A much more pleasent journey home for myself and the rest of the Whites travelling army as captain, Richard Naylor netted his first goals of the season to sink relegation dodging Yeovil to put an end to Leeds United’s losing streak.

The game started as planned with Leeds United’s brilliant travelling support turning their backs on the game as the whistle blew for kick-off to show our united disgust at the lack of justice served to the murderers of Chris and Kev. Ten years on and we still haven’t forgotten. Nor will we ever!

The result wasn’t as surprising as recent league form would suggest. Despite losing both games, there was real glimpses of the early season Leeds United on show in our previous two matches. We were ultimately unlucky to lose to a late goal away to Norwich and against Swindon just 45 hours before, we dominated almost totally until they got lucky on the break and Leeds fell apart.

Today, the luck turned in our favour as Richard Naylor netted his first goal of the season with a header that was almost certainly meant to be a cross, looping up and over the Yeovil Town keeper and landing in the back of the net. It’s that little bit of luck that escaped us at the weekend and despite all our efforts and domination, as soon as Swindon scored there was no way back as the heads dropped and Leeds went into submission.

Simon Grayson started with Max Gradel upfront alongside Jermaine Beckford. Max made a clear and noticable difference, tormenting the Yeovil defence throughout with his runs, control and hard work. Perhaps unlucky not to be on the scoresheet himself, Gradel shone throughout for the Whites and was much more affective than Grella and Dickov combined against Swindon.

Leeds once again tried to keep the ball down and create chances. After failing to get the results they needed with this style of play against both Swindon and Norwich, it would have been easy for them to give up hope and revert back to the horrendous hoof-ball nonsense we’ve witnessed in other games. The only thing we’d really been missing from the last two games was the shooting, but once Naylor fired Leeds United into the lead the Yeovil keeper had to work hard to keep the scoreline down. The confidence had returned and Leeds United were once again looking like the capable team they are.

Just six minutes after his opening goal, Naylor once again netted from a set-play. His strength and movement proved too much for Yeovil and his headed finish was joyous to watch. 2-0, and things seemed simple again.

Leeds continued to dominate proceedings and Yeovil looked resigned to defeat. Midway through the second half however, they pulled one back after Leeds’ defence failed to deal with their advances and Bowditch found the bottom corner of Shane Higgs’ goal with a placed finish. Of course it wasn’t going to be simple – this is Leeds after all. 2-1

From there on in, Leeds started to look a little suspect once more. Yeovil applied the pressure and Leeds struggled to clear their advances. With twenty odd minutes left to play, the fans were starting to expect the worst.

Our full-backs once again went missing and Yeovil used the wings to their advantage, getting cross after cross in with very little effort made to stop them. Despite his brilliance in netting the two goals and having several other headers saved by the Yeovil keeper, Richard Naylor still didn’t look up to the job in defence. Out of them all, Collins was probably the strongest player but even he had some dodgy moments.

Elsewhere, Doyle made several blunders in midfield (one of which cost us the goal) and was largely inaffective all game. Both of the wingers did little to support the full-backs and the only player in the midfield that I’d actually praise when our backs were to the wall is Howson. Not someone who usually shines defensively, nor did he here, but he did do better than the rest.

I don’t think we’re totally incapable of defending with our current line-up, although Hughes still isn’t a left-back and Ben Parker’s return can’t come soon enough, but with the confidence still a little fragile, we seem to make too many mistakes and stand-off players for too long.

Overall, you have to be happy with the three points. After our dismal run of form lately, I’m delighted with a win no matter how hard we made it for ourselves. We are getting glimpses of the early season Leeds United once again and you can only hope this win does something to re-inspire the confidence before Southend’s visit this weekend. Still making it hard for ourselves, but the automatic goal is still attainable. On and on.

TSS man of the match – Max Gradel
Would be easy to select Naylor after his two goals. He was brilliant from the corners and set-plays and could have had an hattrick had it not been for the Yeovil keeper’s damage limitation efforts (maybe we can move him to centre forward?). His defending however remains suspect, so with that in mind, it has to be Max Gradel. The youngster ran Yeovil ragged all afternoon. He held the ball up well, moved past players, created chances and had several shots of his own saved. Hopefully more to come from Mad Max.

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    • Harry

      Gradel and Grella (or Watt). Beckford was a waste of space again today, I’m amazed that Grayson didn’t get him off earlier. Sanchez Watt showed more heart in the 2 mins he was on than Beckford managed in 88.

