Much like the rest of Jermaine Beckford’s time in Leeds, his exit has divided the fans once again. The majority – myself included – thank him for his contribution to Leeds United and wish him all the best in the Premier League. The rest however, have criticised Beckford for his lack of loyalty and what they perceive to be money grabbing.

Talking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, former Leeds United “striker,” Peter Lorimer (new one to me too!) offered a voice of reason to the upset and disheartened Leeds United fans who believe Jermaine Beckford would have been nothing without Leeds, and he owes us more;

“He came into the professional game at quite a late age and you can’t criticise him for taking the move.

“He’s going to the Premier League and he’ll earn an awful lot of money there. It’s easy to say that money shouldn’t motivate a footballer but careers can end at the drop of a hat and he’s securing his future.

Leeds legend, Lorimer is absolutely spot on. Whilst we’re all sad to see Becks leave, he shouldn’t be leaving amidst yet more criticism. During his time at Leeds United he did exactly what we paid him for – to score goals. And lot’s of them! Now he’s found a new home at Everton on a four year contract where he’ll make enough money to secure his retirement. Whether he succeeds or not is irrelevant. Offered the same opportunity, I defy anyone to turn it down. He’s done what’s best for himself, his family and his future and we should wish him every success.

Meanwhile, Lorimer was also quick to point out Leeds’ desperate need for a replacement. He said that it was “imperative” Leeds found a 20-goal a season striker before the start of the new season to replace the goals Beckford’s departure creates. Still no real news on any possible replacement, but we have been linked with Hamilton midfield, James McArthur, who played alongside Snoddy at U21 level.

Once again, farewell Becks and good luck! In the words of Vinnie Jones (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) “It’s been emotional!”

  • TheReaper08

    I am a very lucky man, from a very very young age I have always liked a certain brand of German car. These days I work for that very company and they pay me well, give me free cars and generally take very good care of me. That said as most of you know I have just had a baby and if our most hated rivals rang me one day and offered me more dosh, more holidays or something along those lines I would be off in a heartbeat.

    Why should football be any different, they are paid well but it’s a short career and you need to make the very most of what limited opportunities you get.

    Fair play Becks fill your boots, you won’t be forgotten or abused by me.

    • Craig

      I’m in total agreement with you Reaper. Becks was always going to another club and we need to move on.

      I like the look of James McArthur and the thought of stealing him from under the nose of a Premiership club is especially appealing. Someone made the comment of going for a ‘foreigner’ on a recent post and it looks like we are going to do just that.

      • TheReaper08

        I don’t know a lot about this James McArthur Craig, what is it you like about him ?

        • Craig

          The article TSS links to above seems to indicate that he has attracted the eyes of some big clubs and he is a midfielder capable of playing a ‘sitting role’ at international level. It looks like Grayson is targeting the kind of midfield general we need and our two best examples in recent years have both been Scots (Strachan + McAllister).

          • Craig

            Goodness, ‘recent years’ rather betrays the fact that I’m no longer a youngster!

    • tim the white

      Good luck to the lad. I am looking forward to watching him in an Everton shirt. David Moyes may just have made the shrewdest signing of the season. If he does really well he could get an England call up and if that happened we should all be proud.

  • Adolfo

    i agree, i would swap jobs for a much improved salary and perks. however, in my opinion football isn’t just a “job”. i for one dont wear a shirt every saturday with the name of my company written in bulk letters on the back of it. and i certainly would not watch a televised broadcast featuring eleven of my senior coworkers doing their jobs, let alone attend such a scenario.
    of course certain players form a bond with their clubs and therefore want to stay, others go where there is money to be made…sadly Jermaine falls into the latter catagory.
    that being said, im not at all ripping on Jermaine, he is who he is, has his principles in life and so on and i thank him for all his efforts in the white shirt.
    i do hope he playes a part in making Everton the bigger club in Liverpool, thats for sure!

  • Paul South Wales

    And the beauty is we’ll probably get him back on loan in a few months if things don’t quite turn out as expected. That said i’ll be watching the blues games with more interest than usual come the start of next season and hope he does well. My fear is if he doesn’t hit the ground running and bang a few in early doors his confidence will dwindle and the bench will beckon, hope not though.

