The club that achieved the highest average League One attendance of 2009-10 was decided on the final day as a sold-out Elland Road helped Leeds United take the top spot.

Pos Team Total Average % of capacity
1 Leeds United 570806 24818 61.7%
2 Norwich City 569435 24758 95.0%
3 Southampton 482594 20982 64.1%
4 Charlton 404949 17606 64.9%

The above stats show just how close it was between Leeds United and Norwich, and had it not been for the final day sell-out, Norwich would have not only beaten us in the league, but they’d have also embarrassed League One’s Premier League club by averaging a higher attendance.

Football365, who compiled the above table, also did a table showing the percentage of capacity used. Here, Norwich lead the way by miles with 95%, whilst Leeds sink down to seventh, as a consequence of having a 40,000 capacity stadium with a total usage capacity of 61.7%.

Whilst an average attendance of almost 25,000 can’t be sniffed at, the fact that Norwich City can pull in similar figures says a lot about our current pricing structure and the mentality of some Leeds United fans.

Clearly, there are some put off by the extortionate ticket prices which rival that of some Premier League clubs, but I suspect we’re also a victim of previous success. When Leeds came up against Tottenham and Liverpool, the tickets sold-out with ease, but for the visit of Oldham on a cold Tuesday night, it’s hard to draw up the same enthusiasm and it’s no surprise we managed less than 18,000.

For fans that are used to seeing Leeds United take on the giants of the Premier League and Europe, League One was one hell of a wake-up call. Those that stuck around beside me and sang your hearts out regardless, I applaud. Those that didn’t, I hold no hard feelings towards either. There’s been plenty of occasions midway to Elland Road or on a 4-500 mile round trip to some place I’d barely heard of that I’d questioned my own sanity. Many times I felt like throwing the towel in, and in truth, it’s only through the persistent nagging of a friend I renewed my season ticket.

Whilst we topped the attendance charts, this is by no means an achievement for a club of our stature. Ultimately, it should be a nailed on certainty, but as with promotion, it all came down to the last day as some of our support drifted away from the club we all love, disillusioned with pricing or how things were going.

With the 2010-11 season promising a few local derbys, some old Premier League adversaries and another pop at some former League One rivals, 25,000 average attendances should be a thing of the past. Leeds United are on the rise again – let’s hope our attendances follow.

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  1. Hotshotlorimer

    Of course fans are used to better but in truth it’s fantastic how much support has stayed with the club week in week out considering what we’ve gone through over what is now several years. Now is the first time things look to promise progress. Yet throughout this prolongued near-total collapse we’ve been persistently insulted by having to pay absurdly high prices even in the third division. Yet still so many go.

    Norwich fans have been amazing to maintain 95% capacity and I’m not saying Leeds would necessarily have achieved that level with lower prices and less alienating hierarchy but what are Norwich’s prices and how much has their club hierarchy done to alienate fans?

  2. EW Pontefract

    I can understand disillusioned fans voting with their feet in this ‘dont know which team will turn up next week’ season and the high pricing of tickets. We renewed on the last day after a lot of ‘will we wont we’ conversation.The season ended on a massive high but 2010 went downhill after our solid start and epics at OT and WHL. A succession of poor loanees made you wonder what our objectives were. Capaldi, Vokes, Ephraim, Lowry and especially McSheffrey never looked the business and we tried our best to throw a certain automatic away.
    Ever the optimist we look forward to next seasons imports having a bigger impact and a series of local derby’s keeping the excitment levels high. Dont assume that because we are in the CCC that attendances will automatically be higher. Our last season there saw an average of 21,613. We need to entertain to bring in the fans.