      • football name

        Beckford was pulling their two centre backs all over the place. Try and keep an eye on what’s happening off the ball…

      • timm

        I can’t agree.If you kept an eye on what was going on off the ball you’ll have seen Grayson screaming at him for not dropping deep & looking for the ball. Based on his record he’s bound to be a priority for opposition defences but he’s light years away from the form he was producing before new year. Beckford splits Leeds fans right down the middle because some people think he doesn’t give a toss & others feel the need to defend him. My opinion is he’s a quality lower leagues striker who’s had his head turned by Everton & the prospect of 30 grand a week & the fact is it’s distracted him. Im sure he still wants to score goals & still wants us to win but he’s not focussed. His mind will probably be on houses in Cheshire & Ferraris & who can blame him? The lads come from nowhere & he’s on the verge of the big time. I think he’s a few more goals left in him for us yet & then he can go with my best wishes.

      • TheReaper08

        If SG is really screaming at a striker that plays off the shoulder of the last man to drop deep to get the ball then that might be the problem.

        I think we need to braoden this debate to just picking on Beckford, we have tried several front men lately and the fact remians our only recent goals were scored by a centre back.

      • timm

        The problem for me is the midfield, we’ve got no one to make things tick. It would be great if Beckford could just loiter up there every match waiting to spin off the shoulder of the defender but sometimes you have to track back to help out & sometimes you need to drop deep & want the ball. It’s about digging in just now. I know it’s a million miles away from where we are but Gradel played like a league 1 Rooney yesterday whereas Beckford was like a league 1 Berbatov, & by that i mean the ability’s there but he was a bit of a luxury player.

      • TSS

        Totally agree with Reaper, although I had previously given in trying to get this point across because some people are so hell-bent on slagging Beckford off since the transfer speculation that their impartiality has been breached.

        I guess there’s a flipside too however. Some Leeds fans strenuosly defend him for everything even when he doesn’t do so well. The fact of the matter is, he’s totally divided opinion and those that are in the anti Becks camp fail to recognise his strengths, whilst his apologists will deny any faults. No ones right, but no ones going to accept that either.

      • timm

        Never mind TSS, he’ll be gone soon & we’ll all be arguing about some bugger else! Do some believe the lad would set out to not do well on purpose? surely it’s in his interests to play out of his skin to keep Mr Moyes enthusiastic? I wasn’t too unhappy about Dickov coming in because i honestly thought he was here as a motivator more than as a player but it doesn’t seem to be rubbing off on Beckford. I wouldn’t rule out him bagging 1 or 2 v Southend though.

      • Jonathan Davies

        I didn’t see much movement at all from Beckford against Yeovil, but he does carry that threat that so few of the other strikers at our disposal have. Difficult for the lad. On the verge of the big time and clearly doesn’t want any serious injury and who can blame him.

  1. raph

    I actually thought Beckford played better than in a long time, he worked for the ball alot more, but hey, maybe that was for the cameras

  2. Lee B

    I’ve been a staunch supporter of Beckford all season – despite all his failings he’s still a goal machine. Having said that, his goals have dried up and we’re carrying him.
    As a sportsman myself, I know that there’s only one way to get out of a bad patch, and that is to get your head down, work extra hard and try to do the simple things well. That’s what every player in the Leeds side needs to do. For me, that’s something Beckford will never do, so when the goals dry up there’s little that he can contribute.
    At the moment, our 2 hardest working front men are Luca and Max. Stick them up front together and let them run the defences ragged. Maybe when the centre-halfs are tired, Beckford’s pace will be useful…
    Sanchez Watt also looked useful in his short time on the pitch yesterday.

  3. timm

    Let’s not get carried away with this. Whilst it’s great that we got the 3 points, what worries me is the way we fall apart with nerves. Make no mistake, if we’d have been playing a half decent team yesterday we’d have blown it. I thought the back four were much better but they are put under pressure by Doyle & Howson too many times. I can’t agree with you re Howson, i know he set up Naylor for the goal but if you recorded the game just watch him over 90 mins, he had a shocker in my opinion, as did Doyle & Beckford too. I think Beckfords head’s at Goodison already & the efforts just not there. & as for Higgs, if i was Casper i’d be feeling badly done to. But it’s a win. Southend should be ok but Carlisle & Gillingham will be just as tough as Charlton.

