Leeds’ highly rated,  central midfielder is once again in demand as Burnley, Middlesbrough and QPR queue up to make bids. Said to be valued in the region of £3,000,000, Leeds will once again have to fend off advances if they’re to keep the influential Australian at Elland Road, after a summer of speculation last year had him linked with Doncaster Rovers.

Killa, who is one of Leeds’ younger players at 24 has had an impressive couple of seasons at Elland Road and has so far made over 80 appearances for the Whites since joining from Birmingham City for a fee of £150,000 in 2008.

Neil’s early life in football was spent in Australia, but his family chose to move to England to maximise the youngsters chances of making it professionally. Killa found a place in Arsenal’s youth team where he honed the clever passing skills we see today. He went on to play for the Australian youth team and is now a fully fledged international player.

Hard to see anyone having a bid accepted for Killa since he’s become such an integral part of the first team squad. A couple of little injury problems – most notably at the start of the last two campaigns – have sometimes left him looking on from the bench, but overall, he’s become one of our most consistent players.

Killa is also a big hit with the fans who admire his determination to keep the ball on the deck and play a passing game, rather than the hoof-ball nonsense Leeds often resort to.

The only way I can see Killa leaving Elland Road is if Simon Grayson needs the money to fund the purchase of another player, but even then, it’s an unlikely move as Larry is a big fan of the Australian and must consider him a big part of our plans for next season.

If Burnley, Middlesbrough and QPR are in such desperate needs of a new midfielder, we do have a few clearance bargains on offer that we’d gladly sell to them for a reasonable price. Contact Mr. Kenneth Bates, Sunning It, Monaco, for more details.

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  1. Michael Benjamin

    This story seems to be absurd:
    1. Grayson showed that he prefers the player to the cash [Beckford]
    2. Can the teams mentioned afford 3 million?
    3. Why should he move at best sideways?
    The disturbing aspect is why is this appearing? The club have no interest. The only other source is his agent.
    Now that is worrying.
    Beckford’s manager IMO has ruined the guy’s great future with Leeds. But that is another post.

    • TSS

      I know what you mean, some of it didn’t line up to me either. The money is relative to the league – players switch back and forth in the Championship for that kind of fee every year, so can’t read too much into that, but it seems unlikely he’ll move sideways and even more unlikely we’ll let him go. I’d like to see a ‘hands off’ warning from the Gaffer mind and some effort made to extend his contract.

    • l l l leeds

      QPR are one of the richest clubs in the country remember…

  2. Max.

    I rate Kilkenny, and I’m sure that (unlike much of the squad, unfortunately) he can play at Championship level, but I think there’s little to choose between him and Howson, and while both are central midfield players you also need a holding player (and a better one than Doyle). I also think Howson’s the better choice (scores more goals), and less likely to have an agent who plants hopeful transfer stories every summer.

    If Leeds can get £3m for him, then according to other hopeful transfer stories, they can buy Hooper (£2m, allegedly) and Sharp (apparently £1m, more realistically so since Doncaster do seem to have had a £650k bid rejected). So I’d take it. But, comparing those prices, I can’t see him fetching £3m.

    As for whether they can afford it, QPR is funded by billionaires, Burnley have a parachute payment (but it seems unlike them to overpay for players, and their priority is surely to secure Nugent). Middlesborough’s more difficult to call, but Gary Mac surely knows the player, and the club is well run. It does feel like a list put together by an agent.

    Anyhow, if it’s real I’d take it, but it doesn’t look real at all.

  3. public enemy

    killa is a good player although for me there is just something missing .maybe a goal or 2 more a few more telling passes .we are equal in stature in footballing terms to all those teams linked with him ,and he should be one of the players we are looking to keep in the championship if we have any serious thought about going up in the next 2 seasons .i read somewhere yesterday 3 million for him not bad business if we got that upfront to invest because as i said i do like him but there are a few players as good if not better out there . for what its worth from me keep him

  4. Benjamin Bunny

    Keep him, he’s the type of player we need in the Championship. If he goes then some major replacing will have to be done. For me Kilkenny is quality, would be a step backwards if we start selling off our best players. But then I do have faith in Grayson, if he thinks Kilkenny can’t hack this division then I believe him.

