Kasper Schmeichel becomes Simon Grayson’s first signing of the summer after Leeds allegedly fought off Premier League clubs to get the Danish shot-stoppers signature.

The Dane, who joins on a two-year deal, started his career at Manchester City where he made eight appearances in between numerous loan spells to other clubs. After falling down the pecking order at City, Schmeichel requested a transfer and eventually found a new home at the then Sven-Goran Eriksson led Notts County.

Despite a successful spell at Notts County, where the Dane managed to keep 24 clean sheets last season, the dizzying lows of League Two football simply weren’t enough to contain Kasper, and today’s announcement that he’s moved on will shock very few.

Kasper does however leave Notts County a bit of a hero after he agreed to forgo his future wages when the infamous Munto Finance group left County in a total mess, something the incoming chairman Ray Trew described as “a huge concession by such a young man”.

Kasper will now fill the vacant spot left by the outgoing Casper Ankergren, and with Shane Higgs hardly a young ‘un, I’d expect Kasper to take over Leeds’ number one shirt.

Here’s a look at the man in action;

The unavoidable link to the former Manchester United keeper, Peter Schmeichel, might not go down well with some Leeds United fans. With that in mind, I’ve opened a new poll to see what you think of our first summer signing.

Would you like to see Dexter Blackstock sign for Leeds?

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  1. Michael Kraczkowski

    awesome signing, never thought i’d see the name Schmeichel on the back of a Leeds top! I’m very impressed with Grayson, if he keeps up this calibre of signings then we’ll be in the prem in no time! MOT

  2. chareose

    If this guys as good as he looks then a great signing. Any Leeds fan who judges him based on his link to Man u is a complete moron.

    Similar to the idiotic treatment of Alan Smith who refused his share of signing on fee in favour of Leeds when we broke.

    Best of luck Kasper.

  3. KohSamuiWhites

    Alan Smith is a scum badge kissing —-.Will never be welcome at Leeds.

    • Lewis g

      alan smith i would welcome back anytime, despite what some leeds fans say to me he was a diehard player and only went to man u as were only ones willing to pay the fee and we were hardly in a position to throw more money away, he even forgo’d his part of the transfer fee to leeds! anyone who says he is a scum badge kisser is a moron who should research the topic first!

      • timm

        Topic well & truly researched. Everton FC & Man Utd tabled the same bid, Man Utd offered higher wages, Alan Smith chose Man Utd. They are the facts. What is a matter of opinion is whether or not you think Smith is a Judas or just a professional who has every right to play for whoever he likes. But please don’t peddle that nonsense about him ‘taking one for the team’. Yes. he waived his signing on fee,was this a token of generosity? Or was it a PR stunt to try & appease disgruntled Leeds fans? Again, a matter of opinion. I suppose which view you take depends upon how passionate your hatred for Man Utd is?

      • TSS

        Think you’ll find Leeds pushed him at Manu because they were the only ones who could pay the money upfront. The others may have offered the same sum, but it’ll have been over time. Scum paid instantly, and Smith left believing that the instant sum of money from his transfer would save Leeds from certain doom.

        Whether he’d have chosen Scum anyway is a matter for debate, but the facts remain that Scum were the only one who could pay there and then, and Leeds pushed him at them.

      • TheReaper08

        But whilst we are debating facts let’s not ignore the biggest one available to us right now, he’s bloody average (and I think I am being kind there).

      • timm

        ‘Leeds pushed him at them’. So are you saying Man Utd took him to help us out? Clubs & players do what they want to do, not what someone else wants them to do. I think you’ll find he went there to win things & earn more money than he could at Goodison. He had a choice, he chose Man Utd. Beckford’s a villain because he wants to run out his contract & then have a crack at the Premiership, but Smiths a hero for signing for scum! Unbelievable!

      • TSS

        Timm, three clubs came in with offers. One could pay upfront, the other two by installments. Leeds needed money instantly, so explained the situation to Smith and he went under that belief. It’s all well documented, so I aren’t going to argue with you as you clearly aren’t going to agree either way. Whether Smith would have chose Scum either way is debatable (as I said before).

