Season tickets 2010-2011

The season ticket renewal prices for the 2010-11 season have been released and it comes as no surprise whatsoever that Leeds United have decided to increase them for next term. Counting their chickens before they hatch, Leeds United have admitted (via the official site) that they’ve based the price structure on us playing Championship football in August.

Prices based on early renewal start at £400 in the Family Stand and topping out at £560 in the East and West stands. If you leave it late and don’t take advantage of the early renewal prices, you could be set to pay up to £630 for next years season ticket with an outside possibility we’ll still be visited by such greats as Brighton and Yeovil.

These prices are bad enough for Championship football, but if the worst does happen and we’re stuck in this dismal league for another season, there is a contingency plan. We (the long suffering idiots that pay these extortionate fees for no gain) will be given free access to “selected cup games.” Roughly translated, that means that when such giants like Accrington Stanley visit again and they struggle to get 10,000 in, we’ll be allowed in for free. Of course, when Liverpool and Tottenham are drawn, you can expect to be paying full whack.

It’s a clever ploy by the club to secure as much money now based on the likelihood of promotion just incase we don’t actually make it. Might as well rage and vent now, because at the end of the day, we’ll all be daft enough to pay it regardless of division and the club ripping us off is hardly anything new.

As for those of you that haven’t had a season ticket this season and were considering it for next term, well, you’ll have to wait til June to discover how much Ken Bates and co. wish to shake from your pockets.

Dickov signs in

An unwelcome addition to the wage bill arrives at Elland Road until the end of the season in the form of pension seeking Paul Dickov who has finally found the ideal retirement home here in Leeds. Not a big fan of the bloke as you’ll have probably guessed, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what his thuggish brand of football brings to the promotion chasing party.

Awards galore for Leeds players

Luciano Becchio becomes the third Leeds United player of the season to scoop the PFA Fans Player of the Month award, following in the footsteps of three times winner, Jermaine Beckford and two times winner, Robert Snodgrass.

Meanwhile, Jonny Howson was named in the Coca-Cola League One Team of the Week, produced by the Press Association alongside former Elland Road favourite, Ian Harte.

Some of you will remember a poll that was run a while back to vote for the best League Cup goal in the competitions 50 year history. Two Leeds United players were nominated in the top 50 with Paul Robinson’s stoppage time header against Swindon coming second and Terry Cooper’s winner in the final coming eighth.

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  1. Chareose

    you realize when you post stuff about players its being viewed publicly ???? I.e Dickov. We need to get behind our players and no one is saying you dont have a right to your opinions but your a fool if you dont think this shit doesnt get back to them and in some cases effect morale

    • Nicholas

      you realize these are PROFESSIONAL football players that for decades have had to put up with abuse from fans? If Paul Dickov was going to get upset about fans not liking him, how is he still playing football at 37? He hasn’t been liked by fans for years but he’s still playing, has to have the thickest skin in the game!…certainly at the prices mentioned in this article, IMO we are entitled to say whatever we believe and come on now, professional footballers do not look to fans for a moral boost!

      In MOST cases we give them grief because they are playing crap, let em know, and as with any job it makes you look at your own performance and improve so to limit the amount of shit you get!

      Another good article though, i’m currently living abroad and unfortunately do not get back enough to watch em at ER hat often but the tinterweb is great these days so get to watch the games, even if they are a few days old! Don’t imagine many people will be thrilled with the signing of Dickov but lets give him a chance first eh, I mean i’m sure all the fans from all his previous clubs despised him before he started playing and scoring for them…not saying it’ll definately take us up but his ‘fight’ is something we’ve been missing for a while. Even if he’s not playing he’ll be around the team…hopefully not all his personality will rub off!

      Keep up the great blogs

      • Chareose

        yes thats it mate your a genius, they are grown men and should be able to take abuse from their own fans…. just like Beckford obviously can eh. Hasnt effected him at all has it………
        It will effect any player, some more than others BECAUSE YOU shouldnt give your own players abuse if you want them to play well. Regardless of what you like to think they are only HUMAN

    • TSS

      We saw enough has-beens during the last few regimes that used Leeds United solely for a final paycheck and Dickov’s no different. He couldn’t care less about Leeds United, or what the fans think. He’s been unpopular all his career for a good reason. Signing past it has-beens on temporary contracts rather than players in their prime looking to help rebuild Leeds United shows a massive lack of ambition for me.

