As Blackpool leave Cardiff City behind and head for the Premier League, thoughts turn to the remaining place in the Championship which will be filled by either Millwall or Swindon next weekend. For Leeds United fans around the world, the play-offs hold some sad memories, and it was with that in mind, we started 2009-10 determined to do it the easy way (at least that was the plan anyway!)

Next year however, it’s an entirely different situation. In a league featuring some much larger teams with a lot more financial clout than League One, Leeds are no longer an enormous fish in an ornamental garden pond.

It was with the above in mind I opened a new TSS poll to see what Leeds United fans thought was a realistic target next season. After Leicester’s successful season finishing in the play-off places and despite the parachute payments afforded to those exiting the Premier League, 57% of you thought the top six was a realistic target.

Almost 1700 people voted, and the largest single selection was the dreaded play-offs. Three failed play-off challenges in four years sandwiched between relegation to England’s third tier means most Leeds United fans have anxiety attacks at the thought of another play-off attempt, but be that as it may, the majority of you seem to think it’ll be our fate.

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  1. RoystonLeeds

    I know that consolidation is a dirty word but I’d be happy with a top 8 place. I’d like to see us rise gradually through sound mangement (football and financial); I don’t want to see us buy our way back up a-la Ridsdale. I know we all want top-flight footy back at ER but not at the expense of another bankruptcy session. So let’s build gradually and get back there maybe next season, or after that. At least we don’t have to play in the JPT anymore!

      • Paul C

        Top 15 sounds good to me too, we obviously will have no significant funds so a few clever loans and the odd bosman are the order of the day. Top 15 is realistic for our club at the moment and will be a good achievement.

  2. Matt bb

    We all need to be ambitious, not to the extent of being too demanding of the team but we do need to aim for promotion, for crying out loud if blackpool, burnley et al can get out we should be able to, but we do need to go for the best players not those who’re cheapest.

    • Tim Campbell

      Matt i agree with you entirely, I think we are setting our sights too low and no disrespect to those other clubs that people have said have got promotion and have come straight down again, but we are a much bigger club, bigger fanbase, and if promoted should have the ability to get the right sort of player in to keep us up comfortably. So I say damn it!! Lets go for it!!

  3. Chris Dye

    I’d be happy with a top half finish. Can we really get a team together this summer to get us up and then find themselves stepping in to the Premiership? I’d like to see a couple of seasons getting the right players in that will get us up and have the basis of a team to keep us in the top flight. Yes Blackpool have done it, but being honest whats going to happen to them next season?

    • LSD&2Es

      Bollox, Golden ticket to the Prem has to be the target. If we go up then come down again, we’ll have £50m to rebuild properly with. Bates will never invest that sort of money into the club.

  4. Mikelufc

    I think we should be targetting promotion.
    This does not hVe to mean big spending, there are other ways like shrewd
    management. I believe the two top priorities are a prem quality goalie, and hanging on to Beckford.
    This can be done by paying him what we would have to spend on buying a replacement.
    Then we need a competent replacement for Naylor to assist Paddy.
    Oh! And a better sidekick for Larry.

  5. LAR

    the present squad barely made it across the line after a very bad second half to the season,a lot of work and quality is needed in the squad just to stay in the top long as we stay up and rebuild a squad that could win an automatic place,say two seasons, i will go for that.but if it continues as in the third tier we will have a dog fight to stay up.we will see know whether ken bates heart is in leeds or in his own pocket.dont forget thorp arch or elland road…ask the city council of leeds before the season starts.the great white wait.

  6. halifax white

    some comments good, some comments bad!! sg should be allowed to spend a fair amount of cash on tried and trusted players, consolidation is the word for the next term, then push on!!

  7. Neil

    I have it on good authority that SG hasnt a bean for players and only has cash for wages!Worrying

    • TheReaper08

      Not sufficient to come on here and just say that Neil, who is the good authority ?

  8. Mark R

    Blackpool have proved it can be done with belief, organisation, astute player recruitment, motivational management and prudent book keeping.
    They had the second lowest attendance in the CCC – an average of around 8000 & their player salary bill was incredibley low.

    An outstanding achievment on their resources. Whichever way you look at it the £90million revenue reported on achieving promotion – including I think 4 years worth of parachute payments should they be relegated after one season in the PL, is a capital injection that is good for any league club.

    Our resources dwarf Blackpools I think a top 6 expectation is not unreasonable.

    It all comes down to player recruitment & SG’s ability and sound book keeping.

    Regarding player recruitment, Holloway at Bpool did it with a team including ex Leeds defender Crainy & Ormerod. We are Leeds United and surely we can recruit at least the same quality, if not a better quality of player.

    SG is more experienced and I’m sure we can expect more from him.

    We should be striving to be the best we can be, and push on for the PL.


    • Colin

      Fair point Mark, but although the Blackpool scenario seems rosy, they’ll be straight back down next season. There’s no point Leeds getting promoted and then getting relegated. I think we need to slowly build our team up.

      Plus we have so much larger outgoings than Blackpool – rent on TA and ER, supporting the Youth Academy and having an infrastructure to look after 25000 fans rather than Blackpool’s 8000.

      • Pete

        Blackpool also had a lot of luck…if we can get a 500k midfielder who scores 18 goals and is quite clearly both far too good for the league and lifts those around him to perform at 150% of their normal level, I reckon we’d go up too.

        Shame that they went up really, I’d have guessed Charlie Adam would have been our player next season if Cardiff had won.

    • Craig

      Crainey and Ormerod are just two of the players who were either crap at Leeds or somehow never fired for us who then go on to teams at a higher level and do the business.

      Will someone explain that to me!

      • timm

        Ormerod hardly played to be fair. Crainey wasn’t crap, he was an excellent player surrounded by a lot of rubbish. His positional play & distribution were excellent. The trouble was he was left exposed by a useless midfield, & as usual, a good number of our supporters didn’t look at the big picture & decided he was crap so they should get on his back. Good luck to him & i’m pleased he’s playing at a club where they recognise a good player.

      • public enemy

        we had 3 of the most potent strikers in english history alright one of em was at the end of his career but rush ,fowler and keane all played for us and did nowt too i personally thought crainey was a great player for leeds you also had to look at 1 0r 2 others healey springs to mind .we could do with a huckerby type

  9. Tim Campbell

    Please please please lets not keep comparing ourselves to smaller clubs who, although temporarily successful, cannot maintain that success when they hit the heady heights of the premiership. We are a one city club, with a fine stadium, big support (getting bigger), and much more going for us investment wise if we do get to the premiership next year. Lets be positive, we have so much more to be optimistic about than burnley, portsmouth, hull or even any of the teams just promoted – WE ARE LEEDS UNITED AND WE WILL SUCCEED!!

  10. Mikelufc

    Colin, you do not know that Blackpool
    will be straight back down!
    Foot ball is about dreams , passion, ambition, not play it safe and waste another season away, another year of our lives passed.
    Uncle Ken will see to the books, the manager, squad and supporters sort the rest.
    Lets aim for the premiership not bloody fifteenth in the CCC.

    • timm

      Yes let’s aim for the Premiership, but let’s not gamble the club on it.


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