It’s time to get out my crystal balls and morph temporarily into Mystic Gledders. Time enough perhaps to think about the possible outcomes of today’s match against Prawn Sandwich United.

Let’s get the bad one out of the way first. We get slaughtered. In such a case, we could point out that we are now a mere third division side playing one of the strongest teams in Europe and we all thought that this could happen anyway. Our greatest fear would be that it could derail our promotion hopes. But this isn’t going to happen on two counts: Firstly, I wouldn’t want to be Wycombe (our next opponents) because they will be the team to take the brunt of our resolve to prove that the Man U game was just an unfortunate inevitability. But secondly, Leeds are just not that kind of team. Even if the Yanks win by six goals, this team will battle to the end and I’m certain we’ll see a performance to be proud of.

The next case is that we narrowly lose. Well, it’ll certainly make a statement. For too long, other supporters have justifiably been able to smirk at us. Most of the last seven seasons have been part of a massive downward spiral. A battling display is going to send out a clear message that we are coming back because we want to be back. I’ve thought that we have played some really good football in patches such as under McAllister and Poyet that never got the end result that we deserved. Both times, it was like observing flawed genius. Poor defence, points deduction, something always spoiled the party. Each time we have reverted to long ball, ‘kick your way to promotion’ style football because that is how you get out of this league. But on our day, we can play against a side that will let us. Like Liverpool, this could be one of those days.

A draw would be a pretty good outcome too. That means getting the Red Drivel back on home soil at Elland Road. Maybe slumming it in a third division stadium might upset the form of their multi millionaire superstars just enough for an upset.

Finally, of course what if we win? Well I’m not even going there because surely it can’t happen. Or can it…?

Other consequences? Every Beckford goal puts another half a million on his price tag or else, if he fails to show up for the big game (again) we keep him until the end of the season, because nobody wants him anymore. No lose. If as we expect, Snoddy and Becchio play to their usual standard, I hope that there are no talent spotters waiting to buy them off Uncle Ken. I believe he’s already sold his own grandmother, so a few more million might not go amiss.

So, I leave you with a prediction. Whatever the outcome, I think the pubs in Leeds are going to have their best start to a January for a long time because anything associated with Leeds simply can not lose today.

Right, time to put the crystal away…

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  1. West Stand Rebel

    Well put and thanks for all your articles over the last year have really enjoyed them. Also enjoyed writing my own thoughts on various topics. Just about to set off to Manchester so fingers crossed.
    Hope everyone has a great new year and that we are at least one division higher at the end of this season


    • TSS

      Already in Manc mate. Stayed here last night so just waiting ’til it’s time to set off. Gledders wrote the above by the way, he’s been writing on here quite a bit lately. It is a good read and sums up my thoughts exactly. I said similar at the bottom of a previous post. Just imagine if the “unthinkable” happens and we do them on their own turf as a third division side! C’mon Leeds!

      • Gledders

        I’ve got to the point where I’m inventing things to do to take my mind off it! Having to watch it in the North East (a pub naturally) cos I was too late for a ticket. Bad admin! Been skiing for last 2 days so hardly seen the family. Never seen them so happy!! I hope Johnson puts in one of his thunderball shots. Whoever scores for us it’ll be a case of who writes the hero worship first eh TSS?

      • TSS

        I’ll probably be too drunk to write coherently if the result goes in our favour!

  2. Henry V

    I am grateful for the £750,00 from the game.
    I hope this makes it easier to turn down offers for Jermaine B.
    The Colchester result yesterday reminded me that we are in the First Division, and the Premiership is a long way above us.
    Can we bridge the gap?
    I want a good performance and hope we can keep our shape!
    The rest is in the lap of the Gods!


  3. Zainab MUFC

    It is sickening we lost to you lot, but you crazily deserved to win. Just know how fucking hard it is for me to say the words out loud .


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