Footage of the Leeds United 2009-10 awards dinner has been doing the rounds on YouTube, featuring a very drunk and unsurprisingly outspoken Ken Bates.

Readers should be advised that the following videos contain a lot of foul language!

The first video shows Ken Bates growing increasingly agitated at his constantly ringing phone, and having a few digs at Simon Grayson!

This second video (which also contains a lot of foul language!) is the one that seems to have annoyed a few Everton fans. Here Ken Bates describes Everton as a “two-bob” club and urges Jermaine Beckford to stay at Leeds United after his “lucky toe-poke” took us back to the Championship!

Is it just me, or does Kenneth seem to enjoy the attention a little too much?

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  1. Lee Coward

    Another classy move by Master-Bates! He’s like the drunken old twat that always gets up at work Xmas parties and makes an arse of himself (usually the MD).

  2. LLL

    lighten up it was a private TEAM & SUPPORTERS promotion party- cannot stand Bates but good for him entertaining the troops. Everton are a 2 bob club, 2nd fiddle in liverpool, & tried ripping leeds off kidnapping leeds youth team.? Leeds are a bigger club than Everton?, mayne not as highly place in league but Leeds fan base & history is immensely superior even coming from lwague 1, the leeds CLUB is bigger. On this one Bate’s is actually right in the context of the evening .. the jokes on you lot..

    • TSS

      I don’t think it’s about who has the biggest Dad, it’s more about Kenneth embarrassing himself with what was an ill-judged rant at a team we hold no animosity towards. Everton have a very good history, and as it stands, are a far bigger club than Leeds. The sheer ignorance of calling them a “two-bob” club is beyond belief.

      For the record, I thought it was quite funny too, but it doesn’t make it any less ridiculous and cringe-worthy.

    • Grahamc

      I would have thought most Leeds fans would have learned from the past history of their club that EFC are by far a more successfull club that has been in top flight more years than I can remember. For Bates to come out and start to have ago at Everton summs up a man that has no class or respect. I hope Leeds do well next year and you look at staying up and try to get back in the Premeirship because we will be more thasn happy to take 6 points of you.

  3. Sean

    We have a bigger fan base than Everton, yes, but they are in the league above and will be playing European football next season, Im sorry but we are light-years away from competing in Europe again. Unless we get bought out, we are just another Championship side battling to get back in the big time. Everton fans shouldnt get too annoyed, its only Bates being Bates.

    • art j

      LLL … what planet are you on ? Leedshave spent 3 years trying to get out of the 3rd division , a level Everton have never been near … Everton have won the league 9 times , something Leeds will never attain …a 2 bob club ? that makes Leeds bankrupt ….. again , Literaly and morally , as they’ve always been !

    • yorkwhite

      This guy is an embarrassment to our club. In a week we should be celebrating he has once again managed to drag the name of Leeds United through the mud. Apologies to all Everton fans.

  4. Tony Curie's Curler

    I’m not a great fan of the guy. If anyone’s read any of my posts they’d know that.


    It was a private function for Leeds United, he was having a LAUGH! Remember that, that’s what people do when they’re celebrating. That day we’d won promotion remember?

    Ken Bates was entertaining and I enjoyed watching the clips immensely. Like LLL says lighten up.

    A Great day and great night.

    ….Goodness i hate all this political correctness.

    By the way! CCC HERE WE COME!

  5. Steve L

    This was a nothing thing until some clown decided to post it for the world to pontificate on.

    Pretty much scum journalism on here really. Take a clip or two, put it up out of context, ignore all the other stuff that went on and the appreciative comments made earlier in the evening and dress it up as some sort of horror show that was meant for public consumption.

    Frankly if it offends Everton or TSS or any other ‘offended of Leeds’ I couldn’t care less. What I do give a damn about is Leeds fans feasting on their own shit in public for a few website hits. It shouldn’t be there and it shouldn’t be here.

    It’s like sniggering behind the bikesheds at a porn mag. OK for juveniles, pathetic for adults.

    • TSS

      Fair point Steve, but it was doing the rounds anyway and the Everton sites had already picked up on it. As I said above, I did find it quite funny and know only too well this is Bates, being Bates.

