TSS’ latest edition of Terrace Wars looks at who the fans blame for our abysmal form that’s seen us blow a susbtancial lead in League One and plummet ever-closer to the dreaded play-off spots. Here we take a look at the different people fans are blaming for that demise.

The players

“No heart, no soul, no passion” pretty much sums some peoples feelings up with regards to their efforts of late and it seems like an obvious choice as they’re the only people capable of changing these results. A lack of confidence seems to have led to panicked, hoof-ball football that’s been as dire to watch as it has been productive.


If the players have lost confidence then surely Simon Grayson should be the one inspiring confidence in them? Some questionable loan signings, a lack of activity in January and the lack of rotation when it was needed, which left the players noticably tired are just some of the decisions the fans are starting to question. As the injuries creep in, many are also looking at the sale of David Prutton and continued absence of Andy Robinson and wondering why these players weren’t used when they could have been.

When we signed Simon Grayson however, we knew he was a young manager who had a lot to learn. Should he be given time to rectify his mistakes, or has the recent run of results gone on too long?


No Thorp Arch despite the promises, youth players sold to the highest bidder with no reinvestment, all the while Ken Bates is planning to build a hotel complex on the side of our stadium. The uncertainty around the clubs ownership could still be causing unrest at Elland Road and the failure to secure our training complex and stadium probably hasn’t helped.

Simon did claim money was available to him in January and it’s common knowledge we made a move for Barnard, so maybe it’s Simon’s reluctance to spend rather than Ken’s reluctance to provide. Either way, there’s plenty of other places where fans can point the finger at our chairman.

The fans

Do we expect too much of Leeds United, or is it perfectly reasonable to expect League One success at Premier League prices? Booing the players abject performances lately probably hasn’t helped, but whilst many have focused on that, few have mentioned how many poor performances we were served prior to that where we continued to cheer the lads on but to no avail.

Maybe the weight of expectation put on these players by the fans leads to this, but surely for the money they earn they should be able to handle a bit of pressure?

Alex Ferguson

Is it just a coincidence that our dismal run of form dates back to that glorious day at Old Trafford, or did Alex Ferguson’s mind games mess with the players heads and send them spiralling back down towards the play-offs? “Leeds will be a Championship side next season” was an obvious enough statement at the time, but did it lead to complacency and doom, and did Alex Ferguson do it deliberately? I wouldn’t be surprised…

The gypsy curse

When Elland Road was built a group of travellers were moved from the area to make way for the building to begin. Angered by the councils demands, the travellers are said to have cursed the area on which the stadium is built. Don Revie famously had someone come in to lift the curse and all went well for a while. Not much has happened since he left though… Did the travellers return?

Confidence in Ken Bates?

  • 5 - Total confidence (2%, 34 Votes)
  • 4 - Highly confident (2%, 27 Votes)
  • 3 - Confident (8%, 134 Votes)
  • 2 - Low confidence (22%, 350 Votes)
  • 1 - Extremely low confidence (20%, 319 Votes)
  • 0 - No confidence (47%, 762 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,625

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103 Responses

  1. Sir Quej

    It wont let me choose 3 options….. :(

    I blame Grayson , the Players AND the fans

  2. Mikelufc

    You can forget Fergy and gypsy curses.
    I dont blame Bates either and the reason is simple.
    \we were doing great until the start of the year.
    There was nothing wrong with the squad we had.
    Larrys tinkering and bringing in loanees who have been all but useless but he still insists on playing them. Why has he replace Kis?
    He did not sell Prutts, he gave him away for personal reasons entirely.
    He has simply lost the plot and probably the dressing room too.

    Have you noticed the silence from Ken?
    My guess is he is planning on replacing larry even if we do scrape promotion, I would, we need a manager who plays the best and most on form at the time and liking them is irrelevant.
    He does not know how to get us out of this shit as it is his doings that have got us here.

    • les yorkie white

      this is sadly simon graysons fault REALLY poor loan signings playing palyers in the wrong place at the wrong time 2 cup runs we didnt need when everyone knew that our first priority was promotion .lets talk about the last game as it the one that sticks in the mind i said to my 3 paying sons after about 5 mins we were never going to score .alright loosing paddy was a bit of bad luck but he doesnt score .kandol was fit he should have played ,the strikers played too deep we have lost the complete ability to cross a ball when we get forward ,aidy white although a talent is not a defender he is a midfielder bradley johnston should have played at right back ,bromby left back .naylor should be dropped lubo and kisnorbo (captain)central killa ,howson .snodders ,aidy white or mcsheffrey or grella on left wing ,kandol ,beckford .subs gradel ,robbo,becchio,and anyone else . we have missed parker ,he should have kept prutts and sheehan and got a better keeper in when higgs was out he should have spent some bates money when he had chance i think he was saving it for the championship to rebuild it might be too late

  3. Mikelufc

    How can you blame the fans Sirquej???
    The fans have performed magnificently until recently.

