As we nervously await tomorrow’s crucial clash at the Valley, I thought I’d take a look back at better days for Leeds United.

A little over 26,000 people attended one of the most one-sided matches ever witnessed at the Valley as three goals either side of the break, including a hat trick from Mark Viduka, led to an emphatic 1-6 defeat for Charlton and a great victory for Leeds.

It was a rare win for Peter Reid’s side, but did help Leeds United delay the inevitable as they eventually finished the season in 15th, only to be relegated the year after.

Final score: Charlton Athletic 1-6 Leeds United
5th April, 2003. The Valley, London.


Leeds United goals: Kewell (12, 76), Harte (34 pen), Viduka (42, 53, 56 pen)

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  1. Mark R

    One to remember and talk about over a beer .
    One of the outstanding away Leeds matches I was at with my old mate Roy.

    Come on Super Leeds ….another win tomorrow!


    • TSS

      Yeah, I was there too. I can remember the feeling of resurrected fortunes. Shame it was short lived and the possibility of impending doom became reality.

  2. Mark R

    Beggered belief what happened the following season.

    It could have been more than 6 as well.

    A Happy Day.

    • ian

      As I recall Smith was awesome that afternoon. Ran their defence ragged!

      Be nice to see a repeat tomorrow!!

  3. Grumpy Older Man

    Given it was Reid’s first game the quote “a rare win for Peter Reid’s team” is a touch harsh and a little out of context….

    • TSS

      It was a rare win for Reid in the end. The following season he was forced to sell most of the squad and was sacked, ironically, after a 6-1 thrashing at the hands of Portsmouth.

  4. Mark R

    Peter bloody Reid. Decent bloke but could never see him as our manager.
    Can’t remember how/why he got the job ?

    • Pete

      I don’t know either, but at least he didn’t pick Paul Okon. Can’t believe he was ever a Leeds player keeping Dacourt and Batty out of the side.

  5. TheReaper08

    The phrase that get’s me is ‘the afternoon that transforms Leeds United’s lives’.

    Same again tomorrow chaps ?

    • timm

      I’ve got a very good feeling about tomorrow, i think we’ll win the game & Millwall will draw at best. I always thought Gillingham would be tougher than this so let’s hope i’m right! Exciting stuff!

  6. Ayub

    I was there and remember this well. A great game and smithy worked really hard all afternoon. We had that numpty in charge, Peter Ried! That season we beat Arsenal at Highbury to survive and my memory of that game were the Leeds fans dressed up as Jimmy Saville. Following season relegated!

    Lets hope good things happen tommorow. Will see you there. MOT

  7. les

    mines like a rabbits nose, twitching uncontrolably .i think if we are top at 4.50 pm tmoz we will get autopromo .win or draw as long as we match millwall that,ll do. cmon tranmere ian wotsit- moore an old leeds lad i think he will do a job for us

    • Craig 1919

      I’ve had the twitchiest bum known to mankind, all I know is I will have the strongest sphincter by the end of this season. I agree with the above comment that I also believes Gillingham offer a tougher away task than Charlton, I’m feeling quietly confident of a victory today and I think like many of the games with Charlton over this season it will be done with 1 goal…. Actually can I add heart attack to twitchy bum feel a bit sick

  8. Timmo

    Can’t believe it’s bin 7 years since my old fella passed. Still got the YP with the obits (and Pompey game) Had flown home to set up the funeral.
    Just for a minute think how we’ll feel with a 6-1 tomorra. Come on Leeds

  9. lar

    well i think we will have to win the two games to go up.we are becoming part of the furniture down here and must get promoted.just cant see us doing well in the play-offs lookin at the form since january.well lets hope i can drink in peace this sat night….leeeeeeeeddddddddssss.

    • Craig

      Looks to me like you are too pessimistic friend. With Tranmere 2-0 down a point today is going to be very valuable.

      • Craig

        Or should I have said ‘a point would be very valuable’? WTF did Grayson throw on 3 strikers when a point would have been a valuable haul from The Valley? Taking off 2 midfielders and Hughes is surely asking for trouble against a team with an outside chance of automatic promotion themselves.

        Oh well, at least 3 points against Bristol Rovers looks doable.

      • TheReaper08

        That doesn’t make any sense Craig, a point would have clinched us nothing and left us in exactly the same position next weekend.

        By going for it we attempted to seal the deal this weekend and for that Grayson should be applauded, the man has some balls and makes decisions.

      • Craig

        It would have left us needing 1 point unless Millwall beat Swindon by 3.

      • TheReaper08

        So they would be left with a possible and achievable scenario.

        If we drew or lost our destiny is still in our own hands, we had a great opportunity to do it today, it didn’t happen but at least we had a go.

  10. dave.connor

    Remember this game well, great day out down south and never expected the result. Only chatting about this game before Arsenal in the cup


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