      Bates should really know by now that anything he says or does will gain national attention. He’s been a public figure for long enough that any rant he gives has started to feel a little contrived. The reaction from Everton is understandable. If someone was taking shots at Leeds in this way, I’d be the first to ridicule them and I’m sure you’d be adding your own thoughts to that.

      Never boring is it?

      • Steve L

        Your response was more considered than mine, I have to say ;).

        Actually no, I wouldn’t give a damn if the positions were reversed. Many chairmen have had a go at us whilst sober let alone out of their tree. It’s part of the rough and tumble.

        What I hate is the fact that when there are very real questions to be asked of this man and whoever is behind him this kind of trivialises things.

        Let Everton be offended (I see they’re linking back to you now). Actually I reckon that most true Everton fans will let it wash over them. They’re not a two bob club at all, having been well run and managed (at least that’s how it seems from afar). But then we’re not ‘the greatest in the land’, but we sing it every week without a hint of irony.

        It just SEEMS that Leeds fans like having a go for its own sake. Sometimes the targets are ill chosen, that’s all :)

      • TheReaper08

        Then let them ridicule Bates, don’t start the argument off for them just because you need some fuel for your anti Bates fire.

      • TSS

        But, where would TSS be without my anti-Bates agenda? You know you love it deep down!

    • Lee Coward

      “It’s like sniggering behind the bikesheds at a porn mag. OK for juveniles, pathetic for adults.”
      so if he’d have fallen off the stage pissed you wouldn’t have pissed yourself laughing I guess? Lighten up he’s just a drunk old man doing what drunk old men do…. Just wish he wasn’t our drunk old man!

      • Steve L

        I was taling about the articles and attention, not Bates.

  6. Matt BB

    Everton are a bigger club than us, they’ve won the title 8 times i believe, and have a european pedigree, they have hugely bigger turnover than us and a stadium of the same size. Ken is a little like an embarassing older relative at a wedding reception, there is an element of truth to what he says though in his defence, for the moment I dont think Beckford could find a club quite like us.

    The dinner was a private one but in this day and age these things always get out so he should wind his neck in.

    I heard on Radio Leeds that Ken Bates is rumoured to be relinquishing cobntrol of the club now we’ve been promoted – does anyone else know about that?

  7. Tony Curie's Curler

    Everton are the bigger club, but i believe and always have that Beckford would be better staying put. He’s guaranteed a first team spot – barring poor form. Now we’re in the Championship he’s only a step away from the prem. And with a bit of shrewd transfer dealings, we’ll be up there in the top half next season.

    It may take two seasons but I don’t think much less to find our way into the premier.

    At Everton he’ll be one of a few chasing the same position and with his inexperience at that level he’ll find himself doing a Delph – who is a much better player than him (Hope he get recovers by the way).

    By chasing the money he could ruin his career, time will tell but thats what I think.

    …Everton are a bigger (position, status) club but are they any better than us as a club? NOOOOOOOO!

    We’re are still among the best 8 clubs in the country.

    • Ed

      Which other 7 clubs are you amongst? Please don’t try and say Man U, Chelsea etc….

  8. Timothy Wilson

    Don’t know how anyone could take offense at that, ramblings of a drunken old git.

  9. Paul C

    I don’t want to get into the purile ‘my club’s bigger than your club ‘ argument, thats for kids and drunken fools) I know at this current time who wins that argument and it isnt Leeds! I would however like to apologise to any Everton fans visiting here. I have a lot of respect for your club, you seem to be managing your club in a way I can only hope will arrive at Leeds one day.

    I am sure you understand , the comments were made at a private party and much to my embarrassment they have appeared on the net. You must understand that our chairman is a little like the drunken oaf of an uncle we all cringe at when speaking at weddings…he certainly does not represent my views , come to think of it I have absolutely no idea who he speaks on behalf of. ( I presume though now we can scratch your clubs name off our list of teams who would loan us players , which is a shame)

  10. TBW

    Everton are a far bigger club. In terms of lge titles and cups ,in terms of playing at the top forever and being about 50 years older. Need i say more .

    Ken Bates go and learn some history you old drunken fool.