      • Bovvard

        We jump on the players backs way too quickly.

        Why are we booing Beckford all the time? He often looks lethargic, but without him we’d be miles away from the playoffs, nevermind promotion!

        Obviously it’s not all the fans fault (when we’re good, my god are we good!). The players and Grayson have to take responsibility, but until we realise getting at our own players all the time is having a negative effect, we’re doomed to struggle.

      • Matt

        We never boo him on his own, its always a boo for the whole team.

    • Sad Leeds Fan

      Undoubtedly both the team and manager,along with his coaching staff must take the immediate blame for the precipitous decline in performance.But dig deep, and you will see that Mr Bates’ failure to invest hard cash has hampered Simon Grayson’s efforts to build a committed, all round team, capable of not only promotion, but of consolidation in the 2nd division, sorry Championship.Loan players can never provide the backbone required.
      The excellent articles by David Conn in The Guardian only scratched the surface.Banning David Conn and The Guardian from Elland Rd, in the best tradition of totalitarian dictators,only served to prove that he has a lot to hide.
      Where have all the millions from the last couple of seasons gone?Not into the team, ground or Thorpe Arch.

      • Dje

        All I found was an old, withered banana skin; very disappointing.

      • TSS

        Hmmm… I thought he’d have a hitlist too. I’m sure I’d feature somewhere, but probably towards the bottom given I’ve just forked out another extortionate sum for 2010-11 season ticket.

  4. Choppers

    Hardcore fans no, season ticket holders and away fans no.

    Johnny come lately etc, then yes I do. I cant stand the fans who only come to the games when we do well and when were not they boo whistle and feed their negitivity on the pitch

    • Leeds4eva

      Disagree, me and my son are members not ST holders, we go to nearly all home games and pay thru the nose for the privilege. As for only going when we`re doing well you need to remember we`re in league 1 not the Prem, we wouldnt be getting 25,000 at home without all types of fans. Just cos a person pays up front for their seat doesnt give them the right to know everything about LUFC and how the game should be played. I do agree with the booing but if a player is playing shite then im more than happy to vent my frustration.

      Thats just my view.

      • TSS

        In Choppers defence, I think he means those that only turn up 2-3 times a year for Liverpool, Tottenham, Charlton etc…

  5. TSS

    I put the last two in as a joke, can’t believe people are actually voting for them! Haha. Having said that, I guess we’re all clutching at straws, looking for a reason we’ve gone from the best in the league to abysmal so it’s feasible.

    • TheReaper08

      I have a question on the Ken Bates and signings issue, can anyone name a manager that has worked for Ken that has stated that the Chairman never backed them in the transfer market ?

      I don’t know the answer but I am struggling to come up with anyone…..

    • Craig

      I voted for Alex Ferguson – not because I think it is true but because it felt good.

  6. Peter Chapman

    I voted for Simon Grayson.

    Leeds have a big enough squad that enables him to drop the players that aren’t performing. If the dressing room is divided then it’s down to him to bring the players back together. If some players are a bad influence, then they should be frozen out for the rest of the season.

    Teams around Leeds did strengthen, but Leeds’ form pre 2010 was phenomenal and had no reason not to continue. There is no excuse for teams like Millwall to gain 20pts plus on Leeds in 10 weeks.

    On paper, Leeds’ squad is better than any other team in the league, there is no excuse.

    If Leeds fail to go up automatically, Grayson’s position at the club will be untenable. I very much doubt that the fans will back him.

    As a Leeds fan, I’m currently more depressed now than when Leeds lost 5-1 away to Luton in the clubs Championship relegation season.

    • LUFC-mac

      Christ yes, Luton, that was a bad bad day.
      I remember that prat of a left back trying to get the Leeds fans going, he was rubbish that fella, so bad can’t remember his name!
      But yes, i too currently feel lower than that point!!

  7. Herbman

    Got to be down to Larry unfortunately, we did have a few wobbles before Xmas but the loan signings helped the squad, switching Snods to the left also took a few games to get use to, and then he was switched back to the right hand side.

