Paul Dickov is currently training with the Leeds United squad after the mutual termination of his contract at Leicester. I heard a rumour the other day that he’d been at Elland Road and was due to sign, but wasn’t too sure whether I believed it or not given his tender age of 37.

Whilst Grayson doesn’t go as far as to say he’ll be signing the striker, he doesn’t rule it out either;

“Paul came in on Monday and he’s going to train with us for a couple of days,”

“I’ve known Paul a long time and he was with me at Blackpool. We’ll see how things go.”

I don’t know why I was as reluctant as I was to believe the rumour when I first heard it as this is typical Leeds United. We’ve seen plenty of journeymen players come through Elland Road over the last few years looking for somewhere to retire gracefully from the sport without too much of a care for the club, but I kind of hoped that had changed under Simon Grayson.

It’s not that I don’t think Dickov could do a job if he does play for Leeds United, it’s just not the kind of inspirational, forward-thinking signing I was hoping for. After a January full of speculation linking the likes of Lee Barnard to the club, we only brought in Max Gradel permanently and the whole transfer window was a bit of a non-starter for Leeds.

Whether it’s a lack of ambition from Bates et al, or just careful money watching from Simon Grayson, saving as much as he can for the challenges of next season I aren’t really sure but the other clubs around us seemed to have made more positive additions during January than we did, which left me a little concerned. Paul Dickov hardly compensates for that.

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  1. Choppers

    I hope I am proved wrong, but apart from getting in the box and kicking people in the calfs to annoy them, what does the bloke offer.

    Dougie Freedman turned out to be success when I did not think much of that deal, so I may be proved wrong.

    Dacourt is also available. I seem to remember him saying that he wants to retire at Leeds, this could be his time. I think he is 33yr old now and offers more in midfield than Doyle. Not going to happen, but we can dream

  2. oldhamwhite

    a bit concerned myself but he does always seem to score against us maybe hes got a few more goals left in him to get us out of this hell ridden league.

    also speculation on dacourt returning, what are your thoughts on this ?

  3. Sean

    how was the jan transfer window a non starter? We signed 2 premiership players on loan and signed our best loanee, it was good business!

  4. superhoops

    I wasn’t overawed when I read this but if SG knows him, then it’s a different matter, and it may not come to anything anyway as he’s only on trial. Bates is keen to cut the wage bill so he won’t be brought in on a perm basis unless they really think he’ll add something.

    Could certainly teach the strikers a thing or two, especially the likes of Grella who needs to swap US college attitude for the grit that’s going to get us out of L1.

    • Craig

      Yeah, surely the fact that Grayson knows him suggests he knows what Dickov is (or was) capable of and is therefore likely to act as a benchmark as he makes a renewed assessment. ‘Training with the club’ isn’t even going as far as saying Dickov is ‘on trial’.

  5. Keep This Shed White

    Dickov? Not very inspirational but maybe he has a few tricks to teach our young guns. He’s nasty, dirty and dogged – so yes, just the example some of our nice lads need.

  6. Sammy Becchio

    Dacourt is still a class player, and for League 1, he would be a quality signing, however, we are dreaming, surely?
    Hope not

    • Pete

      I don’t think we are dreaming…it was only really his wages that made him leave the first time, he seemed to genuinely love the club, and we worshipped him (because he was utterley immense, of course).

      Wouldn’t fancy being Wes Hoolahan (or any other league 1 midfielder for that matter) in a few weeks if we did get Olly back…it would be huge for the club too. The choice for him is;
      1. Go to West Ham for a payday
      2. Go to Fulham to work with Roy Hodgson
      or 3. Go to Leeds and be an example and role-model for the youngsters

      Let’s just hope someone at Leeds remembers his wish about ending his career here

      • Sammy Becchio

        May be dreaming is the wrong word, i used this word as when i think of olly, i think back to the “Living the dream” years. He was awesome.
        I would love nothing more than for him to clatter some of that Millwall scum. Anyway, may be we don’t need to dream for Olly to return, however, i just can’t see Bates paying his wages, a Fulham return would seem the most obvious destination, yet i’m holding on to the ” i want to finish my career at Leeds” sentance. Please come back Olly, and be a part of our promotion charge!!

    • LUFC-mac

      Ollie Dacourt, who remembers the 1-0 v the scum, Kewell headed goal?
      Ollie was absolutely brilliant that day.
      Can he still do a job for us now?
      Worth a go, need to freshen up central midfield.