  11. Ilkleywhite

    To me, he was just having a laugh, the fact that it was a private members function, we had just won promotion, and he had obviously had a bevvy or two, probably added to the sense of fun. And he’s right, Beckford should stay at Leeds.

  12. JC (Evertonian)

    HaHa. I feel sorry for Leeds after this rant from Bates. Leeds win promotion from League One and now they are ready to take on the world? As far as Everton taking offence, well we haven’t. Rather, we find it amusing to say the least. Good luck to Leeds in the Championship.

  13. Dje

    I don’t see what there is to apologise for at all, especially not the contents of what Bates’ said.

    Sure, call them a two-bob club, but when it is in the same breath as longingly beseeching your star striker not to leave your club on a free for them, knowing that the words are mostly in desperate hope (wrapped up as a comedy routine), as you can’t come close to offer the same wages or level of football as Everton are offering, it is all a bit sad really;

    or just funny?

    I prefer funny, and tears of joy (but tears all the same).

  14. macadamia_man

    Funny, rude, often accurately-observed, clearly delighted, compassionate, stingy, parochial, down to earth with a thump and not your average football suit’s cup of tea at all. Not all bad news then? Hope he’s as good at drinkin’ decent players’ agents under the table as he looks he might be this summer . . .

  15. Oliver Gough

    I would be more offended if I were a Bristol Rovers fan, it was all a bit David Brent, cringe worthy and hilarious!

  16. timm

    It’s our chairman making people laugh at a private party. It’s the twats that put all this private stuff on Youtube that are the disgrace! How many Chairmen would actually bother to turn up to the end of season piss up? Abramovichs team are on the brink of a double & won 8-0 & the miserable twat still didn’t speak! Well done Batesy you cantankerous old sod for caring enough to turn up, & shame on you twats with your camera phones who insist on putting everything in the public domain.

    • Dje

      I found it funny, I wish there was more of this stuff in the public domain.

      I just don’t understand how fragile everyone’s pride and ego is all of a sudden: everyone going about rubbing each other’s back and reassuring them (or themselves) that no offense was meant or taken.

      Christ it is football! Notoriously, tribal in nature. Sure, we don’t need an epidemic of hooliganism, but why do we suddenly have to shake hands and offer sexual services to every other Everton and Bristol Rovers fan in case they feel mortally slighted by a harsh word or look?

      Too much ‘hung parliament syndrome’ knocking about, perhaps?

      • Ilkleywhite

        Anyone got a video of Ferguson drunk as a scunk at a private members party, slagging off Wenger and falling of the stage, coz that would be funny!

    • Ilkleywhite

      Got to agree, if it was all Leeds fans at a private members party, why take the video and post it on the internet? Somebody out there is stiring it, as for called Everton tin pot, well, they are certainly not that, they are one of the biggest teams in the league, all he was trying to do was to talk his star striker out of moving for a free, if your player had scored 31 goals for you and the winner that gets you promoted, wouldn’t you.

  17. MD (Evertonian)

    Not annoyed by his comments. Someone might want to tell Kenneth Bates that Everton have a £100million turnover. So to describe Everton as a “two bob club” might look a little daft.

    Anyway ignore that Everton website, they’re a minority website that no Evertonian would be see dead on.

    Congratulations to Leeds on their promotion.

  18. Craig

    I make it a personal rule not to defame or seek to be destructively critical of anyone so I found Ken’s performance an embarrassment and can’t see how it will bring any good to Leeds United. I don’t really care whether it was at a private function or not. It demeaned Ken Bates and Leeds United.

    This probably sounds holier-than-thou but I stand by it.

  19. TheReaper08

    It’s a bit of fun, that’s all. That fact that he likes a drunk and embaresses himself is endearing but I guess no one form above has ever done anything like that.

    Football is rapidly losing all of it’s characters which is another daming indictment on the modern game. We hate them and mock them when there with us and then miss them when there gone.

    It appears people won’t be happy until the entire game is run by grey people in grey suits who no-one knows and say nothing that isn’t scripted.

  20. BD (EFC)

    To all Leeds Fans

    No need to get apologetic – he’s just a silly drunken old man and you will find them in a million pubs up and down the UK spouting drunken drivel (commonly known as ‘broken biscuits’) any given day you wish.
    Leeds have a proud history, as do we. I have no problem with Leeds and I suspect most Evertonians won’t. Bates is just doing what any Chairman does – trying to keep hold of his best players, although his choice of words may not be appropriate.