    I can still remember Larry’s comments shortly after the Man U game, no the wheels are not coming off, 2 months on and the whole bus has exploded. Needed more rotation, get them to play for 60 mins and bring fresh legs on. Keeping with McShaffrey when he adds nothing. But you cannot go a whole season with no full backs, only one real goal scorer, only one right sided midfielder, and no pace or qualify in the midfield, it will come back to bite us as it surely has. Just think about the Kettering matches, i think confidence was already on the wain then.

    I also think Larry has had very limited money, Gradel came in but i reckon he had to balance his books, so out went Prutton and a few on loan. People keep saying we have a great squad, i just dont see it, i think we have a large squad with lots of very similar average L1 players. How many of these players would you see in a top Championship side?

    And finally for the Wednesday rant: We just need to pass the ball on the floor, even against Millwall it made us look 100% better than when it was hoofed, passing will bring us confidence, perhaps th enew loanee blood may help as well.

    After we beat Norwich 5-0 we will all feel better, or perhaps it is the Gypsy curse …..!!!!!

    • timm

      Just seen there’s a minutes silence for Chris Loftus & Kevin Speight before Swindon game. Their could be no better motivation in my opinion for the players & the fans to give everything.

  8. Raph

    Who could we get from portsmouth as theyv just been given permission to sell players haha

  9. Dje

    I have to say that one of the big disappointments so far this season with Grayson is with his dithering to resolve our fullback problem. As Grayson was a right-back himself when he played – surely he should be able to bring the best out of our fullbacks!

    I just find it odd that Somma whittles away his time at Leeds but then potters off to Lincoln and overnight shins under a fellow attacking-minded (former) footballer in Chris Sutton, but Larry cant get us to sort out our defense – and to a lesser extent, our Midfield – the two positions he played during his career.

    [Moan over; roll on Saturday]

  10. Chris from Wakey

    Millwall deserved to win. They closed us down, worked for each other, ran for every rebound and closed in on our goal everytime they got near our box. And they put the ball forward as much as possible – no sideways or back passing – they got it forward and quickly. Good,basic attacking football with commitment. Their team weren’t really any better than ours – they just made us look pedestrian because they wanted it more than us. Too many of our players think they can pass the ball like Barcelona when in fact they’d struggle to pass it like Stevie Wonder. It’s back to basics time now – do the simple stuff well and want to win is the key. If we try hard and lose then so be it – put to play like a bunch of farts is not acceptable at all for a Leeds team. I predict
    we will stay on this bad run and drop into the play offs, then in the last few games we’ll frame up and miss second spot by a point – which means another season of this crap. My big tip is to go to the bookies and have a double on Leeds not going up and Cameron losing the election. Both are perfect examples of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  11. Kernow

    The gypsy curse was actually St Andrews, Birmingham. Barry Fry pissed in each corner and Ron Saunders painted the souls of the players boots red to try and counter it.

  12. trueyorxman

    I can’t believe not one of you has mentioned a certain Michael Doyle! I’ve never seen anyone so unbefitting of a Leeds shirt, what does Grayson see in him that I don’t. And when is young Grella going to be given a chance, his touch & control must be the envy of both Becchio & Beckford. Time to get a settled (non-loanee) side, otherwise its Division 3 again for another season

    • Colin

      I’m with you on Doyle – I don’t see anything in him that makes me think he’s better than Jonathan Douglas or Prutton was.

      • LUFC-mac

        Johnson is no better either!
        As somebody said earlier, we have a big squad full of fairly average Div 1 players.
        AND NO, we were not that brilliant pre 2010, we did grind out results but never have looked like Once a month pundits say.
        Except of course MAN UTD, where did that performance come from??

      • TSS

        Let’s be fair here, we did put in some brilliant performances, they were just filed between a few second gear ones but that’s not uncommon for all the best teams. Remember the back to back 4-0’s for example?

      • LUFC-mac

        OK, I know, but for the supposed top team in this league there have been far too many below par games that we have scraped very late goals to save us points.
        As regards quality players? What Leeds players would get into the Div 1 team? Probably none, maybe Becks is behind Lambert and Holt now.

  13. Colin

    I think fatigue is a key part as well. Norwich will be our 60th game and Norwich have played 12 less.

    You could argue that Leeds should have had a bigger squad, but I’d give SG some slack on that as Leeds could have brought in a whole host of players, but getting quality players at the right price to come to a 3rd division team is tough. And there’s no point buying mediocre players just for the sake of it.

    I don’t think the money is too much of an issue either. The frustration is that when SG was at Blackpool he did well and surely had a small squad and not much money their either??

    I think SG in hindsight might have done things differently but I guess that’s the gamble when you take on an inexperienced manager.

