TSS’ latest edition of Terrace Wars looks at who the fans blame for our abysmal form that’s seen us blow a susbtancial lead in League One and plummet ever-closer to the dreaded play-off spots. Here we take a look at the different people fans are blaming for that demise.

The players

“No heart, no soul, no passion” pretty much sums some peoples feelings up with regards to their efforts of late and it seems like an obvious choice as they’re the only people capable of changing these results. A lack of confidence seems to have led to panicked, hoof-ball football that’s been as dire to watch as it has been productive.


If the players have lost confidence then surely Simon Grayson should be the one inspiring confidence in them? Some questionable loan signings, a lack of activity in January and the lack of rotation when it was needed, which left the players noticably tired are just some of the decisions the fans are starting to question. As the injuries creep in, many are also looking at the sale of David Prutton and continued absence of Andy Robinson and wondering why these players weren’t used when they could have been.

When we signed Simon Grayson however, we knew he was a young manager who had a lot to learn. Should he be given time to rectify his mistakes, or has the recent run of results gone on too long?


No Thorp Arch despite the promises, youth players sold to the highest bidder with no reinvestment, all the while Ken Bates is planning to build a hotel complex on the side of our stadium. The uncertainty around the clubs ownership could still be causing unrest at Elland Road and the failure to secure our training complex and stadium probably hasn’t helped.

Simon did claim money was available to him in January and it’s common knowledge we made a move for Barnard, so maybe it’s Simon’s reluctance to spend rather than Ken’s reluctance to provide. Either way, there’s plenty of other places where fans can point the finger at our chairman.

The fans

Do we expect too much of Leeds United, or is it perfectly reasonable to expect League One success at Premier League prices? Booing the players abject performances lately probably hasn’t helped, but whilst many have focused on that, few have mentioned how many poor performances we were served prior to that where we continued to cheer the lads on but to no avail.

Maybe the weight of expectation put on these players by the fans leads to this, but surely for the money they earn they should be able to handle a bit of pressure?

Alex Ferguson

Is it just a coincidence that our dismal run of form dates back to that glorious day at Old Trafford, or did Alex Ferguson’s mind games mess with the players heads and send them spiralling back down towards the play-offs? “Leeds will be a Championship side next season” was an obvious enough statement at the time, but did it lead to complacency and doom, and did Alex Ferguson do it deliberately? I wouldn’t be surprised…

The gypsy curse

When Elland Road was built a group of travellers were moved from the area to make way for the building to begin. Angered by the councils demands, the travellers are said to have cursed the area on which the stadium is built. Don Revie famously had someone come in to lift the curse and all went well for a while. Not much has happened since he left though… Did the travellers return?

Confidence in Ken Bates?

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  • 4 - Highly confident (2%, 27 Votes)
  • 3 - Confident (8%, 134 Votes)
  • 2 - Low confidence (22%, 350 Votes)
  • 1 - Extremely low confidence (20%, 319 Votes)
  • 0 - No confidence (47%, 762 Votes)

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