    Good luck next season – and keep the key to the drinks cabinet away from Bates!!

    • TheReaper08

      You won’t get an apology from me BD because you can see him for the old racsal he is, there is no offence mean’t to your club, it could have been any club. As you rightly say it’s just a drunken futile attept to hang on to one of our best players.

      The apologists are the one’s that just couldn’t care what Bates say’s or does it’s just more ammo in the campaign to get rid. We will now have months and months of how much shame he brings on our great club (like some of our fans aren’t capable of that themselves etc. etc.

  21. Craig1919

    This was brilliant, my mate Scott took the video I was watching it on his phone yesterday pissing myself…whatever you say about Bates he is a comedian

  22. paul

    i agree with what many people have said it was a private LEEDS UNITED DO and with like minded people it was meant to be funny HOWEVER IT WASNT .i have said this before and iam going to say it again .after the millwall game i left a note on the leeds website disgruntled and to his credit BATES rang me had i recorded that coversation it would have been enough to remove him as chairman of leeds united the opening salvo was “ARE YOU IN A F–KING BROTHEL ITS F—ING NOISEY THERE .HE WAS CLEARLY DRUNK IN FACT AS BAD AS HE WAS ON VIDEO ,he slagged off many people and had all sorts of views on life matters inc homosexuality it was a disgraceful behaviour for the fit and proper person running our club ,and yes i do have his mobile number ,i might publish it somewhere 1 day
    just for the record i dont care who runs our club .bates ,lowry the f–ing tooth fairy ,but just saying its like minded people having a laugh is like saying , hitler and the kkk should join forces also just for the record im gonna do a tss bio for avoidance of doubt
    iam 42 years old i have never supported another club only lufc i earned my own money from an early age and have always paid for my own tickets boy and man .and now do for myself and 3 sons we sit now in the family stand 37 years as a paying leeds a fan gives me an opinion .and this isnt funny .neither are the new up and coming numpties that we seem to be attracting .
    tss is the best lufc blog site by far thanks for reading

    • TheReaper08

      Why would that be enough to remove him as chairman ? Are you a major shareholder Paul cos if you are there are a few people circulating on here that might need your help.

      Are you also aware that you are swearing in your post and making an unnecessary and some might say unsavoury reference to hitler and the kkk which to be perfectly blunt is just damn right ridiculous, do you think this makes you worse or better than Bates.

      Who are these up and coming numpties, literate people that disagree with you ?

      • paul

        no reaper iam open to debate .i was open to what you said athough it was rubbish ,that was just a phrase , a term of reference so dont be trying to put me in the same league as bates .firstly im not anti swearing thats not either what i said,neither am i anti bates but you didnt hear what he said about lots of things ,i did about “puffs ,other chairman ,managers and the fans at leeds “(inside speech marks are his words not mine) now just for the record look through the websites at the papers what he has done is bring our club into disrepute AGAIN as its now plastered across the web

        AS FOR UP AND COMING NUMPTIES TRUST ME THEY ARE NOT LITERATE IM TALKING ABOUT THE 16 /17 YEAR OLDS WHO ARE TRYING TO BRING THE HOOLIGAN ELEMENT BACK TO LEEDS .and oh yes they do exist at leeds .i dont know about you mr reaper ? or mrs reaper? but i want to be able to take my family to football ,play in the premier and europe not be banned because of up and coming numpties so if they do disagree with me i can take that if you agree that tells its own story as i said i have 37 years in at E R THAT GIVES ME AN OPINION and as i see you reply to most stories and thrust your opinions in so do you
        its been ball keep up the good work reaps

      • TheReaper08

        Not disputing your right to an opinion, everyone is allowed one regardless of time served or costs paid. Some people are less fortunate and last time I checked there wasn’t a ranking system on opinions.

        I am specifically referencing the article above Paul, I am not interested in your conversation with Bates because I only have your word that it even took place.