        As for Becks, when have I (or Reaper) ever slagged him off? I think you’ll find both of us have continually supported him throughout and he leaves with my best wishes.

      • TheReaper08

        To be fair to timm TSS he isn’t aiming the Beckford comments at us, he knows we support Beckford and what he has done for Leeds.

        I think timm is more marvelling at the hypocrisy of those that do slag of Beckford then going all gooey eyed at Smith’s return.

      • TSS

        Fair enough, but to be clear, I wasn’t really advocating his return. I’m totally indifferent to the possibility, but the circumstances under which he left really need to be fully realised. It wasn’t as black and white as some like to think. He genuinely believed he was doing what was best for LUFC.

      • timm

        Thanks Reaper, i wasn’t aiming my comment re Beckford at TSS, it was indeed aimed at all those on here who crucified Beckford until a few weeks ago. Regarding Smith, i suppose we’ll all believe what we want to believe. But the one thing i think we all agree on is that, no matter what his past, he’s not good enough to be part of our future.

  4. superhoops

    What a great signing. I was convinced he was prem bound.

    Be good to see Hulse back in a Leeds shirt but would be brilliant if we could pair him with Billy Sharp or Gary Hooper

  5. TheReaper08

    Jury’s out for me. Didn’t pull up any tree’s with his chances in the prem but played very well in league 2 protecetd by arguably the best squad. Reality is he is somewhere between the two, only time will tell if it’s CCC and indeed the higher end of which is what we will need.

    A lot will depend on where we go from here for me, if the rest of the squad is taken care of with some solid financial investment then this could be an astute signing. If this is the first freebie or loanee of many then I’m concerned.

      • TheReaper08

        Which bit, Schmeichel or my comment on signing policy ? Although I know your comment was tongue in cheek personally I don’t think either is controversial. Kasper will have my full and unwaivering support. As for signings do you want to exist in the CCC or build towards getting out. I accepted a lack of investment in L1 as I believe we should have been able to get out with minimum spend, and we did. To progress and get out of the CCC we will need to acquire a better calibre of player, in positions such as striker that usually involves putting your hand in your pocket.

      • TSS

        Fair dues, but I don’t really see why the jury is out. We beat better placed clubs than ourselves to his signature, so he’s clearly capable of great things.

      • TheReaper08

        I would have thought that bit made the most sense, he was dumped from the PL but he is currently a very good L2 keeper. It’s a significant step up at a level he is unproven at so the jury’s out.

      • TSS

        He was young in the PL so unlikely to get many chances and moved because Notts County promised the world to him. He thought he was joining some kind of Roy of the Rovers story and went skipping down there. It wasn’t through lack of offers from clubs at a higher level, but through the promises Munto made him.

    • MinusAction

      What is the obsession for paying for players? If we sign a load of top class Championship players opn frees with high wages surely that is a good thing? I’m suprised you feel like this as most of your debate on here is well thought out.

  6. Leeds4eva

    Good signing and i`d have Smudger back anyday, he went to the only club who had the cash to help Leeds.

    • Craig1919

      wouldn’t take him back… not cos I hate him its just he’s not a striker anymore and is a CM and there are better/cheaper options there

  7. Craig1919

    Couldn’t have wished for a better keeper at this level on a free… great deal well done Simon… hope for more of the same

    • TheReaper08

      I agree, as a newly promoted CCC club then for free I doubt there is anyone better we could have acquired.

      • timm

        I suppose when you take his wages into account, i’d guess at 15k a week? It’s still quite a major signing. some of us may have been happier to see us spend 5 or 600k on a keeper who we’d pay 6 or 7k a week, but in reality, it’s the same deal. I do think it’s a positive signing & a good start.

  8. Matt bb

    Schmeicel is an astute signing, and dont write off higgs or martin just yet.. Why is anyone surprised we’re making free signings though, its bates’ MO, cheap, except when it comes to taylor and co.. Positively though you’d think a free transfer is balanced by a good wage packet? So perhaps we are being a bit more ambitious. We need 6 or 7 players so the money needs to be spread out..

