Paul Dickov’s brief trial with MLS side Toronto ended quickly and he’ll be back at Thorp Arch training with the Whites shortly according to the official site. Oh joy!

It’s just sheer luncacy that Leeds are still considering signing Dickov when a MLS side deems him below their standard. For those that don’t have first hand experience of Major League Soccer, let me assure you that the majority of the players over there would struggle to get a place in Accrington Stanley’s first team. I went to watch one such game whilst holidaying in LA and returned thinking League One was the holy grail of footballing excellence.

I don’t want to disrespect the MLS as it’s still a relatively new league in a country that would rather watch paint dry (baseball) or a soft mans version of rugby (American Football) but it really is lightyears behind our top few divisions.

Toronto turning down Dickov is evidence for me that the bloke simply isn’t good enough. The fact that Grayson already had a personal relationship with him before he came to Elland Road leads me to suspect its a case of ‘jobs for the boys’ and at the age of 37, he’s not the kind of player any of us had in mind. Whilst those that like him will no doubt point to his ability to mix it up with the oppositions defence, the truth of the matter is, he’s just a thug who plays the kind of football Dennis Wise would cringe at.

Failure to capture Lee Barnard in the January transfer window was a major blow and has undoubtedly cost us points lately while Jermaine Beckford has been out, but this simply is not the answer. Mike Grella (someone who could make it in the MLS) deserves his chance before we start handing pensions out to footballers who don’t know when to call it a day. Failing that, the loan window opens shortly at which point there must be a whole host of strikers in the Premier League reserves who are desperate for a game who I’d much rather give a chance to than Dickov.