        I am interested in how Bates calling Bristol Rovers crap and Everton a two bob club is similar to the KKK and Hitler joining forces. Even at his peak that is a crass and irresponsible comment to label at anyone, if I had the time I would point out some of the things that were achieved by them both. That you would liken defending the actions of a drunk old man who is finacially a bit dodgy, shoots his mouth and according to you has some forthright opinions on homosexuals to them is absurd.

        I am hardcore anti abuse and anti violence and don’t condone the actions in any way of any of the people you reference as up and coming.

        And lastly as good as the internet is just because something makes it on the web doesn’t mean it’s bringing something into disrepute, neither does it being re-published and given further air time by an anti Bates site such as this one. You will note that the vast majority of Everton fans have taken this as it was, the drunken ramblings of an eccentric old man.

    • Craig 1919

      He’s just an old pissed man having a bit of fun on a massive night for him and us… I can guarantee that you have said much worse does this mean you should be sacked from your job?? Give the man a break

      • les

        this started out as a joke but its now across the media its not what he said its the embarrasment it causes its not profesional .this is why down at other league 1 clubs they had loans from liverpool etc and we didnt no one will deal with leeds because of bates including investors .as for a 2bob club they havent been in admin .or the championship ,or league 1 we know who owns them ,and im sure bill kenwright pays uk tax . SHUT UP BATES IS MY OPINION

      • TheReaper08

        Arsenal didn’t loan us Sanchez Watt, Villa didn’t loan us Lowry, Birmingham McSheffrey, Wolves Vokes.

        Who were you hoping for Rooney and Torres ?

      • timm

        We had a keeper from Liverpool too! I haven’t seen any evidence of no one wanting to deal with us. The biggest numpties i saw on saturday were those arseholes who invaded the pitch at the end of the match & just ran around like monkeys, many of whom were forty something dads teaching their kids bad habits.
        I watched the Chelsea match yesterday & i’m struck by 2 things. Firstly, im so glad we have a chairman who has character & gets drunk with the lads, unlike Abromovich who never utters a word & has bodyguards all over him & secondly, i wish we had fans that behaved like Chelseas did yesterday instead of those care in the community arseholes we seem to attract. Here,s a question for you all, who potentially did most damage to our club this weekend? Our chairman making a few drunken comments which raised a laugh? Or those few thousand ‘supporters’ who invaded the pitch, tried to pull down the goal posts & ignored many many appeals to get off so the real fans could applaud their team? We should count ourselves lucky that none of them laid a punch on the lad who Gradel stamped on.

      • TheReaper08

        Oh and les as you seem so keen on my comments there are 55 linked news stories on news now for Leeds today, of which two local Everton sites reference this story plus the Daily Mail and TSS, a total of four. I have checked Sky News, the BBC news channel and website and can see no reference to this huge media story that is everywhere.

      • les

        do yourself a favour reaper take a look this morning it seems that just because you dont agree its not true can i also say as i have on here before BATES has rang me this season too in a drunken state from monaco and yes it was full of foul and abusive language too and yes i can proove it because it was in public and in a public place and yes i had to turn off the speaker system on the phone because of his foul language as mine and other children were there i also spoke to his wife a 28 min call and yes i have his mobile number SO YES IT DID HAPPEN fact now lets mention other players from prem clubs yes we have had prem players and aside from watt .pick one you would sign .we have had prem players that noone wants and lowry has been the victim of leeds united fan discord .huddersfield for one have had prem players they have no chance of signing as their club wants to keep them .what did we have vokes ,who we were offered a swap for beckford and money .mcsheffrey who brum dont want and we are likely to sign although we didnt play him .lowry 3rd choice if not fourth at villa and will never play in first team consistently.a goal keeper who is 5/6 at liverpool and left us to go on loan elswhere
        which one would you sign .its common knowlege in the business world and yes i run my own succesful business that the thought of throwing money at leeds with bates in charge is at best not going to happen especially when you do not know who you are dealing with also on this site i have said I HAVE TRIED MANY TIMES TO BUY SHARES IN FSF YOU CANT because you cant find the owners so iam prepared to put my money where my mouth is and have, 2 of my friends lost £30000 yes thousand pounds when leeds went into admin but thats not the reason for my thoughts i actually like bates but that doesnt mean he is the right man to be at leeds now and fair play to him for ringing me i said that before but can you imagine hello its fred i want to buy leeds “f off and come back with proof “thats what you get thats not how an 80 year old business man behaves and as i have told you i run a very succesful business i love leeds but i only have tickets .no box .no business advertising.and will not ever do that well ken is in charge of spending or as he says 10000 investors .DO YOU AS LEEDS FAN THINK IAM THE ONLY ONE.there will be investment but the serious money will only want to buy the club not the 49% bates is selling .ask your self what hapened to rhodar AND OTHERS

