An update from LUST (Leeds United Supporters Trust) caught my attention on Twitter today which read ‘Official Club Response To Ownership Transparency Issue‘.

When LUST contacted Leeds United with the question ‘Who are the ultimate beneficial owners of Leeds United?’ the club responded in their usual dismissive manner with the following statement;

“The answer to the question, as we have previously stated, is FSF Limited of whom the Chairman (Ken Bates) is the UK Representative”

No surprise there then!

The solution to the problem really did seem genius – Just ask Leeds United!

Wow, why hadn’t the rest of us thought of that?

In fairness to LUST, I know they’re only acting on the things their members have asked for, but whoever thought Leeds United would respond in any other manner must have been living under a rock for the past few years. I know there was a meeting held Wednesday night with a view to a larger and more concentrated effort for change which it seems LUST are involved in. I hope these efforts prove more productive.