down in the corners etc etc. but his goalscoring ratio at leeds is the best in its history. he improved so much at leeds. i remember his 1st appearence at e.r when he came on as sub one night in the championship, i honestly thought i could do better. but look at him now 80 odd goals later and scorer of 2 of the most memorable goals in our history, the goal at scum and the goal against b.r. good luck to the lad i hope he goes on and does really well and proves a lot of people wrong and if he ever comes back to e.r with another team his reception should be up there with some of the best.PS, praise to KEVIN BLACKWELL for taking a chance on a raw young lad from down south

  • Henry V

    It is a case of “you don’t appreciate what you had until you lose it” with Becks.
    I am really surprised that we did not make him a better offer after we were promoted!?
    All we did was leave the ‘old 1st Division’ offer on the table.
    I can only assume Simon has other, better, ideas, for a main striker.
    Who will it be?


    • I think that Grayson knew that Becks wanted to be in the prem so why try stop him? I’d like to think that he has got other ideas i think the team needs freshening up though, couple of new faces with CCC quality, free or not free, i couldn’t care less if they’re good!

  • Zorro White

    Good luck Jermaine. Thanks for the goals. I always wonder why we didn’t pay you the extra £150 000 or so that you wanted at the beginning of the season to sign a new contract. In which case we would be looking at about a million quid fee from Everton if indeed you still decided to leave. Same reason I guess that the tight-arsed git that owns the club messes everything else up. Ruins the job to save a penny. Hope you score 30 in the prem this year!

  • Class act Becks – go up and give em hell. I know you’ll score goals and with some of the balls in from Arteta et al – you will score many more against the Mancs.

    All the best son – back yourself and your pace!

    Cheers for your goals and gift of promotion to LEEDS!

  • Paul South Wales

    Very sad to see him go fantastic contribution throughout his career, and although people moaned about his workrate, he was paid to score goals and didn’t he half do that! I hope he makes it in the prem but can’t see it myself, thanks anyway for taking us up and all the best.

  • public enemy

    any one who doesnt wish jermaine beckford well on his new venture is well quite frankly stupid .and as teams go in the prem everton are 1 of the best for an unproven goalscorer at that level .he will get his chance there under moyes it might not work for him who knows ,he came into football late he did us no end of good his goals got us to playoffs from a -15 START a cup run ,and a win against the old enemy .now he is off to the premier league to earn a few quid ,we as leeds fans need to get to the fact its just a job to him good luck to him .players do move on we hopefully will sign 5/6 quality players and i hope their fans are as fanatical about wanting to keep them all because that means they have done a good job
    jemma you did a good job lad good luck thanx for the memories

  • ash

    Am gutted he has left, I live on merseyside and not many everton fans actually want him they would rather have a big name striker, they all think he is a superstar in the lower leagues but won’t be able to hack the prem which I thought was a bit harsh as he gave the scum n spurs a hard time! Good luck becks show the scouse wankers that you can do it in the prem

  • Pete

    Thanks for the memories Jermaine – you’re the best goalscorer we’ve had for a long time.

    We’ll never forget your goal against the mancs, or the goal against bristol, or your brace against spurs.

    Here’s hoping you bag 20+ next season – with Arteta and Rodwell giving you silver-plate service, I wouldn’t bet against it.

    Also, if you could expose Wes Brown for the overrated cretin that he is again, we’d be most grateful.

    • Mark R

      Nice one Pete.


  • Big BB

    Wish the boy well and hope he bags shedloads in the Prem.

    Thanks for the memories JB. YOu were the inspiration in our -15 season. Bringing sunshine when murky clouds clustered overhead.

    The goal v Salford Yanks and that goal v Rovers will mean you will never be forgotten.

    Leeds fans will always hold you close to our hearts.

  • Lee

    what do ya call the song in the second video!?

    • Craig

      I tried calling it all sorts of things but it didn’t answer me.

  • Peter

    First of all i love you Becks. but do you know that your goals next season is our beloved Leeds united’s salvation to climb to another higher level(Prem)? I thought you (becks) will be our new hero,legend and a leader who is capable to uplift our Leeds United to new heights as a new-born captain which you show us in our last game against Bristol Rovers but alas, you chose to take a easier route to glory! you chose to be just another League one player trying his luck in the Prem. anyway, good luck Becks. MOT

  • Ross

    all the best to beckford his goals in the last 3 seasons have mad a massive contribution to LUFC and as others have said I can’t blame him for trying to improve and taking what will probably be a masive salary boost. Not only will we miss his goals we will miss his pace especially if the rumours of hulse or someof the other s mentioned are true!


  • FISH

    Glad to see so many positive comments on here about Becks – got fed up during the season of hearing fans calling radio phone-ins and moaning about his lack of effort etc. As most people on here have pointed out, his goalscoring record for Leeds is excellent and I’ll take that any day. He scored the goals when it mattered. With Becchio, Gradel and hopefully one or two new strikers of at least Championship quality we’ll cope fine next season. MOT.

  • ian

    His importance to Leeds over the past 3 seasons can not be over emphasised.

    Any prolonged period of injury he suffered mysteriously co-incided with Leeds struggling to hit the back of the net.

    Sure he could be lazy, but for me any striker who consistantly scores 30 goals a season is difficult to criticise.

    Also as others have commented on here he has scored important and memorable goals for us and will long be remembered by the fans.

    I wish him luck and thank him for his contribution to the Leeds cause.

  • Raph

    All the best jermaine, thanks for the autograph and photograph on 27th january 2009 – 2 days after my birthday. Thanks for the goals and doing the job required of you, legend! All the best bruv :)

  • Chris Dye

    I wish him all the best. As many people have said he has given us 2 of the most memorable moments in a long time. He has been one of our main hopes to get us out of League One. Now is our chance to build and get us back where we belong. After everything that has happened over the last few years, if we have learned over the last few years there are very very few players who aren’t in it for the money. Good luck Becks

  • public enemy


  • Will

    Wish him well and hope he does succeed with Everton.

    But when they only tend to play one up front I am not sure how often he will start unless Moyes is changing his spots from the defensive minded manager he is.

    Any sane person in life would look to better themselves and therefore there should be no “attitude” towards his decision.

    One good thing about Becks was that was never one to shout his mouth off in the press and a number of our players could learn from this.

  • Remis

    I am truly greatful for everything Jermaine has done for Leeds and wish him well as he goes onto the prem next season!!!All the best Jermaine, you are and will always be a Leeds United Legend!!!MOT