    And I agree that some of our signings haven’t been the best. I’m not entirely sure on the backroom staff either – I think they’re old Leeds boys and all seem a bit too happy and smiley and chummy. That’s fine, but I think we need some real hard case who is more severe and takes a less happy happy attitude and a more serious approach – let SG be the nice guy if he wants but have someone there who won’t tolerate poor performances and really pushes the players hard.

    Next season we should spend some money on an established scout as well.

    • stewart

      then if its impossible to bring players down into a 3rd division club the why not introduce and develope the youngsters instead of giving them away

  14. trueyorxman

    I began to worry about Grayson when we played Swindon away. 3 days after the massive effort at White Hart Lane he picked the same 11 despite the size of our squad. Crowd favourites (of which Beckford isn’t) like Prutts, Robbo, Grella even Kandol left out or moved on, although he saw the light with Showumni in the end!!

    • TheReaper08

      I don’t think you will find one person happy with the lack of use of the squad we have, it’s both big enough and good enough to have rotated players at key stages this season.

  15. Matt bb

    Real answer is all of the above are to blame. The gypsy story is true by the way. Like any business blame games are unproductive. The only way leeds will get out of league one is if fans, players and manager realise their shortcomings and deal with them. Larry is a young inexperienced manager, he’s learning give the poor guy a f*cking chance, he’s done alright, bates is short sighted (age induced as well as mentally) and mean, like most old people, he needs to realise that there are times when you oush the boat out. The players are feeling sorry for themselves – have a look in your local high street, local pub – there are some people there with real problems, so get over yourselves. You’re playing norwich on saturday, and play to 60% of what youre capable of and pass to each other, and you’ll win. And my fellow fans and i need to stop expecting to get promoted.

  16. trueyorxman

    re. Matt bb you said ‘blame games are unproductive’ & everyone ‘should realise their shortcomings’, a bit double-edged that kid! Someone’s got to take the blame for the shortcomings surely, whoever it is otherwise we’ll never get any where. Although I totally agree with you on Bates, Mon nights game was Cat. A for christ sake £31 a ticket!! Halve the prices, fill the ground, frighten the life out of opponents…then maybe a chance of promotion. Otherwise the seasons going to peter out with a whimper, and that’s just not the Leeds way is it?

    • Chareose

      im sure Simon Grayson realises his short comings without us telling him lol….. im sure its the ONLY thing he can think about. Regardless of all else hes a Leeds fan. How would you feel in his shoes…. its a hard game but i do have some sympathy for the man and not the manager

  17. Matt bb

    My point is really that positive change starts when everyone starts doing everything they can, for instance, fill up the ground with half price tickets, but dont deal with negativity in the stands, or… Sign loads of new players, but dont as a manager use new tactics, i didnt mean no one is blameless, just that we are all in some small part to blame.

  18. trueyorxman

    matt bb what the f**k are you on about!! your NOT from yorkshire are you kid

    • Colin

      whoa whoa easy Yorx – everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

      For what it’s worth I don’t agree with a couple of your points.

      First – team rotation – if you’re on a roll, don’t change the team, keep the winning mentality. If you’re a player and you’ve just drawn against Spurs, then you get dropped for the next game against Swindon, that’s going to destroy your confidence. Add on top of that if the team get beat with a rotated team then then the manager would get slaughtered for changing it. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, but there was no-one posting before the Swindon game that SG should rotate the team after the Spurs match.

      Second, “Halve the prices, fill the ground” – we’ve been here before and heard this all the time and it just doesn’t actually happen. Financially it doesn’t add up. Though it’s a nice idea to let kids in for free and lowering ticket prices, the reason it was Cat A was to make money. There’s no way that dropping the ticket price by, let’s say £10, would have filled Elland Road.

      Even with £10 off, on a Monday night, with Sky broadcasting, you wouldn’t get 30,000.

      Even at £21 and if 30,000 turned up that’s less than getting 21,000 at £31. The board do have a financial plan and whether it’s nice or not, it generates the most cash for the club.

      And that high ticket price pays for all the extra WY Police presence we need, just because it’s Millwall.

      We allowed 350 Millwall fans which is pretty draconian on Leeds’ part. And why do we need to have high ticket prices to cover extra police presence just because there’s 350 Millwall fans?? Because a group of Leeds fans rounded on the Millwall fans, looking for a fight. The police protected them and the police got pelted with missiles and stones from Leeds fans.

      The Millwall fans did nothing. They were just leaving the ground. All I can say is enjoy your ticket at £31 because I’m pretty sure we’ll need even more police presence from now on, resulting in even higher prices to cover even more police which we obviously do need.