  3. JB

    Selfishly perhaps, I would like to see the club keep a record of those supporters who maintained a season ticket throughout all 3 years in L1. Some time in the next few years there will be a crucial cup away game (Like OT if they hadn’t given us so many tickets), or a European away game or cup final!!! That could be the time to repay those of us who stuck with it. I have been exiled on Merseyside for donkeys years and my eldest son is the only Leeds fan he knows in the area (outside immediate family). Leeds were relegated just as he started secondary school, so he has been the butt of jokes throughout high school. He still treks over the pennines every other week and we make 6 – 10 away games a year.
    That first year in L1 we had to pay who-knows-who while the club was in administration. We could have lost all our money. We then suffered trauma after trama through those 3 years, but stuck with it.
    A token gesture does not return the favour. A free shirt or LUTV subscription doesn’t do it. I’d like the club to remember this at some time in the future when it REALLY matters. Getting to a game of supreme importance when tickets are gold dust would be what does it for us.
    Idle thoughts perhaps, but I suspect they come out of knowing deep down we are not appreciated by the club, just creamed for every penny.

    • yorkslufc

      jb you are my hero for bringing this up and i couldnt agree more .although can i say i dont have a season ticket cos i cant afford to pay the money out at once but i have not missed one single game at elland road since we were in the championship .or league 1 and get to as many away games as ican as i am only a member those tickets are limited we went to cardiff , wembley etc too and every jpt game so although i dont have a season ticket there are some great fans that dont and i think like you season ticket holders .loyal members and loyal fans should also be shown a little loyalty .my 3 sons fill the same criteria as yours and they like you have stuck through it thin and thinner the four of us love saturdays at elland road lets hope when we get to some bigger games loyalty is shown back .i have before my family etc travelled the world with leeds ny eldest son started going when we were nearly relegated from prem league and were the season after last week was his first glimpse of happiness i said then as i say ,now if he could stick it then its forever

    • Leeds4eva

      What about members like me and my son, weve been to nearly every home game the last 3 years but its not worth getting a ST for the amount we go. If we do get back to the Prem them im resigned to the fact that i may have to get a ST if i want to go to most games.

  4. kev brown

    On a number of occasions our attendance suffered due to poor scheduling of fixtures. Typical of this were the games against Norwich [19,912], Oldham [17,635] and even the Millwall game [21,348]. All these games were mid-week fixtures and in the case of Norwich and Millwall televised. I attended all these fixtures but did question why I should bother when they were on the tv, I’am sure many others felt the same. I agree that CCC football is no guarantee of an increase in attendance. Only attractive and entertaining football, good quality purchases in the tranfer market/loans and a consistant season will do that. Even then I would not expect more and average of 28/29,000 for next season. As for ticket prices! Football is an expensive business! But we all have a choice! Go or stay at home or in the pub and watch it on tv. After all should be more games televised next season.

  5. Tony Curie's Curler

    The 61% capacity. It’s got to be remembered that the top of the east stand was closed for much of the season, apart from the odd game. On top of that, the pricing was ridiculous!

    I’ve always said that if Leeds had a stadium with a 60,000 capacity – they’d fill it week in week out if the ticket price was right. We are thrifty Yorkshire folk after all and know when were being ripped off!

    I’ve never understood the mentality of increasing the prices to the degree they do. Make it cheaper £15 – £20 for every game and the fans will turn up. 60,000 fans buying shirts, beer, coffee, burgers, scarves, programmes, etc., every home game would more than make up for the loss in ticket price.

    And as a bonus the atmosphere would be fantastic every game.

    Norwich have done well keeping a 95% but how much do they charge? And it was their first season in the league so the despondency element hasn’t hit them either.

    Loyalty to a football club has to take second place to the mortgage and living costs, especially in this day and age. It’s not only Leeds United Football Club that has to keep an eye on the budget.


    • yorkslufc

      i beleive what they do in holland and some other places is the more tickets you sell the cheaper it gets i went to see real madrid against mallorca it cost 11 euros .surely a seat full for a tenner is better than an empty seat leeds also have a no concession policy in the west stand and east central lower WTF .i know there are the family stand for members ,what if you are not a member would you pay £130 to watch leeds ar any other club (4 people 2 adults 2 kids) not in th present climate

  6. Hotshotlorimer

    I agree with Tony Currie’s (unforgettable) Curler. As I’d said further up, great achievement by Norwich but the financial (and moral) logic of such high prices at ER is questionable to say the least. Apart from the noted additional expenditure a fuller stadium would bring, the additional support you mention would be more than just a bonus in terms of atmosphere – I think it would also bring financial reward itself as the greater support contributes to greater achievement on the pitch.