      • ramblinjohn

        Fair point..hope he is a Freedman and not a Rush though

        In the end I don’t think it’s a big deal either way

      • TheReaper08

        How do you know this TSS ? When did you speak to Dickov ? To pass judgement that he just wants a retirement fund before he has even kicked a ball is ridiculous.

        I don’t think it’s a particularly insiprational signing but I’ll be damned if I will hang him before he has even started.

        Also on the cost thing as I have to travel several hundred miles round trip to watch a game nobody would support cheaper tickets more than myself. That said league averages this season put Leeds up on last year by 507 so crowds are not dwindling despite us all being hard done by.

      • West Stand Rebel

        Not sure I agree with your last point Reaper. We have been top or second for most of the season so by definition should see better crowds. Also the relegated teams Norwich Charlton and Southampton should be bigger draws than Scunthorpe and Peterborough who were promoted. Leicester were obviously a big draw.
        Dickov well let’s see. Now is the time for Grayson to deliver. Any major slip ups and he’ll join the long list of predecessors.

      • Chareose

        TSS, dont get me wrong, i think your the best leeds blogger out there and your posts are decent……. but for me, regardless of who it is who signs for leeds united, if theres any chance that they can help my team ill give them the benefit of the doubt to start with and i think anyone deserves that chance dont you ? In critiscizing Dickov your kind of saying the manager is a moron too which regardless of recent results is obviously not the case.
        Good Luck to Dickov, I look forward to seeing him play in a leeds shirt

  2. Henry V

    To repeat what i said a few weeks ago!
    I like Paul Dickov!
    I think he is a perfect addition until the end of the season.
    The fans will love him.
    He is a menace to defenses and will lift the tempo.
    I know I am in the minority.

    Come on the boys!!


  3. Clive Sanderson

    Good point made by Chareose. Dickov, who was always an excellent player in the past, deserves our support. I wonder how all the negative rubbish written about Beckford has affected his game and loyalty to Leeds in the past. Give Dickov a chance before you condemn him!

  4. mikelufc

    Give him a chance eh?
    He had chance last night but was greatly outshone by a teenager.
    Just another cheap option for Bates and Larry.
    We were told at the beginning of the season we would be concentrating on Youth. We are told LIES.and I still think Larry is not up to the job.
    Who now will have to be shut out to accommodate another old pal of his.?

    • Clive Sanderson

      The only issue I have with Dickov coming to Leeds is surely Grella and Kandol are both worthy of the Leeds first team. Both these players bring something extra to the first team, so why bother with Dickov? I’d hate to see either Kandol or Grella be demoted because of Dickov, so it is an odd appointment. My point still stands though, that we should not condemn Dickov before he’s had a chance to show his worth. The point made by why we need Dickov is a different matter, and I agree with you as I’m a fan of Kandol and Grella.

    • ramblinjohn

      Ladies and gents, we have signed the guy on a free for a dozen games or so…hardly the millennium dome is it, spending wise?

      We could think the whole world is lying to us and that the whole world just does favours for their mates or on the other hand we could give something a try for a dozen or so games – I doubt he’s on 200000 quid a week. Derby and Leicester let him go but, newsflash, Derby and Leicester are IN A HIGHER DIVISION THAN US.

      I’m not for IGWT but I am thinking of starting a “Grayson In” campaign…anyone joining? Or perhaps we should have managers rotating every month. Or perhaps we just like bloody moaning!

      • Colin

        Derby & Leicester may be in a higher division than us but we already have enough strikers, and Kandol can do the same strong man job as Dickov.

        Also, if Toronto had splashed a bit more money on Dickov than us, then he’d have signed for them.