      That’s not the fault of Millwall, SG, Bates or West Yorkshire Police. That’s the fault of a group of Leeds fans.

      • LUFC-mac

        I’m not from yorkshire but I have watched Leeds for 45 years, so does that mean I can make some comments or not??

  19. East Coast Bob

    I blame two people really, ” Jamaine Beckford” and Simon Grayson” … (Sorry Simon)

    Beckford’s transfer request 1 day after the greatest result in our clubs recent history was obviously ill timed and more importantly unsettling (moral must have gone through the floor) but like we always say ” no player is bigger than the club, so why wasn’t he shown the door the next day, giving Simon times to find a replacement!.

    Grayson, instead of showing him the door tells everyone who’ll listen (in not so many works) that scatter-gun Beckford “is bigger than the Club” and I think at that point lost the dressing room.

    Beckford still says he’s committed to the cause, his goal tally since the end of December suggest’s otherwise, and the rest of the players suddenly look like their running through water.

    Being so bullish about Beck’s staying has cost us this league and possible promotion of any kind and ultimately will cost Simon his job ….

  20. Sir Quej

    I blamed the fans because of the booing and chirping at the players. Although totally justified, it just does not help and in my view actually makes the situation worse so therefore the fans have to take some portion of the blame.

    I cant beleive there are people on here talking about Bates making people sign confidentiallity clauses and gagging orders….I mean….FFS, its LUFC, not the fucking X Files. Do you really think Pappa smurf give enough a shite about what you think of him to bother to try an force a sacked manager to sign a gagging order? I dont know how many times this has to be said, Grayson himself said that funds had been made available….We put in and had accepted, a bid for Barnard but he chose to go to Southampton…We bought Gradel…We have brought in two premiership players on loan (regardless of how shit or great they are, we will still be paying them a shitload) and we will have one of the biggest, if not THE biggest wage bill in the division. I will also go back to the fact that no one here really knows what our finances are like…it is all just speculation.

    Bates is a money grabbing wanker who does not care a jot for our club, but I just dont see how he can be blamed for the current slump.

    The players started the slump, SG has done nothing to stop it and we the fans are adding to the problems by booing the players…end of…

    • Matt bb

      Well put, we all have a part to play. I’ve often bitten my lip at 1,2-0, and shouted them on. Thats what we can do, many of us do now. My mum and dad (from beeston and halton) always told me from a nipper not to rise to daft comments, however i’d like to point out that in response to trueyorxman that i am indeed a proud leodian, ahead of being a proud yorkie, however can’t really see the point being made about not being from yorkshire? Many people on this blog wont be but i love’em just the same cause we all support leeds, some of our best players, bremner, charlton, giles, clarke, kewell, bowyer, charles are all ‘foreigners’ lets drop the attitude please.

    • timm

      Sir Quej, if i met you i’d hug you mate! Absolutely spot on. When we were flying high before xmas it was all because Grayson was the best young manager in the country, but the fact that we’ve been poor since then is all down to Bates! I just don’t get it! I share your opinion on Bates & we can blame a lot of shit on him, but whats gone on the pitch is sod all to do with him. The remaining games of the season will tell us if Grayson really is one of the top young managers in the country.

      • Sir Quej

        timm, you got me all a quiver then, with all this talk of hugging and stuff…

      • timm

        Never mind hugging mate, if we finish 2nd i’ll bloody kiss you!

  21. Ilkleywhite

    Got to say I am at my lowest point with LUFC since our relegation from the Championship, the last few years tells our tragic tale of points deduction, then further points deduction, the first season we were on -15 and made the play offs which was indeed a great feat. We all stuck together, shouted our support for the team from the terraces, told everyone what we thought of the -15 in no uncertain terms, we stuck together, fought for the cause, not quiet there, but certainly a team that battled and worked, then Wisey and Poyet decided to leave, we got in Macca, a Leeds hero, got to the play off final, lost that, oh well always next season, then that game against Histon, live on ITV in all that mud we lost that, Macca goes, we get Larry, we get to the play offs we should have beaten Millwall, but we were stale, this season, we were flying in the league, giving some teams a real pasting, both home and away, some of our football was beautifull to watch, then along comes Man U who everyone (Apart from the Leeds fans of course) thought would give us a good hiding, that performance was worthy of a premiership team, then, we play Spurs and give a good account of ourselves both home and away, then our form crashes, we look tired, the same old curse hits Leeds, against Swindon at ER there will be 25,000 fans, lets all sing for Leeds and see if we can carry the boys home to the Championship, but another performance like Milwall, will (in my view) not be tolerated, and Larry may well find himself out of the door.

