Weekend off

A rare Saturday off for Leeds United fans, but the rest of the teams carried on with out us. Norwich were held to a 1-1 draw at Swindon thanks to a last minute equaliser from Greer, whilst third place Charlton also drew at home to Gillingham (2-2).

Meanwhile, Colchester lost away to Walsall whilst Southampton and Huddersfield both recorded away wins at MK Dons and Leyton Orient. Overall, it’s been a pretty good day for Leeds United then. Swindon and Norwich shared the spoils which haults Swindon’s climb, leaving them four points behind ourselves (having played a game more). Charlton also failed to take their chances and drew so Leeds could open a seven point gap up on Monday with a win over the in-form Millwall.

Millwall will present a strong challenge for the inconsistent Leeds United side, but aside from the trip to Southampton, we’ve looked a bit better lately and I’m pretty confident the Sky Sports factor will help us achieve a much needed win.

Somma makes it six

Elsewhere today, on-loan Leeds United striker Davide Somma netted another two goals for League Two side Lincoln City to help them to a 3-2 win over Torquay United. The striker has now managed six goals in as many games for Lincoln. The idea of going out on-loan will have been to try and impress the manager back in Leeds and work his way into our plans, and with such impressive goal-scoring stats, I imagine Simon has been taking as much notice as the rest of us.

Scum fans rig Leeds poll

Those pesky glory-hunting cretins (Manchester United fans) have been busy casting votes in a Leeds United fans greatest player poll to change the obvious outcome of Billy Bremner to Eric Cantona.

This calls for an instant response. Update your firewall, run your virus scanner, defrag your hard-drive and be incredibly cautious around any pro-ManU sites. This is the start of the E-hooliganism wars. A bit like the 80’s but ran by geeks. The FA needs to act now!

Blackwell heading for dole queue

Seems Sheffield United fans have finally tired of Kevin Blackwell and want him replacing in the summer. They point to poor transfer signings and horrible displays of football as their main reasons (deja vu anyone?)

Never liked the man while he was the Leeds boss. Found him intolerable in interviews, his signings were largely atrocious and the football on display was less interesting than the George Graham days, so can totally empathise with the Sheffield lot. Still… Couldn’t help but laugh.

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  1. Matt bb

    I’ve already said i’d be more than happy to bring somma back in time for the last weeks.. Maybe he’ll overtake grella in the battle royale to be fifth choice! Pleased to see norwich leaking goals in stoppage time maybe its a sign theyre flagging. As regards the man utd supporters, nothing interesting going on at old trafford obviously for the computer programmers, e commerce executives to see as they check their iphones in surrey and berkshire…

  2. paul

    I guess all (real) Leeds fans were watching results today, things went well for us, what a great opportunity for Leeds to go 7 points clear of third place 2morrow night, this is def the biggest game of the season!! Win and it could be just enough to see the job through, lose and we could be in serious trouble….from in form Millwall.

    Swindon are a threat, Charlton and Colchester are shit!!

    I’ve seen the vids of Somma he looks good, you can’t under-estimate what that confidence can do to a player….SG??

    • Craig

      We certainly had a good day without playing.

      Your post illustrates the need for the wider perspective some of us have been pleading for. It was not so long ago that folk on this site were calling Colchester the side that were going to catch us. Now it is Swindon and there’s probably enough games left for at least two more sides to become the bogeymen.

      None of us can promise that we won’t implode and that there will be a team that will overhall us for the second place spot but a run of good results doesn’t necessarily make a team that has the bottle to make it to the finishing line.

      I think we are going to do it whether or not we beat Millwall because we have something extra about us this season. I think that ‘something’ is Simon Grayson – but I also hope I’m not proved wrong.

  3. TheReaper08

    Just how lucky have we been ? In our bid to implode over the last few weeks all the other teams around us have been doing there best to join in !

    As for Somma leave him where he is to build up match experience, he may well be the next big thing but rushing him back to warm the bench won’t help.

  4. Ollie

    I don’t think anyone is letting on how important Mondays game is, it can go three ways. The lads get together and show the sort of fighting performance they did against the scum lot, both teams cancel each other out been such a huge game or we sit back and let Millwall control the game like we did at Southampton. I really hope SG has done his homework and gets his tactic spot on this time, Win and we won’t be stopped, Lose and we could well be in for another play off scenerio. Simple as.

    • dangerous dave

      Ollie, thanks for this insight.

      The game will go one of three ways you say. Win lose or draw I assume you mean. The is a feast of information enough! But then to follow it up with the analysis that the result will have a bearing on how the season pans out… dear boy, you should be on Match of the Day!

      Simple as… well maybe just simple?

  5. Colin

    As I’ve said before, all the teams are tired. Sooo many games. Leeds have nothing to worry about. If Leeds lose against Millwall then it’s not a real problem – just got to make sure we win some of our easier home game like Yeovil.

    To get a draw would be a great result – it stops a competitor from winning and that’s one less game left for them to come back.

    Get a win and that’s pretty much promotion confirmed. That would mean that if Charlton/Millwall won all of their remaining 9 games (27 points), Leeds would only need 20 points from 9 games. Fact is neither of those teams are going to win 9 on the trot. Let’s say they get 20 points from 9 games then Leeds would only need 13 points from 9 games and that is easily achievable.

    As for Somma, TSS you fail to mention Torquay are 21st in the 4th division. They are a poor poor side. Easy pickings for a player like Somma. League 1 is a pretty poor standard but League 2 is a really awful league.

    • Colin

      Most important for me is that Leeds don’t lose any players from being sent off or suspended as Millwall WILL go in hard and try to kick off against Leeds.

      Just got to play it cool, get the point and get ready for the next game.

    • TSS

      Scunthorpe were hardly the cream of the crop when Becks went there either. The fact of the matter is, that Somma has brought a massive change in form in that team since his arrival, which is impressive regardless of what division he’s playing in and who he’s playing against.

      No one knows what he’ll do at Leeds as there are the obvious variables of it being a different team, different style, different opposition etc… Let’s not forget though that Beckford came from a much lower league than L2 and hits the back of the net plenty here as well.

      A few replies relating to Somma on various different posts seem to be undermining him before he gets the chance to play. From the above, you already seem to be writing him off and offering no support. Personally, I don’t think he should be brought into the team yet, but why not admire his ability while he’s getting experience elsewhere?


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