Two good loan signings and the unsurprising permanent move for Max Gradel didn’t make for the January transfer window most of us had probably hoped, but it does seem to have done the trick. Of course, one result at home to Colchester can no more be considered good form than two uncharacteristic losses be considered bad form, but the new additions certainly seemed to bring a bit of freshness into the side and they’ll hopefully get us back on track.  

Whilst much of the attention was on the players being linked with a move to Elland Road, David Prutton left for Colchester United. Always a favourite with the fans, affectionately nicknamed ‘Jesus’ after he went uncut and unshaven for the best part of a year, Prutton is one of the great characters of the game who is so easy likable and I’m sure the Colchester fans will take as much of a shine to him as we did.

In leaving, Prutton sent an open letter to the club and it’s fans thanking them for the the time he enjoyed at Elland Road;

Dear All,

It’s been one of the privileges of my life so far to have played for such a world renowned, highly respected football club.

The friendships I have made, the memories I hold dear and the sheer pleasure of being a Leeds player will stay with me for a long time.

Leeds United gets under your skin (as I’m sure all you avid fans know) and there will be a part of me that will always be Leeds.

I am proud to have played a part in bridging the gap between an uncertain past and a no doubt glorious future.

Leeds fans are loud, loyal and passionate. Make no mistake, you are the lifeblood of the club and always will be.

You were always fantastic to me and I hold that in my heart as I move on.

Thanks for everything,

David Prutton (aka Prutts, aka ‘Jesus’)

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a little emotional in reading that letter and in Prutton’s departure. I’ve said on here before that he was one of the players I expected to leave as such a player was unlikely to continue playing reserve team football, so the move came as no real shock. The letter however, did catch me a little off-guard. Very few players ever forge such a bond with any club these days, but in reading the above, you can really tell how much David Prutton loved playing for Leeds United.

I wish him all the best as he moves on from Leeds United. His humurous interviews were always good value and I’ve known several of his team-mates describe him as the joker in the changing room and I’m sure they’ll miss him too.

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  1. TheReaper08

    In my opinion a transfer I really didn’t want to see. More than capable at this level it would appear that SG didn’t see him as part of the squad even though he can easily do a job at this level.

    It is pleasing in a way to see the ambition and desire to play first team football shown by Prutts. Far too many are happy to accept there place in the squad and the big fat pay check for doing nothing.

    The letter itself is a great touch from clearly a very decent chap. After travelling 400 miles round trip to watch the drivel served up by Colchester on Saturday I hope we don’t see him again soon, but if we do I hope he is given the warmest of Leeds welcomes and the respect he deserves.

  2. Dean A Walls

    Good luck Prutts, always will get a great reception when you come home. Respect.

  3. Chew

    This is immense… after a lot of talk on this and others blogs during this transfer window on the subject player loyalty, it’s gems like this that restore the faith. Nice one Prutts, MoT.

    Is it too late to sign him back?

  4. Dawleywhite

    After a weekend where once again the reputation of footballers was brought to the public attention, this open letter came as a breath of fresh air. Prutts always came across as a thinking mans footballer and I am proud as a Leeds fan to think we made such a large and positive impression on him. The lad always gave everything for the cause and I wish him all the best for the future.

  5. Colin

    “Leeds United gets under your skin (as I’m sure all you avid fans know) and there will be a part of me that will always be Leeds.
    I am proud to have played a part in bridging the gap between an uncertain past and a no doubt glorious future.
    Leeds fans are loud, loyal and passionate. Make no mistake, you are the lifeblood of the club and always will be.

    You were always fantastic to me and I hold that in my heart as I move on.”

    No mention of Simon Grayson or the Leeds board then??

    Maybe a bit of a sly 2 fingered salute to SG for releasing him? You’ve always got to read between the lines with Leeds to get somewhere near the truth.

    Prutton was a Dennis Wise signing. McAllister and Grayson never really rated him, hence the mutual consent release this week. He had ‘For Sale’ written all over him.

    Andy Robinson is a Leeds fans favourite also, but if they could have flogged him, he’d be well gone as well.

    The Leeds management team are vicious in their actions and will do whatever it takes to get promoted and make the club financially stable. Whether that’s right or wrong is another conversation, but that’s just the way it is.

    • Craig

      I really can’t see anything sly or two-fingered in this letter at all. The trouble with reading between the lines is that you are inevitably going to be tempted to read what you want to see.

  6. Colin

    TSS – just a thought, but now that you’re an internet mogul with your advertising popping up on the site, how about starting a thread on our thoughts on some of the Leeds merchandise that is advertised.

    ie. I’ve got a lot of Leeds books. Some are good, some are bad and although you can see comments on sites such as Amazon, they’re not necessarily written by Leeds fans. Maybe we could share our thoughts on what is worth looking into and give an honest appraisal from a Leeds fan perspective on what we think is worth investing in, such as books/dvd’s etc. Is it interesting or dull, a good or bad read etc.

    Just a thought.

    And keep up the good work on this site by the way! I always check it when I can.

  7. timm

    Anyone noticed how quiet it is on the season ticket front? I think it’s fair to say no news is definately bad news this year? I was hoping Uncle Ken might reward our loyalty with the option of buying now at last years prices but it’s beginning to look like we’re going to get a taste of what the Chelsea fans had to put up with? I just hope he hasn’t got the cheek to say we need to put prices up to fund signings! Surely he’ll use the money we got for Delph, the money from Chelsea etc.. for the kids they pinched, the cup run money? I really hope he proves me wrong, in the current climate im in real danger of being priced out after 30 years with a season ticket

    • West Stand Rebel

      Good comment Timm. I must admit I had forgotten that at this time of year Mr. Bates is usually delving into our pockets. It happened once before when he knew we were going bust. Had the season ticket money come in before administration then this would have gone to creditors or heaven preserve us the Inland Revenue (£6.5m was owed to them I believe )The only reason it will be delayed this time will be because he (and lets hope he is right ) thinks we will be promoted.
      Then of course higher prices will be demanded and you can hear the usual excuses as to why being trotted out like a mantra.

      Begs the question whether the true owners make him pay for his seats.
      Hope if he doesn’t the Revenue have not missed a benefit in kind.

  8. Steve Mayo

    I have to say, there was a tear in my eye reading prutts letter, not many players would consider writing something like that, let alone writing it! But what i cant understand is why we letting him go to one of our rivals, and especially at such a vital time of the season. I am a big fan of SG, but unless he is thinking of going into the loan market again when it opens, i think we could struggle in the middle of the park.
    On watching the spurs cup defeat on wednesday, it was only to obvious to see how tired we looked, all over the pitch, more so the midfield area. So with even less options in midfield area, howson, kilkenny and doyle wiv maybe johnson in the central roles.
    So I think SG should bring in another central midfield player, someone with some experience. Anyone else agree with me or am I wrong? be pleased to hear your opinions

    • TheReaper08

      If you read my comments Steve you will see that I largely agree with you,right until the point you say about releasing him to one of our rivals. It’s a risk granted but he was denied permission to play against us but now strenghtens Colchester against all our other rivals. I don’t see Colchester as challenging for auto (especially after witnessing them first hand last weekend)but they may take some key points from Norwich & Charlton.


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