  7. Matt BB

    There are some great games coming up next season, though its the old conundrum for us of Leeds being a favourite for Sky or ITV, the tv money is all well and good, but the reduced attendances dont help the team.

    I live in Birmingham so its always good to be able to watch leeds on television, but for me as long as they stop messing us around and moving our best fixtures to a thursday night or some other random spot we will hopefully get the crowds.

    These figures go to show as well that when there is a level of interest generated from in this case a drawn out promotion campagin you’ll get good numbers, a dull season in the cahmpionship might see us get lower numbers?

    Remember too that there are the Johnstones paint trophy games pulling the average down and the early FA Cup and Carling Cup matches.

  8. ScottScott Lockwood lockwood

    It only includes the league games not the cup games

    • yorkslufc

      when bates was telling us the price increase for season tickets this season .he justified it by saying they would get free jpt games too whats he gonna do now ok let me guess NOWT !!!!!!!

  9. yorkslufc

    we have a fantastic hardcore of fans 20thousand in number 3-5 thousand who go every other week and 15-16thousand who are big game charlies to be fair to norwich there support has been pretty good too .who has a dislike of the big game charlies i know money is at a premium but im not talking about that im talking about people who can afford to go but dont until we play ,liverpool ,spurs etc YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE just for the record iam not pointing the finger to anyone on TSS i thank you

    • Tony Currie's Curler

      Big Game Charlies, Sorry yorkslufc but that’s so immature. I’m 46 suported Leeds from being born. Watch leeds home and away for 20 years from 78 to 98. Then from having a family to a mortgage you realise there things MUCH more important than lining over paid players and dodgy dealing directors pockets.

      I go when I feel like it now, Listen intentley on the Radio and internet everytime they play and watch every live game at the Pub! The Chip that some of the Season Ticket holders have on their shoulders really annoy’s me. I’ve done my Shift where supporting Leeds are concerned and believe because of that I’m entitled to my opinions. When ALL our fans realise that the Club ‘take the piss’ and stop being so blinkered will be the day we can fill a 60,000 stadium because they know they’d have to price the ticket accordingly.

      I’m not a Big Game Charlie, just someone who’s seen what a mug I’d been because the loyalty doesn’t work both ways.

      • yorkslufc

        i dont know what your point is mr curler dont know if you read what i said earlier on my reply to several others but particularly to jb im not a season ticket holder and i also mentioned just as you did about family ,mortgage etc so you were agreeing with what i said had you read it ,i also mention about ticket prices (cheaper ) so we agree ,the big match charlies i refer to are the ones who went to for instance liverpool but havent been before or since and when we get back to premier league those who will buy the tickets for a game you might want to go to as a leeds fan for 47 years you cant because charlie bigmatch has got it on his first visit to leeds its bit like a footballer kissing his badge .youve done your shift i agree your not a big match charlie as i said i was not refering to any one on here i didnt know your history any way, but even you will agree when we came out of premier we lost 10000 on our first match in championship and another 80000 since 40000+ in prem 25000 in L1 . i know lad who lives and works in bradford he is newcastle fan although he has never been to newcastle never mind stjames park .lets have cheaper to tickets so those of us with families etc can go too

      • Tony Currie's Curler

        Sorry mate, I get carried away sometimes.

  10. Colin

    I’m pretty sure that Norwich wouldn’t have had 95% capacity if they’d have been in League One for as long as we have.

    As for our 62% capacity – that’s due to a financial model on tickets sold vs the price charged and the club gets more money from selling expensive tickets to less people than if they sold cheaper tickets to more people.

    • Tony Currie's Curler

      All true words my friend, but does that take into account how much each fan would spend while at the match? I’m sure the maths if nothing else would even out. Surely a full ground is better for many reasons.

      Attracting better players
      Allowing people to take the next generation of fans, i.e. kids!
      The atmosphere

      I’m sure we could all add more.