    • TheReaper08

      I don’t think he will figure that much next season. I think Moyes is a very clever manager and will give him a few select appearances, he knows the world will be looking hoping that this fails.

      • TSS

        I disagree. Moyes has bought him for pace, which is a prized commodity in the Prem and will probably use him every game – perhaps from the bench as a late sub to take on a tiring defence.

        • TheReaper08

          Time will tell TSS but I think you will agree I am usually right……..(cough)

      • Craig

        Don’t forget that Becks’ star rose later in life than other footballers and he should therefore be at the top of his career – if Moyes leaves him on the sidelines for the season I think Beckford will go off the boil.

        • TheReaper08

          I don’t think he will leave him on the bench. I think he will play a fair bit pre-season but then feature more in cup games and as an impact sub. If he comes on and does well and confidence is high he might play more but I think Moyes will have seen the impact a few fans turning on him did to Becks last season and move cautiously.

  • Arizona White

    Turn the situation around: A player with a Championship team decides to join Leeds in the Premier League. Would any Leeds fan consider our new signing a mercenary, traitor for leaving the team and loyal fans that gave him his big break? I suggest we’d accept the “turncoat” as an honest, loyal, dyed in the wool white, until he repeated his actions and moved on to a bigger contract elsewhere. Good luck Becks, and thank you!

  • Paul South Wales

    Reaper your company must be so proud of you. I also have a well paid job and have always been well looked after by my present employer. Offers have come and gone over the years and i’ve never been tempted, better the devil you know and all. With Beckford I don’t think that money was the primary driver in this deal, it was more the kudos of playing in the premiership, and at 26 years of age it’s now or never. Time will tell if it was the right move (sadly I can’t see it) but noone can ever blame him for having a crack at it. After all he took us up and in my eyes leaves a hero. I think a season in the CCC would have been a good yard stick as to his eventual level but to jump two leagues is a big big step up. BMW=

    • TSS

      I’m in total agreement with Reaper, Paul. I’ve left and moved on to better jobs with increased salaries a couple of times and have had no qualms about doing so, despite the companies I’ve worked for being very good to their staff. I guess I’ve always been kinda ruthless in that respect, and although I often miss the people I’ve worked with, you have to look out for number one.

    • TheReaper08

      I am a mercenary Paul, I would be the first to admit that. With current economic pressures my number could come out of the redundancy machine at anytime so like a footballer I have to make the best of what I can in a short period of time.

      I do love working for my present employer though and nothing would please me more than to achieve all I need to where I am.

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  • Adolfo

    been thinking… and i realize this is not gonna happen… but i know for a fact that Gretar Steinsson of Bolton is a Leeds fan. would’nt mind seeing him in the right back slot.

    so what ex leeds player(s) is most likely to win the world cup?

    • TheReaper08

      James Milner, Aaron Lennon and that scumbag that plays at the back for Manure (you know the one that look’s like Pug from the Bash Street Kids)

  • LAR

    becks gone..wish him luck..i think he will do very well in the premiership.but who will come will be a ton of luck if or who ever comes in produces the goods(20/25 goals) to keep us in the championship.the building starts again to push for a play-off place in the next couple of seasons.well the wait starts again..but this time were in the championship..what a wait it is.well till the first game of the season…leeeeeds.

  • whiter than white

    Irrespective of what anyone thinks of Beckford moving on may I point out the obvious. He was on contract and fulfilled that contract therefore he owes Leeds nothing.

  • Paul South Wales

    Yes true, it was a clever move withdrawing his transfer request and it worked a treat especially as he scored the winner to take us up. It pacified the fans and played out exactly as his advisers hoped good luck Becks the door’s always open for one last curtain call (midway through next season)

  • johnnyarber

    If any of you were as smart as you like to think you are you would have been working for your self,s a long time ago instead of what ever company you make money for.

    • TSS

      Kinda true, although I’ve never really wanted to run my own business. I like my days off and holidays – something those who run their own business seldom seem to get.

