Corporal punishment

After some questionable displays and disappointing form lately, the lads were sent to Strensall Barracks today so the brave men who serve for the Armed Forces could administer some corporal punishment.

OK, so it wasn’t quite corporal punishment (despite Ken Bates’ best efforts). Instead, what it was, was a team-building exercise that could be just the thing the lads needed. The Leeds coaching staff were there too and it really seems to have hit home the kind of pressures the Army face compared to the lads in white, with Miller saying ‘These guys put their life on the line, we play 90 minutes of football.’

It seems the opportunity to rid ourselves of some of the less necessary players that our wage budget consists of was missed on the shooting range (Ken Bates still not getting his own way), but Leeds United saw the day as a massive success overall. They point to a strong relationship between the club and the Armed Forces and will undoubtedly be happy with some positive PR after the ticketing farce earlier in the season.

Jermaine Beckford wins player of the year

Jermaine Beckford was voted Football League One’s player of the year for the second time at the Football League Awards, which incorporates FourFourTwo’s Top 50 Football League players list.

Grayson subs in for Becks

Of course, this will undoubtedly ruffle a few feathers in the anti-Beckford camp who will see it as an absolute travesty and insist the award should have gone to another team, failing to recognise that any award received by the Leeds United team is good for the football club.

Jermaine Beckford couldn’t make the dinner as he had a pre-arranged manicure that conflicted with the event, but Simon Grayson was on-hand to pick up the award in his place.

I think Beckford is thoroughly deserving of the award. Regardless of whatever others think, he has the pressures of an entire fanbase on his shoulders as they blame him for everything they see as wrong within the side. His goals have been invaluable to the club. His recent performance against Tranmere where he netted two, including a cheeky lob for the fourth and also setup Luciano Becchio showed just how good he can be when the team performs well. Oh, and let’s not forget the goal against Scum. For that alone, he deserves it in my book.

Ralph Ineson gives nod to LFR

During a recent appearence on ESPN’s Talk of the Terrace (14/03/10) Ralph Ineson gave a big plug to the fundraising efforts of Leeds Fans Remembrance by passing on one of the event t-shirts you may have seen on sale around Elland Road to former Chelsea player Frank Lebouf.

A Leeds fan himself, it’s great to see Ralph giving this fundraising effort a publicity boost and I’m sure the guys at LFR will be extremely pleased.

The Grand Finale Evening takes place at Elland Road on the 3rd of April which marks 10 years since the sad deaths of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight. Don’t forget you can still make a donation on the LFR website with all the fundraising proceeds going to the childrens cancer charity, Candlelighters.

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  1. Matt bb

    Team building exercises are a brilliant way to get a demotivated bunch working tpgether better, more interesting was the article in the evening post stating mr grayson has been approaching (i infer) mick mccarthy and nigel pearson for a steer on the wobbles felt at the business end of the season. To me looked like he took mccarthys philosophy of if you are unlikely to win dont field your first team… Surely it wasnt our first eleven out there on saturday? It was?

  2. derbyshirewhite

    I know it’s a bit out of fashion these days but a bit of Sgt. Wilko and some real boot camp drilling might just be what the players need in the run in. I’m a big fan of the manager but a bit of discipline, in Max Gradel’s game for example, might have been expected by now.

  3. Matt bb

    Joking aside i too rate grayson, and am getting a bit fed up of the growing, still minority who question his approach. The pointi’m indirectly making is that we’re having the type of wobble you would expect and we need to back grayson and the team through it, thats our job. Good luck against millwall, we owe those cocky little swines one, i know you can do it lads.

  4. Paull

    Ten games to go, 20 points and we’re up. Thats the main thing we supporters should be thinking about. Let’s get behind the lads at ER on monday and make it a night to remember. MOT

  5. Matt bb

    Lets also stop this cr@p of slating new signings please, mcsheffrey is a 22 goal a season striker at ccc level, gradel was a key player for leicester last season and still learning his trade, you can easily equate them to puncheon and barnard as signings. These guys need the crowd to back them too, and yes that goes for paul dickov too, he could be out in the golf course or playing in america he chose to play for us so he deserves our backing and so more than any of them does grayson,

    • TSS

      The problem with McSheffrey is he’s not good enough in the position he’s being played. For me, Luci should be dropped and McSheffrey played upfront, but I’m sure there’s some reason the manager chooses not to?

  6. Matt bb

    On that point i do agree, but still the umming and groaning from the stands will be getting to him, it pains me that a 20 plus striker is playing on the wing, perhaps grayson is ‘experimenting’..! I expect him to bite the bullet and do something about the left wing and heavn forbid things might improve, one would have thought mcsheffrey could play the role of left winger though, easy mistake to make. He looked ok when i saw him but reports since suggest he is itching to get back among the goals.


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