Much like the rest of Jermaine Beckford’s time in Leeds, his exit has divided the fans once again. The majority – myself included – thank him for his contribution to Leeds United and wish him all the best in the Premier League. The rest however, have criticised Beckford for his lack of loyalty and what they perceive to be money grabbing.

Talking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, former Leeds United “striker,” Peter Lorimer (new one to me too!) offered a voice of reason to the upset and disheartened Leeds United fans who believe Jermaine Beckford would have been nothing without Leeds, and he owes us more;

“He came into the professional game at quite a late age and you can’t criticise him for taking the move.

“He’s going to the Premier League and he’ll earn an awful lot of money there. It’s easy to say that money shouldn’t motivate a footballer but careers can end at the drop of a hat and he’s securing his future.

Leeds legend, Lorimer is absolutely spot on. Whilst we’re all sad to see Becks leave, he shouldn’t be leaving amidst yet more criticism. During his time at Leeds United he did exactly what we paid him for – to score goals. And lot’s of them! Now he’s found a new home at Everton on a four year contract where he’ll make enough money to secure his retirement. Whether he succeeds or not is irrelevant. Offered the same opportunity, I defy anyone to turn it down. He’s done what’s best for himself, his family and his future and we should wish him every success.

Meanwhile, Lorimer was also quick to point out Leeds’ desperate need for a replacement. He said that it was “imperative” Leeds found a 20-goal a season striker before the start of the new season to replace the goals Beckford’s departure creates. Still no real news on any possible replacement, but we have been linked with Hamilton midfield, James McArthur, who played alongside Snoddy at U21 level.

Once again, farewell Becks and good luck! In the words of Vinnie Jones (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) “It’s been emotional!”