  4. David N.I.

    Agree Timm, Nothing I saw yesterday gave me any hope, we are not going up auto or play off. Doyle missing in action, Howson I think one cross cleared the first defender piss poor, Beckford why pick him at all, Naylor thats the first thing hes done right in months two goals don’t make a season, Poor Casper hes got to be better than whats in goal now, Hughes shocker against Swindon. The only shining light was Max he was like a man posessed and good on him, if the others could just get some of that fight what a team we would have, but again I state its too late. Like a lot of other LU fans I have the tee- shirt [s] been there done and seen that, its over guys another season in this back water of hit and hope football. The bloke who said bring Sgt Wilko in for the last few matches along side Larry is a great idea, dont think that will happen. Sorry to be so full of doom and gloom but thats how I see it. NOT marching on together only MARKING TIME.

    • Old Billy White

      Both games at the weekend, highlighted just how important confidence is in football. First half v Swindon, some very good football was played going forward, however after the second goal it was like watching a different team. As for yesterday a nervous start, then two goals, (which could have been four) all over the opposition, then let them into the game and the panic sets in.
      On Saturday against Southend it could be a time for everyone, including the crowd to hold their nerve. A nearly 28,000 crowd on your side must be a great boost, but when they turn against you…..

      I know everyone is entitled to boo or leave early (after 55 mins)if they want to, however I hope we can all pull together for the last few games.

    • TSS

      I know we’ve been on a bad run lately but your pessimism is astounding. Every team has had blips, Leeds were never going to be the exception to that rule. Yesterday we could quite easily have been four goals up before we conceeded and panicked. If the confidence returns it’ll be a close race.

  5. Keep This Shed White

    You’ve got to stop this anti Naylor stuff, he played well. I Sky plussed the match and watched it again and he was better than first time round! Dion Dublin agreed with me, you’ve just got it in for him for some reason. Apart from hat, another excellent match write up.

    • timm

      Agreed. Naylor stepped up yesterday & was just what we need at this stage. You have to look at the midfield not giving any protection to the back four Doyle & Howson have a responsibility to break up play & retain possession & neither are doing it.

    • TSS

      Anti-Naylor stuff? Naylor is one of my favourite players but I aren’t going to shy away from his poor performances. He’s a captain who for several weeks now has failed to lead. Almost every goal we’ve conceeded has been the result of pathetically poor defending. Against Millwall for example, the defence was like statues and they showed similar ability yesterday when standing off Yeovil to allow them in for the goal they pulled back.

      When I wrote the above I’d just got back from Yeovil so hadn’t had chance to re-watch the match on Sky+. I have now re-watched it and seen the Dion Dublin stuff you refer to and with regards to Dublin’s comments, he only ever picked up on the attacking threat Naylor caused. At no point was his defensive ability – or recent lack thereof – looked at.

      Naylor did well yesterday to net the two goals that led Leeds United back to winning ways, but theres still no excusing his defensive contribution or leadership abilities. When our backs were to the wall, we held off Yeovil and gave them far too much room. In terms of leadership, the wingers were caught out of position so many times I’m lucky to have any hair still attached to my head, yet Naylor did nothing to direct them and get them in place. This is something I’ve only ever seen Paddy and Rui do this season, which is one of my major concerns.

      Confidence is still the underlying problem and perhaps the defensive form will return when that does. The problem is, it’s the captains job to inspire confidence on the pitch and guide the team forwards. I’ve seen no evidence of Naylor doing either in recent weeks.

      • timm

        I agree, Naylor’s definately not a talker & it’s a huge part of the game. I definately think most of the blame lies with the midfield though. How many times recently have teams just broken out of defence & been in front of our back four without meeting any resistance in the middle third? I’ll say again, watch Johnny Howsons game yesterday, 10 out of 10 for effort (which, along with the fact he’s a local lad is why he’s so popular) 3 out of 10 for ability.

      • Ross

        Have to diasagree on Howson, to me he’s often our only midfielder who tracks back, it surprises me no-one ever mentions kilkenny? Kilkenny is useful when your in posession, although too often for my liking reverts to playing one twos with the defence and forgetting that possession without purpose is pointless. But that asaide Kilkenny does not tackle or offer any help defensivley, I’d be surprised if he has made more than 10 tackles all season. At this level that is simply not acceptable.

      • Choppers

        Kilkenny coming back into the team I think has helped, we stop lumping the ball upfront with him in your side. I think that a lot of the good things were played through Killa yesterday, as they were against swindon.

        Agree that Gradel showed a bit of class yesterday. He clearly was chasing those lost causes down and unlucky not to score.

