The final place in the 2010-11 Championship was confirmed yesterday as Millwall beat Swindon at Wembley to take the 24th spot.

Quite possibly the worst Swindon side I’ve seen this season was, in the end, quite easily cast aside by a nervy Millwall. After all the play-off heart-ache of the last few seasons, the nerves were understandable for Millwall – especially after they came close to pipping us to second place. Their fans must have been expecting the worst.

I’ve made no secrets of my contempt for Millwall and it’s through gritted teeth that I praise them for their endeavour. I’d much prefer the more peaceful Swindon in town next season, but Millwall earned their place and so, the Championship will be marred by yet another set of troublesome fans hell-bent on causing destruction.

Kettle calling pot, perhaps? And I’m sure there’s as many decent, peaceful fans as there are idiots. But Millwall tend to go that one step further than the rest in order to live up to their terrible reputation.

A disappointing day for me personally, but congratulations to Millwall nonetheless. We’ll see you next season.

On a more positive note, the result may well open the door for Swindon’s Billy Paynter to join Leeds United. Maybe Larry can work out some kind of exchange plus cash deal involving Alan Sheehan?