        Sorry to state the obvious here but as a Leeds fan I don’t want my team in a fight with Toronto over who gets a 37 year old striker. Ooooh, we beat Toronto for the services of Paul Dickov. Aren’t we great! Not really.

  5. Colin

    Yawn – Dickov joins Leeds.

    I hate to be harsh on him before he’s played a game and I’m sure he’ll be okay and can do a job, but Kandol and Grella are also okay and can do a job.

    Dickov’s not going to have any pace, so I guess he’s been taken on board for his strength and ability to hold up the ball. But surely if that’s what we’re looking for then Kandol can do that for us already.

    Good big sized well managed clubs (like Derby & Leicester) don’t release good players.

    Derby didn’t want him, Leicester didn’t want him. Leeds don’t need him.

  6. Ollie

    Real shame about the ticket prices going up again, not that we didn’t expect anything else… unfortunately it has got to a point where I have to say no to renewal.
    Too many things are getting worst at Leeds and not getting better. Bate’s 12 year old mentallity when it comes to other clubs and chairmans (causing us even more grief) The lack of transparacy about money, this might not be a problem if we were making inspiring signings.
    The stewards in the ground throwing my friend and 25 year season ticket holder out for standing up too much.
    The part time fans that turn up for ‘big’ games then boo the team and leave early constantly.
    Not to mention the mess up with training ground.

    Its a shame but sorry Bates, enough is enough for me. Think how much it will be if we get back to the prem.

    • TSS

      Hi Ollie, I think you’ve summed up the feelings of quite a few Leeds United fans. The jobsworth stewards are getting increasingly irritating (alhtough they don’t generally bother us where I sit), the discontent amongst the fans has arisen because of all the little injustices the club has served us over the last few years (like this one) and the pricing is simply a joke – especially when we’re repaid with signings like Paul Dickov and have still failed to secure TA and ER.

      Whilst I won’t be joining your boycott and will pay the over-inflated prices once more, I can’t really argue with your decision and expect you won’t be the only one. I know several people who have left over the past few years because they felt increasingly disengaged from their club and until that changes, I don’t see many of them returning. MOT.

      • timm

        What is it with these sterards? They only seem to do it when it’s a big game though! As if it’s somehow different! I sit on the back row & i stand up for 75% of the game purely because if i don’t i’ll seize up! Nobody ever bothers me until it’s Huddersfield or Spurs etc.. I never thought i’d say this but as long as Bates is in charge i hope we get to & stay in the CCC. It would be easily be £750 in the prem & i ‘d be priced out after 30 yrs with a season ticket.

    • White, Yellow and Blue

      Couldn’t agree more Ollie. I realised that the football is so dull in this league that I spent more time in the bar than on the terrace. League One is not worth £500. In fact, I don’t think the CCC is either. Had a season ticket for 10 years. I don’t even go to matches anymore. (Never leave an empty seat though.)

      Need to find a season ticket holder and sew a webcam into his woolly LUFC hat and watch on t’internet. Any volunteers?

  7. Henry V

    I would not worry about Paul Dickov’s age as he is very fit.
    Kavanagh of Carlisle is a similar age and had no trouble giving us the run around on more than one occasion!!!


  8. mikelufc

    I dont think the concern is his fitness.
    The concern is who is going to be dropped to accomodate him.
    Also if he was allowed to leave then why is he good enough for us?
    Last night a young teenager did the business for Huddersfield.
    Dickov didn’t.
    If he cant do much in the reserves how the hell is he going to be useful in the first team?
    Why did Larry sign someone he does not need and put present players positions under threat? Great man management.

    • TheReaper08

      Patrick Kisnorbo was released on a free from Leicester, your point is ?

      • superhoops

        It’s not some primary school team where the players are going to run home and get Mummy to write a letter to the Headmaster saying that the PE teacher has picked the big bully in their place. This is professional sport – it is ESSENTIAL that the players are competing for places. Any addition that makes the players more aware that they have to make the grade is welcome.

