Following my post on the rise of TenForKen earlier this week, TSS met with some pretty heavy criticism from another Leeds United site, Clarke One Nil and a rather agitated commentator on TSS that felt my comments regarding LoveLeedsHateBates were slanderous. Whilst I don’t want this to descend into a keyboard warrior’s argument between the sites, I couldn’t resist the urge to respond to the criticism and have my own say (mainly because CON’s founder doesn’t allow comments on his own posts regarding Ken Bates.)

Now firstly, any suggestion I’m pro-Ken Bates is ludicrous. I was always a supporter of LLHB, but after several years of unrest with no progress, I felt the site had lost momentum. What remained was essentially a blog dedicated to analysing Ken Bates’ movements and spinning them into a negative thing. I aren’t condemning the authors of LLHB for this, as I’m one of the most cynical fans in the world and at the end of the day, Ken Bates does exactly the same.

That said, over time I started to feel as though LLHB was fighting fire with fire. Whilst the campaign gathered publicity and highlighted the concerns of the fans, nothing was ever going to change while both sides were deadlocked and had resorted to insulting one another.

This is where TFK and The Campaign For Change seems to be operating differently. Both have highlighted the concerns of the fans specifically and given the club every opportunity to answer the questions of it’s customers (us). It was never going to work, and the answers Kenneth has given were pretty much to the same tune as they always have been.

Whilst it sounds like I’m undermining the campaigners efforts, that’s not the case. The campaign has been extremely successful in that it’s united the concerned fans under the same list of demands (or questions) and it’s starting to gain the attention of the media. This is essential if any change is going to take place. Now that Ken Bates has had the opportunity to respond and the campaign has caught the hearts and minds of a huge amount of people, the new chairman of the Football League must stand up and take notice.

The new FL chairman should always act in the interests of those that follow the sport. As it stands, transparency is a major concern in football, not least at Leeds United. The chairman has the opportunity to change the future and the integrity of the game forever and it’s at his door our efforts should now be focused. The minority has become the majority through a successful campaign from TFK. Now it’s time to round up the troops and take our demands to the top. I firmly believe change is coming, and when it does, the efforts of both LLHB and TFK won’t be forgotten.

Finally, to those that the original article offended I can only apologise. However, my views then and my views now remain exactly the same. If people wish to take that as a dig at LLHB then so be it, but I’d like to make clear it never was and that I remain eternally thankful for what they achieved. My point is that when something doesn’t work, you need to look at why it hasn’t and learn from it. LLHB decided to step aside because TFK offered that new approach and I firmly believe it’ll prove to be the right decision.

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  1. TheReaper08

    You shouldn’t apologise for what you believe in, when we disagree I don’t ask you to apologise to me nor do you ask me to apologise to you.

    It’s called life and people will always disagree.

    Where this site is fundamentally different to that mentioned is that the opportunity to express an opinion is encouraged dare I say welcomed. If you visit TSS make your point as politely and succintly as possible you will find some great characters ready to debate either for or against you.

  2. TheReaper08

    Anyway back to the bit I emjoy most.

    Hark I hear the sound of a thousand pennies dropping….

    ‘The chairman has the opportunity to change the future and the integrity of the game forever and it’s at his door our efforts should now be focused.’

    I’ve only been banging on about this for weeks now……

    • TSS

      Indeed you have mate, but there was little point while the fanbase remained so largely divided. When we’re all singing from the same sheet I firmly believe we can achieve our goals, and it’s efforts of TFK that have led to that.

      As for the above regarding my apology. It was aimed at those who missed my point initially. It isn’t hard to see how that could be taken as a dig at LLHB, which was never something I intended as the people behind LLHB are concerned fans just like me and you. I’m sure those responsible for LLHB put a lot of effort into the campaign and whilst it didn’t achieve our ultimate goal, it did lay the foundations on which TFK will build.

  3. spanish white

    I have looked at different sites for about 3 years now(living outside U.K)This is by far the best & open & impartial as far as thoughts & feelings are concerned regarding our team.Please take no notice of what other self opinionated sites say.Stay together &keep going.You are the best!!!Was reaper08 a graduate in English language?

    • TheReaper08

      I take it your joking spanish white ? Have you seen the spelling, lack of spaces and general poor puncuation of my posts !

