Leeds United unveiled the new home kit they’ll be using for next season earlier today and it seems someone at Macron/Leeds United has actually listened to the fans for a change.

After several years of Leeds United home kits featuring a blue stripe and so forth on them, the club finally reverts back to the entirely white kit Leeds United are famous for.

Personally, I think the sponsors detract a little from the overall effect, but it’s a massive improvement and definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

Leeds United 2010/11 home kit.

The new shirt is on sale from tomorrow (08/05/2010).

  • Leeds4eva

    Brilliant, i hate the blue and yellow. We are the mighty whites not the mighty white, blue and yellow. Plus theres no dodgy collar and its the best strip since the Strongbow kit in 2001, imo obviously.

  • TheReaper08

    I like that and a vast improvement on some of the recent crud we have been served up with.

    Mighty whites march on to the CCC.

    • TSS

      This is the first kit in a long time I’ve liked instantly. It looks like it’s Leeds United’s if you know what I mean? The feedback I’ve seen from fans across the net so far has been entirely positive too, which says it all really! Well done to Macron.

  • Side Before Self

    Congrats to Leeds for going back to the all white strip. Looks a lot better than what we’ve had recently. If I was to be picky, netflights.com is a little too big in the middle and the crest is a bit closer to the shoulder than I’d like but it’s an improvement all the same

    • TSS

      I know what you mean. I don’t want to whinge because overall, I really like the kit, but the sponsors do detract from it a little. Are the Macron men really necessary on the shorts for example?

      • TheReaper08

        If you were a little known sportswear manufacturer designing a kit that looks good, will be worn with pride by the men of the mighty LUFC in the CCC next season, you sure as hell would make sure your little logo was on the shirt, shorts and socks !

        • TSS

          Indeed, but are the logo and the over-grown man really necessary? The man is a terrible logo. They need some re-branding if they want to make it big.

  • Timothy Wilson

    May have to splurge on one of these, hopefully in memory of the win tomorrow,apparently that will be the debut

  • Dont like it!

  • All white on the night.

    Do like it!

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  • Carl Pearson

    i think its nice, and often they look better in the flesh, although i am sure it will look mighty fine in photos on the back page of all the sunday papers running towards the kop with the sleaves facing upwards,a little prayer tonight just wish i could be there have a good day everyone and best of luck.

  • Colin

    I do like the fact that it’s all white but is it a bit too basic? It looks like a £3 asda t-shirt with logo’s printed on it. I actually like the collars on the white england shirt – maybe we should have had those. I wanted to buy the new shirt but this seems a bit cheap for the £40 they’ll probably be charging for it.

    • Colin

      Just had a look at it in more detail at the Leeds United website – maybe it will grow on me but there’s no way I’ll be swapping that for my current Bet24 shirt. If it was £20 I’d buy it. But at £40, no thanks.

      • Pete

        I still have my Bet24 shirt too…something about wearing that makes me feel like Lubo standing in front of the kop after that goal against Plymouth.

        Can’t wait for the 1-2 years kit for my son’s birthday…surely Ken will lift the restrictions on getting it printed on if I wave some cash around?

  • Colin

    And with that image it’s pretty clear who the captain is nest season. Goodnight Naylor, welcome back Jonny.

    • TheReaper08

      That’s not necessarily the case Colin. I remember a few years ago Michael Ricketts was used for a lot of the early promo shots……

      • timm

        Yes i think we all know that Hughesy will be captain next year!!

      • Colin

        he he he – wow Michael Ricketts, I forgot about him. The Goal Machine :)

  • halifax white

    well i think the shirt looks good!! hopefully in the next few hours it wil bring us the luck that we deserve!! u know this is coming to turkey with me in 4 weeks!!! loud and proud!!MOT!!

    • Pete

      Braver man than I am…something about our badge seems to bring out the worst in Turkish people

  • Tony Currie’s Curler

    Don gave us a tradition of all white, and it’s good to see it maintained with this kit. Yes it’s not fantastic but at least it looks more professional than sunday league. A massive step in the right direction. Maybe the lads can do the same today!

  • Howard Flinn

    Best kit for years. Just wish that netflights would do one, because their logo looks like it was designed by a 10 year old. Still. I’ll have to work out how to get one out here to Aus. Will be watching the game live in Adelaide city tonight. 11.30pm kick off local time. Leeds fans are going to pack out the Rosemount on Hindley Street tonight. “We’re not famous anymore” MOT

  • les

    sorry to be picky its a leeds top so its awesome… But the kit makers name is too big ,the sponsors are too big aswell and it does look like its been made in a sweat shop in i dont know???? botswana .we need to get back with a decent maker adidas etc,the top will retail at around £40 and i will buy one against bristol but its beeter than the last few seasons but not that nice really .we do need to get a proper badge sorted out apart from MKDONS its the worst one in the league

    • Howard Flinn

      You’re joking. I think the Leeds badge is one of the best there is.

    • West Stand Rebel

      Bring back the owl ?

    • TheReaper08

      All sports gear is made in sweat shops, I thought that was pretty much well known.

      Also the big sportswear companies are getting out of all but the most profitable or most visible clubs. We will have to wait till at least the top of the CCC more likley the PL before we see the return of one of the big companies.

  • lufcboy

    The kits OK – but lets get rid of the badge – The 80’s Peacock is my personal favourite but any of the smileys would be cool.

  • fkin magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Timothy Wilson

    Beautiful kit. Congrats everyone. I’m gettin too old for this shit MOT

  • spanish white

    Can’t believe we did that!?

  • Matt bb

    Finally back in brum and getting shamelessly hammered. Well done lads, i cant fault any of you, heard andy hughes on radio leeds he said that game was for all the fans who thought they were bottlers.. Got to admit i thought we were screwed when gradel went off and then went a goal down, shame on me.. Good going lads i love you all!!!!!!! Mot.

  • hughes had quite a good game I thought. right side suits him much better

  • Matt bb

    They all played a corker, if they did that in the championship every week they would be promoted

  • Colin

    I’m not being funny but Howson could be an England international in a few years time – he was awesome today.

    We are Leeds we are Leeds we are Leeds!!!

  • les

    just for the record i dont like to bragg but in all my posts on TSS i have done more to mention jonny howsons contribution to the season and in my opinion he should be captain ,yesterday prooved just that a great contribution coming off the bench ,what a great goal .it was apt that he finished as captain .BECKFORDS GOAL WAS MEGA and as a captain for his last game he was amazin particularly with the gradel incident. GOOD LUCK THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES

    • Old Billy White

      Agreed Beckford was great and I was glad he scored the goal to get us up. What ever he does next, good luck to him and many many thanks. Great day yesterday, probably even better because of 10 men and 1-0 down. What a way to go up!!!!!!!!!

    • TheReaper08

      Firstly I can’t begin to tell you how absolutely ecstatic I am about yesterday. The champagne flowed last night and then quite a few beers were sunk after that.

      That said I want to bring some perspective to some comments above.

      Howson played 36 minutes, yes he scored a great goal but that was only his 4th league goal for a box to box midfielder which isn’t very good. It really is about time we got over this insular he was born around the corner so he must be great attitude.

      Howson might end up being a great player but he sure as hell ain’t that right now. In fact I would propose that he is way too inconsistent (something I know TSS would agree with me on)and there are at least 3 nor 4 players ahead of him in our team this season alone.

      For me yesterday was about 2 much maligned players, please stand up Mr Hughes and Mr Beckford.

      • Dje

        Agree entirely with the Hughes and Beckford verdict.

        I’d add Doyle too – a player who is almost overlooked when we win and readily seen as anonymous and ineffectual when we lose.