  9. timm

    Dickov will be a useful sub & he’ll be good around the younger players for the final push. I don’t know where the stories of him being hated come from? I have mates who have season tickets at Man City & Arsenal & both say he was popular & both say he’s a good signing. Regarding him coming here for his pension, he’s only here til May so it’s hardly a Robbie ‘greedy bastard’ Fowler or Ian Rush situation is it? I for one would welcome him on the coaching staff.

    • TheReaper08

      Dickov is a similar character to Robbie Savage, loved by who he plays for and hated by the opposition.

  10. Matt BB

    i also dont rate dickov, but we are in the third division, he should be able to score a couple of goals now and again, he’s probably less injury prone than some of the former titans we have signed, thompson, stone and so on. Although I also think Kandol and Grella should be given a chance I think a proven goalscorer at third division standard is not a terrible thing to have.

  11. mikelufc

    ” I think a proven goalscorer at third division standard is not a terrible thing to have.”

    He didn’t do much proving last night against hudders reserves.

    “Patrick Kisnorbo was released on a free from Leicester, your point is ?”

    I am tired of making my point, I hope all the positive thinkers are proved correct because if not then it is another year at least in the third division.
    We are very unlikely to escape this division unless we start to play CCC quality.

    • TheReaper08

      I don’t think you have made your point mikelufc, you said very clearly that because he was released on a free that equated to him not being good enough for Leeds. I simply pointed out that so was Kisnorbo who has been consistently one of our better players.

      Also Dickov’s last competitive game was boxing day and whilst I am similarly uninspired by this signing what were you hoping to see last night ?

      • Colin

        Reaper – to be fair, Kisnorbo is not 37 so we’re not comparing like with like.

      • TheReaper08

        I was just stating that free doesn’t mean not good enough for Leeds, if you want to switch this duscussion to age then Phillips, Giggs, Kavanagh……how long have you got.

        Dickov’s game is based on hassling defenders, position, timing and dare I say it being a bit tasty, all of which you don’t lose with age.

        I am also reliably informed that he is an excellent character in and around the dressing room something I think we lack after Prutts untimely exit.

      • timm

        Well said as usual Reaper. Mikelufc seems pretty hung up on Dickovs performance last night. A run out in the reserves is no more than a session to get towards match sharpness. Look at Beckford since he came back from injury, he’s still lacking that sharpness but he’s getting there. Although im sure if he doesn’t get there soon some of them on here will be saying its because he’s a twat & he should f**k off to Everton! Grayson knows Dickov & he wouldn’t have brought him in if he didn’t think he could do a job, even if that job involves putting an arm round some of the lads on the training pitch.

    • Craig

      Maybe you are having to repeat your point three times because your point isn’t meeting with much agreement – just like your previous oft repeated but fatuous insistence that Grayson was on the verge of getting sacked. Saying the same thing more than once doesn’t make it more popular.

  12. Matt BB

    a bit tough to judge him on his first competitive game dont you think? he might be rubbish I agree, but he has scored goals wherever he has gone, he will be excellent to have round the younger players like grella, and to be honest who do we have in the team as a yoda type to show tyhe strikers who to socre.. His real value will come in the experience he brings to the squad.

  13. Matt BB

    some awful typing there i meant to say to show the strikers how to score..

  14. Henry V

    No one knows how Paul will go for sure but we must trust the boss.
    He has known him a long time.
    Paul has trained with us for a few weeks!
    It is not as if he has been signed site unseen.
    One thing for sure. He will battle for the cause.
    He will be on the bench and if he comes on when we need a lift – who better than he to do
    that job.
    We get bullied out of too many games and I would rather he was in our corner than the oppositions.