        Good performance, dissapointing that we could not have killed the game off sooner.

      • TheReaper08

        I am old school, if my Captain is not playing particularly well on the pitch then as a leader of men I need to see/hear some action, some orders, some motivation and some inspiration. I think due to the lack of confindence this has been sadly lacking in all players but the person I do expect to step up is my Captain.

        I think in times of poor performace we all need someone to blame, it’s disappointing that we all now (me included) choose carry on blaiming now we have won. Perhaps time has come to celebrate the win, park the criticisms and have a United push towards that las automatic spot.

      • timm

        Well they say a player’s only as good as his last game & if that’s the case then our Captain certainly lead from the front. Like you say, time to push on now, every game’s huge & it’s about cool heads.

  6. Matt BB

    i think the teams who do a number on us have effectively concentrated on how route one we are to our strikers, cut off that supply and no one else is going to score, and they just keep trying to feed beckford or becchio. So in terms of numbers we are an 8 man outfield side with two unutilised strikers who never track back.

    Our midfield are very static in the centre as well, with only snodgrass and whoever plays on the other side allowed to move upfield. Danny Wilson said in the local papers in Swindon that he `knew’ how to beat leeds, very confident but very right. I think Graysons recent `diamond’ formation is working gradually, but I have a feeling, too late. Glad to see Gradel getting a game in, I think he offered us far more than Grella or Becchio.

    • TheReaper08

      In many ways I would agree, the midfield need to push on and have the courage to have a go themselves. Not wishing to dwell too long on the negatives I have mentioned before that the goal output from our midfield has been very poor.

      I don’t want my strikers tracking back though as I don’t want to allow the freedom of the oppositions centre backs to push on. I always want to see my two forwards harrasing the Centre backs or running the line creating gaps. It’s no conincidnce that the year old red nose manages to persuade Rooney to stop charging round the field he becaomes one of the greatest strikers in the world. Play your position and win your individual battles, sounds corny but it works.

  7. Mikelufc

    Howson was our Captain for the first half of the season, we did brilliant.
    Naylor comes back and gets the armband back and we hav been mostly abomonable.

    • timm

      Yes, coincidence. Kisnorbo’s the only proper Captain we’ve had, even though he’s not had the armband. The guy’s a warrior. I love Howson to bits but the lads got a long way to go in my opinion.

      • TheReaper08

        I have a tendancy to agree with you timm although you can’t deny that Howson’s record as Captain is excellent.

        I hope that the brace for Naylor at the weekend gives him and the rest of the lads the much needed boost for the run in. I have a feeling that if we can make one win into two then we can have a good run in.

      • timm

        I went on the BBC website & did the predictor. We finished 2nd but im not sure if i sub-conciously cheated?! I’d welcome anyone else’s results.

      • Craig

        Surely the question of captaincy is a matter of timing. Naylor came to Leeds as a boyhood fan with a mighty reputation at Ipswich and a maturity that comes with many games under the belt. During closed season who else would you have picked?

        Kis joined after Naylor had been established and had a history of recent injuries behind him. OK, so he’s turned out to be a leader on the pitch but the captain has already been chosen and removing the captain’s armband in the middle of the season would have to be one of the most demeaning slights possible.

        The question is: does it matter if the one who shouts the loudest isn’t the captain?

      • TheReaper08

        No it doesn’t matter but as Henry mentions below we have a very quiet team , as a result the one person I do expect to step up to the plate is my Captain.

  8. Timmo

    Who’da thought all we had to do was play a centre half as a forward an aim for the back of his head

    • Dje

      Sometimes the answer is right in front of you all along

      … or behind you?!

  9. West Stand Rebel

    I always like to read our fund managers notes if only for a laugh. Did anyone notice that the quoted gate receipts for the Millwall match were £175308.94 ex vat or £205988 gross. As there were 21,348 (official figures) at that match that represents an average cost per spectator of £9.65 a ticket! He goes on bleating about the cost of policing, the football league (bastards ) levy of 3% and of course how none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for Krasner/Levi.
    He fails naturally to tell us how much income was received from TV rights or from programme sales and bar receipts but would you expect anything less from this nutter.
    Ah well I’m not renewing my season ticket knowing people are paying less than a tenner to get in !

    • Colin

      All I can assume is that those numbers don’t include season ticket holders – I guess that the gate receipt figure came from non season ticket holders which would work out at £30ish a ticket??