  5. superhoops

    Kilkenny is a quality player but you would bite their hand off for 3 million. We could bring in some real quality with that and there are still underlying concerns over Kilkenny’s fitness – doesn’t often complete 90 mins

    • public enemy

      thats asuuming grayson gets the money 3 million in championship is good money to spend you could get 3 quality palyers for that ,which is also why iam asuming 3million for i player is alittle of an exageration from someone

      • Matt BB

        a rumour started by agents i think. Would Kilkenny move sideways to the seemingly perma-CCC team QPR, or to struggling Middlesbro? He may earn more but I think Killa is more about the football.

  6. Garry

    Hi there i used to work at leeds as a scout until i was released last week, however i have some intersting information to share, players on Simons wanted list include:

    *loan Sanchez Watt all of next season
    *A trialist from Spain (Defender) who’s name i can’t reveal as would breach contract rules.
    *Billy Sharp from Sheff United (yes it is true)
    *Owen Garven from Ipswich
    *Ross Wallace from Preston
    *Danny Graham from Watford
    *Paul Connolly from Derby
    *Brett Pitman from Bournemouth

    These are the main taregts however they will not all be available to sign but are on the “wish list” if you like

    Cheers Garry.

    • Matt BB

      not really helping our negotiating is it if those are genuine! ie up go the prices, and other clubs fubnd out theyre available… didnt you have to sign the footballing equivalent of the official secrets act?

    • steven LUFC

      Im sorry but you are bullshiting my mate works as a scout at Doncaster and they cant reveal inside information even if they are released. You mighht know something but u did not work for leeds.

      • Matt BB

        yes, not helpful, some interesting names, but unhelpful!

  7. Mark R

    Kilkenny on his day is a good young midfielder who can only get better.
    He’s worth his place and did well against Man U.

    He would be even better if we could get the midfield mix right – which I don’t think we have just yet.

    Of our midfielders I’d have thought Kilkenny would be one that would be non-negotiable.

    Keep him, he’s the right age, 24, and has a hungry attitude.


  8. Mark R

    Anyone see England play in the Stanley Mathews’s white shorts last night?
    What’s that all about ?

    Don’t mind the all white of course, but the kit is a bit too ‘Chariot’s of Fire’ for my liking.

    Go round collar shirt & normal football shorts for the all white , circa England vs. Brazil in the 1970 World Cup.
    A great England performace in that match and shame we lost 1-0 to the eventual winners.

    Actually no shame in that.

    • TheReaper08

      Afternoon Mark R, I love the new kit in all it’s forms, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I get an endless supply of them for free either !

      • timm

        I lean towards the blue of Scotland personally. I doubt they’d manage to give them away just now though!

      • TheReaper08

        Scottish heritage timm ? I note you have previously stated you watch some Rangers games.

      • timm

        Yes Reaper, my grandfather played for Rangers & his brother played for them too & actually ended up managing Scotland in 1966/67, although im sure this was probably not a good time to be Scotland manager bearing in mind England were just winning the World Cup! He actually signed a young Gordon Strachan when he managed Dundee, & Gordon speaks highly of him in his autobiography. So although im born & bred in Yorkshire, i can’t help but lean towards Scotland, but i always like to see England doing well too.

      • TheReaper08

        That’s quite ironic, did you read my family biog I posted the other day to les ? My cousin was Celtic keeper for 6 years and was capped twice for Scotland. I think it was a tentative link to Scotland though and I am English through and through.

      • timm

        All this rich pedigree of world class footballers in our families Reaper! That’s why we know best!!

      • Mark R

        Afternoon bud.

        Are you Fabio’s Kit man then ? Lucky so and so.

        I think they may as well go the whole way and change the shorts for white trousers – tuck these into their socks,add a white jumper (useful if one of the goal posts breaks) and finish the look off with Navy Blazer.
        A retro 1890’s kit is long overdue.

        Swindon to win then on Saturday ..would give you a match on your door step?

      • TheReaper08

        Nothing so glamourous, I think I have mentioned before that the brother-in-law is an important designer for Umbro, I get all sorts of free stuff which is nice.

        The older I get the more I like retro but 1890’s is pushing it a bit far for me.

        I hope Swindon win, I have live there the last 4 years but I am not from the Town so up until recently I couldn’t have cared less about them. That all changed as I got to know some decent locals and my son was born at the local hospital.

      • Matt BB

        I personally couldnt abide being in the same divsion as millwall, a real thron in our side(s) the last couple of years, I too will be backing Swindon.