      • TheReaper08

        So you did want Torres and Rooney then les ? Your argument is these clubs won’t deal with us whilst BAtes is in charge, myself and others have proved your comments to be totally WRONG, just face it.

        As for everything else you mention well that’s only hear say and your word apart from one thing. Abramovich succesfully managed to deal with Leeds and they hate each other, how you ask, well it’s simple so I will explain. Abramovich was a serious investor, with serious intentions who wouldn’t be deterred by the ramblings and rants of a certain Mr K Bates. No serious investor/business man would know this and as you state you are such a person I am surpised at your comments. Do you do mergers and acquisitions ?

      • timm

        Les, can you tell me a 3rd tier club that made a more high profile signing than Leeds did with Mcsheffrey? The issue here isn’t which of these players you personally would have signed,that’s for the manager to decide.I don’t really understand your point? Are you implying that Grayson phoned Villa to enquire about Milner but settled for Lowry instead? or maybe he enquired about Fabregas but settled for Watt? Regarding Wolves offering Vokes in exchange for Beckford, well you can’t blame Mick McCarthy for trying!But we said no.I also don’t really understand why you keep referring to the fact that Bates phoned you? This is something he’s always done & it should be applauded (you wouldn’t get that from Abromovich!).Are you praising him for phoning or are you criticising him for swearing? I once had a pint with John Peel & he swore a few times, it didn’t make him care less about music though. I’m not trying to be sarcastic here Les, i just don’t really understand your argument.

      • les

        your argument with paul was bates didnt ring him because he couldnt proove it as your pen pal timm seems to agree bates has rang people before like paul and me and others .and what you see on the video wasnt the ramblings of a drunken man thats what you get all the time unless he is always drunk
        abramavich hated bates he got rid as soon as he could and just for the record as i know personally a relative of the harding family so did they .abramavich wanted a prime piece of chelsea real estate and i will suggest that when he bought chelsea villiage as it was hours if not minutes from going out of business.bates threw the club in as a goodwill gesture .i will also suggest that if or when abramovich sells chelsea they will only get the football not the villiage .

        as for the players being a coo getting mcsheffrey i agree but had he been in first team plans at brum would we have got him NO as he wouldnt have left so it was a coo for him not leeds .if wolves rated vokes would you want to swap him or keep him and pay money for beckford .even showumni only came after he went to sheff wed and they didnt want, him what about the others capaldi ,etc etc .cardiff said he wasnt in their plans and came to leeds to sign full time ,lowry was sent out to get first team games but i would bet if we asked to sign him now we could like lubo was a prem player i mentioned watt we would not be able to sign him as arsenal want to keep him so thats ,that point sorted .now why would i say bates had rang me when he didnt or other things you seem to doubt i wouldnt i cant proove them .you cant disproove them i have no proof your a leeds fan,hey thats life , all i will say kwb ringing me is a nothing moment other than he did and i applaude him for that not many would so thats that sorted .i spoke to his wife too who was really lovely .but the point is that he was full of foul and abusive language thats a fact thats that sorted.torres ,rooney nah ,drogba defoe yes
        his word are now spreading round the net as for business thy are not knocking the door in and my friends who lost £30000 well thats in the public domain if you request it
        it has been a ball this semi debate i wish you well for the summer and in the championship im sure we will march on together no matter what best wishes
        just to proove that bates ringing was a none moment ive just been given a bottle of wine personally from BRIAN JOHNSTONE acdc lead singer i can t proove it either well i can but i wont
        he swears a lot too in fact worse than ken
        best wishes reap

      • TheReaper08

        Oh dear the stories are unravelling les, you know how you can smell a pack of fibs a mile off ? Firstly people insult you (and timm)and secondly they claim to know everyone. It’s a fact I know it is because Barack Obama rang me last night to tell me.

