Gradel to stay?

Simon Grayson has revealed the club are in talks with Leicester City to discuss their options with Max Gradel. Gradel’s loan spell at Leeds United comes to an end after this weekends fixture when he will have passed the maximum time allowed for any short-term loan deal. Any further deal would have to be a loan until the end of the season or a permanent transfer.

Gradel’s introduction in games this season has often changed the game completely. He’s been a valuable asset to the club and it’s important we try to retain him until the end of the season at least.

Deadwood clearance begins

One of the worst players I have ever seen in a Leeds United shirt has left the club by mutual consent. Enoch Showumni’s time at Elland Road didn’t quite go as well as hoped and there’ll be no lost sleep with his departure. The striker is currently being linked with Scottish side Falkirk. Good riddance.

I think we were all pretty much on the same page in terms of what needed to be done in January and no one was under any illusions about the squad size. We have to get rid of some of the players which have little or no chance of bringing anything to the team and get some quality in to replace them as we look to build for the Championship.

Small manufacturing town in Lancashire

Just when you thought Old Kenneth had mellowed in his old age, he decides to take a swipe at Burnley. The soon to be ex-Premier League club were heavily linked with Simon Grayson when their previous manager departed which had some people in Leeds a little worried. Not Uncle Ken though, who in his usual charming manner said the following;

“Why would Simon want to leave Leeds for Burnley? I mean they are a small manufacturing town in Lancashire. Simon is a Yorkshireman. We have 10 times their population, 50 per cent bigger gates than Burnley and we beat them pre-season anyway.

“They might be in the Premier League now but I think they lost £9million last year and, if they come down, they will go back to where they came from – whereas Leeds are on the up.

“Simon has already asked why would he want to leave Leeds for Burnley? He wants to manage in the Premier League with Leeds United and that is what he is going to do, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

So, let’s brace ourselves for another war of words followed by the inevitable court case. Never a dull moment, is there?

“Erm… aren’t you forgetting someone?”

As for day 14 of Beckford watch, well, there’s simply nothing to watch. Leeds continue to play hard ball and no one else is saying anything. Maybe it wasn’t a forgone conclusion after all?