Paul Dickov is currently training with the Leeds United squad after the mutual termination of his contract at Leicester. I heard a rumour the other day that he’d been at Elland Road and was due to sign, but wasn’t too sure whether I believed it or not given his tender age of 37.

Whilst Grayson doesn’t go as far as to say he’ll be signing the striker, he doesn’t rule it out either;

“Paul came in on Monday and he’s going to train with us for a couple of days,”

“I’ve known Paul a long time and he was with me at Blackpool. We’ll see how things go.”

I don’t know why I was as reluctant as I was to believe the rumour when I first heard it as this is typical Leeds United. We’ve seen plenty of journeymen players come through Elland Road over the last few years looking for somewhere to retire gracefully from the sport without too much of a care for the club, but I kind of hoped that had changed under Simon Grayson.

It’s not that I don’t think Dickov could do a job if he does play for Leeds United, it’s just not the kind of inspirational, forward-thinking signing I was hoping for. After a January full of speculation linking the likes of Lee Barnard to the club, we only brought in Max Gradel permanently and the whole transfer window was a bit of a non-starter for Leeds.

Whether it’s a lack of ambition from Bates et al, or just careful money watching from Simon Grayson, saving as much as he can for the challenges of next season I aren’t really sure but the other clubs around us seemed to have made more positive additions during January than we did, which left me a little concerned. Paul Dickov hardly compensates for that.