    • TheReaper08

      My friend used to proclaim that all the time to me, ‘you’re only making money for the man etc. etc.’

      He went bankrupt earlier this year and lost everything.

  • Mark R

    I watched the Beckford interview on LUTV and he came across as a sincere bloke.Thank you Jermaine & good luck bud – I hope it all works out.

    I think he will play from the off with Everton, and he’s got that essential ingredient for a striker in the Premiership – speed.

    Hope he gets a hat trick against the Salford Yanks.

    Hamilton player looks interesting.


  • Josh Townend

    GREEDY. Who cares if you get a higher pay? It’s the football you play for NOT the money. If it was money being played for, then I’m pretty sure the entire world would be playing football. Without Leeds giving him a chance, Beckford would have made it absolutely nowhere.In fact he probably would have been working in a garage. The fans trusted him and gave him the confidence to score goals, and he turned on us. I know he wants the money because I’m pretty sure that he knows he’ll be lucky toi get a game in the reserves. Offered the same opportunity, that contract document at Everton would have made a nice bog roll because Everton will never compare to Leeds. I quote Jermaine when I say this “I’ve been impressed a lot by him [Moyes],” stated Beckford. “He seems like the type of guy who will sit down and tell you where you’re going wrong, what you’re doing right and what you might need to work on.
    It is a club I can learn from and it can help me develop into a better player.”
    Didn’t Grayson do better than what David Moyes does? Did he not learn much from Leeds?
    When you were at Leeds, you inspired me, now you disgust me.

    • TheReaper08

      It’s a long shot and you can call me stupid but my guess is if the whole world could get paid for playing football then the vast majority probably would.

      Again a totally irrational statement but I grew up thinking it had something to do with how much talent you had.

  • Matt bb

    Personally its about the challenge of a job for me going back to earlier posts, and i think this was becks’ motivation. He equally had the challenge in front of him of getting us out of the championship, it’s his decision though, and trying to get into the champions league with everton beats playing scunthorpe, millwall and burnley. Lorimer’s a non executive director still i think so his comments concerning the need for a new striker are interesting, i’ve got an inkling we have already lined up a replacement.. I reckon it’s either simeon jackson from gillingham or austin from swindon. I also think there’s a serious requirement for a target man of the jason roberts variety… Jason roberts to be exact. Just my musings. Had a look at the glasgow herald and mcarthur is well thought of in scotland, he plays kilkenny type role and we need cover in that area.

  • superhoops

    As far as any of us need look at it is that he’ll now be getting £1 mil/year, his career will be over in 4 years if not before through injury potentially. It’s a no-brainer, he won’t have to return to work at 40 to be a postman on that money.

  • BD

    As an EFC fan, here’s a thought for you all:

    How about going after James Vaughan from us? Good player who (has proved at Leicester end of last season) will get you goals. Has pace and with Becks moving our way should be available on the cheap.

    • RoystonLUFC

      thanks Toffee, nice of you to offer. Nothing against you guys but I really hope Beckford tanks and fades away into obscurity. I understand what the previous posts are saying regarding the “who wouldn’t?” argument, but they seem to have short memories: how many of them said the same when Alan Smith went to the Cockneys? This Magnanimosity I find very selective and very amusing. Remeber Harry Kewell? Did we wish him well? Of course not; Judas Floyd Piggybank, did we organise a leaving do for him? I think not. Beckford is just another piece of scum who jumped ship because he thinks he’s too big to play for Leeds. As far as I’m concerned he can sink like the worm that he is; and when he comes crawling back because he can’t get a look-in at Everton, we can direct him back to Wealdstone.