      • Colin

        I’m with you 100% but I think Ken came out some time ago and defended the pricing policy.

        I think just before Christmas, Huddersfield did a deal along the lines of buy a ticket for £30 and get 3 games for that and kids go free. That’s great, but it wouldn’t have made Huddersfield any more money over getting albeit less people in but at full price.

        It’s a weird one, but I think it gets to the point where it’s not cost effective – open up Elland Road and the extra stand and get more people in – great – but Leeds would then have to pay more money on support – safety requirements, policing, tax etc. and for the few thousand you’d get in, it doesn’t actually make you any more cash.

        Let’s say the average price is £25 a ticket – with 25,000 that’s £625,000. If you want to get in 35,000, then you’d have to drop prices. To get the same money in you’d have to pay £18 a ticket. And there maybe demand to fill it against Norwich or Southampton, but there’s no way even at £18 a ticket you would get anywhere near enough numbers on a rainy Tuesday night when we’re playing Southend.

        You could offer the tickets for £10 – but if it was on a Tuesday night against Southend, you still wouldn’t get 35,000.

        I think the current pricing isn’t the best for fans but it generates the most money for the club.

      • TheReaper08

        I don’t like the current pricing model because like most I would like to pay as little as possible. That said Colin is absolutely spot on, as a business model this has been well thought out by the club and in all reality maximises revenue from gate numbers.

        In all other examples of clubs reducing ticket pricing (incl. at my local club Swindon) it has generated short term interest and a moderate increase in gates, an increase that reduces back slightly after the novelty wears off.

        There is however a succesful argument regarding incentivising child entrance, wouldn’t benefit me personally but it attracts the next generation and they usually bring a full paying adult with them.

      • Tony Currie's Curler

        Swindon’s experience isn’t comparable with Leeds. I’m sure Swindon are at a maximum capacity where fan base is concerned. Where here at Leeds there is massive potential given the right incentive.

      • TheReaper08

        Actually there are not, there are distinct similarities.
        Leeds in the PL if they sold out would have 40k, Swindon had 15k. Leeds in L1 have an average of 24818 whilst Swindon’s average is 8389 meaning there capacity for growth exceeds ours by 10%.

      • Pete

        But you could charge £20 and then assume that each fan on average spends £5 on food, drinks, programmes, etc., and possibly get 2000 more people in…even allowing for costs, that’s got to be an extra £7,000. Plus if there’s people who don’t go often so it’s a big day out, they might spend money in the club shop too, and if only 12 of them buy shirts that’s an extra £500 in revenue, which I’d say is at least an extra £250 profit…it could never hurt financially to attract more fans into the ground, as fans, as consumers with a limited choice, will naturally put more money into the club.

      • Pete

        Forgot to add, £7,000 over a season is an extra £133,000 which isn’t too shabby. That’s possibly overestimating costs and underestimating average spend too – bear in mind, wages and policing are constant costs, as is stewarding, as this model doesn’t include opening the upper tier. The only extra costs would be on more consumables and programmes, but car parking alone may well make those costs back.

        It’d be interesting to see the P&L on matchday costs such as food, drinks, programmes and merchandise divided by number of fans (on average) – there’s potential to cut ticket prices and still raise profits if done correctly.

        Can anyone tell I’m a finance guy?

      • TheReaper08

        Equally you could be underestimating costs and over estimating average spend. Also this business model is based on an immediate increase that is sustained, previous business models in this area prove that there is an initial spike followed by a gradual decrease.

        Most of all I find it very interesting that the Bates regime is accused of profit syphoning and penny pinching yet they haven’t thought to do this themselves.

  11. Matt BB

    does our 62% capacity include the usually closed upper tier (apologies if this already mentioned)

    Norwich have a 30,000 capacity ground, we have a 40,000 capacity or close to so its not really a direct comparison is it? But the elephionat in the room here is that we have had some really dire games in the last three years, and no matter how much you love your team a tuesday night match against Scunthorpe just wont drag you out of work early in Birmingham/Cambridge/Dover/Wherever to drive up to Leeds to then get home at 2am.. I have done that by the way a couple of times, and I am full of admiration for those who do it, but when you look at the likes of Man United not filling their ground for meaningless champions league games against the Armenian Champions when theyve already got through you get the picture. Does that invalidate my being a fan? I dont think so, I go when its practical and I can afford it, by the way wasnt the Liverpool game a midweek! So I ont think you can criticse the `glory seekers’ many of them would have driven through the night after that game.