  7. Ash c

    PAUL DICKOV! He is finished, when i seen that we had him training with us i was like PAUL FUKIN DICKOV surly the size and passion of leeds united could attract a much better player than him am disapointed in this its a absolute joke southampton sign barnard and pucheon 2 very gud players

  8. RoystonLeeds

    Maybe Larry is looking for temporary cover for the busy month of Feb, after which the fixture list returns to normal. No point breaking the bank for a couple of week’s cover. Come March we should be able to scrape through with the squad we’ve already got. Let’s hope Carlisle remove us from the JPT tonight – then we can focus on the real stuff: I want us to get out of this grotty league and never have to play in such a demeaning competition (JPT) ever again.

  9. derbyshirewhite

    Could we use Dickov as a speciality penalty taker? Doubt he’ll run very far. Olly D’s first love was always his contract, I can’t see him putting in much of a shift on a cold wet afternoon in Yeovil. Both would risk filling the dressing room with talk of flash cars and nights out with celebrities, rather than fighting for every point. Smacks of Venables and Reid era to me.

  10. Keith

    Would much rather have Olly back than sign Dickov. Both would only be on short-term contracts anyway, and if Olly still has half the class that he showed inhis first stint here, then we really will go up as champions. Definately the midfield general we’ve been missing this season, and particularly since Xmas

  11. Arniemar

    This Dacourt stuff is an absolute non-starter. Don’t imagine for one second he come and play in league one even if he’s winding down his career.
    Shaun Derry would be a better bet at this stage and as Palace are in administration we might be able to get him on loan til the end of the season by paying his wages.
    Clearly central midfield remains a problem. First time in yonks on Saturday we played with two wide men (McShef and Gradel) yet neither of them were barely given the ball cos like at Exeter and Swindon we failed to get a grip in the middle of the park.
    Howson blows hot and cold for me and isn’t physically strong enough to scrap for 90 mins. Killa’s a ball player and Doyle’s somewhere in between.
    Maybe we should try Johnson in there? It’s his natural position, he’s big and strong, likes a tackle and gets up and down the pitch.
    As for Dickov – he should Dickov! Can’t see how he would add anything to our squad.

  12. Cheshire White

    Paul Dickov would be a good signing on short term basis. He put in agood spell at Derby recently and already has offers on the table from them and from Blackpool so he must still have something to offer! At times in this league we need someone with a bit of bite and he will offer that along with a much better work rate than some of the squad. Also he is not flash, and at every club he has been at he has offered something to the dressing room……….he will only add to the spirit, not detract from it

  13. Benjamin Bunny

    From what I remember of Dickov, isn’t he more of a Becchio style player? Like always gives his all, might not score LOADS but does all the work for the other striker? Like holding off defenders and basically just upsetting the other side.
    Wasn’t he renown for that at Leicster?

  14. West Stand Rebel

    Now I risk being burnt at the stake for this remark but am I the only one who actually thought Dacourt was quite a poor player for us. The stats bear this out in that he only scored 3 goals in 57 appearances.Most of the time he used to blast the ball high and wide. A bit like Matteo he has become a cult figure with the passing of time but for the life of me I can’t see why.
    Venables offered to drive him to Roma himself to get rid, perhaps one decision even he got right.

    • Pete

      If we’re going to use stats like that, his strike rate is above Batty, Radebe, Kelly…scoring goals wasn’t his job (although he did net the winner against Arsenal once, I seem to remember)

      I always remember Dacourt as a fantastic ball-winner who wouldn’t be intimidated by anybody, yet once he got his foot on the ball he played with his head up and usually used the ball well. Maybe I’m wrong though…

    • Benjamin Bunny

      To be honest with you, when I first saw this article that people were praising Dacourt so much, I admit I was a little shocked, I don’t remember him being anything too special?!?! I was quite young back then so I may be wrong.
      Bring back Batty, lol!

    • Pete

      Venables did replace him with Paul Okon though…hardly a succesful signing. He was a bosman, but I’m still suprised we didn’t ask for a refund.

      • Lufcboy

        I remember seeing Dacourt playing He was great but I think we wont be seeing him back at Leeds unless its for a reunion dinner lol.

  15. Sad Leeds Fan

    It could be
    A)Bates and Grayson are being very prudent in spending very little on players who will not cut it in the 2nd division(sorry Championship),saving all those millions to sign class players capable of taking us up straightaway to the Premiership.
    B)Bates has no intention of investing any of those millions made over past 2 seasons,and has already squirreled them away in Monaco banks.

