UPDATE, 21:01, 05/01/10: WACCOE is now back online with an explanation outlining the second period of down time here.

Quite easily the most popular Leeds United forum on the net has spent quite a lot of time offline over the past few days, and is offline once again as I write this.

When the site originally went down, the following message was posted from the sites administrators;

Due to legal issues relating to posts made during the early hours of this morning the forum will remain offline until legal advice has been sought, we apologise for the incovenience and assure you we will seek to resolve these issues as soon as it is practical to do so.

To prevent getting myself into any trouble, I’ll not post the reasons I’ve been told WACCOE is offline, but there’s a thread on the Unofficial Leeds United forum offering an explantion.

I’m sure WACCOE will be back online soon enough, although I imagine moderation will have to be increased massively. In the meantime, other Leeds United forums such as Leeds United World and the newly re-established Square Ball are likely benefiting from WACCOE’s monopoly being interupted.

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  1. Dick Longsausage

    or maybe, BIG has messed with the database and fucked it? i’m surprised nobody has found a way of blaming our-kenneth yet.

      • Dick Longsausage

        ooo yeah, i see what you did there. bolding this to add further to the mystery. this time? so how many other times? what about the next time? blah, blah, flannel, flannel..

      • TSS

        Yes, that was to highlight the original point of the legal issues. Quite clever, don’t you think?

        I don’t know what you’re trying to suggest anyway? I use WACCOE (hence the reason I know it was down) and have updated the original post to let people know it’s back online. MOT

      • Dean A Walls

        I was having a look at comments on Manchester Evening Post site on saturday night and some of the scum started going on about waccoe and stuff about raping women in manchester and stuff. They said it was disgraceful, but I never saw it as one of them had posted a link for everyone to see but when I checked it out it had been shut down. So nothing about muslims but it seems that some idiot has been shouting their mouth off about crap, won’t speculate any more and suggest that no one else does until we find out what was said.

  2. mugs

    so far the blame is:-

    (1) pikey34 threw his toys and wig out of his pram
    (2) Fat Billy ate the server
    (3) B@stard has unleashed a set of bots and killed the site
    (4) Ken is threatening legal action as someone said he was tight

  3. Ian McShane

    Ref:- WACCOE,This web site has far too many right wing racists posting contributions,ultimately it spoils for the rest of us.


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