    • Craig

      I liked Dickov’s comments as reported by the ‘official’ site:

      “I’m enthusiastic and feel I have a lot to offer,” said Paul.
      “This is a great club. My longest spell was at Man city and the fanbase they have is fantastic, and it’s similar here. You only have to see the crowds here that are coming week in week out League One and that’s a testament to them. It’s fantastic.”
      The former Scotland international brings a wealth of experience to the squad at a vital team, and he is determined to help lift the club back to the Coca-Cola Championship.
      “I have a massive desire to succeed and if I get my chance I’ll try and take it with both hands,” said Paul.
      “I’ve never kidded myself. I’ll give my all and put pressure on defenders. I’m enthusiastic.
      “I’ve had bits of stick playing here over the years, but I just want to get out there and play. Hopefully we can get promotion here. We need to kick on and put pressure on the teams who are below us.
      “There’s going to be a bit of nerves, but if we can win three or four in a row it puts pressure on those teams around us.
      “I’m taking it as it comes, but I’ll be giving my all for Leeds United.”

      Doesn’t sound like the words of an imminent pensioner looking for a last payday.

  15. Si

    I think we need to just trust in SG
    If at the end of the season, we are are still in this god forsaken league then we can start to discect it and the trial can begin
    In the mean time lets get behind SG, Dickov and the rest of the lads and lets get out of this division
    We have to stick together and we have to beleive and we have to suport right to the end
    The ER crowd plays a massive part and negative vibes spread like swine flue
    I am behind SG and the whole team – its all about Leeds United and always will be come what may

  16. Benjamin Bunny

    Dickov is defo here for the training ground. I mean basically, to have someone with his experience around our younger players is fantastic. The things and tips and stories he can pass on will be terrific.

    I wander who he will drop for Dicov’s place. I still do think Grella deserves a place, if Beckford doesn’t start getting his golden boots back on then Grella will be knicking his spot if he’s not careful. Scored again last night, how many times does this boy have to score to merit a bigger chance?

    For me Dickov is a good siging, even if he doesnt’t play, just thewisdom he will pass on will be enough for me. Ya never know he could be here looking for a move as a coach after this seasons end maybe? From the way he plays I think he’d make a great coach full of determination.

    • superhoops

      Totally agree with you. He’s a good signing. I don;t think we have to worry about who is going to be dropped – he won’t go into the starting lineup. What a character to have on the bench though!!

  17. superhoops

    No wonder SG says there seem to be 20,000 at Elland Road that can do the job better than him every week.

    I don’t think there’s one convincing argument on here as to why Dickov is a bad signing. Without doubt, he is a good signing for the following reasons:

    1. We have picked up a player who’s made it into not one, but two CCC teams this campaign, for free;

    2. His experience will be vital given our run in. We have Norwich away, S’oton away, Millwall at ER, all games which need massive characters. Dickov is a huge force in the changing room and immensely well thought of on the professional circuit;

    3. Other teams now don’t have him – he’s the type of player you don;t want playing against you;

    4. More competition for places – Beckford now needs to watch his back. He’s got Grella, Kandol and Dickov, not to mention Gradel and McSheffrey who are both capable of playing up top, breathing down his neck. It can only help, as every player needs to perform or they;ll lose their place.

    5. Huge influence on the training ground on the younger players. Remember Dickov knows the game inside out. He WILL make a difference to Grella, Gradel, White etc.

    6. What a perfect blend for Leeds. We are hated, so is he. An asset.

  18. mikelufc

    I see IGWT brigade are alive and well despite larry behaving like a headless chicken this year.
    The truth will out.
    I never mentioned anything about FREE.
    I said he was a cheap stopgap measure as opposed to buying a proven young striker who will still be good enought to help us past the CCC.
    Dickov is evidence of a clear lack of ambition if that mens spending some of the money in the banl.
    “lets risk not going up if it interferes with the cash cow that is Leeds United, after all we might just pull it off and make promotion as well as maintain our large bank balance”

    No matter how thin you slice it, that is the way it is.
    The ones going up are almost certainly the ones prepared to spend to give them selves the best chance.

    I have no problem with Dickov himself, my problem is with larry and Bates.

    • Craig

      Oh (see my earlier response) you haven’t moved on from your one trick pony at all Mike.

      “Behaving like a headless chicken”… I’m so glad you are a regular contributor here since you supply me with all the mirth I need!