  • mindofmoyes

    i hope you are not too bitter about beckford leaving but as bd has said you may want to bid for vaughan he will be a cracking player for you and will step up to the prem when you come up.
    He needs to move on now not because he is a bad player but you will realise has had some bad injuries one after the other and now he is over them i think he would benefit going to leeds and growing with you you would get the lad for acouple of mill he will give you everything he has got and he will always show gratitude and humility he is a decent lad and unlike beckford when he comes back to goodison would always get a good reception as he has always given 100%.
    I wish you well in the championship for next season

  • public enemy

    what we all seem to be forgeting is that beckford left because he could leeds didnt take the gamble maybe they should have and put him, if they believed in him on a longer contract 5 years leeds always semm to do the spadework for others it would not of mattered if he had another 2 years left we could of kept him ,he didnt walk out his contract ended its not the same .we all have heard about the boom and bust at football clubs but what can we afford in the championship you would have thought that we are in the top 5/6 of the top clubs for attracting players if the rumours are to be believed casper schmeicel chose leeds instead of others .we should be able to attract some big names but they have to be paid for .we now must have some good footballers .as iam writing this it seems hooper is attracting attention from others if we are in for him it will be intresting to see where he ends up .as for becks its a JOB to him he does right to move its his duty to his family and himself to sort his future out .now at that level he is totally unproven but they took a longer gamble than leeds and gave him a 4 year contract he might get to next world cup ???????????????

  • public enemy

    as the everton fans have said james vaughan would be a good player for us to loan a season with aview to buying

  • Paul South Wales

    Simeon Jackson? Austin? I think we should be going after already proven CCC strikers at the very least

  • Irving08

    Good luck to Jermaine. We owe as much to him as he owes to us. I rate him very highly and predict that he will score goals on a regular basis in the Premier League. He will be in the England squad within I5 months: he’d be in mine aready if I was the Manager. The boy’s Sniffer’s successor. How many goals next season ? – I reckon 15 and upwards.

  • Mikelufc

    As a long time emloyer I would appreciate it very much if I had anyeapers or TSSs onmy payroll if they would be as upfront with me direct as they are on Internet forums an tell me ‘ I know you are treating me really well boss but I think it is only fair to let you know if somebody offers me ten bob a week more I would not hesitate to leave you in the shit,this would at last allow me the satisfaction of saying ” well fuck off now you ungrateful arseole”

    • timm

      It works both ways Mike. Grayson’s just broken Caspers heart (some would say harshly). He’s also told Sheehan & others that he doesn’t fancy them & they can piss off & find another club. Im sure Casper & the rest of them think that they’ve been treated pretty shabbily by Grayson? So as a result, we all feel for Casper. But what if Casper had played brilliantly all season & caught the eye of a premiership team who offered him a 4 year contract worth 2 or 3 million quid more than he’d get with us? Does that make him greedy? If someone who leaves a job for more money is a ‘ungrateful arsehole’, then any boss or company who makes someone redundant must be a ‘ungrateful arsehole’ too?

  • Dixie60

    Unlike a lot of the magmanimous posters on here, I consider Beckford disloyal and typical of the selfish young ego’s in our society these days. I will give him my support as long as he wears a blue shirt but just like Rooney, Lescott and now possibly Pienaar at our club, a player bites the hand that nurtured and fed him financially and spiritually. I sympathise with Leeds fans and like other posts here, I recommend James Vaughan as a possible replacement. I always preferred Vaughans pace and goalscoring ability to most of the strikers we have but injury and the addition of Saha and Yakubu have pushed him down the pecking order, but when fit, he would do a great job in the championship. Hopefully we will see LUFC back in the top flight were they belong soon

  • Andy

    Similar to what Dixie60 said, as an Evertonian I’m made up because what I’ve seen of the lad he looks decent, although I have heard he can be a bit lazy (dont know if any Leeds fans want to confirm this)..but I do sympathise with you because its shit when one of your best players does one on ya, seemingly to line their own pockets.