    • Chareose

      agree quej, the beckford saga went into overdrive around the Man united game and that was fan driven. It was this point when our season started to unravel. There were probably rows in the dressing room and its probably when Grayson lost his control…..

  22. Ross

    Not a great deal more to add, I am with the consensus on here that as much as we like him and he had a cracking start Grayson is culpable for the post January form, but the players have not perforomed either. His reliance on use of loan signings seems to have had a detrimental effect on the team. I don’t think he has ever been in this position before and looks a little lost as to how to turn it round.

    Regardless of if you like Bates or not (which I’m fairly sure none of us do!), he does not pick the team or sign the players, and this was a squad that was 7 points clear halfway through the season. If we fail to go up, is there another example of a team that have had two such contrasting halves to a season?

    Cheers Ross

  23. Micheal Young

    I reckon and agree that bringing in loanees has changed the mentality of the team , players who have played great all season now get to sit on the bench, also Masterbates for not spending cash on better players than Dickov etc.
    Saying that if we beat Norwich easily (which I cannot see us doing) that will all change.

    • timm

      Grayson picks the targets, Bates just pays their wages. Grayson & Dickov are mates & Grayson badly wanted him here. Is that the point where Bates should overrule his manager & say ‘no’don’t get him, he’s a bit old’? Then we’d all be slagging Bates off for being an interfering old twat! All Bates is guilty of is backing his manager in the transfer market.

  24. Ty Hinchcliffe

    We can start to hang people when we have failed to go up, for now lets get behind them like we have done most of the season home & away. We are still in a good posistion and i still think we will go up automatically hows that for support.

  25. Mark R

    Morning Gentlemen ,

    Just pulled round from the post Millwall match postings.

    Interesting posts again.

    I think Grayson & Bates had a choice in the January transfer window , and the choice they made has influenced where we find ourselves now.

    The team was going well and as underdogs we had just beaten ManU in their own backyard , in front of their own fans , in front of Lancashire , in front of the nation , reported in the worldwide press!

    It was big confidence & ego boosting victory and perhaps clouded the skies in some way.

    The revenue from the sale of Delph & the cup run was & is , I believe in the bank.

    Based on where we were in January post ManU – the choice was spend more money and bring additional players in , OR stick with the squad with a few loan sigings and save the money as a warchest , to use when we were promoted to the Championship. I reckon there must be in the region of £8 to £10 million.

    Grayson & his staff & Bates stuck with the hand they were holding – which they believed was a winning one.
    The long term strategy of saving the money for the warchest for the Championship has now proved to be a very risky one – and in truth we’ll only see if this was the right decision in May.
    The jury is currently out on this one – debating on TSS.

    Right now May seems a long way off and SG & the management have to live with their decision & tough it out , making the best of things .

    The 2 loan signings for the defence I’m sure will help. Beckford back , one or two deflected goals to give us a moral boosting result vs. The Canaries , the current leaders in League 1 & I believe it will put us back on the road to glory .

    It’s darkest before the dawn .

    Keep the faith.


    • TheReaper08

      I follow your theory, I think the Chairman thinks that the squad and backing has been sufficient to get us out of this league, I also believe he has backed the manager with every request for players that has been submitted.

      The proof of this particular pudding will be our arrival in the CCC where I will be expecting significant improvements in the squad.

  26. Matt

    I’m not being funny, but Dickov was one of our better players on Monday night. He seems to know what he’s talking about (judging from interviews) and seems like a bargain to me atm.

    • TheReaper08

      I thought he was a very very minor positive in an otherwise totally dismal performance. He did come looking for the ball, put himself about and at times his collection and distribution out to the flanks was decent.

      Perhaps nothing more than the basics that I would expect from a pro footballer though.

      • timm

        Agreed Reaper, the best i could say was he wasn’t crap. My worry with Dickov is his size in relation to the way we’re playing. I just can’t see him getting out from under the oppositions centre halves. I know it’s not a popular choice but i’d have played Mcsheffrey as striker on monday, he’s got a good touch, he’s a bit bigger & most importantly he’s match fit.

  27. Mikelufc

    Clearly Larry doesn’t think the morale is low enough yet so he brings in 2 more loanees to bring it down a bit more.
    His man management skills are non existent.
    If we get promotion by any means at all it will be in spite of him, I am beginning to think he is being paid to keep us in this division, maybe because we make money instead of having to spend any.