    • David CD

      Sorry, but our capacity is actually just over 25,000. The only reason almost all of our games didn’t quite sell out was due to away teams not being to shift all their tickets. If our ground had a 30,000 capacity we would have filled that more often than not and then our average attendance would have been well in excess of yours. Don’t get me wrong. Both teams have had great support this season for League 1, but it has to be said our average was constrained by capacity.

  12. Tony Curie's Curler

    Reaper mate,

    Sound good and all mathematical, but I think you missed my point.

    Leeds are limited by our capacity but the fan base is huge, therefore if we had a 60k ground we could fill it with the right ticket price.

    Where as Swindon would be lucky to get 15k if they had a 20k stadium and charged £3 each!

    So there really are no distinct similarities at all.

    • yorkslufc

      to be honest i dont think we have a hardcore of fans to fill a 60000 seat stadium the fact is although we dont have another league football team there is the cricket at headingley ,and the rhinos and just cos you live in leeds dont mean you support leeds .if manu were in league 1 they wouldnt get 75000 either even if it was a fiver to get in that doent mean its not too expensive now it is, im not saying its that expensive for adults but it is for kids a season tkt for a kid under 14 should be a 100 quid 150 under 16 they could do some deals for students too we have the biggest uni in the country in leeds evry full seat is money in although i do agree they will have maxed the seating models for gross be honest does it matter who finishes top of attendances i think if we were getting 40000 a week there would still be only a limited transfer kitty

      • Tony Currie's Curler

        170,000 fans applied for tickets for the Doncaster Play off final. There were 10,000 fans cued through the night for the last 2,000 tickets. When I was a lad we regularly took 10,000 to away games, usually doubling the attendance. Those fans ase still there but have been disifranchised by a pricing policy that people in general find it hard to justify. I believe and always have that the potential is there. I may be delusional but thats part of my charm.

      • TheReaper08

        How come it’s the pricing policy that has disenfranchised them ? Checking back through the stats we didn’t sell out every game in the early 2000’s, this was when arguably we were enjoying the most succesful period of recent times with some cracking big names playing at ER.

      • Tony Currie's Curler

        Of course it’s the ticket pricing that disenfranchised the fans. As I recall the tickets started getting expensive at the begining of the 2000’s and before. We didn’t fill the ground because of that. I and many others have stopped going to ER on a regular basis because the costs were unjusifiable to a tight family budget. I suppose I was spoilt because I remember the day’s when it was £1 in the Cop and 50p in the Boy’s Pen!

        Now I’m showing my age!

      • Tony Currie's Curler

        Cricket and Rugby are played in the summer too, so that has no bearing on attendances.

      • Mark R


        I agree with your point that Leeds are limited by the stadium capacity and as you say the key thing is that the fan base is huge . It is a reasonable assumption to believe that if we had a 60k ground we could fill it with the right ticket prices. Absolutely reasonable.

        A good model on this is the Bundesliga in Germany.
        Teams without the history and fan base we have regularly getting 50-60K as their lower priced match tickets include travel to and form the stadiums from the centre of town, the food and beverage is priced to attract, ie. the customer experience is focused on and it all comes together successfully.

        With the English League’s business acumen I’m sure it could generate significant revenue.

        If you build it they will come.


    • TheReaper08

      No, I think I got the point. You believe that if we build a bigger stadium and sell tickets for cheap enough we will fill it every week.

      My point is I think you are wrong, nothing personal but based on everything I have researched that is my opinion.