  9. public enemy

    this is a great signing casper smeichel will play in the world cups etc for denmark he is young and hungry and i think will start no1 next season he has his dad as mentor say no more THE GREATEST KEEPER TO PLAY IN PREM .he actually went to notts county as part of the dream and actually he was on really good money there why cant we be happy for once
    to say according to many we have no money well ?????????????

    • Tim Campbell

      Lets just say great start with our new signings – I’m not totally enthralled with the prospect of rob hulse returning, but i guess he is a proven goal scorer and can definitely play at this level. Would still prefer one of the younger guys mentioned hooper, paynter, sharp etc

    • timm

      I agree re his dad, i,ve never seen anyone dominate his box like Schmeichel.I just hope it works out & he extends his contract, as the lad probably won’t peak for another 5 or 6 years.

  10. public enemy

    lets make no mistake schmeicel is only a free signing cos they cant afford to keep him ,thats not the fault of lufc its the fault of ncfc .lets make no more mistake in the fact if they could afford to keep him they would or he would have been a million pound plus signing to get him .he will be on good wages at leeds .i personally think he is a great free signing it leaves money for others

    • TheReaper08

      And that’s exactly what I am hoping for, that this free signing has left space in the budget to invest in other major areas of the squad, most notably in a prolific striker.

      • Craig

        Apologies Reaper – just realised I have written a practically identical response below – I was so slow in writing mine you’d replied before me.

      • TheReaper08

        No worries Craig, you know the old adage about great minds…….

      • Craig

        My dad used to say ‘Great minds think alike + fools rarely differ’.

  11. public enemy

    just for the record i assume most on here are grown men can anyone tell me why there is such anymosity between leeds and manu and how it started and why its still on i only hate them when we play em SMITHY IS WELCOME BACK FOR ME

    • timm

      It’s the war of the Roses public enemy. Putting the rivalry aside, do you think Smith’s good enough to be part of our future? I personally have serious doubts about his ability?

      • iBuckets

        From memory (History ‘O’ level was many years ago, back in the days of slate and chalk) the War of The Roses was more about a bunch of Southern Toffs,(awarded the ‘House of York’ and the ‘House of Lancaster’) variously supported by the Scots and/or French, duking it out to supply England with it’s next Monarch. Yorkshire/Lancashire ‘ordinary folk’ had about as much say in the matter as the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

        I reckon the rivalry is more down to;

        1) We took it in turns to be Top Dog in the league, 40 years ago. Like father, like son….
        2) The beautiful tribalism of football (local folklore about ‘those bas****s over t’hill’)
        3) They’re jealous ‘cos our kit is better
        4) They want to distract us from the fact that Gary Neville plays for them. I do hope the midwife slapped his mother.


      • public enemy

        no he is not good enough and to be fair never was ALAN SMITH WAS NEVER GOING TO BE PROLIFIC in my opinion he was always a midfielder i do though not agree he cant come back cos he went to manu ,we all know football is transient and if players ,played for the clubs they support well you know the rest ,smithy coming back should be for footy reasons and he is not the answer ,i believe leeds would have sold him earlier than they did but if we remember they had just brought a clothing range out for him which they had to sell .i hope they don,t buy him to sell another range of clothing .the goalie was a great start we need to continue with that montgomery ,hooper .a left and right back ,1 more midfielder and a striker to go with hooper ,but a good start .even at clarkeonenil they seem happy OMG

      • public enemy

        Sorry i forgot to mention the war of the roses as there are no border patrols between us and greater manchester ITS OVER ,if others can get over there differences we should im noy saying we should be all luvvy duvvy but i ask many a leeds fan WHY THEY HATE MANU THEY DO NOT KNOW however knocking them out of cup was “THE” sweetest of moments
        cheers timm

  12. Craig

    Schmeichel is a fantastic signing and the fact that he was free is immaterial. If there was a far better keeper who would have come to us for a fee but we went for Casper instead then it would have been a legitimate question. The fact that he came to us free means we still have money in the bank to bid for a top striker.