    • timm

      I don’t think we’ll be making money if we’re in this league next season. i’m sensing a bit of a backlash from fans & if you add to that the prospect of no Beckford & quite possibly no Snodgrass it could realistically be 15 or 16000 average home gates. Let’s get Norwich out of the way & then use the minutes silence for Chris Loftus & Kevin Speight before the Swindon game to galvanise the players & fans. It may sound daft but something like that can really give the fans & players the mentality to become winners again, just like the -15 did. It’s a tragic anniversary but those 2 lads could just end up helping us get promoted.

    • Craig

      Not again Mike – you seem glued to the viewpoint that Ken wants us to stay in league 1 despite the facts other posters have presented you with!
      Grayson has brought in the loanees because Kis got injured on Monday night and he held our defence together (although the question you ask higher up this post about why Kis has been replaced suggests you may not have seen the match).

  28. Timmo

    I guess we’re resorting to sending decent players to non threatening teams, in the hope they’ll help beating the teams around us. Good plan but Lincoln are in the fourth division. Oh well g’luck Robbo

    • Dje

      I think it is a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t with Robinson.

      If stayed at Elland Road, kicking about in the reserves, not even making the bench, and we play as shite as we did against Millwall, then it only invites the question: “where the hell is Robbo when we need him?”

      So instead you send him out on loan, get him out the way, everyone knows where he is and not available – and potentially, at Tranmere, now we can all see what Grayson and Co have been seeing all along, how fat and useless he is.

      But the risk is that he does a Somma at Lincoln, a Kandol at Charlton, or a Beckford at Scunthorpe – and looks in great form. How stupid is Grayson going to look if/when this happens and we struggle to beat teams like, say, Gillingham or Yeovil with the players we have – or worse OUR loanees are utter toss.

      As I said, damned if you do, damned if you don’t: who’d be a manager.

    • timm

      He’s a ‘promising young Arsenal striker’! How many bloody strikers have we got?

      • Dje

        You have to laugh at Wikipedia. Already someone has added on Sanchez Watt’s link:

        “He has now come to Leeds United. Great, another winger is just what we need…
        If he couldn’t do the business at Southend then I doubt he will be much use to us. Looks like Doyle and Howson will have to continue in the centre. Norwich are going to have a field day against us.”

      • Dje


        Not sure what to make of: “It was only after Watt turned 16 that he decided against using his legal Christian name Herschel for religious reasons”

        Not sure if it is just me being a close-minded, blinkered bigot – but I can’t really understand what that’s about.

        Nevermind, I’m sure he’ll get on great with Bates.

      • Craig

        It is certainly a pig’s breakfast of an entry. I assume that, Herschel being a Jewish name, he ceased using it for fear of discrimination or because he is a non-practising Jew. To then call Herschel his “Christian” name is to confuse things still further!

    • Dje

      Nah, Sanchez will pick up the Joys of Hoof in no time – it’s particularly light on theory.

  29. oldhamwhite

    i think sg needs to stop being best mates with some people and cut his losses in midfield we must have a young powerfull cm in the flanks ready to step in, i wish wed of moved for oli dacourt ha

    definitely an old curse on us

  30. Mikelufc

    Another loanee!!!
    Watt joins Leeds on loan for rest of the season

    Leeds United have continued to bolster their flagging squad with the addition of Arsenal starlet Sanchez Watt.

    The 18-year-old winger recently spent a month in League One on loan with relegation-threatened Southend.

    Whites boss Simon Grayson was clearly impressed with the youngster’s abilities and has now brought him to Elland Road.

    Watt made his Gunners first-team debut earlier this season and capped a memorable night by scoring in a 2-0 win over West Brom.

    Grayson is delighted to have landed the youngster and believes he will add much-needed competition to places in his squad.

    “Sanchez is a good, young prospect who Arsenal think highly of,” Grayson told the club’s official website.

    “He can play either wide left or as a striker and he brings extra competition for places at an important stage of the season.”

    Copetition my arse, whos place is he going to take?
    And what percentage of our first team will be borrowed players against Norwich?
    Larry has lost his bloody marbles.
    Thats really showing faith in your contracted players isn’t it?

    • Dje

      I presume it is Robinson out, Watt in. Not that Robinson was ever going to get a look in.

      So that’s Gradel, McSheffrey, Snodgrass, Johnson, White, and now Watt who can play left wing.

      Erm, what about a fullback? Left or right!

      • Mark R

        What ?? Herschel Sanchez Watt ?

        Herschel Sanchez Watt ?

        Herschel Watt is now Sanchez Watt for religious reasons ?

        Put him straight in the team .