    I fear it is B)

  16. tim the white

    Dickov will do for me until the end of the season. He will make life easier for Beckford et al.
    Dacourt coming back – yes please.
    SG is being canny. We will be able to attract much better players after promotion rather than spend the money now on wannabees.

  17. mikelufc

    It is definitely (B)

    I am not convinced bates wants us to get promoted, he is getting premiership gates and selling loads of kit, selling off the youth and buying nobody.
    His backers are laughing all the way to the bank.
    Leeds United is simply their cash cow.

    • LUFC-mac

      So here go the anti Bates lot again!!
      The guy is putting up money, wages for McSheffrey and then option to buy if we want!!
      What do you people want? £5million signings?
      Hopeful div 1 players OR good established Championship class??
      Just remember good established players don’t want Div 1 “up and at ‘em” football, so wouldn’t sign now anyway!!

  18. Stu H

    Im a season ticket holder in the Kop, but my Dad is a big Blackpool fan. He swears by Dickov, stating him as the reason that they stayed in the Championship last year, as he spent the last half of the season on loan there brought in by Grayson.
    So yes he is 37, but surely he can do a job, off the bench, to make sure we go up.
    Gradel isn’t the answer. I’ve never been sold on him, even before his terrible performance last night. He looks good thrown on to chase the game, but any flair player would. From the start he simply isn’t good enough. Grella on the other hand I feel sorry for. I think he deserves more of a chance.

  19. paul

    Re JPT. Although it’s always sad to see your team lose, and a day out at Wembley would have been nice for the kids, i still can’t help thinking it’s a blessing, they now have 100% concentration on the league.

    Lets face it, in the run up of games before going to Wembley their minds would start wondering….thinking about going up them stairs to lift the cup, they would also be pulling out of challenges thinking i don;t want to get injured/booked…..all in all it’s good news if you know what i mean!!

  20. MikeLufc

    So where are we today?
    Yet another defeat to a very ordinary team and all larry can do is talk shit about the brave effort.
    I applaud all the hopeful fans who think Bates is doing well and Larry is our saviour, but the time comes when reality sets in.
    Now we are pinning all our hopes in dickov.
    Last week it was Mcsheffrey and lowry.

  21. timm

    Im very surprised by SGs comments about our performance last night. I thought it was one of our worst performances in the last 2 years. Our defending was an absolute joke & our midfield played like schoolboys. When is Johnny Howson going to learn to bring the ball down & pass it instead of playing head tennis? The ‘he’s only young’ argument doesn’t wash with me anymore, he needs to improve not only his game but also his fitness, the lad is exhaused after 75 minutes. We’ve been absolute crap since scum game & it’s time SG stopped going on about how well we’ve played when it’s obvious we’ve been a pile of shite! He’s got 18 games with no distractions to show us what he’s made of. Regarding Dickov, Thierry Henry said that he was the one player who he’d learnt most from by watching him, so if he’s still got the legs let’s have him here for the final push.

  22. matt

    The last time Dickov played against us, i seem to remember us ripping it out of him because he was in court for some offence :/
    Oh how fickle we all are :)

  23. Colin

    With all this venom flying around for SG and the likes of Howson, it’s just as well Beckford didn’t play or else it would have been all Becks’ fault.

    Lose a penalty shoot out and “SG is talking shit about a brave effort”.
    If we’d have won that shoot out – it would have been “SG is a genius”.

    Either way, that result makes things simple for SG – 18 more games to get Leeds promoted. One aim, one job to do – promotion.

    • timm

      If we’d won the shoot out it wouldn’t have been ‘SG is a genius’ from me. It would’ve been ‘we were lucky & we were poor all over the pitch’.
      You’ll never here me slag off my team but this is a site for constructive comments, whether negative or positive & the fact is that we’re not playing well. The defence is shaky & the midfield are not winning or keeping the ball. I think uncle Ken needs to fork out on a trip to Spain for 3 or 4 days for them so they can get some sun & come back refreshed. they’ll deserve it when this 2 games a week sequence comes to an end at end of Feb.

  24. Matt bb

    For me the absence of kisnorbo is critical, michalik is terrible, and the opposition know it, howson needs a break and kilkenny can cover or johnson, no need to panic, we lost in the paintpot cup, sfw.


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