TSS EXCLUSIVE: You read it here first!

The fans and chairman of Wealdstone will be watching the Beckford saga unravel with high hopes of a lucrative sale that would see a sell-on clause – believed to be 20% – head their way.

20% of the lowest quoted figure of £1.5m would be a massive windfall for Wealdstone and be a big help in securing their long-term future, but the Wealdstone chairman isn’t convinced the striker will depart in the January transfer window.

In his blog, The Electric Chair, Howie writes that;

“Will he go in this window? We don’t know. In fact our latest inside information, so to speak, is that it is still unlikely he will move during January.

“Of course the fact that Leeds appear willing to lose him for nothing in the summer still beggars belief but it may be that Jermaine’s own people have their own plans which include staying until he can negotiate a lucrative deal somewhere in the summer. But now I am falling into the trap of speculating.”

Although he seems quite convinced that Jermaine won’t leave until the summer, the Wealdstone chairman does go on to expain how the money would be used for the long-term future of the club, rather than any short-term gains.

I’m still of the belief that Beckford will leave for Newcastle during this transfer window, but whatever happens, I wish Wealdstone and their chairman the best of luck and hope any monies received helps the long-term future of their club.