  31. TheReaper08

    Loan or not let’s at least give the kid a chance, he is highly rated at Arsenal he has done well in the cup games for them and in the ressies.

    Also being an Arsenal player the lad will have been coached on playing football the right way, we should be able to look forward to someone who is comfortable on the ball and can pass on the deck, anyone been able to say that about our players lately ?

    • Will

      “we should be able to look forward to someone who is comfortable on the ball and can pass on the deck”

      But to whom should he pass the ball!!!

      That’s the problem! ;-)

      • TheReaper08

        Well just as confidence breeds confidence let’s hope the others will take note and join in, it wasn’t that long ago we were playing good football.

        Or alternatively we can all come together and just piss and moan.

      • Will

        But you know Grayson’s deluded when he says this at today’s press conference:

        “The coaching staff have looked at what we’re doing and we genuinely believe *there isn’t a lot wrong* with what we’re doing. We’re *just* not getting the results…”

        This is a startling comment from a manager whose team has won 4 in 18.

      • Dje

        I’ve concluded that it’s a bit pointless deconstructing Grayson’s use of language in his press conferences/post match comments etc. Clearly the man isn’t ever going to be the most lucid politician or the most candid ‘After Dinner Speaker’.

        No loss, footballers don’t need much of a way with language, so I’m sure managers can get by with the rudimentary’s just the same. To be fair Yorkshire folk are less lucid or candid in conversation than most others; we grumble our words more than we do savour them.

        For the first half of the season this didn’t matter a toss, as it was Grayson’s football brain that was shining through, not his LUFC press conferences. As this suddenly looks questionable in the last two months, the more banal things he’s been saying suddenly come out as startlingly crap. But did we ever really bother deconstructing Grayson’s language when we were winning? I didn’t: just nodded along and thought “whatever son, you find it difficult to even fucking talk, but keep doing what you’re doing as obviously some’uts working”.

        Let’s hope he can re-find his football brain again soon, and we can all merrily indulge ourselves in those stale, meaningless football cliches once more.

      • Craig

        Spot on Dje! If cliches were punished by use of a swear box everyone in football would need to earn double wages to avoid going into the red.

  32. Will

    Ultimately Grayson/Snodin are responsible.

    No single player is responsible in a team game where managers preapre the team, set tactics, bring in loanee after loanee, buy the worng players etc…

    Another day and another loannee arrives. :-(

    Grayson’s desparation is becoming a sad joke: someone grasping at straws, rather than building a solid foundation/core of a team.`

    The recent past months are just as bad as Blackwells were, yet the fact we are in with a shout of promotion does (temporarily) soften the blow, but reality (aka results) will continue to be a harsh judge on Grayson/Snodin in 2010.

    Surely no one new player can be a mircale worker
    given how the team as a whole are currently playing.

    [Am ready to eat my words with what so little desparate hope remains in this fan]

  33. Mark R

    You Know the tune lads ….

    We’ve been through it all together

    And we’ve had our ups and downs , ups and downs !

    We’re gonna be with you forever

    At least until the world stops turning round.

    Na …. Na…. Na

    Everyday we’re all gonna say we love you Leeds ! Leeds ! Leeds !

    Everywhere , we’re gonna be there , we love you Leeds ! Leeds ! Leeds !

    Marching on together …………….We’re gonna see you win

    Na Na ..Na Na Na Na

    We are so proud,we shout it out loud,we love you Leeds ! Leeds ! Leeds !

    Keep the faith


  34. Will

    Dje, “Grayson talk” is, I agree, always something of a shallow pool, win or lose, but still he must surely reflect on what he is going to say and believe what he is saying is a truth?

    The disparity between his comments and reality is perhaps why he won’t be a top manager; surely his credibility is falling fast?

    And if he is as deluded with the players at TA, then this may explain our rapid fall.

    But you are right, managers are judged by results, not press conferences: but in this he is consistent – neither are impressive!

    • Dje

      On an aside, I used to wonder if foreign managers sounded so much wiser (Wenger) or bullish (Mourinho) because they had a distinct foreign clip to their accent when they spoke English. But then Benitez came along and started sounding like Grayson does; such a disappointment.

      Perhaps Steve McClaren was thinking the same when he tried to pretend that he was now ‘so Dutch’, after being over there with FC Twente for only a few weeks, that he spoke English with a heavy-set dodgy Dutch brogue.

      • Will

        …and so rumour is that Grayson is about to start evening classes in Italian! ;-)

        But at least Benitez is a hilarious “disappointment” for all of us!

      • Craig

        That was one of the funniest video clips I have ever seen!

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