In an interview with Portsmouth chairman, Sulaiman Al-Fahim was asked which three clubs would represent the best value for money for someone looking to move into the English game and he put Leeds United third behind Portsmouth and West Ham.

To quote directly from the interview it reads;

For someone looking to buy into a football club, which three represent the best value for money?

Looking at football clubs now, with £100m, it would be Portsmouth, Portsmouth and Portsmouth! They would be first. Second would be West Ham United, third Leeds United. Newcastle United are good for investors looking for history, image, but it is a long, long-term investment. In the Italian league there are one or two very good opportunities, such as Bologna. In the Spanish league, Levante. Opening a new club in India or a professional club in the US would be perfect.

Al Fahim came into the public eye after his involvement with mega-bucks Manchester City where he says his job was to buy a good club for the Sheikh and he moved on happy that he’d done so, dismissing claims he was pushed out thereafter.  

With billionaires seeing a Premier League club as the ultimate accessory, Leeds United would be a shrewd move for any prospective buyer. A massive fanbase, one-club city and vast amounts of potential for development. Leeds United should be seen as an ideal investment for any billionaires in search of a football club as it would be an investment with a lot more chance of turning a profit than most clubs given the smaller price it could be purchased for and the huge fanbase.

I think this should be seen as good news for Leeds. Al-Fahim mentions the amount of phone calls he receives from people looking to buy or invest in a club and his influence may send a few people our way. In the Arabian Business magazine, Al Fahim was voted the fourth most influencial Arab in the world, so this is a massive nod from a region full of bored oil-rich billionaires.

At the moment, investors may be slightly deterred by our current status as a third tier side, but if we achieve promotion this season, it’s a much more worthwhile investment. It wouldn’t take much to get Leeds United into the Premier League from the Championship and with a bit of investment once we’re there, the world is most definitely our oyster.

The future seems brighter every day for the Whites!

Massive thanks to Andy from the Middle East who emailed me with the link to this interview.

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