      In my defence I have a dodgy spacebar on my laptop and I am usually trying to do several things at once. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it !

      • spanish white

        No I wasn’t joking, haven’t read so much fun about our team for years.I know how tense things are at the moment between all our fans but find this the most open site for pleasant argument & debate.But some of your replies when someone gets their back up are just superb.TSS keep up the good work!!

      • TheReaper08

        Then thank you very much spanish white. I am in total agreement about the site, the good people that come in on here bring a wide smile to my very tired face.

  4. Benjamin Bunny

    Dude this site kicks ass by far!
    I was touring Italy for 6 months and I was constantly popping in and out of internet cafes to catch up on TSS.
    Whilst I was over in the US I even got my american friends reading some posts and they loved it.

  5. Mikelufc

    Well I come here for the best match reports I know not for this schoolboy bickering and I lick your arse you lick mine political crap
    MG and I have a little history but I respect his point of view and right to give it.
    We are at a really serious point here and it should be all hands to the pumps.

  6. Yorkshrman

    Everyone seems to have some “history” with MG – although at least refusing to allow posts is more honest than just deleting anything he doesn’t agree with.

    Going back to TSS’s original piece about LLHB, I really struggled to see how anyone could be offended by it. Disagree, perhaps; but be offended? But then some folks could start a fight in an empty room …….

  7. timm

    MG? How can anyone have ‘history’ with Mike Grella? He seems like a lovely lad!

  8. Henry V

    My ONLY interest just now is promotion!!
    If we get that the Chairman can take his share of the credit.
    We are a stable club now financially, but we have little surplus to spend on players.
    When promotion comes (please let it be tomorrow!), the board will have to come up
    with a chunk of money. Let us/them worry about that later!!


  9. Andy Barker

    TSS & Clarke One Nil are both very good and informative websites.

    In this particular case, Clarke One Nil is out of order. It kind of reminds me of a Kevin Keegan type rant a few years ago.

  10. Keep This Shed White

    You shouldn’t apologise for anythingin a blog, even your grammar (you repeatedly use “I aren’t” which may be used in the vernacular but is incorrect in both spoken and written forms. It should be “I’m not”. Obviously a poor standard of primary education in Knottingley. We had much higher standards in Cas & Fev).

    • TSS

      Haha, even though I know better, I have a tendency to revert back to the way I speak at times. I have tried to control the regional grammatical errors in what I write as I know people from overseas read TSS too and it can be hard to translate, but it’s one of those force of habit things.

      • Craig

        I’d hate to be known for my pedantry but you also tend to confuse ‘amount’ with ‘number’. The rule is that you use ‘number’ when the subject of the sentence can be counted (e.g. people) and ‘amount’ when it needs weighing (e.g. sugar).

        Otherwise the site is nigh on perfect.

      • TSS

        Proving my way of speaking theory. Maybe I need an editor? Haha

      • TSS

        PS. As for being pedantic, it’s not something that particularly bothers me. I’ve always seen writing a blog as quite informal so was never too hung up on writing the way I would for something more formal such as work. When writing about something like Leeds United, there’s an element of emotion involved so at times I’m writing in pretty much the same way I’d say it sat in a pub with friends.

        I may have to keep a running count of grammar police points from now on though.

      • Craig

        Fair point. I wouldn’t have mentioned it if KTSW hadn’t started it! I’m afraid spelling and grammar have always been rather zero-tolerance areas for me – I even insist on using correct spelling and grammar in texts! My daughter things I’m crazy!

      • TSS

        To be fair, I’m exactly the same when it comes to texting, but that’s more to do with my inability to translate text-speak.

      • Craig

        As for writing the way we speak, be glad you weren’t brought up in Norfolk. I can’t believe the grammar over here – to begin with there’s just one tense for everything!

  11. Lee

    Its not like Clarke one nil to disagree with anything that hasn’t been written on their own site… mmm…

  12. Marc Butterworth

    I read the Article on CON that you talk about and I sent them a message critisizing the fact that they do not allow readers to comment. Any blog site that does not allow counter comments is just about listening to their own voices. They obviously love the sound of their own chords and beleive whatever they say must be right.

    The freedom of speech allowed on this site makes it above having to apologise to petty little dictatorship sites like CON…


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