As David Cameron accepted his position as the new Prime Minister of Great Britain last week, the Worldwide media were given a rare glimpse of the ceremony when a picture was issued to the press.

In the context of the moment, many may have overlooked what was going on in background of the shot, but one of TSS’ more eagle-eyed readers (Mike) emailed me to point out the TV in the background which clearly shows Jermaine Beckford scoring the winning goal that knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup!

"That blue tie better not represent that damn Chelsea!"

Palace insiders have revealed the Queen’s media advisors are scrambling to have the picture removed from public circulation as the Queen is not supposed to favour any single group of people in the country over another, but the Queen is said to be sick of hiding her true colours and is determined to take over an executive box in the East Stand next season.

Sources close to the Queen say she is relieved her support for Leeds United is now out in the open, adding that she was delighted to see Leeds United promoted to the Championship and hopes Mr. Bates’ short arms will be able to reach the bottom of his deep pockets to ensure Mr. Grayson has the funds to build a team capable of restoring Leeds to their rightful place in the Premier League.

In light of the news, it’s also believed the Queen will strip the Palace guards (above) of their ‘awful’ red attire, in favour of a white, blue and gold number. Some reports also suggest the Union Jack may also be replaced with a more Leeds United friendly one, where the colour red is replaced by a more suitable yellow.

The Manchester United supporters trust are disgusted at the revelation and have released a statement saying “Anyone inside the M25 is contractually obliged to support Manchester United. The Queen’s blatant disregard for this policy should not go unpunished!”

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  1. yorkwhite

    I can just imagine her and Phil giving a full bodied Marching on together followed by a quick burst of Who are ya as Cameron entered the room.

  2. TheReaper08

    Perhaps Her Majesty as actually our secret owner which is why Ken so vigorously defends her anonymity.

    A spell in the Tower for giving that away I don’t blame him……

  3. Lee B

    I see the silly season is well under way – and early this year too.

    In the spirit of all things silly, I’ve heard a rumour that Messi to ER is a done deal…

  4. jesmondwhite

    That’s not a TV. That’s a framed picture. Good on yer, Ma’am!

  5. Matt BB

    Perhaps we should start adding the prefix Royal Leeds, as in Real Madrid? if King Juan Carlos can nail his colours to the mast then so should Elizabeth, god bless you ma’am. She was quoted Earlier today “One Beat the Scem One nil, One was amused”

  6. JonTheBassist

    I hope this is fake. I detest that old hag and wouldnt want her supporting the club i love:/ Down with the queen and her fascist regime.

  7. Simon Belt

    Love it. Added as a reading for the Manchester Salon discussion entitled ‘Kick football out of politics’ on 7 June, so thanks very much for adding a lighter touch to proceedings. I may have to amend title to read ‘Kick Royalty out of football and politics’ though.


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