      • yorkslufc

        my view is that people who really want to go to footy or anything else in this country where we are overpriced on everything and will be again when vat goes up to 20% ,will go .alright it would be better if it was cheaper course it would, but would more go NO when were still in prem tickets were more expensive as they were at cardiff,wembley etc people still went i have seen a report years ago which said that we had a smaller fan base of hardcore go every week fans than was thought i believe that to be true i also mention other sports which are played in the city the rhinos have a big following they have been playing the last several weeks .ican honestly say that had we had nothing to play for on last day against bristol norwich would have finished top of attendances we would maybe got 280000
        my opinion is
        its not really about prices
        a bigger stadium would mean more empty seats
        as i mentioned before we have upto 250000 hardcore fans

      • Matt BB

        Yes, but look at clubs like aston villa, no guarantee of CL football but their tickets are cheaper than ours and stadiums bigger, indeed thats all doug ellis invested in, increasing the size of the stadium, they get bigger crowds than we do, and theres a nother PL team in the city – a city same pop as Leeds. I happen to think if we build a decent size stadium, and make it attractive to come down to support leeds we could do far better than current numbers. I would certainly go more often if it was cheaper. more heads through the door – more merchandise sold. more sponsorship.

        Big commercial risk though and requires investment we dont have.

      • TheReaper08

        Villa have an average attendance of just over 38k out of a maximum of just over 42k. For that they almost get the guarantee of challenging for a European spot and the upper end of the Premier League.

        In the 2001 census Birmingham’s population was 970k to Leeds 443k, so over twice as much. Yes they have three Premier clubs but Leeds have Cricket, Rugby League and Union.

      • Matt BB

        Cricket, Rugby Union & Rugby League? I met the travelling Leeds Carnegie fans at moseley there were about 20 of them! and while I can accept that home fixtures will be a bigger affair for all of these, they dont really compare with league football overall? I say that with all respect to Rhinos supporters.

        So I think youre kind of making my point here, villa have effectively little to play for (generally) and have an average crowd (based on your figures) 14K more than us, plus as said some real competition, youre right I hadnt thought about wolves or west brom,plus Birmingham’s got two league class rugby league clubs, pertemps bees, moseley, two county cricket teams if you count nearby worcestershire, and other league clubs (Walsall, Cov) nearby if you remove their fanbase from the stats its a far more even playing field,

        We’re a one club city, and with as much respect as I can muster for Bradford and Uddersfield, they are hardly likely to be taking our fans away,

        I dont think for a moment that if we built a cavernous stadium for 60K> people and charged £15 a ticket that this would be the silver bullet to our quest for bigger crowds, but the potential is surely there? I think thats the point yorkslufc is trying to make, though I can see your rationale vis a vis the comparitive growth in crowds as one moves up the divisions. But this is more a case of trying to make an argument to actually leverage the support we do have.

        Pricing is one way to do that, but as said investment is key. We’re a very different beast to the likes of Swindon and Millwall, West Yorks is a highly populated area on its own, and there is little other real competition in the same class insofar as sports that could attract 40K crowds.

      • yorkslufc

        i mentioned other sports and just because you live in leeds dont mean you support em .you live in swindon .you support leeds fact .you do like to be thorough with your stats fair play .there will be a leeds villa supporters club i think you are right .we have to face it we have loads of big match charlies.i honestly believe maybe im wrong that if we had more regular fans it would be cheaper .am i wrong ??

      • timm

        Why should it be cheaper if we get more people watching? The big thing that we have to remember is that a lot of people who support fairly ordinary premiership teams actually go to see the opposition players as well. People want to take their kids to see Fabregas & Rooney etc…I remember being excited at the prospect of seeing Ruud Gullit at Elland Rd. Unfortunately you don’t really get that outside the premiership. It also has to be said that we were crap & out of the top flight when a lot of kids who are at the perfect age for watching us now were young kids, & we lost an awful lot of potential supporters to Liverpool. Leeds has a very large volume of Liverpool fans & we also have a very well supported Rugby League club who’s fans tend to not bother with Leeds Utd.

      • TheReaper08

        There is definitely potential Matt BB but that’s all it is. You have to fund stadium devlopment and that will come from loans that need paying back. This alone will not allow for bargain priced tickets as Wembley, Emirates and Old Trafford now bear witness too.

