On a personal note – and despite whatever I think of the way Beckford has handled his transfer wishes – it’s been brilliant for TSS. Only a week into January and The Scratching Shed has already seen more visitors than it did last month!

Over 10,000 of you read yesterdays post on Jermaine Beckford leaving Leeds, which is a new record for a single post. It has also received more comments than any other post in the sites brief history with 143 as I write, so thanks to everyone who continues to support the site and help make it a success.

With a lot of thanks to NewsNow and everyone linking and sharing across forums and social networking sites, TSS received a staggering 13,500 total visits yesterday and amazingly, over 140,000 page views. Waking up this morning, it’s fair to say I was totally speechless and can’t even begin to think how the site will top these feats.

Friend of the site and former TSS writer, Grumpy Older Man had a bit of dig in his own blog Clarke One Nil about the “paid adverts” on the site. Although I know his dig was in jest, I felt it shouldn’t go by without response. Unlike Clarke One Nil (that is hosted for free on WordPress.com) TSS is hosted independently, so the advertisements are there in an effort to cover the sites cost.

With growing visitor numbers each month, the cost of TSS rises and the truth is that these adverts bring in very little revenue and don’t come close to covering the costs incurred. The only sites that really profit from such ads are the ones with much larger visitor numbers, or those that seek independent advertisers or sponsorship. With that in mind, if anyone runs there own business around the Leeds area and is interested in sponsoring (advertising on) TSS please email me; admin@thescratchingshed.com – a grit salesman would probably do well at the minute!

Once again I’d like to thank you all for helping make TSS a success.

  • steve

    As Beckford leaves it appears that we are going for the cheap option in Lee Barnard who is also out of contract in the summer. This is another example of Bates penny pinching- or as he would no doubt call it- shrewd business.But in Simon we trust, so I am hoping for the best!

  • Mike

    I suppose grudginly I will wish Beckford well – as long as its his last game and he goes next week – I dont want this will he wont he saga going on all through January as it will start to effect the team and the build up for Spurs.

    I am sure Beckford expects some grief from a section of fans, as long as he does not react he will be able to walk away with his head held high.

    If he does react then I think he will find the majority of fans will turn on him.

    We have seen enough over the last decade where players have dragged this club down. We now have a team where the majority clearly realise that Leeds United and much greater than any individual.

    If someone wants to leave let them.

    Lets face it anyway if Leeds get to the Premiership would you want Beckford up front…….. No because top quality full backs (WES BROWN NOT BEING ONE OF THEM!)will put him in his place.

    Marching On

    Hope the fans come out on Saturday and pay tribute to the team, they deserve 30,000 but I would be happy to see 25,000 plus

  • Grumpy Older Man

    No dig at all, the sentance was about Clarkeonenil not TSS, what I said about TSS is you lead the field on numbers and I’m more than happy for you to do that. Careful young man you might be egoing on your hero’s level soon ;-)

    • TSS

      Mmm… seemed like a dig to me. Maybe I’m paranoid? The above’s all in jest as you know anyway. Congrats on the landmark by the way, would have congratulated on post had you not closed the comments.

      • Grumpy Older Man

        I don’t do compliments, it dilutes the bitterness ;-)

      • TSS

        I see! Well, probably for the best, CON wouldn’t be the same without your bitter, cynical outlook on life.

        PS. Just noticed the initials haha!

        • Grumpy Older Man

          Without cynical you become a cheer-leader and that would never do. Each to there own.

          On another matter you still against him playing Saturday?

        • TSS

          Defintely. I’m pretty on the fence regarding his move. I understand he wants more cash and to play at a higher level. Footballers have a short career and trying to climb the ladder shouldn’t be discouraged. He has no reason to offer any loyalty to Leeds really, it’s a job at the end of the day.

          On the other hand, I’m extremely unhappy at how he’s handled the transfer. Between himself and his agent, they’ve managed to piss off both the club and fans. I expect professionalism, even by a player who does want out. We pay his wages afterall. I also think he could have been a bit more appreciative of the fans and club in his exit and offered some thanks for making him the player he is and rescuing him from a life of fitting windows.

        • TSS

          …and more to the point. 25-30k fans booing his every touch wouldn’t be good for morale.

          • Grumpy Older Man

            But it is their god goven right to boo for it is they that have provided the £10-15k a week he gets. We disagree on loyalty to clubs and players but that is for another time.

          • TSS

            I don’t think he’s on anywhere near that, hence his original stroppiness. Andy Robinson is alledgedly the clubs highest paid player (which is why we can’t get rid of him) on wages in the region 10k (so I’m led to believe). Jermaine gets less than that, which he felt was unfair given that Robbo might as well be a spectator and he plays every game and scores the goals.

            I agree Becks deserves more than Robinson but why the f*ck we decided to play Robbo so much in the first place is anyones guess?

