Defiantly trying to remain upbeat as ever, here at TSS Towers (ha) I’ve been looking at the remaining fixtures as the season end nears and our promotion hopes start to derail.

I was quite surprised to find a quick play with the BBC League One predictor left Leeds United in second, despite my best attempts to remain impartial and unbiased. Of course, you can never truly faction in the crazy results each weekend throws at us in this dismal league, but when you get down to it and look at the teams the others have, things start to look a little rosier for Leeds United.


We’ll start with those horrible southerners. Friday is a bit of a non-event really and should be a precession for Millwall. Brentford are sat in mid-table with absolutely nothing to play for whilst Millwall are scoring for fun at the minute and have the added motivation of being able to take second in League One with Leeds hosting Swindon the following day.

Things get a little tougher thereafter for Millwall though as they hit the road to take on sixth and seventh place Colchester and Huddersfield. Both teams will still be dreaming of the play-offs and are likely to cause problems in Millwall’s bid for second place.

The rest of Millwall’s run in is relatively straight forward, but they do host Swindon on the final day of the season which could also be a tricky encounter as both teams could potentially take second as it stands.

Charlton Athletic

A season to match that of Leeds United in the ups and downs department and still struggling to find any real consistency. MK Dons away could prove tricky, although they’re unlikely to see the play-offs as attainable now so that could be one of those where their opposition have nothing to play for except pride.

Add to that Southampton, Norwich, Colchester and ourselves however and things don’t look easy for our former Premier League opponents. Quite possibly the toughest run of them all. Could turn a corner and start to produce season defining form, but seems unlikely.

Swindon Town

Starting with an away game at Elland Road this Saturday, Swindon also have to visit Millwall and Colchester before their season draws to a close. Probably the most unexpected package of the season and have done well to achieve what they have. With such difficult ties remaining though, I can’t see them snatching an automatic spot.

…and the Whites?

On paper, Leeds’ run is quite easily the best of them all. Anything less than three points at home to Swindon this Saturday would have to be seen as a disaster, but I’m optimistic after a lot of improvement was shown in Norwich at the weekend.

Other than that, our run consists of teams with very little or nothing left to play for aside from Charlton away in the penultimate game of the season. With the other teams destined to strip points off one another, that game might not be as important as it originally appeared. If it comes down to the final day of the season you have to fancy our chances at home to Bristol over that of Millwall who face Swindon and Charlton who will be away at Oldham.

Clutching at straws perhaps, but definitely some room for optimism. On and on…

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    • Pete

      Out of playoff contention, no.

      Surely automatic is one from Leeds, Millwall and Swindon now though…with Charlton, Colchester and Huddersfield fighting for the other two playoff spots.

  1. tim the white

    Southampton could be in there by the end of the season. Millwall was a must win game and so was Norwich and probably Southampton and we got nothing. Surely we must win a ‘must win’ game sooner than later? Six points over Easter will I believe see them all off, but if we drop any points we could be chasing it.

    • Dje

      Just beyond Southampton this season, I reckon. Besides, I’ve got a feeling old Poyet and his Brighton boys boys might burst Southampton’s Wembley winniners bubble tonight.

  2. Dje

    Being even more optimistic than your optimism, I’m hoping that the derby spice might be a thorn in Millwall’s side (or should that be paw?)

    Millwall still have to play Colchester, Gillingham, & Brentford – and in all of these there’s cockney pride at stake. And so, other than Colchester’s promotion rivalry, I hope the other two teams put up a good fight against Millwall.

    • Pete

      Millwall are in danger of believing their own hype now…I think their fans are saying it’s in the bag.

      Would be nice to wipe the smirks off their faces…

    • Craig

      Colchester + Gillingham Cockney? Are you having a laugh! Is this the reverse of the ‘north of Watford’ syndrome?

      • Dje

        Ahh, true, I should have put ‘Mockney’ instead.

      • Craig

        ‘Mockney’ would have been spot on and clever to boot.

      • Craig

        You are correct that there is a kind of rivalry to these games although I’m not sure I’d include Colchester in that bracket. Hopefully they have enough form and incentive to turn over Millwall without the derby-factor.

  3. derbyshirewhite

    Your optimism is much appreciated. Brentford have just recorded back to back wins and have a striker in form but having played Wednesday on a soggy pitch in Oldham they’re hardly fresh to face a rested Millwall team playing at home on Friday. So the chances are we’re no longer in the automatic spot come 3.00 on Saturday. Have we run out of ‘must win game’ cliches yet?

