Just noticed (via WACCOE) that today marks 26 years since Leeds United fans ruined Chelsea’s shiny new scoreboard.

Back in 1984, the rivalry between Leeds United and Chelsea was still a volatile one. A certain Ken Bates was in charge of the Londoners and had just erected a shiny new scoreboard for their pleasure. With a dismal Leeds United being destroyed 5-0 by the hated Chelsea, Leeds fans took their anger out on Ken Bates’ prized centrepiece, totally destroying the scoreboard.

Never one to overreact, Ken Bates’ suggestion after the event was to kick Leeds United out of football.

When his appeal for the end of Leeds United failed, Kenneth had to wait more than twenty years to cease control of Leeds United. He then had them relegated to the third tier and made their fans witness some insufferable football at extortionate prices. Revenge is sweet I guess…