        I propose that just like your no club will deal with us argument which unravelled quicker that a very cheap jumper your Chelsea story is even more rubbish. Apparently Abramovich has no interest in the club whatsoever apart from for Chelsea village, get real.

        And apparently your whole burden of proof for this whole charade is that you know the lead singer from ac/dc !

        You couldn’t make it up.

      • les

        i never said thay abramavich wasnt intrested in chelsea fc course he was but had that been wigan or hull for example he wouldnt have bought them it was the chelsea villiage that swung the deal as part of a package, as i own and run a large hotel in mid england i get all sorts of people stop here although not obama how did you get his number or he yours ?
        back to abramavich ,he is like the glazers .hicks and co at liverpool and the chap at villa they dont support the club they buy them as investments same with the lot at man city,thats not to say abramavich doesnt support them now im sure he clearly does but why would a man from russia support chelsea all your un ravelling of my arguments sadly for you are in your head my arguments are clear and precise and my opinion you seem to be taking it personally
        i do have around 7-8000 people thrugh my doors a year and because of where iam and the hard work myself and staff put in we do get celebrities .pop stars rock bands etc.and an ex premier league manager its not a pack of lies its fact if i would invite you to come along for a weekend 18 holes of golf etc (dont play myself ) but you seem to be a person who would be offended with that idea so i will not
        and as you say people are not fortunate as others i agree but dont think i didnt start the hard way i was fishing golf balls out of a stream to sell back to wayward golfers no silver spoon
        im now bored with this we move on once again i wish you well reaper? but please dont call me a liar thats offensive i express my opinions as you do but i do not add a persoanl twist with it in fact i have agreed many times lately with what you said until now

        best wishes and kind regards

      • TheReaper08

        I don’t take it personally les, on the contrary I take great delight from our little conversations. My only problem is that a lot of the stuff you say doesn’t stack up. You make outrageous statements such as the one about clubs not dealing with us, get found out or unravelled as I previously mention and then change your argument. That doesn’t work les, on a forum or in real life.

        I am not calling into question your successes or who you know, my quip was just a joke. What I am saying is it’s weak support for your points, it’s dare I say it a little bit ‘my dad is bigger than your dad’. I haven’t mentioned what I do, how succesful I am or who I know because it’s not relevant, I just stick to the points at hand.

        Oh and les the insults started with your insinuation that anyone that thought Bates actions were harmless would also think the KKK and Hitler getting together is a good idea. On and also calling timm my penpal beacuse he agree’s with me on something is a little childish, don’t you think ?

      • les

        ive not changed my mind bates opened his mouth he shouldnt have ,business will not deal with leeds at a massive investment level because of bates ,grayson obviously asked for the players he got mcsheffrey etc but he wouldnt have done had he been in the plans of brum so the prem clubs that we have dealt with have done deals to suit themselves had it not suited them they wouldnt ,this is not a 1 of rambling you have been told by me and 1 other he did it to them .that leaves us with chelsea .bates officially left there because they stopped him doing his programme notes ?? i can see why !when chelsea were upgrading chelsea tv they sold all there gear when bates wanted to buy it they told him to go away, he did buy it and thats what runs lutv but famously in his programme notes he bragged he had pulled 1 over chelsea on the cheap although he had to get a friend to do the deal so they will not deal with him and i do remember all those people (chairman) voting against him when we were in admin then theres all the businesses that lost money at that time
        we will have to agree to disagree thankyou and goodbye my old foe
        of to the nearly land of the championship 1 step of the promised land of the premiership.
        just finaly reaper it was paul who mentioned the kkk and hitler not me to start i just mentioned you hadnt made a comment as you usualy do as is our right

      • TheReaper08

        Bates got a friend to buy the equipment for the radio station not LUTV.