    Despite your chairman (mr bates, step forward) being a bit of a blurt I do like Leeds, I have a few mates who support you lot and hopefully we’ll see you back in the prem before long =D

    • public enemy

      i have seen most of his games i dont think lazy is the word really he gets paid for scoring .he seems to go down a little easy ,but he does get clobbered ELBOWS ETC and to be fair that must hurt its alright saying take one for the team but if it hurts it hurts .i have to say he is a good crosser of a ball and would make a great winger his pace is upthere with the best .THE ONE THING I WOULD SAY IS IF HE MISSES A CHANCE EARLY ON WHICH IS EASY HIS GAME CAN END AT THAT POINT ,HE ALSO SOMETIMES TRIES TO SCORE A WORLDY INSTEAD OF THE EASY OPTION AND TO BE FAIR BECAUSE OF THAT HE SHOULD HAVE SCORED MORE WITH THE CHANCES HE HAS HAD .2009/10 HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NEARER 45 GOALS .MOYES HAS BEEN ASTUTE MOST PEOPLE WOULD SAY THAT BECKFORD CERTAINLY WILL NOT SCORE 30 IN PREM MORE LIKELY 15/20 TO BE HONEST A I DO THINK HE HAS STEPPED UP TOO MUCH AND WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER ADVISED TO STAY IN CHAMPS ,EITHER WAY HE WILL GET PAID A MILL A SEASON WHICH AINT BAD BUT LOOKING ROUND IN PREM AINT A LOT EITHER .I WILL TAKE VAUGHAN FOR A SEASON LOAN

  • Mucker

    Now then. Beckford was with us for 4 1/2 years, scored 85 goals in 152 games and is only the second Leeds player ever to score 30 goals in consecutive seasons. Quite simply he’s one of the most prolific strikers we’ve ever had and his goal scoring ratio stands up against anyone else who’s ever played for the club. Yes you can question his work rate and attitude but nearly all players have weaknesses that they need to improve on. The man has scored the goals that have got us promoted and now he’s accepted an offer to play for a club towards the top end of the Premier League, on a lucrative deal, and they’re offering him the chance to find out if he’s capable of being one of the best players in England. Realistically we’re unlikely to be able to offer him that same opportunity in the next 2-3 years and even then he’d be 29-30 and starting to get towards the end of his career. With the media he got last season and the fact that he was out of contract, now was his best chance to find a club that could take him to the highest level and develop him as much as possible. Everton have given him the chance to do that and of all the top clubs in the Premier League they’re the ones that you’d think are most likely to give him game time.

    Personally I can’t blame him for leaving for them. It’s a bit different to if he was signing for the scum, or for a competitor in the Championship. Yes we gave him his big chance and have developed him but he’s rewarded us with goals galore, including a winner over the scum and the goal that secured our promotion out of the hell that was League 1.

    We might be as big a club as Everton in many ways but right now we’re not playing at the same level as them, plus it’s not like he’s a Leeds lad who has always supported the club. If I ever got the chance to play for Leeds then I’d play for nowt and stay for ever but if I was playing anywhere else then I’d go wherever I thought I might be able to win trophies, make as much money as possible and play at the highest level I was capable of. Everton probably the fit the bill on all 3 counts for him.

    Anyway best of luck to him I say and if we ever get the chance to have him back then I’d welcome him with open arms.

    • chareose

      Regardless of all this how can we expect a man to want to stay who has been abused by his own fans like Beckford has ????? Would you stay after that ??

      We need to get rid of this beleif that its acceptable to boo andabuse our own team….. showing your annoyance at a performance is one thing, what Leeds fans have been doing this season is way beyond that and will have had a detrimental effect on our season.

      Good luck Jermaine :o)

    • Mark R

      Good Post Mucker.


    • Couldnt agree more, if we’d just got promoted to the prem and he jumped ship then justifiably crucify him, but we haven’t and it will take us a few seasons to be realistically ready to mix it up with the big boys. Becks couldn’t afford the gamble given his age, and I will also be more interested in watching Everton games to follow his progress. Just scoring the scum goal and the promotion securer will make him a Leeds Legend regardless of his departure.

  • chareose

    Also for those who’d say ” we pay extornionate prices to watch this pap so we have a right to have a moan” i say fair enough but…. This is a different age to the one where Norman “Bites yer legs” Hunter was stomping accross a football feild. Back then people were HARD and could take a bit of critiscism. Players now come from a WEAK pampered generation.