        Hopefully Dougie will get revenge for us being knocked out by thenm last year.

      • Pete

        Yeah, having a child in the local hospital helps…although my son was born just up the road from Leyton Orient’s ground…Over my dead f*cking body. Spurs are our second team though, they’re up the road and the local yiddos are good banter, plus I’ve got a feeling Spurs will get Barca in the champions league group stage next season, and it’d be good to scout our next signings…a spanish striker, an argentinian forward and two spanish playmakers…

  9. Charlie Big Potatoes

    Killa’s good on his day yes, but 3 Million? I can’t see how we’d get that much for a player proven only in League 1.

    Can’t comment on his international record mind, prehaps he’s been doing well for Oz.

    Still seems a high valuation though.

    • Mark R

      Charlie, I have it on reliable sources that it is in fact 3 million Egyptian Pounds which on my calculations is around £371.74 . May have written that down with the decimal in the wrong place, however £371 is not to be sniffed at !

      • Pete

        With that money, we could buy a pie that would even satisfy Mido…

      • Charlie Big Potatoes

        I do feel sorry for the tubby funster, bless him.

        Swear he works in the Kebab shop round the corner, proper jips me on the chilli sauce every time!

        Regardless, it is nice to see him finally gettin a trade under his belt though. West Ham must have him on work placement.

        Could do alot worse than Leeroys Chilli Hut! Let me tell you

    • Max.

      He fell out with the Australian management team when he criticised them after the Olympics, where he didn’t get a game – I don’t believe he’s played for them subsequently.

  10. Tony Curie's Curler

    I don’t know how long he has on his contract but this stinks of a classic agent contract ruse.

    He (the agent) wants more money because he’s handling a Championship player now, so he creates rumours in order for Leeds to panic and offer him a better contract!

    As the meercat would say ‘Simples!’

  11. Tony Curie's Curler

    I the rumours are for three million, the better the contract offer, the better the commission!

  12. Michael Kraczkowski

    Killa is one of the players i would be sad to see leave, whenever i watch the mighty whites he is always the player out there with the most passion to win the game, great passer of the ball and has the determination to win which is what we need to be drummed into all the players. still don’t believe the story is true though, just wanted to say my piece.

  13. sezz

    I like chilli sauce but I don’t like mido, I like kebabs but I don’t like figo, I like side portions chips but I don’t like ………?

      • timm

        He’d do for me. Probably on big money but he’s bankrupt stock at a knockdown price. I could see him banging in 20 goals next season for us. It does look like he’s going after Sharp though? I’d prefer Hooper personally.

      • TheReaper08

        I wasn’t suggesting we sign him timm, it was supposed to be a witty retort to sezz.

        I would explain but as they say, if you have to explain it just isn’t funny.

  14. Mark R

    The incredible Hulse ??

    Knows LUFC, has scored goals at Championship Level – though not prolific .Experienced though 30’ish I think. Salary will be high and will he be as hungry as a younger striker ?

    As a foil for fast, nippy striker – not sure.
    Bechio does a great job in this role and contributes with goals – though of course not proven at Championship level.

    Not sure about Hulse, didn’t set the world alight at Derby.

    I think we can do better.

    • public enemy

      to be fair noone has set the world alight at derby though he has finished their top scorer on the last 2 seasons he is 30 and never wanted to leave leeds in the first place we sold him to a prem club when we were strapped for cash .but him and another and becchio we could do with a midfielder that will weigh in with a few goals too

      • Mark R

        Public Enemy, good points about Derby’s form and Hulse’s reluctance to leave Leeds. He’s a bit like Lee Chapman as a player and may be as effective.

        Let’s see what happens, I’ll keep an open mind.

  15. steven LUFC

    According to reports hulse deal should be finalised by end of week.

  16. Matt BB

    Personally I’d be happier with Billy Sharp than Rob Hulse, hasnt he scored more last two seasons, and has a few more years ahead of him. I liked Hulse last time round and believe we never properly replaced him, but we need to look forwards. I think the rumour is a non starter.

  17. Charlie Big Potatoes

    I personally like Hulse but not for the Millions being quoted. Surely we could spend the same money on someone just as good but not at the ragged edge of thirty.

    For me it’s too short sighted – If true of course!

    Thanks, but no thanks.


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