      • timm

        Im pretty sure they don’t include season tickets. I like the way he has a dig at Alistair Darling in the ticket renewal letter for putting VAT back up but fails to mention that he’s withdrawn the Leeds Leeds Leeds mag from our season ticket package! Did he honestly think we wouldn’t notice? If season ticket sales are as poor as we’re hearing we can forget any spending on the team next season. If we don’t go up i reckon our ‘war chest’ will be spent on making up the shortfall every week. Promotion’s vital or we could be in real trouble.

      • West Stand Rebel

        timm/Colin you are both right in that Bates didn’t want to include the prepaid season tickets in his stats. This then makes utter nonsense of the figures he trys to kid us with and show that all is not “wine and roses”
        He has learned that the bigger the lie the more you can get away with. Or has he? The wheels have nearly fallen off as his underinvestment in new players comes home to roost. The season ticket renewal I think will be the ultimate two fingered salute to Bates as fans vote with their wallets.
        Some fans think this will have a detrimental effect but will it? Only two players have commanded a transfer fee in the last couple of seasons namely Bromby and Gradel…maximum spent £350k.

      • Colin

        Now let me make it clear that I’m no Bates fan, but I don’t think he’s twisting the figures as it will all have to be accounted for in the annual financial reports.

        If we take the £175308 figure, then Bates has said that WY Police charged Leeds £50k for Police presence so that’s £125k left. Then take off wages for all players, staff etc. and add on the rental for TA and ER, and electricity and utilities and I don’t think that leaves you with much, if anything. Ok, sure add onto that Sky money and overall takings from player sales, FA Cups etc.

        For the whole season, I’m pretty sure we’ve made a tidy profit, but from that one game, from all the money it brought in, I reckon Leeds came away with hardly anything.

        And that was the big game on Sky! I think that’s the reason that English football is in so much financial trouble – it just doesn’t pay for itself. And that was a game with 21,000 spectators!!

      • TSS

        That would be all well and good, but the figure you’re quoting IS the net profit. The only thing that might not have been taken into account is tax, but if we were only making £175,308 from a game in a 40,000 seater stadium, that means our ticket prices would be a little over £4 each. (Which they’re most certainly not)

      • TSS

        As the attendance was half the capacity, you can half my ticket price quoted, but it’s still nowhere neat the actual amount of one. Bates is quoting the profit, not the income. If a club like Leeds is making circa £4m profit a year, then that would be about right for a game.

      • Colin

        in response to TSS’ last comments on this thread (the reply thing only allows so many entries)

        I’m confused. I’ll take your words on it TSS, but I don’t see why any chairman would publish the net profit they make from a game and especially not Ken Bates. I can understand them publishing how much they took at a game before outgoings, but isn’t telling everyone how much profit they made out of it, giving the game away (to competitors, Football League, HMRC etc.) on the state of your finances?

      • TSS

        The accounts are made public anyway and it would be easy for people to figure it out from previous years.

        There’s simply no way Leeds United only took £175k from a league fixture with an attendance in excess of 20,000. Say the average ticket price is £20, then even by this conservative estimate with an attendance of 20k, it’s £400,000. The estimate is not only below what the actual amount will be, but it’s also failing to take into account all the sales they make for refreshments, programmes etc. on top of that.

        If it is the total income for the game, then he isn’t including season tickets and all the other expenses. If this is the case then he’s pulling the wool over peoples eyes again by cleverly forgetting to mention the mountain of cash they bring in.

      • Colin

        TSS – that’s what West Stand, Timm and I have been saying – it doesn’t include season tickets.

      • TSS

        Yeah I kinda went full circle, but my point is that Leeds United are massively profitable for a football club whether Bates tells you otherwise or not. He’s trimmed expenses by getting rid of anyone who earnt a sizable sum, spent nothing and paid for nothing either whilst charging £30 a game.

        The income of that game is still above £175k, because you have to factor in season ticket prices whether Bates does or not. You can’t say it’s 50k for police, £xxxK for players wages etc. and simply take that figure away from the money we make on individual tickets alone, because our accounts don’t work that way. They include season ticket prices, sponsorship, merchandise etc. as well which makes each and every game profitable. No one would be buying a season ticket or merchandise if these individual games weren’t happening.

  10. Colin

    I love the fact that Beckford’s getting stick again. The reason Leeds were doing so well before is because Beckford was on fire and banging in goals for fun. Now his form has dropped and everyone gets on his case, not noticing the key problem which is that there just aren’t enough goals from the rest of the team. Everyone’s form goes up and down. And it’s a catch 22 – the reason so many balls get punted to Beckford is because it’s a better bet than letting the midfield have a pop, because they just can’t score the goals.