    Where Norman would go off for a lunch break down the coal mine or have a puff on Plutonium filled roll your own fags our lads grew up with all the mod cons that a single mother benefit income can provide….. hell even our prisoners have play stations etc ! These kids owe no one a living least of all themselves especially when the state is prepared to bring them up :O)

    Bare that in mind

  • Matt BB

    Really surprised at how bitter some people are about Beckford. We need to get some perspective here. We love the club, but it’s a just promoted championship club. Everton are an established Premier league club, who may get into the champions league. Beckford saw out his contract scored critical goals for us, and did what his contract asked him to do, he has no obligation to play for Leeds now. We’ll miss him and hope that he comes back – you do really no matter how much you complain about his attitude – but he is a grown man and he makes his own decisions, so lets get adult please.

    • Mark R

      Fair post Matt.

      Time to draw a line under all this and wish Jermaine well, and focus on the Mighty Whites.

      Don’t look back in anger.

      TSS – new post please on Transfer targets – Scottish or otherwise.


    • timm

      Well said Matt. Im amazed at some of the bitterness too. The lad gave us an unbelievable return on our investment & the goals he scored last season have made us far more money than we could have got by selling him. Not only has he seen out his contract, but he’s also signed for a club who all genuine Leeds fans hold in high regard, & he’s going to play for someone who i regard as one of Europes top coaches. I’d invite the moaners on here to compare his actions to those of Harry Kewell, a player who we schooled from being a young lad, the club even used to fly his parents over to combat any homesickness!We invested millions in him, & how did he repay us? He refused to leave for a fee when we needed the money,he threatened to sit in the reserves to run down his contract, & then he flew to Oz to announce on live tv that he was going to sign for the ‘club he had always loved, Liverpool’!! & just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, he goes & does the unimaginable & signs for Galatasarey! Kewell cost us millions & then took an almighty shit on our great club, Beckford came here with no allegiance to us, repaid our investment a thousand times over, wept tears of joy at helping us get promoted, & then left to join one of the few genuine great clubs in the premiership. Good luck Jermaine & here’s hoping for an Everton top 4 finish.

      • Craig

        Well said. Now can we please MOVE ON.

  • Irving08

    Good to see most poster here are able to rise above our collective feeling of loss to wish Jermaine all teh best in his new club. As my previous post shows, I think the boy will now quickly rise to the very top. What;s mroe had he been our captain all last season (as I once advocated on anotehr site) we wouldn’t have been waiting for the last game to go up. Finally, as a taxpayer, I am only too pleased that, with the aid of benefits, his Mum was able to stay at home and bring him up to be a decent lad rather than having to slave all hours on low wages, leaving Jermaine to his own (and possibly nefarious) devices. By the way, Charlie Austin is the new Jermaine Beckford and we should sign him forthwith: what we don’t need are Championship local hopefuls like Sharp, Hooper and whoever, or veterans of unsuccessful Championship campaigns. The best sides in last year’s League I were better than most of the team’s in next year’s Championship. I expect to see all three promoted clubs in the play offs – us to meet Mulwall again in one of them !

    • Craig

      Nothing like confidence Eh?

  • Steve L

    Assuming that we get a decent replacement for Beckford then presumably that player, too, will be a good player and have left another set of fans disappointed.

    Will we cry for them? Will we call whoever it is Judas as they set foot on the ER turf for the first time? Of course not.

    Footballers come, they go. Not all of them leave behind a legacy like Beckford has.

  • Mikelufc

    Good luck
    Jermain, you gave us one years notice of your intentions.
    You have only a very few years to secure your future and test yourself
    with the best. You earned every penny we paid you and as a bonus
    got us promoted, not to mention that scum goal. A Leeds legend you have become
    once agIn thanks

  • LAR

    dont forget beckford wanted to sign for leeds but ken bates would not fulfill that contract.if he had we would have beckford signed up and probably got 2/3 million for him.ken bates said that his agent was difficult to work with..really.beckford left because he was not given what one asked for,then at the same time they signed bromby for 4 years…so do the maths your self.leeeeeeeds.

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  • LAR

    beckford would have signed if bates had given what he asked,then he offs and signs bromby for 4 seasons.i just hope its not a relegation battle this for replacing beckford…pot-luck.

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