  13. Colin

    Reaper – stop being so miserable!! :) “Schmeichel played very well in League 2″
    Come on, Higgs certainly didn’t pull up any trees in League 2 and he became out Number 1 keeper!

    Schmeichel’s young, gifted and played on big stages before. This is exactly the sort of signing we need – makes absolutely 100% sense. Let’s say he’s not as good as we all think he is (apart from Reaper :) ) then we could probably sell him on for £1m quite easily. Even if we paid him £19,000 a week (which we surely aren’t), Leeds would still make money on that deal.

    This is a nice nice signing!!

    • TheReaper08

      Sorry Colin something appears to have been lost in translation, what I am saying is he is unproven at this level, nothing more.

      As a fully paid up member of the imaginary goalkeepers union I totally appreciate the importance of having someone solid between the sticks.

      I will put the fact that Higgs was exceptional at Cheltenham in L2 ,some seasons virtually single handedly keeping them in the league (in a very poor side some years) down to your lack of knowledge of his career and not anything personal you have against him.

      • Colin

        I hold my hands up!! – I don’t have knowledge of Higgs’ career so I’ll take your word for it that he was ‘exceptional’ at Cheltenham, becuase I don’t have enough time to watch shit football being played by League 2 Cheltenham Town.

        I wouldn’t call any player exceptional if they spend 10 years at League 2 Cheltenham Town and no-one comes in for them (apart from at the end with us, and i think that was because he was a free transfer)

      • TheReaper08

        I didn’t watch him at Cheltenham I just do my research first before commenting. There is also a vast difference between being exceptional at a club (my point)over being an exceptional player which you have chosen to raise.

        Higgs is a good keeper that has suffered in the last year with this persistent injury, it’s logical to presume at his age this won’t get any better so to consider replacing him at this stage is a wise move.

        And lastly Higgs was on loan at Wolves and was very highly recommended to us by the management team.

      • Colin

        And while he was on loan to Championship Wolves he played exactly 0 games. He was highly recommended to us as a League 1 club because that’s exactly what he is – a League 1 goalkeeper at best and at his age he ain’t going to get any better.

        Let’s face it Reaper, Kasper’s got that No. 1 shirt sown up for the season already. And if Alan Martin pulls his finger out then he could be No. 2 keeper and we’ll be highly recommending Higgs to a League 1 team also.

      • Pete

        Higgs was at Wolves to help out Hennessey with his experience and know-how – seemed to do alright, Hennessey looked a lot more assured in the prem than he did in the CCC.

        Who’s to say that’s not going to be his role this season?

        Anyway, Higgs was the best keeper in league 1 last season, bar Forster and Szczesny, and they’re both destined for higher things…I reckon he can cut it at CCC level. He’s 32, so that’s not too old for a goalkeeper. The best English goalkeeper last season is 39, Brad Friedel is 38 and Mark Schwarzer is being lined up by the gooners at 37, so goalkeepers last a bit longer.

        But Kasper has that number 1 shirt to lose, and at 23 (frighteningly young for a goalkeeper really) he will only get better in terms of commanding his area, concentration and communication. His shot-stopping is already at a level beyond even Casper Ankergren’s IMO. Must be something about Danish air that breeds good goalkeepers.

  14. Peter T

    I am not suprised at the two year contract
    He will be off if we are not Prem but if we are I expect he will stay

    Great signing even if he is on decent wages he chose LUFC over other teams incl Prem and major European teams
    All credit to him and Simon for getting him and keeping it under wraps

  15. spanish white

    let’s just see how he performs on pre-season matches at this level.Plus fair does to James Milner saying he would not sign for scum cos of Leeds connection!

  16. Adolfo

    yup… i am pleased… as i said on another article on this site, i hope Kasper plays some games at the world cup and returns back to us in top form. my only concern is he has no beard! but he is still young so i will give him some time to work on that.

    so a striker? have to say Hooper and Sharp don’t really raise my blood pressure. i think we have to aim a bit higher, but i realize it is a tall order. loanees don’t have to be a bad thing, as long as theyr’e not coming from clubs like wolves, burnley or some other comparable sandwich factory. we should easily be able to get young fringe players from Arsenal, Man City or even Aston Villa.

    on to the grafter in midfield. can’t say i know anything about this Montgomery lad but i guess beggars can´t be choosers(and let’s face it, we have been begging for a looong time now)
    but one thing is for certain: we need a bull in midfield and he has to be like pop corn in your teeth, get’s really stuck in there and annoys the hell out of you!

