After yesterdays historic victory when the FA Cup Minnows, Leeds beat Premier League Champions, Manchester United on their own patch I couldn’t resist emailing Scott from The Republik of Mancunia for his reaction to the game. (Scott’s the one I interviewed ahead of this tie who was hoping the scoreline ‘got embarrassing! Don’t think this is what he had in mind)

Clearly, my email was meant to wind him up a little but I asked if he had any comment to make to TSS and he replied with the following;

Yeh the best team did win. Gutted. Whilst we had inexperienced players on the park, we should have had more than enough with the experienced players we did have to get a result.
Our defence couldn’t live with Beckford and I’m sure that goal just earned you some more money for his transfer this month!
F**king livid yesterday but now I’m just trying to focus on Wednesday. It’s more embarrassing to lose to you but there is more at stake against City… they haven’t won anything for 33 years and we need to make sure than becomes 34.

Further reaction from Scott can be found here in his own match review. Clearly he was in the same mood that Alex Ferguson was yesterday when writing that.

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  1. Kelly_Holbeck

    Huumble pie? Not humble enough in my opinion!
    Aye well Start the year as we mean to go on

  2. West Stand Rebel

    I …no we have been waiting for a day like this for years. When I think of all the pain and heartache we have suffered over the last few years this is almost as good as 1972. I was a young lad then but can still remember clearly walking away from Wembley feeling 10feet tall.
    I got texts phone calls and e-mails from people I rarely communicate with yesterday asking was I there?
    God didn’t it feel good to go to work today knowing you were there and witnessed a bit of history.
    Just hope the media replay this every time there is an FA cup match as they did for us when we lost to Colchester.

  3. Leeds4eva

    Their team looked to me to be pretty experienced, Owen, Valencia, Giggs and Rooney. I must admit tho ive read a few posts on various places on the net, and a lot of the man u fans have been magnanimous in defeat.

  4. Craig

    After outplaying them on the pitch and outsinging them in the stands Manure should feel ashamed as firstly they proclaim to have the best support in the world?? I heard them maybe 3 or 4 times and most of that was they hate us, secondly I also believe Manure thought that they had the tie sewn up before they stepped on the pitch as that’s the arrogance that they carry around with them to every ground, Thirdly Fergie was the biggest embarrassment of them all.. 5 minutes not enough injury time?? I can only imagine had the shoe been on the other foot 3 seconds would have been too long for injury time, then to refuse interviews etc he didn’t show this club the respect it deserved and he got his comeuppance and we got some much deserved bragging rights MOT

  5. miggy white

    what’s all this cup shock bollocks all over the media. It’s no disgrace the scum losing to the best football team in England

  6. Rob the Red

    Well done you deserved it, and as ever I hope the team that knocked us out goes on to win it, so good luck at Spurs! Hated the result but really enjoyed the game, fiesty, fiery, no quarter asked or received and no rolling around on the floor feigning injury. Look forward to seeing you back in the top flight the season after next and the six points we will take off you!

  7. Kernow

    Monday morning, texting and emailing every Man U fan I know – Glorious! It was a bit of a double edged sword – an awesome win, one of the best I can remember, but it also made me realise it’s been a hell of a long time since I had this feeling as a Leeds fan. Maybe back to those glorious European nights under O’Leary or that win against Arsenal that kept us up.

    Starting to believe we’re finally back! Next season we storm the Championship! MOT

  8. Craig

    If the below is to believed it looks like Beckford will be gone this month with the Man U win doubling his transfer fee:
    “Leeds United have told Jermaine they will allow him to leave as soon as they get an acceptable bid from Newcastle.
    “There is still a bit of work to be done in that respect, but they realise he wants to go and it is not beneficial to anyone to keep an unhappy player against his will.
    “Jermaine wants to go and he has made that clear. Nobody wants to see the situation turn nasty between club and player so it should be resolved amicably in the end. Jermaine has given his all to Leeds but chances like this don’t come around very often.”
    Billy Sharp has been touted to replace Becks if he does indeed go


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