            Back to the point anyway. Whilst I agree the fans are entitled to their opinions and should be able to express their feelings however they see fit (remember the ‘you’re the scum of Elland Road’ chants?) I just don’t think Beckford being on would help the rest of the teams spirit.

  • Grumpy Older Man
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  • Jon

    Well done on the site visits – you deserve them…and I wouldn’t bother apologizing for the paid ads, they don’t detract and if you can make a bit of cash out of them why not?

  • Paul S.Wales

    We should cheer him off really. Cox scored similar amounts of goals last seaon, but went to the baggies and is doing well. At 26 i suppose he deserves a crack at the CCC, although he was as good as guaranteed that with us, but agents play a big part in it so we don’t really know what’s gone on. When people booed him a couple of weeks ago that probably helped make his mind up. We should applaud him for what he’s done and not berate him as some have done all season. He’ll be hard to replace but there’s always someone somewhere who’ll do the business for us, and what better manager to play under than Grayson, who’s been first class up to now. I trust he’ll prize some gem from somewhere and we’ll have forgotten all about buckford$ come the end of season. I’d love it if the barcodes didn’t go up, i’d love it!

  • Sarah

    Congrats on the recent success! great blogs as always!!! keep up the good work!!! MOT!!!

  • timm

    If you boo one player you’re upsetting all 11 & also motivating the opposition. You should never boo anyone in a Leeds shirt, that’s the kind of thing we should leave to West Ham who are famous for it. Just don’t chant the guys name but get behind the team & save the negativity for the websites & the pub

    • Harry

      Totally agree timm, there will be 10 other players on the pitch who deserve a lot better than a hostile atmosphere in the first home game since humiliating scum. So put Beckford on the bench just in case and let the guys who want to wear the shirt revel in the fantastic atmosphere they deserve.

    • TSS

      Even on the bench the fans would target him. Best just to finalise the deal now and get it over and done with.

      • Harry

        Agree. We can play Snoddy up front and keep the midfield unchanged from OT. Also Grella must be chomping at the bit as he hasn’t had a minutes game time since scoring the 2 late goals against Kettering. With Kandol also weighing in with a few goals this season we have definitely got enough options for the next two games against Wycombe & Exeter whilst this is all sorted one way or another.

  • TSS ‘s popularity obviously reflects the interest building up in Leeds consistentcy in both league and cups…Not just the Beckford affair (albeit much of it was yesterday) Lets all move on from Beckford and look forward to CCC football. A new striker too maybe ! How refreshing after Becksys saga to hear Doyle say he HOPES to get a contract with Leeds in the summer, BUT IT DEPENDS ON THEM GAINING PROMOTION, so they all have to get stuck in. Also he deems it a privilage to play in front of Leeds Crowd and wear the shirt. Such players prove that you don’t need the talent of the likes of Berbatov to win games – Just good old fashioned pride and commitment. LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS….

  • Yorkshrman

    I have to respond to Steve’s post, at the top, on the question of Barnard – “… we are going for the cheap option ….”

    First, whatever you think of Bates, he and Grayson have never conducted the club’s business in public – remeber, Gradel came out of nowhere, when we’d been linked with all manner of other players. Who might come in as replacement for Beckford can be no more than speculation at the moment – I doubt that anyone outside the club knows who our target might be.

    Second, at the risk of repetition, I posted the following stats (from ESPN Soccer) on another thread, for all games this season:

    Beckford – 96 shots, 45 on toarget, 20 goals
    Barnard – 39 shots, 21 on target, 17 goals

    Could be interesting to see how he got on with the kind of service that Beckford has had this season ……..

    • Harry

      The Barnard option looks interesting. He was at Spurs as a youth player and only left when he was 23 – they must have seen something in him to keep him around for that long and you can understand him not getting much of a chance with all the money they have spent on strikers. Now, after a reasonably slow start at Southend he’s banging the goals in. I was at Southend earlier in the season and he looked dangerous all night and only a couple of great saves from Higgs stopped him getting on the scoresheet. He’s got pace and plays off the last man in a similar way to Beckfors so would be a like for like option. One advantage over JB is that he can score penalties (although he was denied by a superb Higgs save that night)

  • Vincent V

    If Beckford joins Newcastle he will be joining a far bigger club with a far richer and tradition. Plus the other benefit is he joining a NUFC who have the best fans in the world football. Leeds fans are extremely fickle as was proved when they only had crowd of only 11,000 for an cup tie a couple of months after signing Ferdinand.

    • TSS

      Haha, nothing like trying to wind the Leeds fans up is there? Move along mate. Any history of success Newcastle have had was way before your time (unless your 90 odd anyway), at least the majority of Leeds fans have seen success at Elland Road.

  • Vincent V

    We have seen success at SJP. Leeds have spent nearly half there entire history bumming around the lower league’s and have only spent 50 seasons in the top flight. They also never had an average attendance of over 40,000. To claim Leeds is a big club is ludicrous.

