The final place in the 2010-11 Championship was confirmed yesterday as Millwall beat Swindon at Wembley to take the 24th spot.

Quite possibly the worst Swindon side I’ve seen this season was, in the end, quite easily cast aside by a nervy Millwall. After all the play-off heart-ache of the last few seasons, the nerves were understandable for Millwall – especially after they came close to pipping us to second place. Their fans must have been expecting the worst.

I’ve made no secrets of my contempt for Millwall and it’s through gritted teeth that I praise them for their endeavour. I’d much prefer the more peaceful Swindon in town next season, but Millwall earned their place and so, the Championship will be marred by yet another set of troublesome fans hell-bent on causing destruction.

Kettle calling pot, perhaps? And I’m sure there’s as many decent, peaceful fans as there are idiots. But Millwall tend to go that one step further than the rest in order to live up to their terrible reputation.

A disappointing day for me personally, but congratulations to Millwall nonetheless. We’ll see you next season.

On a more positive note, the result may well open the door for Swindon’s Billy Paynter to join Leeds United. Maybe Larry can work out some kind of exchange plus cash deal involving Alan Sheehan?

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  1. Matt bb

    Dear oh dear, millwall again.. A throwback to the worst of what the football league has to offer, i actually enjoyed watching swindon this season and their fans are a good bunch so gutted for them, and dougie. Paynter?? Forget about him, austins the one to sign.

    • TSS

      Yeah, Austin’s a good call. I imagine there’ll be a few teams sniffing around him though, so we’ll see what happens.

      • Matt bb

        If paynters free, uncle ken will have put him on simon’s ‘allowed to speak to’ list..

  2. Dirty Leeds

    Paynter is out of contract, so we only need to convince him not Swindon. As above though, I’d much prefer the young lad

  3. Matt bb

    For me paynter is at his level in league one, sure he played for bradford in div 3 and did well too. Austins pace is electric, and he was very unlucky yesterday. I’d see him as a foil to hooper or sharp.

  4. Craig

    I’m afraid I’ve never really welcomed the whole play-off system and am always content when the team that actually finishes third is promoted – even if it is Millwall. To my mind they deserve their place in the CCC simply by finishing one point behind us.

  5. TheReaper08

    I am gutted for everyone connected to Swindon. I have a lot of good friends who are lifelong Town fans and most have been going all season and yesterday was supposed to be there day.

    Unfortunately the reality of it was that they let themselves down badly, whether the occasion go the better of them or not I can’t tell. What I can tell you is the free flowing footballing side that I have seen a couple of times this season was not playing at Wembley yesterday.

    A further downside is the fact we have to put up with Millwall playing there cup final against us again next year, that plus the minority of very nasty supporters they have (I stress minority as I know a Millwall fan who goes to every game and he is as good as gold).

    As for signing any of there players at a push I would take Austin as he looks like he has got a little something about him but I stress at a push, it’s his first season of league football and it’s easy to look good for one year, the world is littered with one season wonders.

    • Mark R

      Shame about Swindon, would have been a match near to you Reaper.

      Millwall have been a thorn in our side for the last few years. Credit to Jackett whose done a good job on limited resource.

      I agree about Austin, only one season under his belt. He is however speedy and could be worth investing in. Defintitely a more exciting prospect than Hulse.


      • TheReaper08

        Agreed, I think Jackett is a lower league legend of a manager.

        I still have a few localish games, Bristol City, Pompey and I work near Reading so with a bit of luck that will be nice little mid week match to go to.

      • Pete

        Millwall and QPR are my closest next season :(. Won’t be going to either of those grounds, I don’t think…

  6. Tim Campbell

    They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and if only to get our own back on them i’m glad we will be playin them again next season.

  7. Mikelufc

    I have an office 3 miles or less from Millwall and have often considered going to their home games.
    Unfortunaly have never been there when the Whites visited.
    Anyway, I think they deserved their promotion.


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