  17. LezToomey

    So much for the ‘not go down well” with some fans comment. Another great TSS blog, which is clearly shows you are at the cutting edge of Leeds United fans views….! fingers well on the pulse of opinion, well done.

  18. Mark R

    Kasper S. – Good start, intersting signing & as Reaper says he is unproven at this level, but he has the potential to be key member of a young dynamic Leeds United.

    Hulse – not sure. let’s see what happens. Currently we have Bechio, Somma & Grella on the books. Standard seems to be 4 strikers in a squad, and I don’t see Hulse as a replacement for Beckford – need someone nippy & younger. Although we do perhaps need another striker with physical presence similar to Bechio.

    Finally, Mr.A.Smith – He’s far far away in a distant galaxy.
    Another team, another era. Good Luck to him in whatever he is doing as he did contribute while he was part of our team.


    • TheReaper08

      Mark R where have you been ? Thank you for noticing that is all I am saying. He might be amazing, he might be rubbish, only time will tell but I will be desperately hoping for the former.

      Because I am not throwing streamers around right now or holding welcome Kapser parties at my house somehow I don’t rate him or I am miserable.

      • Colin

        Well said Reaper, let’s have a Kasper party!! Thank you for the invite! Should we all bring a bottle of red wine or white when we come round to your Kasper party? :)

        Seriously though, I would love to know where you think Leeds will finish next season? I’m looking for a specific position out of 24.

      • TheReaper08

        If we continue in a similar positive manner and make a few shrewd acquisitions (that involve money) in the positions we are most desperate then I think we are a play off team.

        I would prefer to ride the splinters and come back to you when we have made a few more purchases, what do you think Colin ?

      • Colin

        Reaper, you watch out for those splinters.

        I don’t like saying it, but with a few good signings I think Leeds might actually find it rather easy next season to make it into the playoffs.

        There are some big names in the Championship next season and some even bigger debts – i think we’ll see lots of minus points and players being sold on the cheap. Sheff Weds, Sheff Utd, Watford, Palace, Hull, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Barnsley are in big big financial trouble. Leeds are in profit.

        By far Leeds have again the biggest capacity and there’s going to be some decent money coming in. Remember BBC shows some live CCC games and last year it was all Newcastle – this year it will be all Leeds.

        Reaper – This season I said on this site that:

        – Leeds would get promoted
        – Leeds would beat Man Utd 1-0 with Beckford scoring the goal
        – That Beckford would not join Newcastle in January and stay with Leeds
        – Leeds would win the final game with Beckford scoring the winner

        For next season, I predict one of 2 things:

        Leeds play well all season and finish 2nd


        Leeds struggle at the beginning, SG gets sacked, a new man comes in and Leeds scrape a playoff place on the last day of the season.

        Happy with that?

      • TheReaper08

        Then you have had a very very good year on the predicitions.

        I will take either of your predictions for next year although I would prefer to hang on to SG.

      • TheReaper08

        Oh and you are all welcome round but could you bring beer, not much of a wine drinker myself.

      • Mark R

        Morning Reaper,

        I just can’t keep up with all the recent posts bud.

        After TSS’s return from pre World Cup high altitude training
        on Ilkley Moor, he’s been prolific.

        I’ve just fininshed contributing to the other recent posts.

        Must up my weetabix intake to 3 a day.


  19. Tim Campbell

    Before carrying on let it be said that this is still a rumour, but if it were true I would be extremely happy, namely that Robert Huth of Stoke could be on the radar. I had never even thought of Huth when thinking of potential partners to Paddy, but the two of them in the centre of defence could provide a formidable pairing

  20. Michael Kraczkowski

    Been notified of Robert Koren from West Brom has become available on a free transfer, midfielder proven to do the job in the CCC?