  19. lar

    well lads,i dont think hes a good addition either as far as other players trying to get first team football,same for lowry,mcsheffery.kills the players morale.the rebuilding of the leeds team in this way may get us promotion..but if in the championship it wont do.should win to morrow but the next 5 games we will see if the right decisions were made and we are still in an automatic spot.but look on the bright side,slowely but surely ken bates old sins are returning and if promoted we might have a decent buyer.

  20. Mikelufc

    If the IGWT brigade are right then we should at least wipe the floor with Brentford today.
    Lets wait and see.
    If we dont it will not of course make them seek the truth because it will put them into a self dug hole.

    Is it not crystal clear that the team we had at the end of the year was good enough?
    It did not need tinkering with borrowed players to justify not spending in the window.
    Lowry, Mcsheffrey have given nothing, the jury is out on Dickov.

    • Craig

      OK, so we didn’t win, which presumably means you’ll be calling for Grayson’s head again. Your point that the squad we were playing with at the end of the year were good enough to go up flatly contradicts your earlier statement that we should have bought big during the transfer window. You can’t have it both ways!

  21. Mikelufc

    Does our ambition even begin to compare with Southamptons?

    They have spent, and they are getting their rewards, 10 goals in 2 matches, one of them against teams we struggled against.
    2nd March Southampton 5 – 0 Huddersfield
    Saturday, 27 February 2010
    Southampton 5 – 1 Walsall

    They are a team really chasing promotion despite a 10 point deduction.
    I will not be surprised to see them in the playoffs and if they are I would bet on them winning, especially against our Rag Tag and Bobtail outfit we have become in the last 2 months.

  22. David N.I.

    Well another shambles with points dropped. With Southampton going to win the play offs where does that leave us. They have spent well as have others around us, yet we keep taking on the pensioners. Still say there is something wrong at ER and with Larry, he could be the wrong man again and I thought he was right one for us, pappa is happy for us to stay where we are. Season ticket holders beware as you and I will be watching League One football next year.

    David N.I.

    • Mikelufc

      Craig! It is too late to call for anybodies head however it is not too late to remove the blinkers

      • Craig

        Too late for what? We are still second with a game in hand!

    • TheReaper08

      Hmmm, Southampton lost to Tranmere today or am I missing something.

      Whilst our result is disappointing lets’ try an base our arguments in fact. Starting with the one where Bates is ‘happy’ for us to stay in league 1.

      • David N.I.

        Let’s just wait and see, I hope I’m wrong. The points lead was there now it’s gone, the plays offs are not for us as I’ve stated before the only people turn up on the day are the LU fans, because the players don’t show. I don’t want another good day out a bad day will do with a win. It’s just frustration on my part we need out of this dead end league. Pappa being happy is based on League one wages, with Premier League crowds at Premier League prices and another hike on the way. It’s win win for Pappa.

      • superhoops

        Have to say I’m losing the faith a bit. Part of the problem is that literally anything on target against us is going in. That’s by the by though as we should be scoring more than 1 against Bentford. For f***s sake – look at our stating lineup. a few of our players are household names. At ER we should be destroying teams like that. This seasons turning out to be a nightmare on the nerves.

        Don’t buy this stuff though about Bates etc. Remember, he is bold as brass and has already stated that the wage bill @ the club is too high. There’s simply no way that Bates will be paying someone that wouldn’t contribute anything to the side, even if it’s peanuts. Bates will also overrule his manager at the drop of the hat if he reckons that his decision is shite.

        I wasn’t there today but I really don’t think that our lack of performance is down to Grayson, and to an even lesser degree Bates. The players need to re-fin heir thirst and Dickov will help this process.

      • superhoops

        Messed up typing at crucial moment there – meant “re-find their thirst”

      • Craig

        From what I read the chief failing is not turning dominant performances into goals. This is always the area of the game where confidence counts the most and that is down to the players themselves because they need to believe in themselves. A manager can’t do that bit for them.

        OK, so we aren’t rolling teams over – but that didn’t happen often before Christmas either. Other teams are up for a battle when they play us. As long as the players are still trying and working hard, I read that the opposition are scoring ‘against the flow’ and we are getting goals in reply I am confident the winning form will return.

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