The 4-1 demolition job last week against Tranmere lifted the spirits amongst the fans and gave everyone a renewed, more optimistic outlook. Unfortunately, another blip at Southampton cancelled it all out and what followed was pessimism and total doom once more.

The performance at Southampton was unavoidably disappointing. We failed to show the class we have and the Saints put on an effecient display to secure the three points and nudge them a little closer to the play-offs.

Post-January it’s clear we haven’t been at our best. We failed to strengthen as well as those around us and it’s showed in the form of each team ever since, but we still maintain a five point lead over the play-off places and we’re still on course for automatic promotion. We’re making it harder than it should have been, there’s no avoiding that, but we’re where we need to be and the games are running our for everyone else.

Tonight, we’re visited by one of those teams that strengthened well in January and have been in irresistable form lately which was capped by a 4-0 demolition of Charlton at the weekend. However concerned some may be about that result, it worked in our favour and kept Charlton at arms length. It was also another one of those occasions where the teams below us take points off one another.

Leeds are still picking points up. It’s not as fluent and impressive as it was early season, but we’ve still only lost five games (less than anyone else in the league) and whilever the teams below us continue to take points from one another and we continue to scrape a few extra, the games are running out. I think we’ll make the finishing post. Whether it’s with a cough and a splutter or another brilliant run like early season is largely irrelevant. We just need to make it.

One thing that does hinder Leeds United at times is the fans. As much as the fans can be our biggest and most positive influence, they can also be massively negative too and that doesn’t help those on the park. Those that criticise Beckford’s every move regardless of how at fault he is have undoubtedly led to his impending departure, but it’s more than that. The sighs, the grunts, the boos and everything else lowers morale, takes confidence from the players and the heads drop. Tonight, we need to unite as one and be the 12th man once more.

So, whatever happens tonight and whatever happens in the coming weeks, Leeds United need us all. They need the encouragement to escape this rut we’re in. They need the confidence to try something different and not just pump the ball away whenever they receive it. Slowly, but surely the fixtures are running out, and that’s what we should draw confidence from. Let’s show them why we’re the greatest fans in football and help them across the finish line. Whether it’s with a cough and a splutter or a magistic run of supremacy, it really doesn’t matter so long as we’re partying in May!

Keep fighting Leeds! On and on…