        The facts are that the last 20 years figures indicate there has been no need for a bigger stadium, with good quality football such as that played in the early 2000’s we still didn’t sell out every week.

        Clubs that have succesfully redeveloped such as Arsenal have had waiting lists for season tickets, when did that last happen at ER ?

        Fact still remains there are arguments for and against the Birmingham comparison that could run and run.

        The idea of a larger stadium with cheaper tickets is a romantic one and one I would support, but is it necessary ? Well looking at everything we know then right now the answer would have to be no for me.

  13. Mark R

    I’d like to qualify my earlier post that the larger stadium , holding 60K would be appropriate for us in the Premier League and being a top 5 team.

    • yorkslufc

      the stadium build for world cup if we get it looks cool i think 50000 that would be a great starting point .the goal posts have changed a little since we were last in prem there is a top 6/7 now rather than 4 we will fill 50000 in prem or even 60000 the problem will be if we drop out again it will be half empty like sunderland .not to mention we need to buy the ground back to start with before we turn someone elses ground into a 60000 seater every year that passes by there is more money to find to pay for that

  14. Tim Campbell

    Leeds United with proper marketing could make a killing abroad. We still have many supporters overseas who will always be leeds united through and through. Sure we have had rough times but our club has had a wonderful history to draw on which many other clubs can’t say. I still maintain one way or another we need a complete break from the present owners, new investment, and a new future. With the present owners I honestly can’t see us progressing much beyond were we are at the minute

  15. yorkslufc

    just had a massive laugh out loud PAUL DICKOV says in yorkshire post “we stuck two fingers up to the doubters and got promotion ” i honestly think i played more of a role in that team than he did .where was he .im not been fuuny

    • timm

      Apparantly a massive influence on the training pitch, especially with Becchio & Beckford,which is the reason he was brought in.

  16. Matt BB

    I had to laugh at this on the dirty leeds website, thinking about our local rivals.

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, Huddersfield Town do not anticipate a capacity crowd at The Galpharm Stadium next season, or indeed the foreseeable future. To this end, ‘Town are now on the look-out for a local team to contest two highly competitive matches, that are to be staged at our home ground between August 2010 and May 2011. The opponent team does not need to be that of a professional football club but must wear an all white kit on matchday. It is also preferable if the team in question can cope with Huddersfield Town trying 25% harder than in any other matches.

    We hope that this initiative will ensure a ‘full house’ at The Galpharm and maintain supporter interest, in what is likely to be a largely uneventful season.

    If you, or anybody you know currently run a local football team and would like to take part in Huddersfield Town v Leeds United A Local Team, please forward your details to;

    Lee Clark
    The Galpharm Stadium
    Stadium Way
    HD1 6PG

    • timm

      It’s absolutely spot on! I used to live there & when i first moved there i was shocked by the hatred towards us. I went to the local pub to watch us away at Chelsea on Sky. We scored first & when i jumped up i thought i was going to be killed! Then they equalised & the roof nearly came off! They really do subscribe to the ‘we don’t care if we’re relegated as long as we beat Leeds’ theory! & most of them have an unhealthy liking for Man Utd as their second team!

      • Matt BB

        the sad fact is that as a yorkie I supported huddersfield against millwall, but they dont seem to reciprocate, a few years ago I was speaking to a lady I worked with (from leeds) whose family were all season ticket holders at M*n *nited… I know, sick. Her brothers were all going down to watch Huddersfield play leeds in the hope we would get beaten. Is there a case to redraw the county line and exclude the silly b*stards?

  17. Leeds4eva

    For the kids it would be nice if for every 3 or 4 games gone to you got a match free. I know its only £8 for the ticket but my lad likes a burger and a drink so it would be nice to show us a little loyalty as members.

  18. Colin

    I think the important point isn’t to do with how many fans you can get in, its having a ground large enough to accommodate all the business people and sponsors and exec boxes. That’s why Fifa dictate that World Cup stadiums must be 50,000+. If you haven’t got a stadium that big then you can’t accommodate all the prawn sandwich brigade, which is where the revenue comes in.