    As for Naylor – he’s good at defending, as long as the ball comes to him. He’s got one major problem and it’s only ever going to get worse – he has no pace. If any attacker runs at him and gets round him, Naylor will never catch them. And because he’s central defence that usually means a clear run/and or shot on goal.

    I’m not knocking Naylor for not having the pace – it happens all over the leagues – take Man Utd as an example – Wes Brown is an England International defender and surely has quality, but Beckford had him in his back pocket. Not because Beckford is the greatest striker by any means, but because he’s faster. The defender has to make a call with a quick striker – make a challenge but look like a mug if you don’t get it just right as he’ll run past you or just keep standing off the striker or take him out. It’s a tough call, because if you make the wrong decision, the striker could be one on one with the GK.

  11. Henry V

    Our midfield were the weak link again, neither covering our back four or supporting the front men.
    Beckford is starved of opportunities to score these days.
    Our crossing is still abysmal!
    Mad Max was our driving force (like a young Dickov?).
    Lee Bromby has lost his confidence.
    I would always play Kilkenny but Doyle and Howson give the ball away too cheaply.
    Before Higgs got injured he was so confident and dominant but, just now, Casper is in better form!
    However – a win is a win and confidence can return as quickly as it departs so:-

    Come on the boys!!


  12. Henry V

    Hi Craig.
    I agree that it does not matter who shouts the loudest.
    Funnily enough Eddie Gray was saying that he and Peter Lorimer were discussing this and both felt that this was one of the quietest Leeds teams they had known.
    Very little talking/shouting throughout the matches!!!
    a lack of leadership in midfield and at the back.
    ‘Mad’ Max does a bit of shouting up front!!!


  13. Matt BB

    We are relying on others to slip up, and its not right to look at who has more `challenging’ games than others, while its disappointing to be in that position I believe a lot of our problem came from our inability to cope with being at the tope of the pile, maybe this will work in our favour now.. I think graysons new system suits our midifelders better but they need to get stuck in more and realise they arent a standstill unit and need to link up better with our attackers, and when they cant just hoof the ball to them they need to try and score too.

    • Old Billy White

      It would appear that we need to win all of our remaining games to take second place. With this in mind team selection is interesting, do we take more risks, going with a more attaching midfield or try to keep it tight and hope to pinch a goal?
      I think sometimes when the manager has too many options it can cause problems, and lead to too many changes. If you have a smaller squad players must play through bad patches.
      Lets hope we can put together a run and avoid the play-offs.

      • Colin

        I agree Billy – you’re spot on with the problem – what team does SG pick? I don’t think he knows who to pick. McSheffrey’s meant to be fit now so he’s now an option. If he plays Gradel up front, what does he do with Becchio now that he’s meant to be back? He could stick Watt on the wing or up front. He could put Grella up front. He could mix up the defence, as he has done all season, by putting Lowry in, or adding Ben Parker as Left Back. He’s still keen on bringing Bradley Johnson into the mix as a sub, sometimes as left winger, sometimes coming on to help defence and Dickov (for some insane reason) will probably make an appearance at some point.

        Does anyone know what is Leeds’ strongest team? I know that I certainly don’t and I’m pretty sure that SG doesn’t either.

        I still maintain that Casper should be between the sticks and despite getting some aggro when he was dropped, for saying he was better than Higgs, no-one can say that Higgs has done anything special since coming back. So I say SG messed that one up.

        If we’re going to get auto promotion, we’re going to need some serious luck me thinks.

      • Colin

        And the most frustrating thing is that some posters say that we haven’t spent on players – we have. In the previous post, Grayson has a multitude of options and players to choose from. To those who’ve said that Leeds haven’t got good enough players because Bates hasn’t spent the money – Grayson has always said that money was available to spend and that Bates has backed him – which means one of 3 things:

        1) Leeds do have good enough players
        2) SG signs/loans crap players
        3) SG is a liar for saying that Bates backed him

        May sound a bit brutal and harsh but that’s the way I see it.

      • TSS

        I think this may stem from lack of understanding as to how much he has to spend. All Bates has ever said is find a player and I’ll do my best to sign him, which, to his credit he apparently did with Barnard. It’s not like he’s given Grayson £xM to spend on players though like other clubs. I’d have to go with the third option as no manager would be daft enough to slag their boss off.

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