    • Tim Campbell

      Yeah michael its quality like these guys we should be lookin at bringing in – sure they want decent wages but the allure of playing in front of 30000 most weeks has a certain pulling power

      • Michael Kraczkowski

        Definitely, i think looking at the teams that are in the CCC this year, we’ll have one of the biggest fanbases as only Newcastle had bigger crowds than us last year and two of the teams that went down we had about 25,000 more fans on the averages. Why wouldn’t a player want to join us?

  21. steven LUFC

    i read in the paper this morning that Nicky maynard from bristol is in talks with leeds, £2 million deal. Surely he wouldnt say no coming from Bristol??

    He would be more than adequate replacement for Beckford, proven at championship level aswell.

      • steven LUFC

        Signing maynard would be a great signal of intent, been watching some videos of him, a bit simular to beckford just has a much better touch, he was top scorer in the championship aswell last season, i would drive him from Bristol to leeds if its true.

      • Pete

        The type of signing we need to make IMO. Honestly never believed he would be interested. But we’ve already pinched Kasper Schmeichel from under the Gooners and Bayern’s noses, so anything is possible…

        Maynard + Hooper…that could be interesting…

  22. Matt BB

    I cant quite believe there are (some) doubters for Schmeicel. Think about this, at any given time on a satruday in the football season thwere are ovwer 20 world calss goal keepers who cant get a game, ditto for the cjhampionship.

    Schmeicel has made the best of a bum rap. He was up against Joe Hart, and Shay Given at Man City what chance did he stand? I think no matter what football league you are in within the English football leagues to qualify that, if you keep 24 clean sheetsthen you are a good goalkeeper.
    Shane Higgs didnt do much outside of league 2, but kept clean sheets there and is an excellent goalkeeper.

  23. yorkieboy

    people i suppose are right to question wether or not our new casper will be good enough .however that is no different to any other player we might buy ,we all have our favourite targets mine would be hooper however just cos he scores 20 goals at scunny dunt mean he will for us so based on that we wouldnt buy anyone round the world there is millions of pounds of players sat watching come saturday for all sorts of reasons

  24. Colin

    I agree with Adolfo – strikers like Maynard, Hulse, Hooper, Sharp, do nothing for me.

    I think we need to get hold of potential PL quality players and I guess that means taking a gamble on young and unproven players. A player like Hulse would just be another player on the squad wage bill and if you get to the PL then he’s never going to get a game and he’s going to be hard to sell on because of his age.

      • Colin

        I don’t know!! I just think we need someone pacey upfront like Becks as we don’t have enough in midfield. But I could see us signing someone we’ve never heard of, in the same way that Beckford, Becchio and Snodgrass came along – no-one knew them but they were great.

        There has to be someone at Man City who’s going to get ousted so if I have to suggest anything I’d say a Man City player, Jimmy Bullard of Hull and Stephen Taylor of Newcastle to play alongside Paddy.

      • timm

        Bullard’s a great player when injury free & he’d be brilliant for us but i think wages would probably be an issue? I think our wages cap is probably 20k a week in CCC? (which is bloody good money!) but i reckon Bullards probably on double that? I wouldn’t be disappointed with the likes of Maynard or Hooper but i do know what you mean in that they’re not explosive strikers who centre halves just can’t handle, but, given the service, i think they’d do a job for us. The key for me is finding the players to consistently put good balls in.

  25. timm

    Im just sitting here thinking how great the play-offs actually are when your team’s not involved in them! Seen some great games this time & really looking forward to this afternoons game. Come on Swindon! A few Leeds old boys there & Danny Wilsons a thoroughly nice bloke. (Oh, & i hate Millwall!!)

  26. Remis

    Kasper Schmeichel could end up being one of the best signings Grayson will ever make!!! Saw him playing for City and was very impressed!!! If we keep making signings like this i believe we will have a great side next season. As for Smith I would love to see him back, he has experience in winning championship now and still works really hard! Even if he doesnt play every game i think his guidance and leadership would benifit our side.Cant wait for new season to start. Come on Leeds!!!!!!


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