    • TSS

      We’ve also never had a stadium above 40k you fool.

      As for your stats on who has spent the most time in the top flight, that just makes you look pathetic mate. When we’re there, we’ve won stuff and if you look at European history, Leeds have played ALOT more games in Europe than you have. Last time IFFHS released European success standings, Leeds were 14th. You’re about 90th.

      I don’t know why I get myself drawn into this stuff, because everything Newcastle have ever done was so long ago no one remembers it, but people do remember Leeds’ success. That’s what matters mate. Now move along and go and annoy some Sunderland fans – or do they make you look an idiot too?

      • Harry

        He doesn’t need anyone else to make him look like an idiot. We still have crowds of over 30,000 and still get the odd Sat where our attendance ranks in the top 5 for all leagues even though we are in the third tier. Not a big club? You’re clearly not one of the lucky few Geordies that were blessed with more than one brain cell.

    • TSS

      Oh, and Leeds were only formed in 1919. Which was after you won the majority of your trophies and is also a big reason why you’ve spent more years in the top flight.

      You’re clutching at straws with this nonsense and are an embarrassment to your own fans. NUFC are a club I genuinely like. Luckily, the rest of your supporters don’t come along spouting as much nonsense as you.

  • Vincent V

    Leeds support has always been very poor in comparison to Newcastle’s. Newcastle were the first club in world football tohave average attendance’s of over 20,000 30,000 40,000 and 50,000. NUFC hold the world record average attendance for a side that was relegated and the world record average attendance for any team playing outside the top flight. Only Arsenal and Man U have ever had a higher average attendamce than NUFC.

    When Leeds were supposedly Living the dream 8 or 9 years ago and breaking the british tranfer record there supporters rewarded them with only just over 11,000 turning up for a FA cup game.

    • TSS

      Jesus, are you still here? We more interesting that Newcastle are we?

      During that season, us Leeds United fans paid thousands travelling Europe (that’s over the water and far away – something you’ve rarely had to worry about), so it’s hardly surprising some saved money by missing a cup game.

      I travelled all across Europe during the early 00’s. Have you ever seen your team play abroad? What’s that? No… Never had that kind of success in your lifetime? I see!

      No wonder Newcastle fans can afford the home games.

      • bigman

        vincent v your a mug, yes you get bigger crowds but 6000 odd are away supporters you try getting teams like exeter and carlise to bring that support its not gonna happen,face fact your not as big as us and you never will be no 1 outside this country even knows who you are.

    • Harry

      Love it Vincent, lot’s of WORLD records for the Geordies. Unfortunately your average attendance this year is 42,866 which suggests you are a club on the decline as it’s someway short of the 50,000 you claim above. Also, why did you stop at 50,000 and not go on to set world records for the 60, 70 & 80k that the real big clubs are getting these days – shows a distinct lack of ambition if you ask me.

  • TheReaper08

    A bit late but I can’t access the site during work hours. Well done TSS, I don’t normally post on sites only read. I have found the articles well balanced and up until the influx of Toon fans with Mackem inferiority complexes generally full of good sorts up for sensible debate. Long may it continue !

    • TSS

      Cheers Reaper (and everyone else), glad you decided to start commenting on here mate, good to have you. MOT

  • MikeLufc

    I am surprised to see how the newcastle fan could get everybody riled.
    Pehaps it is a distraction from the backford stuff.

    Leeds 5 Wycombe nil
    3 from Becks (smiles)
    Oh! and one more prediction…. Barnard in.

    • Pete

      I’d rather see Sharp or Hooper, but Barnard is a good shout at this level…plus Southend don’t have a pot to p!ss in, so he’d be available on the cheap.

      Just as long it isn’t Jamie Ward really.

    • Harry

      Barnard shouldn’t be discounted, I was impressed by him when we played them at roots hall this season. Also, could offer them Grella on loan to sweeten the deal and give him the games he needs.

  • MikeLufc

    Looking at the score stats we definitely need a proven scorer as we dont have one when Becks goes and we haven’t got another in the top 15.
    Barnard for me.

    Lambert Southampton 18
    Beckford Leeds United 16
    Barnard Southend 15
    Holt Norwich 14

    Burton Charlton 12
    Forster Brighton 11
    Rhodes Huddersfield 11
    Easter MK Dons 10
    Hoolahan Norwich 10
    Jackson Gillingham 10
    Lisbie Colchester 10
    Baker Stockport 9
    Lallana Southampton 9
    Paynter Swindon 9
    Bailey Charlton 8

    • Pete

      Worryingly, Bradley Johnson is our next highest scorer in the league with 7 goals…
      Well, I say worryingly, but I think we’d all take a midfielder scoring 7 in 18, since only Lallana could lay a genuine claim to being a midfielder in that list and even then he usually plays up front

  • Jacob283

    what do people think about Jason Crowe being left out of the squad?