The remastered version of Marching On Together is now available from the iTunes store. Having now purchased my copy, anyone who can tell the difference from the original must have some extremely fine-tuned hearing, but that’s hardly the point here.

The song was re-released to celebrate Leeds’ promotion back to the Championship and according to the Official Site, it’ll take 50,000 sales to get us to number one next Saturday. 30,000 should guarantee us a place in the top ten and ensure radio stations around the country have to play it during their official chart countdown.

For the sheer pleasure of knowing our anthem will be inflicted on fans of every team from Newcastle, to Manchester, to London, it’s well worth the 79p. Download it now at iTunes or here on Amazon.

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  1. Matt bb

    I believe mr moyles has already played this at least once in the last twelve months, but i’m surprised he hasnt been our chief flag bearer, celebrity supporters? Who needs them!

    • matt

      He was probably told by the radio nazi’s to lay off a bit on the leeds stuff aha. I know he regularly played a song he made with enrique iglesias when we reached 0 points a couple of seasons ago :) he’s a good man is Mr.Moyles and long may he continue to raise awareness of our deserved club ;)

      • Matt bb

        Well all will be forgiven if we hear it on radio one tomorrow!

  2. TheReaper08

    TSS you have even posted a review on Amazon I see, your geekiness knows no bounds !

  3. Pete

    Cost of song – 79p

    Look on the Yids/Hammers/Gooners/Addicks/Chelski/Scumchester faces on the drive to work this morning as I blasted it out of the car – Priceless


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