  4. spanish white

    Oh god,Iknow it sounds pathetic but I can’t face watching another bout of play offs.Let’s hope the players start showing a bit more pride in the shirt bestowed upon them.Ireally don’t think some of them know how much it hurts us down trodden life long fans(45yrs).So come on lads show us a real LEEDS UNITED

  5. Herbman

    Definately the next week or so with 3 games will probably be the defining point, we will either take the Norwich form forward and get some luck or we will carry on disintegrating. I cannot see Millwall dropping more than 6 points in their run in, so i think we need 6 wins and a draw to go up. It will be worth watching Millwalls form when they go second tonight, sometimes it is easier to chase than stay out front. Millwall werent that great against us, we were just bl**dy awful, both their goals were luckey with cr** defending and keeping.

    Not sure if i can watch the match on Monday, another 90 minutes of agony.

    Likewise i cannot see Saints making the playoffs, just too far to go. I spoke to a Saints fan yesterday and he reckons Barnard only cost them £350K, surely we could have offered more and better wages, look how many goals he has scored since going to St. Mary’s.

    Lets hope for agood Easter – please!!!

  6. Keep This Shed White

    I did the same analysis and agree with you we have a good run in. On paper we have two tough games but all of them are winnable. The big one is Saturday because winning that sets us on the right track although a point would not kill us off.

    Here is my prediction. We’ll win 3 out of 4 home games and draw one, maybe Saturday. But then we’ll win 2 out of 4 away games and draw the other 2. 18 points out of 24 will be enough! MOT

  7. West stand rebel

    Anyone out there know if last years accounts have been published. I thought they had to be filed by March 31 but have not heard anything yet.
    Should make interesting reading when they are.

  8. Matt bb

    You have up to two years to file them.. Ken will have spent it by then! You know what people i have a feeling our ‘slump’ is over. We will turn swindon town over on saturday, a beckford hat trick..

  9. Terry

    if grayson sticks to the side he put out last week, with inevitable changes to the front two with Becchio being out.. We stand a great chance. Shane Higgs just does something to the confidence of the defense, that Ankergren seems to lack, especially on crosses. A consistent midfield with snodgrass, kilkenny and howson doing the creative work, and doyle charging in for tackles. On our day there is no one in this league we can’t beat, home or away. Carry the confidence forward, net 6 points for Lofus and Speight, and enjoy the N-power championship!

  10. Craig

    Hmm, ‘should be a precession (sic)for Millwall’ eh? I’m sure everyone thought the same but it looks like Dje was right about the local derby factor. The other thing to watch is whether Colchester are imploding before our eyes ‘cos we were hoping they might give Millwall a tough game.

    Its ours to play for now though – roll on 3.00pm.

  11. Mark Refardt

    Ours is a team game. Beckford is NOT a team player, so drop him and remove him from the squad. Grayson (totally rooted morale with a school teacher approach)has proven conclusively he has no idea. Coached by O’Leary I would play…

    Snoddy, grella and Somma.
    Howson, Doyle, and Kilkenny
    parker, collins, bromby, Lowry

    we need the unknown as we are to familiar to the opposition

  12. Craig

    I’m going to be away for the next few days and will therefore be unable to view or respond to the inevitable post-match response following the write up that will probably surface either this afternoon or tomorrow. I wasn’t able to find the match on P2P so I’m just going on the BBC + LUFC matchday console, but it sounded to me as if, following a fairly dominant opening 40 minutes, we capitulated to only the second on-target shot Swindon managed in the half and then lost the plot.

    It seems inevitable, given that when we were top/second in the division, various posters were asking for Grayson’s head on a plate, that such calls will resound yet again – and maybe Grayson will get the sack. The questions I can’t help asking are

    1) What is it about our club that manages to deliver the same scenario time and again?
    2)Is there any manager in the country who can slay the hidden beast that chews up promising manager after promising manager (and even the odd reputable one), spitting them out, only to see them flourish at another club?
    3) Where is the self-destruct button hidden and can it ever be disarmed?

  13. Matt bb

    The pressure at elland road is working against us, look at our conquerors, swindon.. They had a crap start to the season, as did millwall, we would have sacked wilson and jackett three months ago… Theres the problem unreasonable expectation. Pressure is something most managers experience. The leeds managers job must be akin to that of ceo at ford motorco, or toyota, a great history, reputation, and resources all there.. The only answer? Tear it all down and rebuild, we still havent signed a decent striker under grayson and we need to urgently. I am fed up of seeing players we let go, blake, carlisle, caldwell, lennon, milner all doing it.. When will we ever learn..

  14. Matt bb

    Yes youre right reaper, perhaps there is a need for our midfielders to stand up and be counted, i still think our strikers work is also as first line of defence (george graham or what) and i think they need to be prepared to support our midfield if the opposition are focusing on them


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