    And that’s how the Bundesliga makes money – as Mark R said – it has cheaper tickets for fans but because of a huge amount of cash coming from all the sponsored and exec boxes. And that came from the Germany World Cup. That’s why Leeds are so keen to be a host city.

    In Hamburg at the UEFA Cup Final with Fulham/Ahtletico Madrid, there was an unbelievable percentage of tickets/seats/boxes for sponsors/execs etc. (Sorry I can’t remember the exact number but it was astonishing).

    Out of interest when the World Cup 2018 England bid went in, there was only one domestic club that met FIFA requirements (ie. had all the exec boxes) and that was the Emirates. The rest would have to develop.

    If Leeds got a 50,000 stadium, it wouldn’t matter ik they only got 30,000, the money would come from the exec boxes and the like. They pay millions and thousands, we just pay £40 a ticket. It’s a no brainer – all clubs want the prawn sandwich brigade money. Real fans come second :(

    • Colin

      As an example, NetFlights got taken over by Thomas Cook. Let’s say Leeds got their stadium and their fancy boxes, then you’d have some beautiful and well decorated Thomas Cook exec boxes – give them confy seats, overpriced drinks from the bar, a crap 3 course meal and let them watch the match. TC would invite all the companies they do business with and give them this ‘treat’.

      After they’ve cracked open a few bottles of Beeston Chauvignon while listening to some fun chat from Peter Lorimer, you’re looking at profits of hundreds of pounds per head. Easy money!

      • Matt BB

        I think if leeds is to be taken seriously on the world stage and compete with Manchester and for that matter Newcastle.. we need a large stadium, and we could even make it multi-use, ie rhinos and United in the same ground, with perhaps a Yorks CCC stadium adjoining, that would be a tourist draw, and a sponsors dream. a 60,000 seater stadium would compete with old trafford for major stadium acts, and to be quite frank it makes Leeds United look like a serious player.

        Yes I agree with reaper investment is the key here, and there inst any credit to be had, but thgis is the point you grab a lead on your rivals. Leeds are up there with Liverpool Man U, Arsenal and Spurs as a global brand, that needs to be utilised. Getting into the CCC is getting there and I’m hoping someone sees the potential and backs us.

  19. Mark R

    TSS ….
    You’re not writing … you’re not writing
    You’re not writing anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    You’re not writing anymore ?

    Where are ya ? Where are ya ?


    • Sammy Becchio

      Where’s TSS gone?
      Into league one

      all together now

      Where’s TSS gone……

  20. Sammy Becchio

    nana nana nana na na na na
    He’s given up,
    Given up,
    TSS has given up…..

  21. yorkslufc

    lets make up our own topic !!!!
    what do we think of bates ???? ALRIGHT DONE THAT!!!

    • Mark R

      It’s a mystery alright.

      The possibilities as I see it are :

      a) TSS is at a Pre World Cup high altitude training camp
      in Cleckheaton.

      b) TSS won a seat at the General Election and is organising a top level investigation into who really owns Dandelion and Burdock Inc.

      c) He is Lubo’s agent and is currently trying to find him another
      club in Czechoslovakia.

      d) He’s a very tall bloke and has been affected by the volcanic ash.

      e) He’s on annual leave in Bridlington.

      Answers on a postcard .

      • iBuckets

        The normally prolific Mr Reaper is similarly quiet. Have TSS and Reaper ever been seen together at the same time ? Are they in fact the same person, Reaper being the ‘other’ half of TSS’s bi-polarity ? Or does TSS just pretend to be Reaper when he wants to argue with someone about whether Sir Kenneth of Bates is an arse or a tit ? Maybe they’ve decided to go Pontins together for a couple of weeks of pre-World Cup man love ?

      • TSS

        Haha, that’d be like a shrinks wet-dream scenario! I do worry how you’ll all cope whilst I’m on holiday

  22. TSS

    I only wish some of the above suggestions were true, as all of them sound more interesting than where I’ve actually been which was away training with work in a town where people go to die. I did have Wifi access, but through a combination of no news and limited time, I never managed to update the site. Safely back home now anyway…


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