        It was paul that mentioned that so I was wrong to incriminate you, I apologise as that’s what you do when you are wrong.

        les this was your comment ‘this started out as a joke but its now across the media its not what he said its the embarrasment it causes its not profesional .this is why down at other league 1 clubs they had loans from liverpool etc and we didnt no one will deal with leeds because of bates including investors’

        You categorically stated that no one would deal with us for loans because of bates, you mentioned nothing about the quality of player or if ‘you’ approved of them. You were wrong so like myself you should have the good grace to recognise that.

        By the way les I have just taken up golf so I am more than willing to come and play, heck I will even buy you a beer !

  23. Craig1919

    My mate will be taking the videos down tonight so watch it while you can

  24. Mikelufc

    This site would be best if it stuck to what it does best , match reports.
    TSS should have a little gratitude for the drunken old fool who made it possie for us to be where we are at the moment.
    Ken has many qualities not seen as desirable by the politically correct brigade and the righteous and holier than thou types such as TSS but until someons else comes along to rescue us from his clutches, he will do for me, drunk or sober and the so called Leeds member who posted the video on YouTube is an arseole.

    • timm

      Well said Milelufc. I actually really like the idea of good old fashioned debate about who we should sign etc.. but it just keeps coming back to Bates this & Bates that! It’s ridiculous. We’d better have signed 3 or 4 top players at £5 million each by next weekend or the old ‘lack of investment’ comments will be all over here again! No more boom & bust for me, i’ll take 3 or 4 years in the CCC if it means we stay debt free.

  25. Carl Pearson

    ken bates gordon brown,hidden microphones i phones,brown was always going over the coals on his cock up,but our chairman was surrounded by our own and should have been safe,it was light hearted banter for the guests nobody else,maybe i am just bigoted.

    • spanish white

      Got to agree with you there Carl,It was a bit of fun.Lighten up everyone!

  26. Mooncat

    As an Evertonian, it all seems a little bizzare to be fair and something I’m not offended about. It’s just Ken Bates behaving like Ken Bates does – you know, like you’re old uncle at the Chrimbo do who has too much to drink, starts causing murder with one of your aunties and has to be put in the taxi by your mam at about 10.30. Spilling ale, ash and dropping money as he leaves. Ace.

    As for the ‘two bub club’ line itself – yes, we’re skint but if anyone knows anything about football will tell you – Everton are not a two bob club, who have a support, history, honours list, stature and current status only bettered by 3 or 4 English clubs.

    Get the bubbly out Ken lad.

  27. Mark R

    Ken Bates never called me, but I did play subbuteo with Trevor Cherry back around 1976. He signed my Leeds Utd team box, and didn’t swear.
    Nice one Trevor.

    • timm

      Excellent Mark! You win prize for ‘Post of the Day’! & there’s still 6 hours to go! I was a ‘Striker’ fan myself, but i used to press their heads down too hard when i was going for power over guile!

  28. Pablo Souza

    No reason to apologise all you Leed’s fans! Like someone said, a true Everton fan isnt goin to take offence to Bates’ comments, I just laughed them off! Everyone is entitled to their opinion (more opinions in football than anything else like!!) and at the end of the day he didn’t go splurting all his shit out in the news did he?! It was a private party and his drunken comments happened to make their way into the spotlight. His opinions are terrible and very uneducated to say the least, but at the end of the day, could anyone blame Beckford for coming to Everton?! I think not…..

  29. number1inyorkshire

    ken bates all to often opens his gob without thinking no shock there .he has been drummed out of chelsea ,the FA and many courts at a cost to lufc of a few million quid for doing just that ,at least now we will find out who owns the club now we have been promoted

  30. les

    ok reaps i was wrong about the radio station it should have been that not tv i was wrong
    it is difficult to say all you want on here because of space etc i know what i was trying to say about players etc which was we only got prem players they didnt want the liverpool keeper we had, has just joined mk dons on a free
    im hoping to set up a supporters club where i am from work i will post it on hear you will be welcome to come for golf and a free beer take care pal

    • TheReaper08

      Ok les, thanks for that but to show there was no hard feelings I insist on paying for the beers, at least on this occasion.

  31. Jill Blonsky

    I was at the party and Ken’s speech was in the spirit of the evening. It was funny and we all laughed. Of course, in the light of day, it seems like a drunken chairman but lighten up guys, we had just been promoted and we were all partying. At the time it was hilarious and I loved it. We all loved it.


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